She shrieks.

Screaming, shaking, sobbing.

It's all she can do to keep from

Joining him in the realm of death.

She misses him

It's like there's no tomorrow

Not without him.

She moans

Her voice like dread itself

Creeping into her mind.

She screeches

Pounding on her walls

Begging to be freed

From these invisible bounds

That pain her from

The inside out.

She weeps

Finally succumbing

To the unyielding tears.

Falling into sleep's embrace

And dreading the pain of tomorrow.

She wishes it were yesterday.

Another Annie/Finnick poem! Read the other 'S' poems! And no, I will not be doing a Katniss/Peeta poem, before any of you ask. I don't really like them as a couple.

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