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Paris, France, 1893

1 Year Later


"Darling, shhh, it's alright," Sirius Black stood in the room right next door to his and his wife's room, holding his one year old daughter in his arms as she slowly stopped crying. It was odd for baby Narcissa to cry through the night anymore, but tonight seemed to be the exception, and now that Hermione was getting some much needed rest, Sirius had decided to go and check on his little girl.

Narcissa Marguerite Black was his pride and joy. There was not a single other person in the world that he loved more, other than Hermione. He rocked the little girl and she curled her tiny fists around his glossy black hair, which had grown longer in the months after her birth and now hung to his shoulders.

As he pulled her back from his chest to look at her, he smiled at her sleepy eyes and her thumb in her mouth. She already had a lot of honey brown hair, like her mother, but her eyes were his: dark grey and expressive.

"Dada," Narcissa gurgled. Sirius was secretly very pleased that 'Dada' had been Narcissa's first word, but it was mostly due to their midnight cuddling sessions like this one, when Hermione was fast asleep.

"Yes, Dada loves you, so very much," he kissed his daughter on the forehead and instead of placing her back into her basinet, he brought her back to the bedroom.

Holding his daughter gently in one arm, he reached for the door handle and turned it, smiling wide at the angelic sight of his wife asleep in the bed they shared. Since they had been married, many changes had taken place in the manor, and he had modified his bedroom to be more of a sanctuary for Hermione than him. He wanted to do anything to make his wife and his daughter happy. He never thought a woman, or two of them, would make his world go around, but they did. Every day, once famed womanizer and bachelor extraordinaire Sirius Black, thought less and less about himself.

"Sirius?" Hermione's sweet voice rang through the semi-darkness and Narcissa giggled happily at the sound of her mother's voice.

"Cissa had a bit of a moment, but we are fine now, aren't we?" he asked his daughter before placing her in his wife's arms.

"Sweetheart, you were just starting to sleep through the night too!" Hermione admonished her beautiful child playfully, but instinctively knew that she was hungry. Without much ceremony, Hermione placed Narcissa on her thigh and pulled down her rose colored chemise to expose her breasts for her child, who immediately latched on and started to feed. Sirius crawled closer to her on the bed, playing absently with some of Hermione's messy curls.

"I will never get tired of watching this. It is the sweetest, most loving, and slightly erotic thing I have ever seen," his voice was low and Hermione sensed desire there as she smoothed the brown tufts of hair on Narcissa's head.

"Tomorrow can we have Fleur take her for a bit so that we can have the morning to ourselves? I am just starting to get my energy back and I feel like I miss you even though you are always right here," Hermione sighed. She wouldn't trade her daughter for anything else in the world, but the first year had been hard on them both. Hermione was still very young and neither of them had any experience with children.

"I know the feeling," he said, "But yes, I am sure she won't mind. Everyone practically begs to take her for the day anyway, but we can't forget her party tomorrow night."

"I know, how could I?" Hermione smiled in the darkness, "It's your birthday tomorrow love," she cooed to Narcissa who was almost done feeding. Hermione knew she had to start weaning her away from breast milk, as Minerva had staunchly suggested, but she would miss these moments.

"The anniversary of one of the best days of my life, save meeting you, then marrying you, and then having you save my life," he winked at her and it sent a wonderful shiver up Hermione's spine. As she watched her husband sink back into the softness of their bed, she sat back and rocked Narcissa to sleep, already anticipating the morning.


"Happy birthday chéri!" Fleur was ecstatic in the morning, bursting into the master bedroom without a second thought. She had been working for Sirius, and now Hermione, for nearly 3 years and was becoming rather intuitive about things. It was clear to everyone, not just Sirius and Hermione, that Fleur adored Narcissa and was wonderful with her, already helping her to develop a small vocabulary and was perfectly attentive. Yet, now that the manor was seeing so many guests in and out of its doors, she was quite busy on a daily basis to be something of a governess as well.

Narcissa smiled happily in Fleur's lithe, long arms as the beautiful woman scooped her up, not really caring that Hermione and Sirius were in a state of undress. She had seen and heard them in worse positions, and she could never judge. She loved and was thankful for their little family that she was a part of.

"Could you give her a bath, and make her breakfast? I wish we had someone else to watch her while you cooked for today, but could you? Sirius and I would…" Hermione blushed. Even after all this time, the thought of what he was about to do to her turned her cheeks a pretty pink. Sirius found it enchanting and held her hand softly under the covers.

Fleur got the basics of the request easily and with a little smirk, nodded, "Today is a day for celebration, we can worry about finding someone for Cissy tomorrow, enjoy," was all she said with a wink before bouncing the birthday girl up and down in her arms and leaving them alone to enjoy the morning.

Sirius and Hermione looked at each other for a long moment. It wasn't as if they hadn't been alone since Narcissa was born, but it just had been harder to. Sirius had been so afraid of hurting her body the few months after pregnancy, still a bit tormented by the screams of his precious wife during childbirth and then the subsequent ones of his beloved cousin's a few months later. Then, Narcissa had had so much trouble sleeping through the night. Although Minerva and Fleur helped, Hermione still wanted to be up with her daughter and subsequently, Sirius joined them. When that had finally stopped in the recent weeks, Sirius tried his best to let Hermione catch up on rest. She was paler than usual and rather worn out, but he longed for the few months of marriage they had before Narcissa was born, as much as his darling daughter brought joy to his life, he wanted to reconnect with the woman who changed everything.

