Dawn of a Warlord: Year one

Chapter one

-General P.O.V.-

Eleven year old Harry Potter walked calmly through Diagon Alley seemingly without a care in the world but this was not the case, if one would look closely they would notice the way his eyes kept darting around to take in every detail of his surroundings. It was that small detail that drew the attention of the two goblin guards outside Gringotts as he walked in by himself, Hagrid saying that he wanted to avoid the carts. The moment he walked inside the bank however a large flash of light occurred and the floor started to shake.


The moment the floor started to shake he dropped into a fighting crouch ready for anything to come at him, a crouch he had become accustomed to when he had to teach himself to fight against his cousin. One of the older looking goblins behind a counter quickly stood up to address the panicking people, "ENOUGH!" he bellowed getting everyone to stop and turn to him, "There is nothing wrong. What you just experienced was an ancient system employed by Gringotts to let us know when an heir to an ancient and unclaimed vault has entered the bank. I am afraid that everyone else will have to leave until we can settle the situation with our new Lord." he finished gesturing to Harry as the guards ushered the rest of the grumbling customers out of the bank.

"That's not all of the information is it?" he demanded of the goblin once everyone had left and the doors shut.

Wincing he the small creature replied, "Yes but it is not my place to tell you. That job belongs to Director Ragnok." before he turned around and marched off to take Harry to the banks director. After about five minute of walking they reached a pair of large golden double doors flanked by two armed guards, "Tell Director Ragnok that the Great One's heir has arrived." the teller said formally as the two guards eyes widened in shock before the first ran inside and appeared less than a minute later to wave them in.

"Greetings my Lord." the ancient goblin behind the desk said immediately after he entered the office making him raise his eyebrow.

"What do you mean 'Lord'?" he asked them curiously.

"In the magical world they still use the system of Lords and Ladies for the older Magical families but in your case your Lordship is something special but it is a long story, would you like me to tell it now?" Ragnok asked him and when he nodded the goblins began eagerly. "It all began three thousand years ago at the founding of Rome. During that time, much like it is today, magical creatures were looked down upon, abused, and often killed for sport. But one day a powerful wizard by the name of Mars decided enough was enough, he created a Sorcerer's Stone which granted him immortality lest he fall in battle and took up the family name Ultor… The Avenger. He waged war against the rest of Wizard Kind on behalf of all Magical Creatures and soon we joined him in battle. He became our Warlord and for a time our lives were improved but it was not to last. Eventually he fell to an assassin and over time things went back to the way things were. His wife died in childbirth and his only son was a squib whom he hid away from the magical world so he would not be killed as was the custom in those days although that was not to be as he was found before his tenth birthday. Before he died however he set up a vault with the goblins, as even then we guarded the gold of the wand bearers, and set up an enchantment so that one day when someone who would be truly worth to become his heir came they would gain his title, his possessions, and his mission. The vault has been moved many times over the years, always guarded by the strongest clan of Goblins even though every bank of our kind has the test to find the heir. You have been found worthy as the heir of our Warlord, the great Mars Ultor." the director finished.

Throughout the goblin's tale Harry's eyebrows had been steadily rising until they met his messy hair and showed no intention of coming out, "Does that mean that I have to give up my current family name of Potter?" he asked not wanting to lose one of his ties to his parents.

"Your last name is Potter?" Ragnok demanded in shock, "You are Harry Potter?".

"Is that a problem?" he demanded back in anger at the possible insult to his family.

"No my Lord not a problem!" Ragnok quickly stated at his tone, "I just never expected the savior of the Wizarding World to be the Heir to the mighty House of Ultor.".

"Savior of the Wizarding World?" Harry asked now fully confused and the Director quickly explained the story of what happened to him on Halloween 1981. "Memo to me, memo to me, maim them after my meeting." he muttered under his breath using a slightly altered quote from a movie he heard heard the Dursleys watch though his cupboard once (AN: If anyone can tell me what the movie is, without using the internet, I will be extremely impressed and will create a character for them).

"Is something wrong my Lord?" Ragnok asked worriedly.

"My bastard relatives the Dursleys told me throughout my life that my parents were no good drunks who died in a car crash and were a waste of space. Now that I know I fully intend to make their lives miserable." Harry growled only for the Director's eyes to widen in shock.

"Did you say the Dursleys? As in Vernon and Petunia Dursley? Your mother's muggle relatives? Why are you with them, your parents will specifically stated that you were never to go near them!" the old goblin yelled out in a mixture of shock and anger.

