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Tell Me Why

"I'm wonderstruck, blushing all the way home

I'll spend forever wondering if you knew

I was enchanted to meet you"

-Enchanted, Taylor Swift.

Annabeth got off the car that took her to her family's home. The house designed by her and her mother stood out from the others, being like a center of attraction for the New Yorkers who lived there. The cream walls, marble columns and the polished white tiles were complemented by the Greek style decoration.

While the warm wind blew, Annabeth knocked. Murmurs and hisses could be heard, causing a happy smile to break out on her face. She looked at the window beside the door, but all she could see was her own reflection. Her sparkling and calculating gray eyes were delicately delineated and her pink lips had just a little lip gloss. Her long, blonde, curly hair was falling freely down her back, and thanks to the wind it flew to all directions. Her tanned skin made her look Californian, and her exotic figure just got her to the top of the music industry. Besides her angelic voice, of course.

You don't know about who am I talking about? Well, just about Annabeth Chase, international singer and the new superstar of the music industry. The girl that every girl wants to be and every guy want to have. Her songs expressed the feelings of the hard adolescence she experienced, as well as heartbreak, love and jealousy. Her first single had taken her to win a gold disc and had made her become completely famous. So, for two years she has been touring the world, gigging and working on her next album. So much work didn't had left her to see her family very often, so here she was, standing on the porch of her beautiful home waiting to spend two beautiful and peaceful months, resting from all the daily pressure she received.

She looked at herself in the window again. She had decided to wear a dress that from the top half was white and loose, but then was tuned up at the waist and was mold-green up to above the knee. On her feet were white tennis sneakers, and in her neck was a delicate gold chain that had a photo camera. She wanted to be comfortable, but at the time wanted to keep her superstar status.

She counted her bags for the tenth time in the day since she arrived in New York. There were five in all, four with her clothes and one with souvenirs or gifts for her family. The door finally opened, revealing a very excited mother. Athena Williamson was a beautiful woman, with silky black hair that was usually tied in a ponytail, stormy and intelligent gray eyes like her daughter; flawless pale skin; and a wisdom and intelligence like no other. She hugged her daughter like it was a goodbye; with such strength and emotion that Annabeth thought she wouldn't breathe though she happily returned the hug. Tears threatened to fall from the eyes of both, but in the end both got in and the tears fell down their faces. After several minutes of staying so, they separated and Annabeth hugged her father. Frederick Chase was a tall man, with robust body and broad nose. His short blond hair was military style. His eyes were a nice mix of green and gray. He smiled, showing his not-so-perfect teeth. His strong arms lovingly embraced his daughter for several minutes.

When they separated, the twins ran and hugged their sister's legs crying. Bobby and Matthew were six years old, and both were blonde with green eyes. They loved playing tricks on others, but they were very intelligent for their own good. Annabeth crouched down their height and hugged them.

"Guys," she sobbed. "You are so big now." she looked at the twins smiling, and her tears had finally stopped falling. She ruffled their hairs and stood up.

"Annie," Bobby said, still crying. "You will not go again, right?" His voice sounded so broken, that Annabeth almost cried again. Her brothers were making puppy face, which was tearing her heart to pieces.

But no matter how much it hurt, she had to tell the truth to her family. "I will stay here for two months, and I plan to spend every moment with you. I promise it," Her mother smiled, and with tears were still falling strongly for her face, she leaned against her husband's chest, who also smiled with joy.

"Yay Annie!" Mateo shouted with joy, and ran around her singing loudly.

Frederick chided him for silence. "We are all very happy for you to stay with us dear," he told her affectionately. He approached the door and lifted two suitcases. "I take them to your room?" he asked. Annabeth nodded before doing the same and following her father up the stairs and hallway, her mother following them closely with the remaining bag. They stopped in front of a white door. Frederick put his hand on the gold handle and opened it, revealing Annabeth's tidy and beautiful room.

She sighed to smell the scent of lavender that was there, and at remembering all the good times she had spent in the same room before her life changed completely. She remembered lying on the floor and eating snacks with her best friend Thalia, watching silly movies and chatting about all things. Ah, she had to call Thalia soon.

"Home sweet home," she sighed. She left her bag in the corner and jumped on the bed, feeling the softness of silk touching her arms and legs. She took a deep breath and sat up in bed, looking at her parents, who looked at her smiling. "Is something wrong?"

"Oh no, honey." her mother said. "What could be wrong? We're all together again," Annabeth smiled at that.

"So, tell us a little bit of everything you've done," Frederick requested his daughter. "I heard you visited the Arc de Triomphe."

Annabeth's eyes lit up. "It was awesome! I felt like an ant next to the monument, I swear, someday I will take you all there." she said. "But first I want to stay here and relax."

"I hold you to that promise," Her father joked, making Athena to roll her eyes as she sat beside her daughter and Annabeth to chuckle.

"I'll not forget," Annabeth said jokingly.

"And how have you been? The hotels were good? You fed properly? I know celebrities don't always feed them because of their bodies." Athena questioned, her mother instincts on.

"Oh, c'mon Athena, let her breathe. She doesn't want to tell you her life now." Frederick interrupted. "Why don't you take a shower and go for a walk? Maybe you can see what's new in New York and visit old friends." He advised Annabeth.

"I think that's a good idea." Annabeth agreed.