"You look quite handsome this morning," Hermione said shyly, moving under the covers closer to him, putting her hands on his chest and sighing for the happy reprieve from responsibility. She couldn't deny that even though it had only been slightly over two years since she had met him, he looked even younger if that were possible. The worry lines on his face had softened and now he was always smiling. He didn't have the crushing weight of debt or death on his shoulders and he had happiness, family, love, and a career surrounding and supporting him on a daily basis.

"And you look simply breathtaking," Sirius whispered. Although his wife was a little bit thinner than even before she was pregnant, she still was glowing. He smirked knowing that the glow had not left her face since he slipped the engagement ring around her finger and had only intensified at their wedding and the night Narcissa was born. He was sure he would never see a woman that ever came close to comparing to Hermione's simple, perfect beauty.

"Such a flatterer," she teased him, finding it hard to be so close to him and alone without touching him and she began trailing kisses up his neck. He gave a low moan, closing his eyes for a moment to completely lose himself in his wife's attentions, "would you expect anything less from me?"

His smile was sinful and Hermione rolled on top of him, kissing him more passionately, her lips moving towards his and both were surprised at how amazing the kiss was. They hadn't really had time to kiss like this, but they fell into a perfect rhythm immediately, and even though both of them were thoroughly skilled with each other at this point, they knew it would never become dull.

Sirius moved to pull his already low slung black silk sleep pants off of him, but Hermione stopped him with a lustful, but slightly nervous look on her face, "Not here."

His heart started to race. Those two words would have been cryptic to anyone else, but he sat up, put his arms around her and kissed her hard before pulling away. Hermione was beautifully flushed and tightened her short robe around her as they both got out of bed, her eyes trailing down his bare chest to where his pelvis formed a 'v' shape and led to his prominent erection pressing against his sleep pants.

He opened his nightstand drawer, took out a key, and then took her hand and they crept out of their bedroom with all the adrenaline of the two young lovers they were sneaking off to be alone, and made their way slowly down one flight of stairs to the second floor of the manor.

Hermione was thankful they had carpeted the staircase with lush fabric form Italy that Sirius had absolutely fallen in love with, as it prevented any noise from echoing further. It had originally been done to prevent baby Narcissa from awakening if they needed to move about in the night, but now it was serving an entirely different purpose.

They heard Fleur softly singing downstairs, assumedly to Narcissa, and the sound of Neville cleaning. Sirius gave Hermione a heart-stopping look as they paused in front of the door at the end of the second floor hallway. He placed the key in the lock and he turned it open.

The last time they had been in this room was right around the time she was six month's pregnant, although it was more for the location than anything inside of it, as Sirius had been frustratingly gentle (in Hermione's opinion) with her while she was carrying his baby. They had simply made love because they couldn't wait to get to the bedroom.

When Hermione had first learned of the true identity of this room, it had been right before he had proposed to her, and she was a bit shocked but simultaneously turned on at the thought of what it held and meant. Of course, she had also been jealous of the many others that had no doubt been privy to this room, but she knew now in her heart that she would be the only one to ever see it again.

She gripped her husband's hand tighter. She trusted him, and she knew he would never hurt her, but she wanted all parts of him, and now that she was healthy and back to her normal self, she wanted to start exploring with him.

"Are you sure?" his voice was a whisper as he moved away from her, grabbed the matchbook on a low table and began lighting a few candles. He always thought it looked better this way, without the harsh light, and since she had come into his life, she had turned him back to the romantic he once was.

Hermione nodded and looked around the spacious room, the ache between her thighs very noticeable, but pleasant. Everything was so sumptuous looking, from the dark hardwood flooring, to the furniture, stained a deep brown color. There were a few armless chairs, some low armoires, and a long, wide, leather tufted bench where she and Sirius had had their first encounter in the room. The one thing that was different this time was that the room now had a gorgeous four-poster bed with intricately carved wood posts in the same deep color as the rest of the room. The sheets and coverlet were a deep sapphire blue, Sirius' favorite shade.

"When did you have this put in here?" she asked, her breath almost gone as Sirius waved out the match and walked back towards her. His stance had changed and his movements towards her were sexy and almost predatory.

"A few weeks ago. I didn't like how impersonal it was in here, and just because I want to show you things, doesn't mean I don't want to make love to you after," he reached around her and pulled him close to her by the waist. Hermione gasped happily when she felt that his erection hadn't waned at all and it was stiff and warm against her stomach, "Stand there," Sirius suddenly ordered her, his voice loud, cool, and perfectly dominating in a way that made Hermione's legs shake. She nodded once again.

