February 14, 2004

12:08 AM

"Mister Malfoy, you may see your wife now," Healer Griggs said, stepping into the waiting room with a smile on her face.

Draco swallowed the lump in his throat and turned back to look at Blaise, Harry, and Ginny, who each gave him a small smile. Blaise waved him off and mouthed "Go."

Draco gave them a nod and turned back towards the Healer. She led him down the hall and into Hermione's room. She didn't follow him inside, but told him she'd be sending a nurse down to see if they needed anything soon. As he stepped into the room and shut the door, he held his breath. When his eyes landed on his wife sitting up with a small pink bundle in her arms, he exhaled and smiled.

Hermione looked up at him, her bangs sticking to her forehead. "We have a beautiful little girl, Draco," she said quietly before looking bak down at the bundle and smiling.

He moved over to the bed and looked down at the infant. Her skin was creamy white and he noticed she had Hermione's nose. Little blond hairs peeked out from the blanket covering her head and as she blinked her eyes opened, Draco was thrilled to see his own grey orbs staring back.

"She's going to be gorgeous, Hermione," he said.

She looked up at him and pressed her lips to his firmly. When she pulled back, she smiled brightly. "Our little love child," she said.

"How fitting that she be born on Valentine's Day," he replied.

A few minutes later, a nurse poked her head in and smiled at the couple. "Should I tell your friends they may come in?" she asked.

"Oh yes!" Hermione said, looking up at her husband.

As the nurse disappeared, Draco glared at Hermione. "Are you sure this is a good idea? I mean, Harry and Ginny already have Teddy and James," he said.

"Which is why we are also asking Blaise to be a Godfather. You know, in case they feel overwhelmed. They are talking about having more kids."

"Aren't James and Teddy enough?"

"Ginny would love a little girl."

"So we'll just share ours for a few days every month," Draco said with a shrug.

Hermione glared in return and was about to retort when the door flew open again and Ginny rushed in, Harry and Blaise trailing after.

"Oh let me see her!" Ginny cried, pushing Draco to the side.

He grunted and gave the redhead a dirty look, but moved more out of the way. Harry sent him an apologetic glance and Blaise offered a grin, but they moved to crowd Hermione and the baby as well. "She's adorable, Mione," Harry said, looking down at the bundle.

"What's her name again?" Blaise asked, reaching out to take one of her little fists in his hand.

"Vela Irene," Draco said, pushing himself back in beside Hermione.

"That's beautiful," Ginny cooed.

Hermione smiled her thanks at their friends and then looked up at Draco. He nodded and cleared his throat awkwardly. The other three adults looked at him. "We have something to ask you guys," he started.

"You guys have been a big part of our lives. We know you'll always help us look out for Vela. We want you all to be Vela's godparents," Hermione finished.

"Of course! We would love to!" Ginny answered for her and Harry.

Blaise nodded and squinted. For a second, Draco wondered if he was tearing up. The Italian cleared his throat and Harry pulled his glasses off his face to clean them. They really weren't the manliest, he thought, watching the two try to rub their eyes discreetly.

"We love you guys," Hermione said, as Vela garbled.

Draco looked down at Hermione's sleeping face. She looked so peaceful. A small smile made its way to his mouth as he tiptoed around the edge of the bed and to the little wooden crib on the other side. Surprisingly, Vela was awake, her wide grey eyes peering up at him. Feeling nervous, he reached down to pick her up, then pulled back. What if he dropped her?

Hermione would kill him. Draco shook his head at himself. He was perfectly capable of holding a baby. He had held James on many occasions. Reaching back down, he smiled at Vela as he lifted her up, careful to hold her the way Hermione had taught him. "Hello sweetheart," he cooed quietly.

She blinked at him in response and he could feel his smile widen. She was a beautiful baby girl, he thought. "You're going to be so smart, just like your mother. And brave. I don't even mind if you turn out to be a Gryffindor," he whispered to her.

Vela garbled a little in response and reached out, touching his chin with her little fingers. He tilted his head, brushing his lips across them. She curled her fingers into a fist and rubbed it against his mouth. He kissed it and maneuvered her so that he held her with one arm and could hold her little fist with his other hand.

"I promise to be a good dad. I know there will be days where you will probably hate me, like when I tell you you can't date until you're thirty. But I will always love you and be proud of you, no matter what," he said, his own eyes suddenly feeling moist.

Looking back over at Hermione's sleeping form, Draco's heart felt light. If he died right then, he would be happy with his life. He had a beautiful wife, a gorgeous daughter, everything he wanted. He glanced back down at Vela, who really was their little love child.

"Maybe I should send the Weasel a thank you letter for being such a git all those years ago," he said to himself.

A/N: I apologize for this taking so long! It's a short, but sweet epilogue. I thought you guys might enjoy the Draco/Vela moment.

I know Blaise wasn't mentioned in earlier chapters, but I just love him and wanted him included in the Epilogue.

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