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The Stage to Be Set


"Well….what do you think?", asked the younger blonde gesturing to the other.

The older blonde man looked around the place a bit. He observed his surroundings with keen eyes and found no trace of any wrong.

"It's amazing. Did you really created this…?", he asked the younger man amazed.

"Of course…I'm very proud of myself.", the younger one boasted.

The sunlight from the mighty sun slowly fell towards the two blondes who were standing in between tall trees and lush green woods. The older one had deep ocean blue eyes with long spiky hair with long bangs and wearing standard Konoha Jounin uniform with a white haori over it. He was none other than Konoha's Yellow Flash Namikaze Minato.

The younger one had deep cerulean blue eyes with same hairstyle as the Minato and also wearing same clothes. But his haori was red in colour. He was Namikaze Uzumaki Naruto.

"You are coming along nicely of the mastering this complex art Naruto….what you did here is nothing sort of impossible.", Minato exclaimed in wonder.

"How is it even possible to create something like this?...no matter what abilities you posses…it's still mind boggling to think."

"You understand this Naruto? No one had mastered this to this extent. Not even Obito. How did you do it…?" Minato asked still surprised.

Naruto closed his eyes and thought for a minute. He took a very deep breath and opened his eyes wide with the familiar ripple pattern of the Rinnegan. Minato looked at the eyes with wonder. No matter how many times who looked at it, he still shuddered just by looking at those eyes.

"Dad…..what you are saying is true in a sense…but you are forgetting one crucial thing. So I ask you this….what comes to your mind when you think about special techniques of the Rikudou Sennin?"

Minato wondered for the answer. He knew about the legendary Rikudou Sennin of course. Who didn't? But not everybody knew the whole truth about that Godlike being. He looked around for a bit and tried to come up with an answer. He knew whatever Naruto had created was based on technique of the Sennin. Suddenly he looked at Naruto with wide eyes and said,

"You can't possibly mean that, are you…?"

Naruto smirked at little. No wonder people get surprised by the impossible things Rinnegan eyes can do.

"Yes….I'm talking about that. The power to create anything I imagine. The power of the Banbutsu Sozo (Creation of All Things).", Naruto replied.

"You do know that the Rikudou Sennin used Banbutsu Sozo to create the nine Bijuus from the chakra of the Juubi, right?.", Naruto asked. He then said,

"I have a theory per see. I think that his two sons were not his biological heirs. I believe he created them with Banbutsu Sozo. Otherwise he wouldn't have able to divide his powers equally to his sons."

"The Uchiha stone tablet did say about 'A god being divided in two halves' after all. 'When the two halves join together, then only true peace can be achieved.'", Naruto speculated.

Minato sighed. He never understood Naruto's obsession with Rikudou Sennin. Why did he want to follow the same path as the Sennin did..? He never knew. Oh well…whatever. He looked around and said,

"Yes…well I had forgotten the little tricks Obito did when he became a Jinchuuriki of the Juubi. The power of Onmyodon (The way of Yin and Yang) was quite scary. After all Banbutsu Sozo was a technique based on Onmyodon, did it not?"

Naruto answered, "Yes…that's right. Rikudou Sennin and Obito were able to use Onmyodon because of the Juubi and combined power with the Rinnegan…well you know the end result was…the nine Bijuus. Shukaku, Matatabi, Isobu, Son Goku, Kokuo, Saiken, Chomei, Gyuki and Kurama."

He opened his hand and there was a sphere of black stuff. The shape-shifting black matter instantly transformed to a long stick. He examined the stick and looked at Minato's eyes and exclaimed,

"And now that power belongs to me. I carry the will of the Sennin and I don't intent to fail in the quest for peace."

"What you are looking here is the small fraction of what my powers can do. I merely tested out my limits of the Onmyodon.", Naruto said gesturing to his surroundings.

"I created this whole place just to test out that limit. You know what the problem of creating such things right?", he asked his father.

Minato stroked his chin and after thinking for a while he said, "Yeah…you can't create it in the real world. So that's why you brought me here. I was wondering what you were doing, but I have never thought that you made an entire new dimension just by using Banbutsu Sozo and Jiku-kan Ninjutsu (Space-time technique)."

Naruto chuckled at his father. He said, "Yes..well this is merely just for my amusement. It's merely just a pocket dimension just as Obito used for his Kamui technique. Look up there and you can see that I even created a fake sun."

Minato looked at the sun and said, "It's marvellous. I didn't even recognise that the place is brimming with sunlight. I completely forgot that a pocket dimension never has a light source. They are completely pitched black."

