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The sound of the alarm bell rang around Lucy's room.

Her hand lazily tapped the surface of her drawer as she tried to find the alarm clock. She also buried her face against the bright, white pillow, as it brought some comfort for her. The ringing of the bell annoyed Lucy, and if possible, grew louder by each second. Her hand finally found the clock and she quickly pressed the snooze button, the sound no longer echoing around the room.

Her arm soon fell and dangled off her bed. The other arm was laying on top of her forehead as Lucy's chocolate brown eyes tiredly stared at the ceiling. It was the first day back to school for Beacon Hills and Lucy couldn't believe it.

Four months had already passed like the wind.

Four months that were filled with calmness and peace.

Four months of no new threats happening in her town.

Just four simple months had gone by.

Lucy soon grabbed the cell phone that sat next to the clock. She quickly touch the screen, bringing the phone to life and a small frown formed on her tired face. There were no new text messages from Isaac. It was a bit strange considering he would always send her a goodnight text or something, but this morning: there was nothing.

The teen girl slowly sat up on her bed, pulling the phone closer to her as she scratched her hair. A yawn escaped from her lips, but her eyes never teared away from the screen. Maybe Isaac was still sleeping. It was a logical option since he would always tell Lucy on how Derek kept his training going on. They were harsh sessions at times, according to Isaac, and would easily tire him out in a second, but there was something odd about it this time.

Although Lucy and Derek don't have the most closest relationship, she still knew him enough that he wouldn't put Isaac through another session last night. Especially one the night before the first day of school began.

Putting her phone down, Lucy rubbed her eyes and tried to calm herself down. She shouldn't panic just yet based off her assumptions. Glancing at her phone one more time, the girl sighed before hopping of the bed and headed towards the bathroom to take a shower.

It was the first day of school after all.

Holding her school bag, Lucy examine herself on the full length mirror that was behind her door. She took note of her first day of school outfit, her hands smoothing down the soft blue dress that stopped a few inches above her knees. She then fixed the denim jacket into place and brushed a few strands of her hair behind her ear.

She was ready to go.

Snatching the phone from her drawer, Lucy walked out of her room and made her way down the hall. Lucy soon stopped in her tracks and noticed her brother doing some lift ups exercise with a book in his hand. The girl cocked her head to the side, an amuse smile quickly crept on her tan face. She crossed her arms over her chest as she leaned against the doorframe.

"Morning," she piped up from behind and Scott glanced over his shoulder before letting go of the rail. His feet landed perfectly on the wooden floor, not missing a beat as he tossed the book into the pile of other books nearby.

Scott stretched his arms, raising an eyebrow at her direction. "Already dressed?"

"Yeah," she gripped the strap of her bag. Lucy rocked back and forth on her heels. "I decided to go walking for school today. The weather seems nice and all, so why not take advantage of the opportunity."

Scott felt her heart beating fast, knowing she had just lied to him. "Are you okay?"

Lucy bit the inside of her cheeks, turning her head to the side as she fixed her gaze at the pile of books. Scott slowly made his way over to his sister, laying a hand on her shoulder. This gesture caused Lucy to look at him with upset eyes.

"Are you okay, Lucy?" Scott repeated his question.

She sighed, rubbing her forehead. "It's just Isaac," she finally admitted to her brother. Lucy dropped her arms to her sides. "He hasn't answered since last night and I'm just a bit worried."

"Maybe he's still asleep," Scott suggested and Lucy nodded, but it wasn't enough to convince her. Scott knew this as well and squeezed her shoulder for reassurance. "Okay, I know, not the best, but I'm sure he's fine. You'll see him at school today and everything will be normal."

Lucy softly smiled, giving Scott a quick hug. The werewolf returned the same gesture before the two siblings pulled away. A short beep coming from Scott's laptop caused them to turn their heads at its direction and a small screen popped up.

"Ephemeral," Lucy heard her brother repeat the word off the screen. "Lasting for a very short time. Transient. Momentary."

"Studying for the PSATs I see," she cheered in an impressive tone. "Glad you're taking this year seriously. It is going to be the most important one in our lives you know. Colleges and whatnot."

Scott touched his bicep, sending Lucy a quick grin. "I know," he then gazed back at his skin. "Ephemeral…"

Lucy narrowed her eyes in confusion, her finger pointing at his bicep. "I thought you were going to get a tattoo?"

"I did."

"Then where is it?"

Scott scratched the back of his neck, laughing nervously. "About that, it sort of, um disappeared." He then tried to explain more. "My body was 'healing' thinking the tattoo had damage my skin."

Lucy was more confused, but shook her head. "I'll never understand these werewolf abilities, but I'm glad it did something right."

She laughed from the hurt reaction Scott gave her.

Isaac felt like shit.

His body was still sore, but he was no longer in so much pain than he was last night. His memory was still a bit fizzled as he couldn't remember some things, but it wasn't too bad than before. He could still feel the nails of the alpha's, the pain was too intense for him to handle. He seriously thought he would have died then and there, but he didn't.

