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It had been a long day. After Robin's performance the rest of the team went on their way to learn their routine. Except for Wally who sat on the stands stole snacks for his tray. All was well. That was until a giant herd of animals flew out of the holding section and into the main arena.

Apparently, Megan and Kaldur misunderstood and thought they had to bring the animals out to train with them in the open. They were very wrong. For some reason though, the animals were going ballistic! Robin had never seen them act this way, something was very wrong with this picture.

Robin stared at the scene in front of him. Everyone was running after the animals, trying everything to calm them down, but it seemed hopeless. One of the trainers got so overwhelmed that she fell to the floor and started to cry. Monkeys hung from the ceiling and threw something that Robin hoped was chocolate, the lions were paroling around the outside of the ring, but no one was afraid of them since they had been raised in the circus and have always been mild. The elephants were stomping and blowing there trucks, they were going absolutely crazy. It was a mad house!

Robin saw Zitka as she raised and stomped on the platform the ring master stands on, smashing it. This put him into action and he ran to the berserk elephant. He put both hands on Zitka's trunk and pulled down so that he was looking into her eyes. Her eyes showed a stampede of emotions mixed with a crazed expression. Something was horribly wrong.

Zitka's eyes softened a little as Robin stared into them, but they still held a look of excitement and destruction. Suddenly, the elephant went limp and fell to the floor. Robin was terrified at first, but when he looked around he saw the trainers with dart guns and a bunch of sleeping animals. It was very rare for the darts to be used, and the only other time he had ever seen them use them were for this unstable lion that attacked one of the trainers. Luckily he wasn't hurt too badly.

By the time they had gotten the animals back into their stations (They were assured the animals would be fine tomorrow), fixed the damage done, learned their routine for tomorrow, and ate it was dark out and everyone was wiped. Megan and Kaldur were very upset about being the cause of the animals going insane and kept apologizing continuously. Everyone made sure to let them know that no harm was done, and it could have happened to anyone. They simply nodded, still feeling remorse.

The team separated to their separate trailers and most likely fell asleep before even hitting the bed. There was nothing more than Robin wanted to do but sleep at the moment, but there was work to be done. He still had to file a report of how the mission was going to Batman, and he also took it upon himself to check the animal's food and water supply for any unusual substances. You can never be to careful

He sat down at the small desk, took off his sunglasses, and brought out the laptop he kept for travel. As he was about to start typing, he felt Wally sitting next to him. "Yes Wally?" He asked, not looking up from his computer.

"What are you doing?" Asked Wally.

"I'm filing a report for Batman, so he knows the mission is going well."

"Don't you need to sleep?" Wally stifled a yawn and he said the sentence.

Robin smiled at his friend, "Later. Work first, remember." Wally rolled his eyes.

"Yeah, yeah. It's a bat thing, whatever." Wally went over to the small bathroom they shared and changed into comfortable clothes or sleeping. He sat on the bed and shoved some food down his throat. He watched for a while as Robin typed away at his computer. He started to say something but bit his lip in thought of if he should or not. "Hey Rob?" He said, making up his mind. Robin hummed in response, still typing. Wally bit his lip again, "Are you okay?"

Robin stopped at this and turned to his best friend. "Of course Walls. Why?" Wally huffed in annoyance.

"Don't play that with me. I can tell something is on your mind."

Robin sighed and leaned back in the chair, rubbing is unmasked eyes. "It's just hard sometimes, ya know? I miss them so much and being here just brings them to mind." Wally nodded, feeling it would be best to stay quiet for the moment. "The thing is though, I- I like remembering them. It's just when I remember what happened to them is what gets me." Robin turned to Wally, fully showing his sapphire blue eyes that were brimmed with tears.

Wally didn't say anything, he simply pulled him into a hug and let the little bird have someone to hang onto as he tried not to cry. Robin finally pulled back and took a deep breath. His eyes were no longer wet, but his mouth was shut in a thin line, showing that he was still hiding his emotions. Wally set a hand on his shoulder and looked into his eyes. "It's okay Dick. It's okay to show how you feel. We are all here for you."

Robin's lip quivered for a moment and pulled Wally into another hug. "Thank you. Thank you for being my brother Wally." he whispered. And he sobbed.

Robin stared at the computer with shock displayed over his features. Wally had long ago gone to sleep after consoling the little bird, and Robin went back to work. He sent of his report and started to analyze the water he got out of the animals feeding section. On the screen showed a list of chemicals put into the water. It was awful! It basically made the opposite of a sedative, causing the animals to freak out.

Now the question was, 'Who did this?'.

Robin was startled from his thoughts when he heard a knock on the door. He cocked his head curiously and went to open the door. No one was there. Robin's brow furrowed is confusion. Maybe he was just hearing things? As he looked down though, he saw a note.

Did you like what I did with the water little bird? Cool huh!

This is a warning that you should be careful to take head of. Be prepared, because I'm coming for you.

Robin's eyes slowly widened as he read the note. What in the world was going on?

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