Here's the next chapter, sorry it took so long. Things are going to start getting really serious in the near future, enjoy.

Sena didn't leave his room for the rest of the day and well into the afternoon of the next. He was too mortified to face Hiruma, after what he had allowed Hiruma to do with him, had practically begged for there was no way he could face the older man.

The sound of a light knock had Sena raising his head from the covers, staring wide eyed and frightened at the door, as if a monster was about to walk through. His soul whimpered, right after the act it had been over joyed, ecstatic, but as it became more and more impairment that Sena himself was upset his soul had become depressed realizing that its host was not even slightly happy with the situation and now was very torn. Torn between the feelings its host was experiencing and its own instincts to submit to the other male.

Sena drew the covers up over his head burying himself in the pile as best as he could and kept silent hoping that whoever was at the door would think he was asleep or in the bathroom. The knock came again a little firmer this time, "Open the fucking door." Sena flinched at the snarl and whimpered piteously but his soul forced himself out of the bed at the direct command. Sena stumbled weakly to the door his body quivering in fear. Hesitantly he laid his hand on the doorknob, fighting his souls insistence to follow the command.

"Now!" Hiruma barked

With a gasp Sena yanked the door open, a dark pink flush sweeping up his neck and face as he stared at Hiruma's black shoes, unable to look him in the eye.

"I don't care if you're not comfortable around me right now, I don't care if you need time, but you will take care of yourself." Sena cried out when Hiruma grasped his chin almost painfully jerking his head up until Sena met his eyes. Sena's mouth gaped slightly at the look in

Hiruma's eyes, once again they were glowing but this time not in lust, this time in anger. His mouth was twisted into an angry snarl and his teethe seemed even sharper than normal, his canines curving over his bottom lip.

Sena shook at the intensity on Hiruma's face and the anger in his eyes.

"..I …I am s… sorry" He stuttered, letting his eyes slip to the side to stare vaguely over Hiruma's shoulder. With a growl Hiruma released him, pushing him out of the way in order to enter Sena's bedroom. With a week cry Sena fell against the door frame and stayed there, bracing himself as his legs refused to hold his weight on their own.

Sena squeaked as he was swept bridal style into Hiruma's arms. "You haven't eaten in a day and a half." Hiruma growled, but his voice has gentled, rumbling up from his chest. Sena blushed furiously but didn't fight Hiruma's hold on him, allowing himself to be carried to his bed. Gently Hiruma settled him into his nest before grabbing the tray that he had carried in and laid it across his lap. Sena blinked at the tray, slightly dazed. On the tray was a bowl of creamy tomato soup, a grilled cheese sandwich on the side, and a small bowl with a boiled egg in it.

Sena blushed as his stomach rumbled loudly, voicing its distress. "Thank you," Sena mumbled quietly, fiddling with the spoon laid out on the tray.

"You're welcome shrimp."

The voice was warm and caused Sena to glance up. Hiruma's face had its usual blankness but Sena though for just a moment he saw something deep and warm in his eyes, that caused the blood in his veins to heat. For once Hiruma was the first one to break eye contact turning to walk out of the door but he paused before he got half way across the room, turning to meet Sena's eyes again. "Will you meet me in the living room tonight?" Hiruma asked, his eyes not wavering.

"Why?" Sena mumbled, his heart beating hard in his chest.

Hiruma's grin was sharp and pointed, "Well I figure we should have some kind of date after what happened yesterday." Sena's face flamed and his mouth dropped as Hiruma walked out of the room cackling.

Later that night Sena shyly walked into the living room, his hands clasped nervously in front of him. Hiruma was sitting on the back of the couth, facing the door, his legs crossed casually. Sena stopped when he took in the sight of Hiruma. Hiruma wore a knowing smirk, his earrings gleaming lightly in the dimly lightened room. He wore a tight white button shirt under an unbuttoned black dress shirt. His hands were buried in the pockets of black dress slacks.

Sena's heart started to race as Hiruma stood, the causal grace at which he moved caused Sena to lose his breath. "You look good shrimp." He murmured, the knowing smirk never leaving his lips.

