Sorry for the terribly long wait, but I am a triple major so I am taking summer classes, while working, and being in two different weddings. BRIDEZILLAS! So here is the latest installment, I hope you enjoy it, please review. And the soul's aren't exactly what I would really imagine they would be but this is how I wanted to write it.

Sena woke up knowing he was in trouble. His chest felt too tight for him to take a real breath, the knot where his soul resided in him felt expanded, like it had grown during the night. His skin was once again over sensitive, warm and tight across his frame. Sena whimpered, his face flushing in embarrassment, obviously his soul was not happy that Sena had not brought Hiruma into his room last night.

Sena carefully removed himself from his nest, pushing the covers and pillows back, biting his lip as his night clothes brushed agonizingly over his skin. Sena shivered and gasped as the scrape of cotton fibers over his skin caused waves of heat followed by washes of cold. Stumbling off of the mattress, Sena struggled to find suitable clothes, pulling on the loosest clothes he could find.

Haltingly he made his way down to the first floor, Hiruma's previously order of telling him whenever something like this occurred not letting him stray his path. His soul was demanding, focused, it knew what it wanted and it was going to get it. Sena gasped as heat rolled across his skin and his mind fogged slightly, shivering Sena rested against the wall taking deep calming breaths. Slowly he walked the last few feet to the living room, if he had been thinking straight he would have sensed it, he would have turned around and walked out, but his mind was not working the way it should have been.

Sena entered the living room than froze, his eyes wide, his muscles locking in place. Hiruma sat on the couch, one leg crossed casually over the other, smiling evilly at the man standing before him. Sena's legs became week, the joints unwilling to hold him. Sena grasped convulsively at the wall, sagging against it.

Hiruma's soul was practically on display, prowling the room, growling at the man who stood in the center. Its presence caressed at him, greeting him like an old lover, licking at his skin, brushing at his hair. Sena whimpered quietly, unable to hold himself up any longer he slumped to the ground. Hiruma's eyes slid over to him, a grin quirking his mouth even more. Sena's stomach quivered at the look Hiruma was giving him. Hiruma's canine's dimpled his lip, larger than they had ever been before, the muscles in his arms stood out in taunt testament to the tension in the air. Sena had never seen him take advantage of his alpha state but there was no denying that something had made Hiruma become aggressive. A low vibrating growl issued from Hiruma's lips as the man in the center of the room also turned his predator eyes to Sena; standing suddenly he moved to block Sena from the man's sight.

"Sena, return to your room. I'll come see you when I'm done here."

With no will and no strength Sena could do nothing more than rely on his soul to force him to his feet and back up the stairs, he was not aware of the journey.

Hiruma turned back towards the man, his signature smirk still strongly in place.

"Is that why you have been absent?" the man spit out in disgust, "Finally found some little submissive that doesn't run at the sight of you? This is not you Yoichi."

"Partly the reason yes, and I will not be coming back, Yuuya. I'm done working with you and that company. I have some ideas of my own."

Yuuya's eyebrow twitched visibly, "Is that how you talk to your father?"

"yes," Hiruma replied casually. "Now if it pleases you, I need to comfort my submissive."

Yuuya's eyes swept pass Hiruma to the stairs, where Sena had disappeared; he took a threatening step forward reaching out to sweep Hiruma from his path. "There was no claim mark, if he submits to you than he won't be able to resist me. I'll take him by force and get you back on track."

Yuuya froze as cold metal kissed his temple. Hiruma stood facing away from the stairs, easily sidestepping Yuuya's attempt to move him out of the way. Composed he lightly held a glock to his the side of his father's face. Yuuya chuckled, "Haven't grown out of your childish obsession with guns I see. Does your little submissive know about this side of you?"

Hiruma did not look at his father as he spoke. "You will leave now, you will never threaten Sena again, if you do, I will kill you." The words were spoken calmly almost as a whisper but the force of his sprit was behind them. Yuuya growled lowly but then straitened, fixing his suit. He moved to the door than turned to look back at his son, his eyes searching, but the boy's eyes were still hard and the gun had tracked him across the room.

