Ruined Moments

A/N: Long time no see! Please enjoy! ^_^

. . .

One moment passes. And then another.

I inwardly groan but keep my eyes plastered on the gravestone before me. It mocks me, really. Darn cold stone not having to do anything.

"Whatchya doin', Slayer?"

My back straightens at the sound of the vampire's voice. Why does he have to be here tod-tonight of all nights? I swear the reason for his being is to annoy me. "Spike."

I pry my eye away from the gray marble. The vampire with his somehow always perfect bleach blonde hair now unfortunately has my captive attention.

He smiles at me and I hold back a sigh. "I asked what you are doing. Not who you want to be doing."

This time my sigh escapes. Along with a groan. "Gross, Spike." He can only dream. And considering he does not sleep, I suppose it is a mere daydream.

Which makes the thought about ten times worse.

"Aw, don't deny it, Slayer. You know there's something between us. Ever since Red put that spell on us." His grin broadens as he moves closer.

Crap. Crap. Crap.

I slowly back away from the vampire-straight into the headstone I am supposed to be watching. This is certainly not supposed to be happening. No, not with Spike. Ew, no.

My back presses into the marble and he advances toward me. But he is right. There is something. Regardless of how much I try to deny it. But in all reality, I blame Willow.

It was her damn spell.

His body is cold against mine and I try to keep a clear head. He would not try to do anything stupid, right? I mean, one scream and Riley would be right here. But I do not really want him gone.

Spike lowers his head to make it equal to mine. I crane my neck so my lip would meet his. It is an unconscious act, really. I think.

But all of a sudden a feel a hand reach up and grab my ankle. "Um, Spike," I breathe into his face.

He growls, but does not pull away. "What?"

"Something Just grabbed my ankle."


. . .