Someone saved him.

A stranger saved him.

But she, Isaac remembered it was a female, knew his name.

That was something that put Isaac off. How did this person, a woman he never met in his life, know his name? Did she spied on him? Spied on him with Lucy?

Isaac remembered the conversation he had with Scott's mom. He was glad that the mother of two knew about the existence of the supernatural world. It was better to have some support from a few more people than none at all. It was especially better considering her son was a werewolf too, so it made things much more comforting for Isaac.

He was in safe hands, for now.

Isaac asked if he could call Scott knowing he was the only one, other than Derek, to call for help if needed. Isaac knew that Scott might know what to do, but how would he explain about the deal with the alpha pack. Derek hadn't even informed Scott about them, and Derek order Isaac not to say anything to Lucy.

Yes, it was difficult to keep that secret to himself, but what can he do?

He needed to obey orders his alpha gave him, but he also didn't like to lie to Lucy. She was his girlfriend and he doesn't like lying to her. It made him feel all guilty every time he needed to tell her about his training sessions, when in reality, he was trying to find Erica and Boyd with Derek and Peter.

Isaac just hoped Lucy would understand once he could explain it all to her later on.

He sensed a person coming and slowly shifted his position on his hospital bed.

"Hello, Isaac," a friendly, feminine voice echoed into his room and the curly haired werewolf glanced at the nurse coming in. "How are we feeling?"

"Good, listen, I think I could probably just-" he stopped mid-sentence was her hand was placed on his shoulder. Something wasn't right for Isaac. Something wasn't right coming from the nurse. As he watched the woman inject the needle, he began to panic. "What is that?"

The nurse merely gave a sly smile. "Just an anesthetic," she answered. When the nurse was done, her brown eyes held a gleam of mischief that Isaac didn't like.

"We don't want you getting in the way again."

It soon all came back to him.

Lucy soon found her locker.

Opening it, she placed some of her supplies and books inside. The girl also glanced the hallways for any sign of Isaac, but she received none. Usually he would surprise her with him hugging her from behind, but no arms were wrapped around her waist.

The locker beside her soon opened and Lucy looked up to see Allison. Lucy was taken back from this since she thought Allison would not return to Beacon Hills after the madness that happened four months ago. Allison felt the eyes of Lucy and turned her head, giving the teen a small smile.

"Oh, hey, Lucy," Allison awkwardly started out. Lucy didn't blame her considering she was the sister of her ex-boyfriend. Plus, the two did share a small battle with Jackson being the Kanima and all.

"Hey," Lucy closed her locker, but her eyes never peeled away from the ex-huntress. "I thought you were going to stay in France."

Allison shrugged. "I decided not too. Just didn't feel the same."

Lucy nodded.

"That's good," she chirped. The two girls stood as silence took its toll between them, creating an awkward atmosphere. She then pointed at Allison's hair. "Love the new color by the way. Suits you very well."

Allison's eyes went up and giggled. "Thanks. I just wanted to try something new."

"Hello, my lovelies," Lydia's voice erupted from behind Allison. The two teenage girls said their hellos and Lydia merely smirked. The strawberry haired teen eyed the hallways, the look of her face reminded Lucy that of a lion searching for its prey. "Freshmen. Tons and tons of fresh men."

"You mean fresh boys," Allison pointed out and Lucy snorted into a small laugh. Even Allison couldn't help but let a giggle escape her lips. "Lydia they're fourteen."

"You can't possibly lower your standards, Lydia," Lucy added after Allison finished.

Lydia waved both of them off. "Eh, some are more mature than others."

"You know it's okay to be single," Allison tried to reason with her stylish friend. "You get to focus on yourself for a little while, work on becoming a better person."

Lydia snorted, shifting her position from the locker. "Oh, Allison, you know I love you. So if you want to pretend talking about me when we're actually talking about you, it's totally fine," she stated with wide eyes before glancing at Lucy. "I'm sure your brother has told you about the encounter from yesterday."

"Not that I know of."

"We met Scott and Stiles yesterday," Allison decided to explain to Lucy. "They were in Stiles' car while Lydia was driving her car, and there was a red light so we couldn't drive away…"

"Oh," was all the girl said, but couldn't help to giggle at it. "Must have been awkward."

Allison began to blush in an embarrassment, putting her head down. "Very."

"Anyways!" Lydia interrupted them once again. "Back to me, ladies. You know what I don't want? A boyfriend," she confidently stated to them. Lydia slapped her hand on top of the locker beside her, her eyes scanning the halls once again with lips licked in hunger. "I want a distraction."

Lucy decided to search for Isaac among the crowd from her spot, but didn't find him. Instead, she spotted something…else.