The younger blonde looked at the cottage that was present at the middle of the woods and walked towards it. Minato wondered what Naruto was doing but just followed him. Naruto stopped in front of the cottage and kneeled down. He searched for something and after a while he found what he was looking for. He stood up and Minato noticed something in his hand. It was a little squirrel.

Minato gave Naruto a questioning look. Naruto grinned and said, "I just wanted to show you the marvel of Banbutsu Sozo. See this squirrel." Minato looked at it.

"This is also a creation of my technique. Every living thing here from that bird to little crickets are my creation. Obviously the forest was made by the Mokuton (Wood Element), those mountains are of my Doton (Earth Element) and the rivers are from my Suiton (Water Element) technique." Naruto said.

Minato shuddered and said, "Just how powerful are you actually Naruto?...Not even Hashirama could create such a forest just by Mokuton ninjutsu."

"You are forgetting one thing dad. The Juubi is sealed in me. I don't have to worry about how much chakra I can use for a technique. The Juubi gives me infinite supply of chakra. After all it is the Progenitor of our world.", Naruto said.

Minato sighed and said, "My mind is going to break Naruto if you show me more. My head feels heavy just by looking around this place and when you are explaining things to me….I completely forget the basic things. This is so amazing that I feel like I'm floating in heaven."

"Let's just stop our tour for now…Naruto. It's getting late and I have paperwork to do. I'm the Hokage after all.", Minato suggested.

"And just for the record you have long surpassed me and anyone who ever born in our world. I believe you have already achieved what Rikudou Sennin wanted to do."

Naruto looked at the small stream that was flowing some distance from the cottage and said to his father, "I don't think the small alliance with the villages is going to last forever. Human heart never remains the same always. Sooner or later that peace is going to be ruined by somebody. I'm still in search for what Ero-Sennin believes in."

"Oh well…let's go home. Oh…yeah I forgot to tell you dad…I'll be coming to your house tonight with Hinako. Make sure you tell mom to prepare ramen. After all she invited us in the first place.", Naruto said with playful manner slightly punching Minato in his shoulder.

He then suddenly vanished from sight. Minato sighed and muttered to himself, "That boy…why does he always treat me like an old man?...I'm not even thirty."

He did a handseal and vanished with a yellow flash.

~Flashback End~


The village of Hogsmeade at the time of vacations was not very active, since children from Hogwarts often came down to the village for explorations and have some fun at the time of the term. It was summer and it was very hot there. The shops in the village were mostly closed and people were not in the mood to buy any new junks. The Zonko's, Honeydukes, Dervish and Banges and others were also closed for most of the summer time. The only shop still served was the small pub named 'Three Broomsticks'.

People still wanted refreshments from their long travels and usually needed a place for drinks and rest. So the pub was open for most of the summer.

The front door of the cosy pub opened and a person strolled in. The pub was empty. Usually, the residents of the village came for drinks after their long day work in the afternoons. It was noon and so nobody was inside the pub.

The pub owner looked at the person and immediately stopped whatever she was doing.

"Welcome to the Three Broomsticks. What may I serve you?", she said with a smile.

The person sat down on a table and looked towards the woman and said, "Ah…one Butterbeer and Firewhiskey please and a small refreshment would do."

The woman took the order and said, "Please wait for a few minutes. Your order will be served shortly."

The man said, "Alright.."

The man sighed and took a book and started reading it. After a few minutes, the woman placed his food on his table. It consisted of a few snacks, bread, Firewhiskey and a Butterbeer. The man looked up from his reading and looked at his order. He put away his book and said,

"Thanks Madam….ah..pardon my rudeness…what was your name again?"

The woman gasped and giggled a little. She looked at him and saw that he was a quite handsome fellow. She smirked and replied with flirting manner, "My…you are a charming young man. I haven't actually mentioned my name. I'm the owner of this place as you can see. I'm Rosmerta."

The man smiled sleepishly and said, "Thanks Madam Rosmerta. I'm Naruto Namikaze."

Madam Rosmerta giggled again and said, "That's a quite uncommon name. Tell me young man…are you by the day a foreign wizard? I haven't seen you before here and your accent is quite different."

Naruto chuckled and replied, "You are a very observing person Madam. You are correct actually….I'm from Japan and currently travelling." And took a sip of butterbeer.

"Ah…really?...I'm sensing quite a adventure there. You've come to see Hogwarts, haven't you?", Madam Rosmerta asked.

Naruto replied, "Obviously…what other places are here for sightseeing other than the magnificent castle of Hogwarts?"

'Though..I'm here for a different reason altogether. She doesn't need to know that.' He inwardly thought.

