1 Year Later

I tapped my fingers on our couch arm, watching Katniss and Rue set up mounds of dry sticks and green leaves to make a fire. Apparently, as they've said, they're making a trap. When the Careers see the fire, they'll run to invesitgate and Katniss can go destory their supplies. It's brilliant.

My fingers tap faster, impatienty. Mother is braiding my hair, perfectly and beautiful to look like Katniss's signature hairstyle. Libby doesn't like Katniss, but she wants Rue to win. I have to admit, I really do like Rue, and her district partner, Thresh. Apparently, a lot of the afficials, like our Peacekeepers, are betting on her.

Mother pats me on the shoulder, letting go of my long hair. "There, braided."

I grin, getting up. 'Thanks."

"Why do you want her to win? She's one of the poor people from District Twelve," Mimi says, glaring at the screen as Katniss knocks an arrow, focusing on the bag of apples.

"Because," I say superiourly. "She's the strongest. You thought Glimmer would win, and look happened to her."

Libby sighs as Katniss's arrow shoots through the bag of apples, but didn't cut it enough. "I wish I could learn archery."

Father laughs, tickling her as she squeled. "Well, my little archer, you might get one for your birthday!"

Libby clams down when he stops, nodding. "Okay."

A giant blast from the TV screen makes us all gasp. It's Katniss, and she's blown up the supplies. For a moment, she looks dazed, then watches as the Careers appear on the screen. The District Three boy tries to run when Cato yells at him. When Cato grabs his neck, I clsoe my eyes, turning.

The snap and Mother coughing, trying to cover Sidney's eyes, and the giant cannon fire alerts that Cato did, indeed, snap the boy's neck.

"I don't want Cato to win," I say loudly, glaring at the screen.

Mimi snorts. "Why not? He's doing great. I'd bet on him."

I shake my head. "I wouldn't. He's a monster."

1 Week Later

Katniss had done it. She'd won. However, it wasn't normal. When Rue died, she almost... snapped? Katniss found Peeta, and then the girl from Five followed them. She at some berries, and died. Katniss and Peeta took the poisenouss berries, and threatened to eat them; to commit suicide.

Mother and Father just bit their lips, sucking in their cheeks, staring at the screen hard. Seneca Crane is missing, too, and whenever I ask Mother when he's gone, she just tells me not speak again on the subject. Mimi has her suspicions. She says President Snow probably locked him, letting him die. The though makes me cringe.

On the flip side, due to Katniss's winning, the Victor store now is sotcked with her and Peeta's dolls. Libby bought a suction-cup bow and arrow set and now always keeps her hair up in a braid. I've used my allowence to purchase her Mockingjay Pin replica. It's real gold, just like her's.

"Mother," I say. "Can we go take a vacation to the Arena?"

She just clears her throat like always, and strokes my deep-brown hair. "Maybe, Sara. Maybe."

She always says that too. I think she's been avioding my question. I just want to go see the cave Katniss and Peeta stayed in, or go to the Hunger Games Museum. Her and Father, though, haven't been answering any of my questions about the 74th Hunger Games, and usually they just love to talk about it.

Sidney skips into the living room, her new pink tutu flouncing about. "Mama, can we eat fish for dinner? Mimi says that's what Fashion Designers are eating."

Mother giggles, smoothing my sisters skirt. "Maybe."

Sidney nods, running off to go play dolls with Cristinia.

I look at Mother, laying with my hair. "Why can't we, Mother? We had fish last week."

She just clears her throat again and smiles, clsing her magizine. "Well... District Four is a little behind on catching the fish."

I crease my eyebrows. "Why? Are the fish all gone?"

She nods. "I guess."

Somehow, her answer doesn't satisfy my curiosity. Again, she's hiding something. Her and Father didn't used to do this, but now their giving us short and clipped answers, barely speaking about the matter, giving a quick 'maybe' and such. It's annoying. Not just the fish, though, is what's been missing from the dinner table. Mother and Father have been struggling to get fruit. It's all bruised, and dis-colored, old, not fresh like usualy. District Eleven and District Four are having issues, and it's definitly fishy.

I just want to find out why.

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