Hey guys!

I know you seriously want to kill me for being such a bad author and all that, and you'll want to kill me even more alter you read it.

But first, to answer to your question: 'Why didn't I update?' Well, at first my computer broke for like 2 months, then my dad didn't want to fix me the computer so he repaired another old one (where I'm writing), and finally I had a week with a test in my school every day, so it was impossible for me to post a new chapter. So yeah, that's why.

And second: I'll only focus on two stories by the moment. Yes, I'm a bad person. But, for God's sake, I'm only thirteen years old, I'm going to school and I can't handle writing four stories at the same time. You may be thinking, 'why you started four stories then, you idiot!', but hey, I thought I could deal with that because school was easier at first. It will be only for some weeks, maybe one or three months, maybe that now holidays are arriving I'll be able to write more and I'll update sooner than planned.

But you have to remember: I'LL FINISH ALL MY STORIES, NO MATTER WHAT.

Maybe I'll plan them better before updating again.

Anyways, the stories I'll leave (for a time, only) will be 'I Knew You Were Trouble' and 'Tell Me Why'. Maybe I'll wait to end one of my other stories or at least be in the last chapters before updating these two. I don't know.

Sorry for making you wait for so long, only to have this author's note and not a chapter. I'm terribly sorry for this.

I may post something in my twitter (link on profile), a sneak peek, a random fact, something, but stay tuned please!