The middle aged woman chuckled, "I tend to be obvious..aren't I?...well I'm sure you'll enjoy Hogwarts and the surrounding place. It's very beautiful."

"Sure Madam. I've always wanted to come to Hogwarts but for personal reasons…I couldn't come. I would have loved to study in the Hogwarts.", he lied.

The woman smiled sadly and said, "Sorry to hear that…but you came here to visit it now..isn't it?"


The woman laughed out loud and said, "You are a funny young man. Ah….oh my…I'm taking your time here aren't I?...sorry..you might be in a hurry…so I'll leave you to yourself. You need anything then call me. Alright…?"

Naruto replied with a cheering manner, "Okay…"

With that Madam Rosmerta went down to do whatever she was previously doing and Naruto dig into his food.

No. 12 Grimmauld Place-

"Now we commence our meeting.", said the elderly man with long white beard.

People inside the small meeting room sat down altogether and listened to the older man. They looked towards him expectantly.

He was none other than the current Headmaster of Hogwarts Albus Percival Wulfric Brian Dumbledore.

"Now first we'll go to the matter most important. I have sent Hagrid and Olympe to confront the giants. It is imperative that the Giants do not join Voldemort.", Dumbledore said.

"What about Remus?", asked the man with a long messy black hair, "I haven't seen him for a while."

Dumbledore looked towards the middle aged man and said, "Don't worry Sirius, my boy. I've sent him to persuade the Werewolves to join our side."

"What..?" Sirius exclaimed eyes wide, "Are you out of your mind?...what if they don't listen to him and attack him?...what if Greyback is there?"

Dumbledore waved his arm and said, "Ah…everything is under control. Don't worry about it. He is just a messenger, they will not attack him. Greyback wouldn't dare to attack a fellow werewolf in front of others. It would mean that he lose favour from them."

Still not convinced Sirius wanted to say something but he remained silent. He was sure Remus wouldn't come back from the pack of werewolves unscathed.

"Now the second matter at hand, what of the news about the auror department Kingsley?", Dumledore asked looking at the black man.

The head auror of the auror department replied, "They remained the same Albus. Cornelius isn't funding the auror department and we are facing a huge problem of training new recruits."

Dumbledore sighed and replied, "Alas, I cannot do anything about that Kingsley. I've tried many times to reason with Cornelius, but he refused to believe me. Now he is in campaign of removing me from the position of Chief Warlock."

"He needs a big but-whopping. That pig.", Nymphadora Tonks said from the other end of the table.

"I mean he is as corrupt as the Goblins, all the money that should have been for the department goes to his own pocket. There is only a handful of things Madam Bones can do with limited supplies.", she said.

"Hmphh…maybe I shouldn't have left the department. Things were never this complicated in my days.", Alastor Moody growled.

"Alastor…you know as I know that Cornelius is refusing to believe Voldemort's return." Dumbledore said, "He refused to raise the fund as he thinks it's not necessary in the time of peace."

"He now thinks that I am scheming something to usurp his seat for myself and young Harry is paying the price for it."

"Ah..that poor boy!...speaking of Harry, when are you going to let him come here Albus?", Molly Weasley asked.

"Now…Molly….don't be hasty. We must be vigilant. He still needs to stay there at least few days for the wards to strengthen."

"How are the children accommodating here Molly?" Dumbledore asked.

"Ah….they are fine. Ronald is still being lazy, but I've ordered them to clean up the house. It's better than doing nothing. The house reeks of dirt.", she said.

"Oh…Hermione is due to come sometime today isn't it?", she asked.

"Ah….Miss Granger…smart girl. Yes I've talked with her parents and persuaded them to send their daughter here. This is one of the safest places besides Hogwarts and Gringotts now. She may be targeted by the Death Eaters because of her Muggle heritage.", Dumbledore replied.

"Now let's discuss some important matters. Arthur, did you have any success in the Department of Mysteries?"

Arthur Weasley sighed and replied, "No, Albus. It's quite difficult to scoop around the Department. It's heavily guarded. Maybe we should try a different approach."

"I'm sure you will be successful Arthur. There is no need to rush. Voldemort is yet to.."

Suddenly there was a knock on the door. The door opened and a man came inside. The man was wearing black cloths with a greasy hair style and walked forward like a bat. He was none other than Severus Snape.

Sirius Black scowled looking at the man. Snape looked at him and muttered, "Mutt!"

Sirius heard him and growled, "Snivellus!"

"Severus, Sirius enough you two…stop acting like children.", Dumbledore ordered.

"Now…..Severus, what news you bring from the Dark Lord?"

Severus Snape took a seat near Dumbledore and said slowly, "The Dark Lord is lying low for now. He doesn't want the public to know of his return. He is mainly focussing on gathering as much follower as possible."

