The next few days went by quickly for Beck. He trained with Tron, and whatever time he could he worked at the garage. Constantly thinking about that program, but every time he caught himself thinking about her, he'd shake his head and dismiss it. He didn't even know her name. He probably would never see her again.

Beck had just finished fixing a minor broken light cycle, he decided he needed a break and headed for his locker. He pushed the door up and was just about to pull the white half disc from under the shelf when he heard Able coming down the hallway. "Beck?"

Beck turned to face him as he entered. "I need you down there. We have a customer. Everyone else is busy, but you seem free." Able continued as he looked at him and crossed his arms. "You haven't done much today, so maybe you could actually do this job?" He added as he raised an eyebrow.

Beck nodded and closed his locker, so much for going off to distract himself. He walked past Able and down to the garage floor. Standing, waiting for help was the girl program he couldn't stop thinking about. He cleared his throat and walked over, wondering where the nervousness came from.

"How can I help you?" Beck said, his voice quieter then he expected.

She opened her mouth to speak, but as she looked up her eyes widen slightly. "I know you. You were the guy that ran into me the other day." She said.

Beck sighed, hoping she wouldn't have remembered. "Uh yeah. Sorry about that. I was trying to catch a thief, but he uh got away."

After a few seconds of silence Beck added, "So how can I help you?"

"Oh! Right. Well my bike has been acting up recently. Would you mind checking to see what's wrong?" She said as she handed him a baton.

After about an hour, Beck had her bike looking brand new. He turned the light cycle back into a baton and handed it to her. She thanked him and paid for the repairs. Beck watched as she walked out of the garage. His mind spun like crazy as he debated with himself on whether or not he should go after her and ask for her name. He looked around to make sure Able wasn't around and he ran after her.

"Hey!" He said as he caught up to her and walked backward in order to talk to her.

"Hello," she said as she laughed.

"I'm Beck."

"I'm Jewel." She smiled. Finally a name to go with the face that never left his mind.

Before Beck knew what was happening he was asking her a question, "Would you like to go out with me sometime?" Right as he said the last word, he felt his foot slip and go down, he was falling. How could he be falling he knew the garage like the back of his hand? He felt a something grab his hand and he stopped falling. He looked up and saw Jewel holding him up.

"Sure." She smiled.

The next day Beck was riding along side Tron. They were in the outlands and Tron was helping him with his fast stops. They were racing down a long strip of flat land and Tron shouted over to him, "Beck, try again."

Beck nodded and pressed a button, the cycle started retracting back into a baton and Beck flipped in mid air, landing on his feet, skidding a little, but doing a lot better then before.

As Beck rode into Argon a few hours later, sore and tired, he thought how much his life had changed since he first beheaded Clu's statue so long ago. Commotion coming from an alley brought him back to reality. He decided to investigate, but first he pulled over into dark alley and took off his disc, connecting it with the white half disc. His normal black suit changed into the white suit with a "T" on his chest. His helmet came over his face and locked into place. He turned his lightbike into a baton and stayed in the shadows as he walked toward the alley he heard the noise coming from.

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