So when Stiles first got involved with a Werewolf pack; it kind of came without saying that he'd probably be in constant danger, he'd need a lot of explaining done to him because he didn't have their enhanced senses and although annoying, he accepted all their weird wolf-habits (like the growling, the roaring and the fact they rip each other apart with their teeth and then act like best friends five minutes later) because that's what a good friend does.

But Stiles officially drew the line at cuddling. Because nine people huddling together in a big pile on a sofa, bed or even the floor was just plain weird. And that was exactly how Stiles found himself in the middle of the sofa, surrounded by the pack as they watched Disney films... he let out a sigh because three weeks ago, he would not have ever found himself in this situation.

Three weeks earlier

It was lunchtime on a Tuesday morning and they were all sat at their table in the Cafeteria when every Werewolf froze and their entire bodies tensed; Stiles was about to question it when the doors burst open and in walked Derek Hale. He didn't seem to care that every pair of eyes were watching him as he stalked across the room and slammed his hands down on their table, causing it to shake.

Stiles couldn't help but roll his eyes because only Derek would make a scene that big in a public place.

Derek bent down slightly to glare at each of them before his eyes flashed red for a second and he growled quietly. "We have a problem" he frowned deeply and his claws scratched the table, his body trembling with rage.

"What?" Isaac blinked

Derek's eyes shot around, looking suspiciously at every single person in the room before turning his attention back to them. "Outside,"

They all stood immediately, and walked quickly out of the Cafeteria, following the Alpha to the car park, they stopped beside Stiles' Jeep and they huddled close, looking at him expectantly.

"I was doing my daily rounds and I smelt something weird. So I followed it and it lead to Stiles' house." He looked pointedly at him "It was the Alpha Pack... They'd been in his room, and they put their mark above his bed... in blood"

There was a heavy silence as their eyes all flicked to the teen and then back to the floor. Their faces were all grave and depressed, like that apparently meant something which Stiles didn't get.

"Okay, am I missing here?" he asked quietly

Again, there was a heavy silence until Isaac sighed and Danny patted him on the back. "Yes, you're missing something big and very, very bad" Isaac answered.

"Care to explain?" Stiles frowned

Their gazes now all went to Derek, staring at him intently until his shoulders sagged and he rubbed a hand down his face.

"It means, you moron, the Alpha pack have targeted you. They've picked you out as the weak link... and unless we do something about it... they're going to kill you" his voice was bland and

"Well, that sucks. You are going to do something... right?" Stiles asked, looking worried "You guys aren't going to let me die, right?"

Erika hit him around the head, "Of course we're not going to let you die" she snapped "but what are we going to do"

Derek sighed again, "There's something Stiles needs to understand" he said "It's a known fact that Werewolves are very possessive. That's why Lydia and Allison haven't been targeted because they smell like their mates – like pack"

Stiles' eyebrows furrowed "Why don't I smell like pack" he was clearly offended.

"It's quite hard to smell like pack when you're not a wolf or sleeping with one" he answered.

"Okay... but I still don't get how that's going to keep me alive"

There was a group groan of annoyance and Scott hit face-palmed, Isaac let out a snort of laughter while Lydia rolled her eyes and Derek pinched the bridge of his nose.

"Everyone in the pack is dating..." Scott said slowly, explaining to Stiles as if her were an elementary school student. "They're human's smell like them... you and Derek are the only one's single"

"Well... thank you for pointing out that no one loves me, I really needed that confiden – WHAT?"

His eyes were wide with horror at how truly awful this situation was.

"Look, I'm not pleased about it either" he grumbled "but either you start smelling like me and going out with me in public in case we're being watched, or you're going to die... you're not my favourite person, but I don't want you dead"

"Gee, thanks for that..." he muttered angrily.

"So, what do you say? Will you pretend to date him or are you going to let yourself get killed?" Allison asked quietly, her voice laced with venom because no matter how good the treaty is between the Pack and the Argents; she's still very weary of Derek.

"Fine, but only because I don't fancy having my spine ripped out through my mouth" he groaned and rubbed his temple where he was developing a headache. "We can start later but for now; I'm going to go get a very large cup of coffee"

Stiles turned to walk away but a hand wrapped around his wrist and tugged him back. "What the fuck?!" he yelled, causing many people in the parking lot to look at him.

"Stiles" Derek's face was right there, his eyes red. "We don't know when they're going to come for you... that means you're going to need to start right now"

"But if I don't go to Chem then I'll get detention!" he whined "Harris hates me, he once gave me detention for having the flu!"

Derek growled in annoyance. "I'm not taking you anywhere." He paused to unzip his ever-present leather jacket "Put this on"

Stiles' jaw dropped "Get the fuck out" his eyes narrowed

In typical 'Hi-I'm-Derek-Hale-And-I'm-Emotionally-Constipated -So-Instead-Of-Talking-I'm-Going-To-Manhandle-You' fashion; there were suddenly hands holding the front of his shirt and he was being slammed into the side of his Jeep, Derek's angry, red eyes staring at him and fangs baring.

"I'm trying to help you so stop being an inconsiderate little brat or I'm going to kill you myself" he growled, a slight lisp present due to his elongated teeth.

Stiles gulped, his hands reaching up to grip Derek's wrists in an attempt to hold himself in place and then he levelled him with a bored expression "I get what you're doing but you can't expect me to get on board with it straight away!" he argued.

"Just wear the freaking jacket" he hissed

"Fine!" he murmured "I'll wear the jacket, just let me go"

His eyes narrowed "This is going to get worse" he warned "and the bigger the danger, the more you'll need to smell like me"

"Can we cross that bridge when we come to it?"

Derek shrugged and released him, and then finished removing his jacket and handed it to the clearly displeased teen. Stiles put it on and pouted when Erika snorted loudly because the jacket was a little too big for him and he felt ridiculous.

"This isn't funny" he snapped angrily

Derek gave Erika a pointed look and she held her hands up in defence but that smirk didn't leave her face. "Go back to class" he said and then he mumbled something so quietly that human-ears wouldn't be able to pick it up and Stiles thinks that was his intention because the wolves are suddenly nodding.

They all say their goodbyes and then, suddenly, Stiles is being hugged. And holy shit, Derek Hale is hugging him! Stiles squealed and then flailed because Derek was purposefully rubbing his stubble against Stiles' neck and murmuring a quiet 'sorry' in his ear before he lets go, gets back in his Camaro and drives off. Leaving Stiles with a face of horror, mixed with shock and even more horror.

He feels Isaac put an arm around his shoulder and lead him to Chemistry because he's allowed to be terrified at the fact Derek Hale just hugged and rubbed his face on him. It was a pretty horrific event!