"I think your wish has been granted, Lydia…"

Their eyes soon landed on a pair of boys, who look no older than their age, strutting down the hall. The crowd of students didn't stand in front of their path, but merely moved away as if they were Gods and everyone else was a peasant.

"Brothers?" Allison questioned in astonishment.

Lydia's eyes sparkled as if she found the buried treasure everyone searched for.


The twins soon passed the three of them, their vibe of confidence and sexiness was enough to attract Lydia. Lucy ran a hand through her hair, eying the pair until they couldn't be seen any longer as they blended in with the student crowd.

"Well," Lucy clapped her hands together. "This should be an interesting school year."

"Oh it will be," Lydia murmured to herself with a wild grin.

Holding her binder close to her chest, Lucy walked to her English class along with Allison and Lydia. The three shared this class, so there was no point on going alone. Entering inside, Lucy sat a seat besides her brother. Allison, however, didn't have much choice as the only seat available for her was on in front of Scott.

Lucy took this time to check her phone to see if she received any new messages from Isaac, but her heart sank when she saw nothing different from earlier this morning. Sighing, Lucy rubbed her eyes as the panic grew inside her.

The phone vibrated and her Lucy's eyes went wide as her heart raced. Was it Isaac who finally contacted her? Her fingers felt slippery and her phone's screen seemed to be like ice for her. Touching the screen, she opened the message, but her eyes narrowed in confusion.

"The offing was barred by a black bank of clouds, and the tranquil waterway leading to the uttermost ends of the earth flowed sombre under an overcast sky- seemed to lead into the heart of an immense darkness," a woman's voice boomed into the classroom, reading the message from her own phone. "This is the last line to the first book we're going to read. It is also the last text you will receive from this class. Phones off everyone."

And Lucy did just that considering she wouldn't get a text from Isaac anytime soon.

The class went off fine as every student opened up their notebooks and started to write whatever the teacher wrote on the board. Ten minutes passed by, and Lucy concentrated on completing her work for this class.

"Mr. McCall," the teacher called for Scott and Lucy's head went up. She noticed the nervous look on her brother's face as well as him trying to hide a note that was on his desk. The teacher gestured with her finger for Scott to step outside. He immediately obeyed, leaving his seat empty and Lucy confused as well.

"Stiles," Lucy whispered to her friend. The sarcastic teen looked up at her direction. "What's going on?"

"I have no idea," he honestly admitted, shrugging in his seat. The teacher soon returned, smoothing her skirt in the process.

"All right, everyone back to work," she clapped her hands to gain attention again. Lucy pushed a strand of her hair back, making herself comfortable on the chair as she focused on her work again. She wondered why Scott was called for. Lucy knew he didn't do anything to get himself into trouble since he has maintain a good streak, but still she had to wonder.

The thought of Isaac slipped back into her mind and the girl kept eying her phone that was sitting besides her. It was currently turned off, but the dark screen began to tease her. Lucy tried her hardest not to snatch it from the spot and turn it on.

But what if Isaac was trying to call her?

What if Isaac was in trouble?

Maybe that was the reason he's not in school today. Maybe he is hurt and he's trying to call for some help.

Lucy shook her head.

No, Isaac would have called Derek first. Besides, the alpha was the first to respond whenever one of its pack mates are in trouble.

A loud smack came from the window.

It was so loud that it caused the whole room to jump and turn their attention to the window. Lucy noticed a large, bloody spot with the glass cracked. The teacher, who was writing on the board, stopped for a moment and slowly advance her way towards the windows. The sounds of birds crowing outside, with a massive group heading their way towards the classroom was enough to wonder what was going on.

Another bang.

Then another and another and another until one broke the glass and flew inside the room. Others followed and the students began to scream in horror and fear. Lucy immediately went down for cover, as well as the teacher screaming her lungs out for everyone to do the same.

Lucy felt the beaks from the bird prick her arms and legs. Some grabbed onto her hair while claws were everywhere. Papers flying everywhere, the shadows of the birds coming from all directions and chairs being pushed aside. Desks were used for protection. Lucy found Allison and the two huddled close together. A bird came towards their way and Allison lashed her own claws out at it, using her skills to move it away.

Lucy wasn't sure how long it would take.

She didn't know how much time has passed.

It could have been a minute or a second, but she didn't know.

The screams of every person in this room were mixed with the birds' own sound. Blood drops began to imprint the floor and Lucy wasn't sure if it came from the animals or from the students. Lucy buried her face in her arms of protection, but it didn't stop the birds on biting her legs that were vulnerable for them.

The crowing soon stopped and silence grew.

Slowly, Lucy stood to her feet, her hands gripping tightly on the desk for support. She quickly helped Allison to get on her feet as well, the two of them checking each other for any injuries. The floor turned into a sea of blackness. Birds and feathers surrounded each tile, not one empty or clean. Lucy picked out some feathers that nestled on her hair, brushing them away.

Lucy and Stiles stared at each other, both eyes shocked and terrified on what just happened.

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