Hiruma sighed when his father finally left relaxing slightly but stayed in the living room until he heard the faint sound of a car's engine being started. Hiruma slowly headed towards the second floor, aware of the tenuous control he had on his spirit due to the encounter. Hiruma hesitated outside of Sena's room feeling un-characteristically uncertain. With a sigh Hiruma pushed open the door one hand buried in his hair, he halted just inside the frame. With his soul so close to the surface his senses were enhanced and there was no mistaking the smell seeping from the room. Hiruma kept his eyes on the ground as he carefully shut the door, preparing himself before he lifted his gaze. His hands and legs convulsed, the breath bursting from his lungs as he gazed at Sena, falling back against the door.

Sena had removed his shirt, leaving him only in a pair of sweat pants that were pushed low to allow for the manifestation of Sena's spirit. He lay sprawled out on his back, gazing hungrily at Hiruma as he lightly caressed his chest with his tail. Hiruma took in the sight in silence, Sena's tail was rust read with hints of orange, marked at the end with a white tip. His arms were folded by his head one hand lightly petting an ear which had also changed in his manifestation, now revealing Sena's fox spirit.

"Sena" Hiruma finally growled, feeling the last inches of control slipping from his fingers. A smirk to rivals Hiruma's most sly slipped across Sena's face. "Hiruma," he murmured, moving himself to face Hiruma so he was on his hands and knees. His tail flipped seductively over his shoulder, his ears laid back demurely. "Do you like?"

Hiruma bit into his lip to keep himself from moving forward. "I have warned you that I am not a saint Sena. If this continues I will not let you escape." A visible shuddered shook Sena's frame and a perceptible change overcame him at Hiruma's word. A light pink blush began to darken his cheeks and his gaze took on a vulnerable quality, his lips parting in a gasp.

"Please," Sena whimpered, his eyes pleadingly gazing up at him, "We want this, I want this." His smirk settled back into place Hiruma pushed from the door approaching Sena stopping just in front of him. "Is that so? Prove it to me my vixen, let me see more."

Sena gazed up at him for a moment as if registering his words before his new sly smirk was back in place. "Is that what you want? To watch me?" Fueled by the nature of his fox spirit Sena pushed himself once again onto his back, a grin playing across his mouth as he slowly began to stroke his own chest, his tail twitching each time he hit a sensitive spot upon his own skin. Hiruma gazed upon him keeping his face carefully impassive as Sena worked his way up his chest, ghosting over a nipple. Hiruma had to struggle to keep his breath even as Sena continued to gaze into his eyes as he lightly begin to lick and nibble at the fingers of one hand as the other continued to play with his nipples until they were hard.

Hiruma's muscles jerked as Sena suddenly flipped onto his knees, facing away from him, his tail flipped over his back as he twisted to keep eye contact as he reached back and slowly started caressing his own ass. Hiruma snarled violently and sprung for the bed, wrapping one arm firmly around Sena's waist and burying his hand in his hair, yanking his back against his chest. Hiruma chuckled darkly against Sena's ear, "I am never going to let you forget this slutty behavior." Sena moaned as he bit at his ear before moving to his neck, caressing it with his nose and inhaling deeply. Sena let out a hoarse moan as Hiruma licked at his neck, "Right here, this is where I'm going to mark you."

"Hiruma!" Sena screamed as the man in question dimpled the skin of Sena's neck with his fangs. Hiruma shoved Sena onto his back, straddling his thighs as he ripped his own shirt from his body. "I'm never going to let you go, Sena. Do you understand, I am going to claim you today."

Sena stared up at him with a flushed face his eyes heavy with lust. "yes" he replied almost too quietly to hear, causing Hiruma to pause. Sena had his eyes closed his face turned away from him, "please," he whispered again his voice only slightly higher. "Please, Hiruma, Please claim me."