"Well, it is to be expected. That's the first rule of warfare. We must also stay alert in case Voldemort does something. Anything else Severus?", Dumbledore asked.

"No, Headmaster…the Dark Lord only needs my presence for his strength potions. So I'm not in the meetings as well as I've liked. But I found that he is interested in the thing in the Department of Mysteries.", Snape replied.

"Now that is a real problem. We mustn't let him get his hand on that. It would mean a disastrous end for us. Arthur, I want you to increase your effort in the Department of Mysteries.", Dumbledore said frowning.

Arthur Weasley replied, "Alright Albus…I'll try my best."

Dumbledore then looked at Mad-eye Moody and Nymphadora Tonks and said, "Today is your shift isn't it, Alastor? Nymphadora?"

Tonks growled, "Don't call me Nymphadora.."

Severus Snape sneered, "So the Potter brat needs a bodyguard to babysit him. How impudent..!"

Dumbledore looked at Severus and said, "Now, now Severus, don't be so hasty. We need Harry for this war."

Snape growled, "I don't know why you keep on insisting that Headmaster. There is no way that arrogant brat can win against the Dark Lord. He is lazy, reckless with no measurable talent and a typical Gryffindor. Just like his father."

Dumbledore sighed. Sirius Black growled from his seat, "What did you say? Care to repeat that Snivellus?"

"Enough bickering you too..!", Dumbledore calmly said, "This meeting is adjured. Everyone go to your designated posts. You are dismissed."

Dumbledore stood up and went out from the room with Snape following behind. Everyone emptied the room except for Sirius Black.

The messy haired dog Animagus sighed and went to his room and started thinking. He was trapped in the house; there was no doubt about it. He also wanted to do some productive work but Dumbledore had forbidden him to go out of the house. He was still a criminal in the eyes of ministry, so he had to remain in the house.

He was so lost in thought that he had no recollection of what happening in the room. So he suddenly jumped in surprise when he heard a burning sound. To his shock a golden flash occurred in front of him and from the flash something came out. The thing fell down on the floor.

Sirius slowly looked towards the object on the floor. It was a small parchment. He picked it up and examined it. It was a small letter. He read out loud.

"To Sirius Orion Black,

If you want to truly help your Godson, then come to the house where everything started. The house that destroyed by the Dark Lord in Godric's Hollow. Come alone and don't tell anyone about this. If you do, I'll instantly know and Obliviate you. Come at 10 p.m. coming Thursday.

G. O. F."

Sirius black re-read the letter four times and slowly sat down. What did the letter mean? What does the G. O. F. stand for?

He thought, 'Should I go? It might be a trick to lure me out. But it spoke of Harry….I have to go without telling anyone. What does it mean?...there is a third party in this war?..if it does….then it'll change the whole outcome of this war. What am I getting myself into?'

He yelped when suddenly the letter burst into flames. He threw it away. The letter slowly burnt away and turned into ash.

Sirius shook his head clear his thoughts. He sighed and went to the kitchen to eat something. He was feeling hungry.

Unknown Location-

Remus Lupin cursed his luck. He had done what Dumbledore had told him to do. He informed the Werewolves the proximity of their joining the forces of Voldemort again, but the moment was ruined by that blasted Fenrir Greyback.

When he was just about to announce the Werewolves not to join Voldemort, Greyback had the brilliant idea to threaten the colony with war. He blatantly announced that if they don't join the Dark Lord, he would destroy the Werewolves.

The Werewolves didn't like what Greyback said and instantly attacked. The Werewolves from the colony and the one's from Greyback's side started fighting each other. Remus barely escaped from the carnage that was taking place in the Werewolf lair. He carefully snooped away from the carnage and escaped, although he was not unscathed. He got injured in his right hand. It was bleeding profusely.

Since he was a Werewolf, he had greater healing factor than normal humans. So, he didn't think about the wound that much. It would heal on its own. But the problem was that he didn't get the chance to recruit any Werewolf to fight Voldemort.

He had missed his chance. Now what would he tell to the Headmaster? He cursed Greyback profusely. What a day!..he sighed.

Suddenly, he jumped up when a bright flash of light appeared before his eyes. From the flash of light, a parchment appeared and fell on the ground. Remus Lupin picked it up and started reading.

"To Remus John Lupin,

If you want to know the truth of that night, then come to the house where everything started. The house that destroyed by the Dark Lord in Godric's Hollow. Come alone and don't tell anyone about this. If you do, I'll instantly know and Obliviate you. Come at 10 p.m. coming Thursday.