"But-"Athena started to protest, but Annabeth cut her off putting her hand on her shoulder.

"It will be alright." Annabeth said softly. "We have two months to do anything, and it's been six months since I am in New York. A walk isn't to kill anyone."

Athena sighed in defeat. "Okay, but be back before dinner." Annabeth smiled and hugged her mother, who rolled her eyes and hugged her back. Frederick chuckled at the image and called his wife to stand beside him.

"Come on, don't want those little kids to ruin my house." he said as he and Athena came out through the door.

Annabeth laughed as the door closed. It was good to be back to where she belonged. She got out of bed, opened a suitcase, pulled out a pair of clothes and went into the bathroom. There, she took her clothes off and threw them on the floor. She turned on the water and got into the shower, feeling the hot water drops beating against her skin, sending a shiver down her spine. And as anyone does, she began to think about deep issues while washing her hair with lemon shampoo.

She thought about her best friend Thalia, a punk, brave and with a big heart girl. They literally knew each other since birth, because their mothers had given them birth at the same hospital and were friends. They had been through everything together, from crushes to Thalia's boyfriends. But since she was famous, they hadn't spoken very often, only a couple of times here and there. Annabeth really missed her.

She also missed her friend Rachel. The eco-freak redhead was daughter of a prominent businessman, and they had met in middle school when Annabeth had dropped her milkshake all over her. They shared a passion for art and a lot of time together.

She sighed and turned off the water. She wrapped her body with a towel, and after drying, she dressed in the clothes she had taken. It was just a simple natural colored shirt that says 'I'd Like to Stay and Chat, but I Really' with a mustache, a short white shorts and brown boots with laces. She left the bathroom and went to a suitcase. From there, she took her straight chocolate brown wig and sky blue contact lenses. She looked in the mirror and put black eyeliner and lip gloss on.

She grabbed her purse and left the room, ready for a peaceful walk without paparazzi behind her.


She walked through the crowded streets of her city, admiring every sound and building that she missed, like the car horns, drivers insulting, the big groups of people crossing the street when the traffic light turned green, the Empire State highlighting among other buildings, and all those little things that made New York an amazing city.

Looking absentmindedly at the buildings, Annabeth turned a corner when she collided with someone who surely was distracted too, causing her to fall over the person. She moaned of pain, the fall wasn't all that pleasant, although the person's chest cushioned her fall. She opened her eyes, founding that the person she fell over was a guy. A very nice one in her opinion. He had messy black hair and tanned skin; his lips were thin, and his nose was upright. He then opened his eyes, letting her see the beautiful sea-green iris of them.

He moaned in pain too, and looked at her in the eyes. Her breath got stuck in her throat, and she didn't say anything. Her heart started to beat faster in her chest, and she didn't even know why.

"Umm, I'm sorry." She managed to say.

"Uh- it's fine." He said. He looked just as shocked as she. She keeps looking in his eyes some seconds before she realized he was waiting for her to get up off of him.

"Oh." She said without meaning to. He raised his eyebrows up confused, and she could see he was reprising a smile. She stood up and reached a hand out to help him, which he gratefully took. "I'm so sorry," Annabeth repeated when he was standing up in front or her. He was pretty tall.

"Uh, it's okay." He says carelessly. "I wasn't looking either, so I'm sorry too." He smirked. Annabeth felt her knees melting.

She couldn't help smiling back. "I guess it's both fault," she says, and she regrets it almost immediately. She just sounded so silly.

The there was an uncomfortable silence between them before he spoke again. "Are you new in the city?" he asked, and the little love-sick girl inside Annabeth started squealing because he interested on her.

"Umm, I lived in New York all my life, but two years ago I moved to Frisco, but now I'm back." She said. It was half true and half lie.

"That's awesome," he says. "I lived my whole life here." Annabeth tool a lock of her wig and put it behind her ear, like she did when she was nervous. Annabeth caught his eyes flying over her body and stopping in parts she didn't like, but it was quite fast and she was kind of used to that, so she let it pass.

Another awkward silence. "I think I'll be goin-" he started to say, but Annabeth cut him off before she could stop herself.

"Let me buy you a coffee or something, I do feel really bad for making you hit your head." Well, it sounded better than she thought it would be.

He opened his eyes in surprise, but then smiled. "No, I'm fine. Thanks, and nice to meet you..." he left the sentence in the air, not knowing her name.

Annabeth's mind began to think of names she could say. Think, think, think!. "Ariadna Carter." She lied.

He smirked. "Nice to meet you Ariadna. I'm Percy Jackson." He says, and then he kiss her cheek before walking away.

Annabeth's stomach feels weird, like she had butterflies there, and she feels her face is red. "I'm enchanted to meet you too, Percy Jackson." She mumbles. She placed a hand on the cheek he kissed, and she smiles like an idiot. Did he know she was more than enchanted to meet him?


Annabeth entered her house closing the door behind her. She leaned against it as she bits her lip, pictures of sea-green eyes filling her mind. She didn't notice her whole family looking at her with worried expressions.

"Is she okay mommy?" Bobby asks, his mouth filled with a chicken leg he mother cooked for the dinner.

"I guess so," Athena said doubtfully "But I don't know why she's blushing."

Frederick chuckled. "Maybe this walk actually did some good to her," he jokes, not noticing Athena's disgusting gaze, knowing what his husband was insinuating.

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