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This story takes place before the episode "Performance".

Summary – When the team is sent to Romania for a secret mission, they might find out more about Robin's back story. What is the young bird not telling them? Set in season one

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It was just another normal day for the team, the most normal day they had, had in a long time. There were no robberies, no missions, there wasn't even anything good to watch on TV, so sketch that from being a normal day to a boring day.

Kid Flash, or as we know him Wally, was sitting upside down on the couch watching the fuzzy screen with Superboy. He moaned and flailed his arms around to express his boredom, but no one payed him any attention.

Robin, Aqualad, and Artemis were playing monopoly, their hands holding up their heads as they threw the dice, buying everything they landed on, not really caring. Megan was lazily stirring some batter in a pot, she breathed deeply, wanting something fun to do.

Suddenly, as if their prayers were answered, Batman's face appeared on the screen. "Young Justice, report."

They all stumbled up from their seats, running up to the screen with enthusiasm. "Finally something to do!" Wally said, doing a little dance.

Batman arched an eyebrow at the teens, but it quickly vanished and he went back to the matter at hand. "There have been threats against the Romanian President for quite some time now; we didn't take any action before because we thought the police there could handle it. This was until last night, when a small building that was supposed to be containing the president exploded. Luckily, the president canceled his meeting there, and the man attempting murder was caught. Seeing this as a more major threat now, you six will go to Romania under cover to protect the president at all times."

Batman paused for a brief moment during his speech and looked at Robin, whose eyes were slowly widening as he went on. Even though he looked, more or less, calm and collected on the outside, he was panicking on the outside. At the same time though, he felt happy, he was finally going back to his home, the place where he grew up. Robin took a deep breath and nodded at Batman, telling him he would be fine.

The corners of Batman's mouth lifted slightly, going unnoticed to everyone but Robin, before he continued. "I have made arrangements with Haly's circus to let you stay there. He has jobs ready for each of you there, some of you will be workers, some of you will be by standers, and some of you will be performing in the show." He said, looking straight at Robin once more.

Wally winced out of sight from Batman; he knew his friend was going to have a hard time with this mission.

Robin didn't know what to say. Was he strong enough to face his past? I mean he wasn't even strong enough to tell his friends yet, not that he didn't want to tell them. He knew everything about them, and he saw it wrong for them not to know all about him as well. Some things are just too hard to talk about; KF was the only one who could really make him open up. That could be because Wally told him his story though.

Robin was snapped out of his thoughts when Batman began talking again. "You will leave for Romania tomorrow morning, remember this not a vacation, this is a mission, perhaps if you perform accurately you may stay a very more days. Good luck team."

With that, the large picture of Batman was gone, Robin smiled lightly at the blank screen, he had known Robin would want to stay a few days to revisit friends, see his old home, and his memories.

"Well I guess we better start packing." Robin said, still deep in thought as he walked out the door. The rest of the team followed, save Wally, to go and pack. Megan was talking on and on about the trip all the way out the door, until Wally couldn't hear her anymore.

After a few minutes he started to make his way down to Robin's room. He knocked softly, and was answered by a soft, 'Come in'. He pushed the door open and found Robin packing away his suits. He looked fine, but Wally could tell he was trying to hide his emotions. "Robin, are you ok?" he asked walking over and placing a hand on his best friends shoulder.

Robin shrugged it off, like he always tended to do when he wasn't alright. "Yeah I'm fine, why?"

Wally rolled his eyes "Robin…?" He received no answer. "Dick." Robin eyes widened slightly for a moment and he lifted his head to meet his friends green eyes. "Don't play that with me, I can tell when my best pal is upset."

"Wally, I'm not upset… well I might be a little, but I am also kind of happy. It's weird, I can't really explain it. Don't worry though, I'll be fine." Robin said, smiling at his friend.

Wally looked relieved; his best friend was going to be fine. "I'm glad, but just remember, if you ever need to talk, come to me. I'll always have your back."

"Yeah I know Wally, thanks."

Wally left Robin's room a few minutes later. He made a silent vow to himself, that no one was ever going to hurt his little brother, and he would keep him from crying the best he could, because when Robin cried, it was the most heart breaking thing in the world.

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