G. O. F."

'What is this? Is this some kind of trick? What nonsense is this? Who is this G. O. F.? What does it stand for? Is it Goblet of Fire? No, that's not it. I want to know what this is about. Ok, I'll go and see for myself if it is some kind of joke or not.'

Remus thought about it and returned to London with a crack of Apparition. The parchment burst into flames.

With Harry-

Harry Potter wasn't having a very good time. As soon as Naruto left him in that god forsaken place, he was immediately attacked by a freaking Tiger. He barely escaped the Tiger's wrath by hiding behind a bunch of big trees. On top of that, the weather took amusement when it started raining heavily.

It was raining the whole day and after came the flood. He barely managed to survive when the flood nearly gotten to him. The current pushed him towards a large hill where he got hold of a big branch and climbed up.

He was hungry and on top of that he was freezing. He used his knife to cut off some branches and twigs so that he could make a tent. Hermione had explained him how to make tents with branches and twigs. Her family often went to picnics after all. He tried doing that. After a few trials and errors, he made a decent tent.

He got his wand so he made sure to make a fire to keep him warm. He slept that night without eating anything; he was too tired to search for food.

The next morning was one of the worst mornings he ever had. After waking up, he vomited and was too tired to move a muscle. But his luck wasn't so bad yet. He then noticed some fruits hanging on the tree where he had taken refuge the other night. With his wand he summoned the fruits and ate them.

Immediately he ate them, he found his strength returning. It was odd. He felt fine just after eating those fruits. It was strange. But he didn't think it much.

Harry lost count how many days past, but he had endured as much as possible in the forest alone. He survived the bite of honey bees after he tried stealing some honey, he survived the poison of the poisonous plants even survived a hurricane. But whenever he lost consciousness and even close to dying, he always felt fine the next day. It was strange.

At present Harry was not having a very good day. He woke up with a splitting headache and he had a nightmare the other night. Because of the headache, he forgot to eat the fruit and proceeded to explore the forest. It was a mistake. He got completely lost on the way.

He escaped two Tigers that were fighting each other for a dead stag. He had gotten scratched trying to escape them. He was hungry and the headache was getting worse. He tried eating some small fruits figuring it would be the same, but it had the opposite result. His stomach was not feeling well and he even had to vomit two or three times. Eating those fruits was a mistake. Now he was paying the price for it.

But that was the least of the problems. His current predicament made those a nuisance. Stood in front of him three huge beasts he had never seen. The beasts were at least as tall as the Hogwarts' great hall and were giving of very powerful bursts of energies.

His eyes widened as he looked at the three beasts and exclaimed in shock, "Shit!"

No. 4 Private Drive-

Alastor Moody was bored out of his mind. He didn't know what he did to deserve this, but he was not amused. He was a retired Auror and now he was keeping watch of a boy barely in his teens for whatever reason unknown. Why did he volunteered to join the Order again?...oh that's right. That freaking Voldemort had arisen again.

His magical eyes was swirling as he keep on looking for any differences. His young protégé Nymphadora Tonks was nowhere to be seen. He snorted.

He noticed that the boy had done nothing but staying under the flower bed just below the window the whole day. He even noticed that Mundungus Fletcher came by and Disapparated from a Muggle neighbourhood. What an idiot!

The whole day he kept a lookout for any sign of any Death Eaters. He found nothing and hence so he was bored the whole day.

Nymphadora Tonks sat beside him as he was looking at the house of Dursleys'. She asked, "Anything strange?"

Moody grunted, "Nothing as usual…the brat had just left that flower bed." He pointed to the flower bed under the window.

Tonks looked and said, "Why was he there? It doesn't seem very comfortable."

"The bloody boy was trying to listen to the news as usual but with a different manner.", Moody said.

"You got that right. He always tries to listen to any news of death or destruction but can't find anything. The poor bloke….", Tonks said.

"Oh….there has been news of people's disappearances but Daily Prophet doesn't publish them. The Ministry is trying to hide them.", Moody growled.

"Yeah…I've noticed that. Madam Bones in getting suspicious.", Tonks explained.

"It's to be expected.", Moody said as his eye started swirling. "It's your shift now. I'm going.", he said to Tonks.

He stood up and was ready to leave. Tonks sighed and also stood up. She said, "I'm gonna take the roof. It will be easier to look around."

Moody grunted, "Do whatever you want."

Tonks clumsily put on her invisibility cloak and took off. Moody snorted and was about to leave. Suddenly a flash of light appeared before him. A parchment fell down.

Moody's eyes swirled and tried to detect any harmful charms but there were none. He carefully picked up the parchment and started reading the letter.