Sena fidgeted self-consciously, tugging at the deep blue polo shirt he wore, feeling awkward and ugly in front of Hiruma but the look in Hiruma's eyes as he gazed down at him went a long way boost his confidence.

"Are we going somewhere?" Sena asked.

Hiruma cocked his head, "Well we were, but I just changed my mind, I refuse to share you with anyone else when you look like that. So innocent, so…edible." He murmured his eyes flaring with light.

Sena shuddered, a whimper almost leaving his lips at the warmth seeping through him.

"Follow me." Hiruma suddenly demanded, striding out of the room. "I have something I want to show you."

Hiruma led him to a room on the first floor that Sena had assumed was another linen closest when he had been exploring but the wide grin on Hiruma's face as he motioned for Sena to enter said otherwise.

Sena slowly opened the door, stepping into the large room. Sena's mouth dropped open as he surveyed the home movie theater. Recliners were lined up on both side of the room with couches stretching across the front. In the very middle of the room was a high tech projector, pointed at the incredibly long screen that stretched all the way across the far wall. An old fashion popcorn maker was in the corner of the room, next to a counter.

"Why don't you pick a seat?" Hiruma murmured into his ear, grinning as Sena flinched in shock. Hiruma left to pick a movie and get snacks while Sena faced a dilemma, pick a recliner, or a couch were Hiruma could join him. Blushing Sena settled on the middle most couch, curling his legs underneath him, picking at the upholstery nervously. Sena couldn't help but watch as Hiruma approached the seat that he had picked, a couple of candy boxes held in one hand, and a large fountain soda in the other. The grin that crept across Hiruma's face as he observed the seating choice warmed Sena to his toes, and had his heart skipping a couple beats. Hiruma settled next to Sena, close enough that their thighs brushed together.

With Hiruma sitting so close to him Sena was unable to concentrate on the movie that began playing, shyly sneaking glances at the male next to him. Sena squeaked as after one such glance Hiruma casually draped his arm behind Sena, not touching him but seemingly offering an invitation. Sena bit his lip scared but unable to deny himself, slowly Sena shifted until he was leaning into Hiruma's open side, his head resting lightly on the man's chest. Hiruma didn't comment but his arm wrapped warmly around Sena's shoulders, pulling him in closer.

Hiruma released a warm growl as he turned his head in order to bury his nose in Sena's hair, nuzzling his scalp as he enjoyed the rich warm sent the surrounded Sena. Sena smiled gently realizing that he was starting to enjoy Hiruma's growls, and the way they conveyed his emotions. They staid like that through two movies, simply enjoying each other's company.

At the end of the night Hiruma walked Sena to his room, standing close enough to each other that their shoulders touched with each step. Sena hesitated outside his door, his hand on the doorknob, Sena looked back over his shoulder. I want him to come in; Sena realized his breath starting to come short as his skin tingled with awareness.

Hiruma's eyes flared as if they had read Sena's mind and he stepped in crowding Sena against the door. Sena turned to fully face Hiruma who had him pinned, both arms propped against the wood blocking his escape. Hiruma wasn't grinning, his face intense as he buried a hand in the back of Sena's hair gently tugging him forward. Sena couldn't resist as Hiruma lips slid over his own, gently brushing against the sensitive skin. Sena shuddered as Hiruma increase the pressure nipping his bottom lip slightly. Sena gasped and his skin started to heat, warmth spreading from his lips down through his body. Hiruma used the opportunity to slide his tongue into Sena's mouth. With a silent groan, Sena grabbed onto Hiruma to keep himself up right, his entire concentration on the warm demanding appendage in his mouth.

A hungry whimper was ripped from his throat as Hiruma became rougher, claiming the young male. Sena stared up at Hiruma dazed as he separated their lips; still Hiruma's characteristic grin was absent.

"Hiruma" Sena whimpered his voice pathetically desperate. For a moment Sena thought Hiruma was going to continue as his eyes refocused on Sena's lips but Hiruma suddenly released him almost causing him to sink to the ground.

"Go to sleep, shrimp." Hiruma growled his voice deep and guttural. Sena stared wide eyed as Hiruma turned on his heal stalking away, the air around him radiating danger. Slowly Sena entered his room, his legs week, as he crawled into his bad.