"Well are we ready?" Hermione chuckled nervously as they stood inside the Leaky Cauldron, gazing at the entrance that would lead them to Diagon Alley.

"As I'll ever be." Snape frowned.

"Come on." Sabrina pranced anxiously around them. "Why are you so slow?"

"Calm down. We're coming." Hermione sighed. "Well it's now or never." She grimaced at Severus before stepping out into the hustle and bustle of Diagon Alley. Sabrina followed close behind her.

Severus paused when he stepped out into the busy shopping district. Glancing around he saw that it really hadn't changed much in a decade. Bracing himself for what was about to come, he glanced down in surprise when he felt a small, warm hand slide into his and squeeze gently. "You have to hold my hand so I don't get lost." Sabrina said, gazing up into his curious face. "Mummy you should hold Daddy's hand too." She said, glancing over at her Mother.

"I think I'm capable of negotiating Diagon alley without my hand...oh..." Her voice cut off and her eyes widened with surprise when Snape's large hand grasped hers.

"She's quite right Mummy. We certainly wouldn't want you to get lost." He smirked at her over Sabrina's head. "In for a penny, in for pound." He muttered, shrugging his shoulder's at Hermione's shocked look. "So where should we go first?"

"I want my wand!" Sabrina cried out, pulling on Snape's hand.

"Ollivander's it is then." Snape said, stepping forward and leading the group across the street. He could already feel the odd stares and hear the surprised whispers as they walked by.

"Is that Professor Snape?"

"I thought he was dead?"

"No he was just in hiding, didn't you read..."

"Is that Hermione Granger with him?"

Holding the door of Ollivander's open for Hermione and Sabrina to enter, Snape glared at the gawking passerby's.

"Professor Snape! Welcome, welcome." Mr. Ollivander grinned from behind the counter. "I read of your return. 14 inch, Ebony with Unicorn foal tail? You still have your original wand? So many don't after war."

"The very same." Snape slid his black wand out from his sleeve for the wand maker to see before returning quickly to it's hiding place.

"Foal tail hair?" Hermione stared up at him. "That's really rare."

"Extremely rare." Mr. Ollivander nodded. "And Ms. Granger. 10 ¾ Vine with dragon heart string. But yours was lost in the war, am I correct?"

"You are correct." Hermione nodded, pulling out her wand and placing it in his outstretched hand.

"Ah." He examined the wand carefully. "12 ¾ Walnut with dragon heart string. This was the wand of Belletrix Lestrange. It does your bidding now?"

"Quite well actually."

"Splendid, splendid." The wand maker peered over the counter at Sabrina. "And who is this lovely young lady?"

"This is my...err...our daughter, Sabrina." Hermione glanced nervously at Severus then back at the old shop keeper.

"Your...daughter?" He glanced quickly between the two adults. Snape narrowed his eyes at the leering look that flittered across the old man's face when he looked at Hermione.

"Yes. Our daughter." He said firmly, a thunderous look on his face. "And we are here to purchase her wand, so if you could be so kind?"

"Oh yes of course." The old man sputtered. "Let's see what we have here." He pulled several wand boxes from under the counter and examined them carefully. He opened one and passed the wand to Sabrina. "This one is very similar to your mother's first wand. 9 ½ inches, vine with dragon heart string." Sabrina grinned and took it, giving it a wave. Nothing happened. "Hmm." He plucked the wand from her hand and opened another box. "12 inches Oak, dragon heart string." Sabrina frowned when again nothing happened.

"It's okay Honey." Hermione whispered, rubbing her back. "Sometimes it takes a while."

"How very true." Mr. Ollivander agreed, pulling out another wand. "This is Walnut, 10 inches, unicorn tail. Hmmmm." He frowned as again, nothing happened. "Alright let me just go in the back." He disappeared and returned with an armful of wand boxes.

Snape glanced over his shoulder, looking out the front window as Sabrina tried wand after wand. Clearing his throat he caught Hermione's eye and glanced back at the window.

"I see." She mouthed, glancing nervously at the small crowd that had gathered outside. She returned her attention back to Sabrina as the wand she was holding let out a shower of weak sparks.

"I believe I have it." Mr. Ollivander smiled, digging through the pile of wand boxes. "Here we are. Try this one." He presented the wand to Sabrina.

"Oh look Mummy." The girl cried happily. "It's so pretty." Reaching out she took the pale, almost white wand and gave it a swish. She giggled as silver, gold and pink sparks shot out of the end.

"Well young lady, I do believe we have found your wand. Willow, 8 inches with unicorn foal tail."

"Like yours Daddy." The little girl said, holding her new Wand and spinning in a happy circle. "Mummy?" She frowned as she looked out the front window. "Why are all those people out there?" She jumped as the flash of a camera lit up the glass. "Why did that man just take a picture of me?"

"It's fine Sweetie." Hermione glanced nervously over her shoulder as she and Snape finished paying for the wand. "Just stay close to Daddy, alright?"

"Alright Mummy." Sabrina moved closer to Snape, he wrapped his arm around her and pulled her in close to his left side.

"Let's go." He growled, his wand slipping down into his hand. Holding Sabrina even tighter to his body, Snape pushed open the door and stepped into the waiting crowd. Several flash bulbs blinded them as reporters shouted over one another, their questions barely discernible.

"Are you and Ms. Granger in a relationship" "Who is this little girl?" "Professor Snape..."

"Stand back!" Snape roared, pulling himself up to his full height and raising his wand arm. A gentle touch caught his attention.

"Take her to Florish and Blotts. I'll meet you there." Hermione shouted to him over the melee. He watched as she pulled out her wand and held it over her head. A piercing whistle filled the air. "Good." Hermione said firmly. "Now that I have your attention, I am willing to give you a brief statement."

Taking advantage of the distraction, Snape hurried across the street, moving Sabrina along with him. When they reached the bookshop he yanked open the door and ushered her inside. She turned to him, her eyes wide and frightened.

"Daddy? Who were all those people? Why were they taking pictures of us?"

"They are reporters." Snape answered grimly.

"But why?" She sniffed, tears welling up in her eyes.

"Because of me and your Mum and you." Snape grunted, running his hand through his hair anxiously. "Remember? We warned you. You said you'd be brave."

"I'm brave." Sabrina said straightening her shoulders and wiping her tears away.

"I know you are." Severus said, running his hand down her long black hair as he moved to stare out the front window at the crowd across the street.

"Is Mummy going to be alright?" Sabrina asked nervously from beside him.

"Oh I've no doubt your Mother will be just fine. It's the reporters I'm worried about." Snape grinned down at her. "Come on, let's find your books. Do you have your list?"


Snape and Sabrina were gathering the last of her books when Hermione stormed into the bookshop, muttering under her breath.

"How did it go?" He asked.

"What a bunch of rude, foul gits. You wouldn't believe the bloody personal questions those wankers were asking."

"Mummy!" Sabrina gasped at her Mothers language.

"But you handled it I presume?" Severus asked, trying not to laugh.

"Oh I'm sorry Honey." Hermione patted her shoulder. "Of course I did." She said turning to Snape. "I doubt they'll bother us again. Being part of the Golden Trio does still have it's perks occasionally. Now do we have everything? What else do we need to get?"

"I still need parchment and quills." Sabrina said, grabbing her Mother's hand and leading her across the story. "Then where should we go after this?"

"Oh I don't know. Severus? Where should we go next?"

"Madam Malkins, I suppose." He said sighing heavily.