"To Alastor 'Mad-eye' Moody,

If you want to know the truth of that night, then come to the house where everything started. The house that destroyed by the Dark Lord in Godric's Hollow. Come alone and don't tell anyone about this. If you do, I'll instantly know and Obliviate you. Come at 10 p.m. coming Thursday.

G. O. F."

Alastor Moody growled, "The nerve of some punk. Hmph..", he threw the parchment away and Disapparated.


"That is essentially a very good news indeed.", said Ragnuk the Third to his subordinate Gilbertooth.

After Naruto had left Gringotts bank, the little Goblin didn't immediately go to their leader to inform. The amount of money Naruto deposited in the bank was astonishing. It was in the same league of the wealth of Ancient and Most Noble Houses or wealthy bastards like Malfoys. So, he tried to gather information about his customer. After what he found, he was surprised to say would be an understatement. It was mind boggling. So after two days, he went to inform his master Ragnuk.

"Tell me again Gilbertooth…what do you know about this mysterious wizard?", Ragnuk asked in Gobbledegook.

"Master, I haven't got the whole information about him, but I was able to sneak a peek into the Ministry records. According to their information, this Naruto guy is pretty high in the Japanese Ministry. He is one of the highest ranking official and the youngest to boot. Only 19 years old."

"Impressive…", Ragnuk muttered, "Anything else..?"

"Yes, master….he was born in the most prominent family in Japan. The Namikaze family..the Ancient and Most Noble equivalent to Britain. His father was a famous inventor when he was alive and his mother died of childbirth. His blood is as pure as it gets, a long family history dated to the Merlin himself.", Gilbertooth explained.

"It seems you did your homework Gilbertooth.", Ragnuk said with a toothy grin.

"Ah..thank you master. It is my duty to know about my customers and a valuable one to boot. His deposition here is most likely going to enrich our bank. It is a revolution not seen from the deposition of the Potter family.", Gilbertooth said with pleased grin.

Ragnuk put his hand on his pointy chin and said with a thoughtful face, "Hmm….indeed..your claim has merits. Speaking of Potter family, has young Harry replied to the requests we have sent him?"

Gilbertooth shook his head and replied, "No, master…we are facing a block in contacting him. Our owls have returned without delivering the posts. And I'm not sure I'm the right person to ask about the Potter accounts master. Griphook is the one who led young Harry to his trust vault."

"Yes..I'm well aware of that.", Ragnuk replied.

"Very well, I'll talk with Griphook about that. You keep me posted in any changes in the Namikaze account."

"Yes, master..I intend to do that.", Gilbertooth replied.

"Oh..Gilbertooth…tell Mr. Weasley to meet me in my chamber. He is inside the building right now.", Ragnuk the Third ordered.

"Yes master.", Gilbertooth replied and set course to his own office.

He exited the office and thought in glee, 'Yes, no one's going to stop my promotion. It seems this new customer will make me rich beyond word.'

It seems no matter what or how nice a Goblin can be seen outside, but in the inside they are greedy beyond words.

With Bill Weasley-

The life of the curse breaker was not bad for the Weasley young man. The Goblin's didn't bother him much and he pretty much worked with his human colleagues, so there was little interaction with the Goblin's. The only time he talked with a Goblin when he was needed to give monthly job reports to the Gringotts Head Goblin.

The previous week he met a pretty French part Veela as a colleague. He was surprised to see one of the Triwizard champion working for the Goblins, in Britain nonetheless. Fleur Delacour was a charming young Veela just for the record. He was smitten at the very first sight. He knew the prejudices against Veelas or any other non-human creatures and understood that it was very hard for her to get job in the Ministry. Britain or France, the prejudices against them were present everywhere. Even if she was a Triwizard champion, she was still seen as inferior to normal wizards.

A prime example was that Umbridge woman. That dreadful woman had tried to prosecute the werewolves for them being half-breeds. How he hated that woman.

'Well..so Ragnuk wants to see me…what a coincidence. I just happen to enter the Order of the Phoenix and Dumbledore told me snoop around the bank for information…and the Head Goblin calls for me?...I hope I'm not found out. That would be very bad', Bill Weasley thought. He was not fond of the Head Goblin very much.

It wasn't that he was paid less, no…the salary for curse breaker was good, but he wasn't fond of the attitude of the Head Goblin. Oh..Goblin's were a greedy bunch no doubt, but the Head Goblin took that word to a new level.

Bill stood in front of the door of the office and knocked three times. Ragnuk ordered him to enter the office. Bill opened the door and after closing it addressed Ragnuk, "Master Goblin, how may I assist you?"