He moved over to one of the low armoires and opened the top drawer. Hermione watched him take something black out of it and fold it in his hands before returning to her. He kissed her deeply and then moved behind her. In a moment she lost all of her sight when what he was holding, a piece of black silk, was moved to cover her eyes and tied tightly, but not too tightly, around the back of her curly hair. She breathed in sharply, as the sensation felt foreign to her and she felt Sirius place a kiss on the back of her head before his hands ran down to hold her hips and push her body, rather forcefully, back into his, so that his warm length was resting right above the cleft of her arse. He moved his hips against her, making her moan out softly, and then his skilled hands jumped to the tie of her robe, undoing it quickly and pushing it off of her.

Hermione felt the lovely cool sensation all over her body of being exposed and she wished she could see the way he was looking at her, although she did have to admit the deprivation of sight made her body more alert than it had ever been. She could hear things she didn't before: Sirius' very low, nearly silent, appreciative moans over her body, the sound the pads of his fingers made as he ran them over her skin, and the soft, wet sound of his finger entering her wet center unexpectedly. She nearly jumped when he did this and he chuckled. It was an amused chuckle, deep, and full of sensual promise and it made her even wetter for him.

"Walk," he ordered her and although she was afraid, she did as she was told, noticing he was helping guide her as he walked behind her. Soon, her stomach ran into something soft, which she discerned was the side of the bed, and Sirius helped her up on top of it. She felt the slip of silk sheet under her as he maneuvered her the way he wanted her. She felt him lift one arm up and place something around her wrist. He did this with the other wrist, deciding that that was enough of a restraint for now and quickly relieved himself of his pants before getting onto the bed again.

He watched as Hermione methodically tested her restraints, figuring out what they were and trying to fight against them for a moment to figure out how strong they were. He took himself in his hand and greedily stroked himself for a second. He found he couldn't help himself, wanting to savor looking at her. He could almost see her brain clicking away underneath the blindfold, and watched as her body became flushed with arousal, loving the way she looked spread out for him. It was encouraging to Sirius that even though only her arms were held back, she still spread her legs for him eagerly and he couldn't help but want to taste her.

Hermione was shocked to feel his lips upon her there, but in a wonderful way. Every touch and lick and kiss he placed on her most intimate part seemed intensified and she was quickly racing towards her first orgasm of the morning. Sirius seemed to be taking his time and enjoying it. She heard him moan against her there, his stubble against her lower lips only exciting her further until she was unable to stop herself from bucking her hips up and moaning. His lips ghosted against her clit, and he reached under her when she arched her back off of the bed to squeeze her arse firmly and show her he was in charge of her pleasure for the morning. Hermione wriggled, at a frustrated plateau.

Although he kept one finger lightly flicking and swirling around her clit, careful to not apply too much pressure to send her over the edge, he started to kiss up her thighs, laying his head for a moment down on her flat stomach.

He ran his hand over her belly button, the skin there still a bit soft from returning to normal after the pregnancy, but he loved her even more like this and he continued to kiss up to her breasts, swollen with milk, and was careful when placing kisses on her hard nipples and gently caressing her gorgeous cleavage. She could soon sense that he was hovering over her and she whimpered with need when she felt the head of his cock poke into her stomach.

"Do you want me Hermione?" his voice was in her ear and her wrists pulled frantically against the restraints to try and touch him, to pull him closer to her and inside of her. She knew there would be bruising on the delicate skin there and yet the thought only turned her on more.

"Please Sirius," she begged. He had to hold his breath as the sweet sound of her voice begging him almost made him come. It had been much too long for either of them and he kissed her lips softly, almost teasingly, before pulling away again.

"You didn't answer my question," his voice was rough, fraught with lust.

"Yes, yes Sirius, please," she answered almost immediately, and the second the words left her lips he sheathed himself inside of her, thrusting into her harder than he had in a long while.

She was consumed with lust with every measured stroke as she arched into him, willing him to go deeper into her, although she didn't even know if it was possible. She felt his hands reach up into her hair and pull the blindfold off, and it nearly made her orgasm to just look into his intense eyes for the first time once again. They never lost eye contact and he kept one strong hand firmly on her hip and the other spreading her juices over her clit as he thrust into her with abandon. Hermione struggled against her bindings as they rattled but never buckled, leaving her completely at his mercy and under his control. It was a heady feeling and it combined beautifully with the all-encompassing wave of ecstasy that made her body tense with him in it, and she rode out one of the best orgasms of her short life. In the nearly feverish moments that followed, she was amazed at how their coupling only got better and better, and how, even though he had still been gentle with her in this taboo room, it had still taken her to a new place of pleasure. She smiled as her lover and husband spilled himself onto her stomach and she looked down at his seed splattered all over her skin.

"I don't know about you love, but I don't want another one so quickly," he breathlessly joked at forgetting contraception in their haste, and kissed her forehead that was slightly shiny from sweat. With a gentle touch, he released her wrists from the restraints and took time kissing and massaging where her porcelain skin had rubbed slightly raw in a few places before curling up on the bed besides her.

Hermione was glad to have her arms back and she draped them around Sirius, kissing him gently in between deep breaths.

"More will come," Sirius stated with delicious promise in his words, in a sleepy, boyish voice as he held her tightly to him. From somewhere downstairs they heard Narcissa cry out, but lay in the bed for a few more moments longer, just enjoying being close.


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