"What did I tell you son. When there is one, more will come." The King smirked.

There wasn't even a flicker of acknowledgment in Ronin's eyes that Mandrake was even there. The leafman only kept a hard, cold, stare to the Prince of Boggin's father, who returned it with more amusement.

"What is your name and purpose for being here?" The King asked, wondering if perhaps this leafman would have more sense to give him his answers.

"He was unarmed." Ronin seethed. "He was just a scout. You had no right to kill him!" Ronin shouted.

Mandrake gave Ronin a look of warning that quickly morphed into worry before going blank to hide his feelings for the idiot leafman. Maybe this could be his chance to save Ronin's life. "Father, allow me. I'll punish him."

"Not this one, Son." The King said, looking Ronin over. "You're the new general of the Leafmen, are you not?" He recognized the uniform to be of higher rank than the scout.

"Aye. And I'm prepared to avenge my fallen soldier." Ronin gripped his sword tighter.

Nearby, Boggan's held up their own weapons to defend their King but the King raised his hand to still them. "What you are doing is creating turmoil between both of our kinds. Does your Queen know of your actions or are you blindly putting all of your people into a war over this pathetic scout?" There was a sharp degrading sound in his tone that Mandrake knew would just egg Ronin on further. Mandrake often used the same degrading tone to tease Ronin in bed. Of course in that sense it was a playful experience and he always ended up submitting to Ronin's retaliations. In here, against his father, Ronin had no chance of survival which was a pity; Mandrake really liked this particular leafman very much.

Ronin's breath was becoming ragged. He straightened up to take a more practiced offensive stance. "This is between you and I. Our people have nothing to do with this."

"It was your Queen who had sent you here." The King said. "It is your Queen who will bear the consequences."

"Not if I kill you first!" Ronin raised his sword.

Mandrake scowled at his lover's foolishness. If Ronin attacked his father, hell would break lose between both kingdoms. And Mandrake feared that the Rot would take over quickly. His father clearly had kept this need for war dormant long enough. He could see the twinkle in his father's eyes at the mere mention of war. He wanted to rule the forest. Mandrake was sure that the outcome would cost Ronin's life as well as countless others.

He wished he could pull Ronin away from this and take him to his room to soothe his anger. But he could only stand by his father until his father put a hand against his chest and told him to back away.

"Father." Mandrake looked up at him, upset.

When his Father raised his sword to begin battle, all hope of this ending peacefully was shattered from Mandrake's mind. There would be no talking to either of them without letting out his feelings-which would only continue the battle with his father's rage being dominant.

Mandrake looked back at Ronin and noticed the leafman was looking at him for the first time since he fell into this situation. Mandrake held his gaze, revealing the pleading look in his eyes. He saw the general's eyes soften but their moment lasted too long. The King made the first move and if Ronin hadn't stepped aside in time, the sword would have impaled his head. There was a deep cut on his shoulder and Ronin quickly brought his blade up, blocking another attack from the King.

The Boggans cheered, finding this all to be great entertainment. Even the guards lowered their weapons, trusting the King to end this quickly.

Mandrake's eyes watered and his throat tightened. He only hoped he could compose himself quickly enough before his father came over with the blood of his lover on his clothes and saw him this way. He'd probably be the next to die if he couldn't hold back his tears.

But what if Ronin won?

Mandrake shook his head at the slightly more disturbing thought. His father was insane at times and they didn't always see eye to eye, but it was his father all the same. He could always find another lover, perhaps even one day learn to love that woman his father married him to. But he needed his father in his life to guide him. He needed him there now more than ever now that tonight he was going to be King. He needed-

Mandrake paled at the sickly sound of blade slicing through flesh; the sight of Ronin's sword cutting off his father's head made him cold and rigid.

What just happened? That didn't happen. That couldn't of happened. Mandrake watched his father's body fall over as his head rolled toward a few guards who also went pale.

"...Ronin..." Mandrake's voice was soft. The tears were falling now.

The whole room was deathly quiet. Every Boggan was stuck in place from the unrealistic scene before them. Their King was killed by a leafman right in front of them? Impossible. A guard would have come to save the King in time. The King would never lose to a leafman. Impossible.

"Ronin..." Mandrake took a step toward the leafman who had dropped to his knees with ragged breath, holding his bloody sword with both hands. "What have you done...?" No, really, what just happened?

Ronin kept his head down. "I did what I had to do."

Mandrake didn't think emotion would fill him so quickly with the amount of shock he was in but in a split moment he was furious. "You took my father's life over a scout!" Everyone in that room flinched at the scream that pierced the silence.

The Leafman looked up to Mandrake who quickly went over to his father's staff and picked it up.

There was an aura surrounding it as he felt his father's power over Rot consume him. Mandrake wasn't frightened or upset by the intrusive powers flowing through his veins. He welcomed any advantage to avenge his father's life. "...over a scout..." He repeated and turned to Ronin who was on his feet.


Mandrake couldn't decipher the emotions on Ronin's face. Guilt? Pain? Worry?...No...None of those. He was putting on a mask for him. He was showing Mandrake the face of a general.

"Get out of here." Mandrake said, barely above a whisper. "Go to your Queen. Tell her that our alliance is broken."

"Mandrake." Ronin said with a stern voice as if he could talk to the King of Boggans like this.

"Tell your Queen-!" Mandrake continued, louder. "-That the rot will consume this forest!" He took a step toward Ronin and the general had the audacity to stand taller, as if to seem challenging. Mandrake took another step coming up beside his father's dead body. He pulled off the coat of his albino bat and he picked up the black coat of a vampire bat from his father and put it in place over his shoulders. "Go tell the people that you are meant to protect...tell them the rot is coming for them...All of them." His eyes cast down to his father. Mandrake could tell the Boggan's were itching to kill this leafman on the spot but they knew better than to challenge the new King's orders.

When Ronin didn't move, Mandrake brought his staff up and slammed it back down hard against the ground, causing rot to spread toward the leafman who quickly stepped back before finally leaving the area quickly to go to warn his people.

"Your highness..." A boggan came to Mandrake's side.

Mandrake lowered himself to his knees and touched his father's shoulder in mourning. He was afraid to look over and see his father's head a few feet away.

"Prepare for war."

And the rest is history lol o3o I hope you liked this story. I really love Mandrake/Ronin so I'm wanting to write fluff on them...I just don't know how to go about it.

And, yes, that was Nod's father who was the scout.

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