"Ah…Mr. Wealsey, come..have a seat." Ragnuk said. Bill took a seat.

Ragnuk began, "Well, I'll go straight to the point then. Tell me Mr. Weasley, what do you know about a young Japanese wizard named Naruto Namikaze?"

Bill blinked and asked in wonder, "Master Goblin, why are you asking me this? Is it related to my curse breaking or something else?"

Ragnuk shook his head, "No…it's not related to curse breaking. Well the truth is that wizard had opened a bank account in our branch two days ago and he deposited a lot of money. The amount of money he deposited took me by surprise. It was in the level of the Ancient and Most Nobles houses. This amount of deposition we haven't seen in centuries."

Bill was surprised to hear that. He thought for a second and asked, "Is there a Gringotts branch in Japan?"

Ragnuk said, "The problem lies there. We do have a Japanese branch, but we have little contact with them. We tried to reach them but they refused to give information about him telling me that it was confidential. I don't understand, what's so special about him that our own kin refused to cooperate. I'm the Head Goblin, but they even defied me."

Bill's eyes widened further after hearing that. The Goblin's of Japan were refusing to give information to the Head?...This was a surprising turn of events. He put his hand on his chin and asked, "Master Goblin, I am surprised to hear that. But why ask me about him? I have little to no contact with Japanese wizards and my job requires me to be constantly away from home."

"I'm well aware of that. But that is why I've asked you about him. You are constantly away for curse breaking, so I thought you might hear some rumours.", Ragnuk said.

"Well, I haven't heard anything regarding any Japanese wizard in my travels. But what you've said is very surprising. It is a matter to look into. So, Master Goblin, do you want me to acquire information about him?", Bill asked.

Ragnuk thought for a second and said, "Well, you have my permission to snoop around for information about him. I've already ordered Gilbertooth."

"Well, Mr. Weasley, I must bid you farewell for now. I have much work to do.", Ragnuk said.

Bill stood up and said, "Alright Master Goblin, I'll be snooping around for information then."

He left the Goblin office in deep thought. 'This is very surprising news indeed. It is good thing I came here today.'

He was too deep in thought and nearly jumped when a letter burst into existence in front of him. He looked around and noticed that the hallway was empty. He carefully picked up the letter after examining any harmful curses and read,

"To William Arthur Weasley,

I have information that you might be interested about. I know you are a part of Dumbledore's Order of the Phoenix. I have no problem with that. If you want to know the truth of that night, then come to the house where everything started. The house that destroyed by the Dark Lord in Godric's Hollow. Come alone and don't tell anyone about this. If you do, I'll instantly know and Obliviate you. Come at 10 p.m. coming Thursday.

G. O. F."

After reading the letter two times Bill thought, 'Why do I feel like déjà vu? What is this G. O. F.? Is this some kind of new third party faction? I must be out of my mind if I'm seriously considering going. It might even be a trap. But according to the letter, whoever wrote it might give me some information.'

He let go of the letter when it grew hot. In front of him the letter burst into flames and instantly turned to dust. Looking at the vanished remains of the strange letter he thought, 'Come to think of it, how was the writer able to send the letter without an owl? The letter even got past the Goblin wards of Gringotts. How can someone do that? Even Dumbledore isn't capable of this kind of magic.'

With his mind heavy in thought, William Weasley, the first born of Arthur Weasley strolled out of Gringotts bank back to his home.

With Harry-

"What kind of monsters are those?", Harry Potter muttered watching the three with wide eyes.

When he encountered the beasts, he immediately hid after a large tree trunk. Thankfully, the three beasts had not seen him yet as they were growling to each other. After watching for a few minutes, Harry recalled few characteristics of the three beasts.

The first beast had two lion like heads and a tail with a snake head. One of the head was emitting slime like thing from its mouth and the other head was bursting out some kind flammable thing. It was a Chimera.

"This is the first time I've seen a Chimera.", Harry muttered. He felt secured behind the tree trunk and he was very thankful that the beasts were in their own world.

The second beast he had immediately recognized. After all, he encountered one of its kinds in his first year. He had already met Hagrid's Cerberus Fluffy. But the one front of him was much bigger than Fluffy. This one was ferocious and was growling towards the Chimera as if the Chimera had stolen its food.

The third one he didn't recognize. This one was also very dangerous looking. It looked kind of like a Tiger. But a huge Tiger. Its whole body was covered with strips and two huge knife like teeth were outside its mouth.

'It could be either a Sabertooth or some other kind of animal.', Harry mused.

After sometime, he suddenly realized that he was in serious predicament. The three beasts were circling each other ready to prance to each other. If that were to happen, he would be in the middle of the crossfire and he didn't think he could escape them. If they realized that he was there, he would be torn to shreds and be eaten like a chicken.