"Are you sure?" he demanded, hope starting to form in his chest.

"As the director of Gringotts I have to personally go over the will every pureblood Lord and I remember that one as the Chief Warlock sealed it almost immediately after I read it." the Director said his anger quickly growing to match his own.

"Who is the Chief Warlock?" Harry demanded trying to control himself.

"Albus Dumbledore." Ragnok said nervously clearly waiting for the blow up.

"The Headmaster of my School?" he demanded and got a nod from the director before he scowled, "According to Hagrid Dumbledore is the one who ordered me taken to their House on the night my parents were killed.".

"He was witness to the Potter will," the teller yelled out making both Harry and Ragnok turn their attention towards him as he suddenly got embarrassed but explained at their prompting, "I was an errand goblin at the time and was sent to fetch a blood quill for the Potters and Dumbledore to sign their names.".

The Director gained a thunderous expression, "Go send a message to Dumbledore that his accounts are now frozen and all items belonging to the Potter family that he possesses must be returned to Lord Ultor-Potter." he commanded the teller who quickly ran off to follow his order. Adopting a much calmer expression the Director asked him "Would you like to visit your vaults Lord Ultor-Potter?".

"Yes I would Director Ragnok but I would like it if you would simply call me Harry." he told the goblin whom he was quickly coming to respect.

"Then I ask that you call me Ragnok." the goblin smiled back at him.

Laughing Harry simply said "Deal." before the two walked to a private cart to take him to the Ultor family vault.

They rode the cards for ten minutes until they reached the end of the tracks they got off before Ragnok lead him down a tunnel that went even farther as they had to walk for another five minutes before they reached the vault which had a symbol of a shield with a snarling wolf's head on it and two crossed kopis swords behind it. "Place your palm on the seal to unlock the door." Ragnok said reverently as he stared at the door.

Doing what he was told he placed his palm on the forehead of the wolf and with a flash of light the door sunk down into the floor. Walking into the now open vault he looked around before he breathed out, "This is amazing." and Ragnok was quick to agree. The room was lined with weapons and armor from every era since ancient Greece along with mountains of gold, silver, and bronze coins and piles of gems and jewelry. At the back however there were several trunks and bookshelves surrounding a pedestal on which rested a scroll and a staff which looked about five feet long, was made of grayish wood, and had a dragon like design as it's head (AN: Think the 'Staff of destruction' from Skyrim).

Walking forward he picked up the scroll and upon opening it saw a flash of magic before he found himself in a completely white room with two white couches one of which was occupied by a large tanned man with pitch black hair wearing Roman style armor. "Ah at last an heir has come." he said in a surprisingly soft voice, "So, young heir, what year is it in the world above and who are you?" he asked.

"My name is Harry James Ultor-Potter." he replied nervously, having an inkling of who this man was.

"Greetings Harry," the man said jovially. "I am Mars Ultor, Warlord, and bane of the wizarding regime.".

"Where are we?" he asked Mars curiously as he looked around at his surroundings.

"This Harry is your mind. The scroll you picked up contained a copy of my memories and personality so that anyone who picked it up would instantly have me talking to them in their head. The moment you leave the room the scroll will close until we need to speak again and only a second will have passed." Mars said still grinning happily while Harry whistled in appreciation. "Now onto what I need to talk to you about." Mars said becoming slightly serious as he gestured for him to take a seat on the second couch, "You will be carrying on my legacy most likely but you will have some advantages. One is that most people think that the Warlord is nothing more than a fairy tale to scare their kids with at night so you have some anonymity there. Second is that the Ultor line, if it is even known about at all, is only known to be a friend to magical creatures and not their leader so you don't have to keep your identity a secret. Third is the staff on the pedestal, it is my magical focus and will now work for you, it has a secondary function where it can shrink and the head curve and turn into a cane or walking stick for easier travel use. Fourth is the use of magic itself, most people will tell you that you need to use fancy wand motions or incantations but the real secret is will power. If you have a strong enough will and believe you can do what you're doing then your possibilities are practically limitless. Lastly is a ritual that I will leave the knowledge of in your minds that will allow your body to age in proportion to your magical core, basically the stronger the core the more your body will age and if you're strong enough you will be taken straight to your prime and will not age until your body would normally reach that point.".

Harry's jaw was hanging at this point and his right eye had started to twitch, after a moment he got himself together and said the only thing that came to mind, "Damn.".

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