Sena sat frozen, his hands clenched tightly in his lap, his pulse fluttered erratically. "You can't do this." He choked out, his eyes wide with horror and pleading. His parents stood across from him, his mother's arms wrapped lovingly around her husband's shoulders. "The deal has already been made." She murmured kindly moving away from her husband to kneel in front of Sena, taking his hands into her own. "Please understand dear, we are only doing this because we are worried about you. It's unhealthy for you to be unmated at this age."

"b..b..bu..b…but I haven't found anyone!"

"I know love." She murmured kindly. "And it's not like were demanding you mate this man. This isn't an arranged marriage dear. You know that there are so few women dominants and it's only for a week dear."

"But mother its weird! And.. and.. an…." She gripped his hands tighter holding his dropping gaze. "I can't last that long." He whispered after a long pregnant pause, doing anything not to meet his mother's eyes.

"We know son," Said his father who stood with a groan, rubbing at his back. "And that is why this is necessary. There's only so much we can do for you, and don't lie; it's getting worse. You need a dominant and soon, you're too powerful of a submissive to go this long without one. Who knows how it will start to affect your health. You mother is being nice but the truth is that this is the best bet we have. He is the only dominant we have found that is looking and powerful enough to take you."

Sena shuddered in fear, his eyes closing tightly in denial. "All were saying," His mom broke in her voice obviously caring a reprimand for her harsh husband "is to keep an open mind ok? You may actually be able to have a relationship with him."

Sena sat shivering half in fear and half in the cold as he waited alone at the bus stop. He breathed deeply and evenly, always aware that he must maintain tight control on himself, less he loose the illusion. The shuddering increased as he remembered the few times that had happened, the leers, the wandering hands. Forcibly Sena thrust the memories from his mind and peered warily down the street. Each car that passed had him tensing, his fingers grabbing his suitcase convulsively.

When a car, no a limo, finally eased itself in front of the bus stop Sena's breathing stopped completely. His stomach seemed to rise into his throat demanding his complete attention. Sena's concentration on keeping his stomach in its rightful place was so complete that he did not notice the man in front of him until his suitcase was pulled from his numb fingers. Sena squeaked, releasing the suitcase as if electrocuted. The man in front of him paused, a dark eyebrow raised quizzically. Sena breathed a sigh of release when he noticed that this tall dark man with deep brown eyes did not match even the vague description that his mother had given him.

"Master Hiruma is waiting for you at the villa. He sends his regrets that he couldn't personally pick you up but he is very busy."

"Of course," Sena murmured without stuttering to much.

"Please follow me to the car."

As Sena walked behind the driver he shyly looked closer at the man. He was tall with short black hair and well-toned muscles, especially in his arms and back. The suit he wore seemed to stretch impossibly as he reached out to open the back door of the limo. The driver than stood to one side, staring off into the distance holding the door patiently as if the hesitant awkwardness that was Sena was an everyday occurrence for this guy.

Quickly before he could lose his nerve Sena slid into the back of the car, his fingers reaching into his pocket as the door was closed, gripping the cell phone so tight that the plastic creaked, his one life line.

As the car started to move Sena opened to the cell phone, staring at the two names listed there. His own phone number and the number of Mamori. His parents had so hoped that she would mate him and she had even seemed to hint at the possibility a few times. Now Sena wished he had considered those moments a little more.

The ride was not a particularly long one, certainly not as long as he wished. As the car came to a stop Sena prayed they were just getting gas or stopping for something to eat. But the steady beat of the driver's footsteps seemed to echo his doom. Just as the steps reached his door there was a pause, than the sound of muffled speaking. Sena pressed his ear to the window in time to hear the last few muffled words. "Tell the master were here." Sena scooted away from the window just in time to keep him from falling face first out the door as the driver opened it.

Sena was slow to exit the car, his eyes darting around frantically but were not met by another human. Instead he took in mile and mile of long waving grass stretched out in a semi-circle. Just past the grass looked to be the dark looming profiles of trees so compact it could be a forest. In the middle of this splendor almost unobtrusive in its nature was a house, small in comparison to the surroundings but large when taken only in its own context. It looked to be three stories high, at least six windows on every level, just facing them, painted in browns, greens, and yellows, in such a way that it almost faded into the wilderness.

"It's really pretty." Sena murmured, awe lacing his voice, in his heart he felt a tugging, an incessant pull to go run and play in the grass but the driver started ushering him towards the house. "The master arrived just before us; he is waiting inside with refreshments."

Sena's heart started to pound nervously and unconsciously clenched his hands together, wishing that he dared hold the phone. "Please," Sena suddenly whispered intensely turning sharply to the driver who froze in shock. "Please," Sena repeated, a little more normal this time. " this ok? I mean…who is this man?"

The driver's eyes were still wide from shock, and hey if he had happened to see a flash of red as the boy turned, well that was probably just a side effect. Getting himself back in check he reached out to the boy who flinched convulsively away from him, he paused his hand suspended slightly between them before returning it to his side with a blank face. "The master does his duty well and concisely." He answered in a professional and clipped tone but the boy stared up at him with such wide and innocent eyes that he couldn't help softening just a little. "Do not fear him, even if in the end this doesn't work out, know this, while you are in his care he will always take complete care of you."