The problem was he couldn't escape now even if he tried. The slightest movement from his part would alert the beasts as he knew their senses were sharp unlike a human. What should he do?

How he wished he had learnt to Apparate. Meanwhile his splitting headache was about to kill him. On top of that he was hungry. He was considering every type of plan to go away from his position but he couldn't come up with a decent plan.

He was so lost in thought that he nearly missed a huge tree flying towards him. His eyes widened looking at the flying tree. He ducked and the tree flew past his head nearly missing him in an inch and the tree collided with other trees. He crossed his hand in front of him to protect himself, when a large no of debris and some twigs flew towards him when the tree collided along with a huge shockwave.

When it settled down, he started running. His hands were bleeding after got hit by some twigs but he didn't acknowledge it as he was more concern with getting away with his life.

'Shit…..now what?', he furiously thought as he looked behind. He saw that three were in a battle of dominance. They were rumbling making the earth shake and no one was about to go down. Their ferocity of battle intensified as more and more of the forest got destroyed.

Thankfully he was slightly more distance away from the battlefield. But he didn't stop, he ran. His grip on his wand tightened as he prayed to get away from that alive.

He ducked, jumped and went on to some basic manoeuvres to protect himself from further injuries. Though he was slight distance away, but the battle was so ferocious that, some stray debris would fly towards him at high speeds.

Suddenly a huge shockwave blew past him. He instantly lost his balance and fell towards a stream. He rolled and collided with the water of the stream. He groaned and painfully got up gripping his wand tightly. He was bleeding from head to toe and he was on the verge of losing consciousness. He panted and coughed.

All of a sudden one of the three beasts landed roughly in front of him. A large amount of water and rocks rose few meters above the ground. Harry flew away in the shockwave and collided with the ground. He momentarily lost his consciousness but immediately woke up. On instinct he shouted pointing his wand towards the beast,


The white coloured spell flew away from his wand and hit the beast. The power of the spell was so great that the huge beast after got hit by the spell immediately flew away few meters destroying a lot of trees. Harry's eyes widened seeing the beast flying away from his spell fire.

After the dust cloud cleared, he saw that the beast was stunned. It was out cold. Harry's eyes widened further as a simple spell like stunning spell worked against the beast. He sighed in relief and slowly got up. He shakily tried to walk away from there but suddenly found himself airborne.

He flew upwards and started falling. He watched the large forest downwards and the cold wind that was blowing across his face made him think, 'Well, this is it….this is as far as I go.'

He closed his eyes for the blow that was about to come. Few seconds later, he opened his eyes wide as he didn't feel the death blow. He immediately noticed tightness around his belly. He looked around as the world was spinning too fast for him. He coughed up blood and his eyes started spinning.

He tried to see what was going on. So he steeled himself and forced himself too look. At one time, the spinning stopped and when looked properly. He immediately came face to face with a head of a snake hissing towards him.

He could understand what the snake was hissing but he was too unfocused to listen what the snake was saying. He knew that the Chimera had gotten him and its tail was tangled around him in a tight grip. He somehow freed his right hand from the tail and gripped his wand tightly.

He immediately fired another stunner to the Chimera thinking it would work. Since it worked against the other one, there's no way it wouldn't work on this one. But he was sadly mistaken. The Chimera that was gripping him tightly wasn't even paying attention to him, but after getting hit by the spell, it immediately turned towards him.

Harry's eyes widened in horror as the two head started growling towards him. The Chimera roared viciously and started spinning. It threw Harry away. Harry flew away in a tremendous speed like a ragdoll. In his flight, Harry noticed that he was in the trajectory of the cottage that was destroyed from the first spell fire with Naruto's Zetsu clones. He thought quickly and planned to cushion his landing.

He summoned every ounce of his power and shouted, "Accio Leaves"

The leaves of all the trees immediately fell and started gathering in front of the cottage in high speed. All of a sudden Harry collided with the cushion of leaves. But his momentum was too much for the leaves to handle, so he collided with the wall of the destroyed cottage and rolled away a few meters. He came to a halt.

Harry slightly laughed and muttered opening an eye, "I'm never doing that again."

Immediately he lost his focus and his eye rolled out. He instantly lost consciousness.

Footsteps could be heard coming towards the unconscious teen. It stopped near the passed out boy. The person checked his pulse and sighed in relief.

The person muttered, "I'm never going to do that either. No more gambling. But what a spectacular landing that was…", he chuckled, "Anyway, Harry my boy, you did good. You did very good."

He picked Harry up and vanished into thin air.

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