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After being slugged across Konoha, it gives one new perspective on life, in my case Sakura hit ten times harder than she use to, Konoha is very beautiful from a sky point of view and stone hurts like hell. I should have probably lost consciousness after I hit the training grounds, but after years of intense training I was able to pick myself out of the rubble with only a few scrapes and bruises, though after a hit like that I do feel a bit dizzy.

Man I had already deducted that I'd be in a heap of trouble when I came back but, it's all to surreal. Looking off in the distance I could see how much this place had changed, I guess Tsunade baa chan decided to change things up during the remodeling phase.

"Naruto," called an o so familiar voice, which interned made me sigh, how was I gonna explain this to her of all people, especially in a way that won't get me hit again.

"Sakura Chan," I said making sure my voice was low, over the years my voice had gotten a bit heavier, which to say was a plus since it drove the ladies wild.

"Where have you been Naruto?" she asked, steering into my eyes hoping for an honest answer.

In the end I had no choice but to tell her the truth, I told her everything, about my journey, to where I went, to people I met, the women, well I said I was being truthful and in the end she didn't move from where her feet touched the ground, all she did was look down, fist clenched and I could feel the tension brewing.

"Sakura chan, you okay?" I asked, her silence was starting make me nervous.

"You left Naruto," she squeaked, I wasn't expecting that, I could here the hurt in her voice, the sorrow, "some thought you to be dead,"

"Sakura chan, I well, I'm sorry," was all I could say, yet that's what drove her to edge.

"Sorry, sorry, is that all you can say, after you leave everyone for 7 years with not so much as a word, huh, well look here Naruto, your insufferable jackass who doesn't even have the decency to write a letter to tell the people who care about you that your fine." She yelled, her head facing upwards, while her tears cascaded her face.

"You left us Naruto, it was so similar to when Sasuke had left, yet this time, there were no sightings of you, there were no pictures, or bingo books, it was like you had disappeared of the face of the earth, do you know how much that affected everyone Naruto, again people thought, that Madera had poisoned you with an untraceable toxin, and you went off to die somewhere, we searched and searched, and never found you, again do you know how much that hurt us, how much it killed me," she yelled saying the last part softly enough, so only I could hear it.

All I could do was stand there, I didn't really know how much these guys had actually cared, damn it, and I'm an idiot. Sakura again didn't move, but even though as soon as she finished her rant she looked away, trying to conceal her tears from me, I hated it, I never liked seeing her cry it always made me feel like I wasn't able to do something for her. Yes I know that when we were kids, she was selfish, and thought I was annoying, but still, she was my teammate, the girl I had a major crush on, and well most likely the woman I'll never stop loving.

I proceeded to walk over to her, I quickly wrapped my hands around her waist and pulled her on to my chest, it was risky since I wasn't sure whether she'd accept it or send me flying, but she accepted it by encircling her arms around my waist, nuzzling her face on my chest and released the pent up tears. I truly felt lost, having her cry for me, would normally be kinda awesome but, I truly hated. Again Naruto you are possible the biggest idiot out there.

After what felt like hours of torture, Sakura finally stopped crying, and released herself from my waist, wiping her eyes to be rid of her tears, she then looked up and finally gave me a smile.

"Welcome back Naruto,"

"Hai, I'm home," was all I responded with.

"Hmm well I'm glad you two, are fine with one another," said another Familiar voice, and boy was I right, there he was sitting in the tree reading, what I believe to be one of the pervy sages books, Kakashi Hatake, my old sensei, who really hasn't changed much, well besides the fact that, he isn't wearing his head band, and instead is using an eye patch.

"Yo, Naruto, been awhile hasn't it," was all he said, giving his freaky eye smile thing,

"Kakashi sensei, yea it has, it good to see you," I responded with a genuine smile.

I'm not sure why but both Sakura and Kakashi sensei looked at me weirdly, as if taken back by my response.

"Well I see you have changed Naruto, I met Temari early, and she said you seem a lot more mature," I couldn't help but chuckle at his statement.

"Maybe but, I'm not sure how you can deduct that from one response," I said half heartedly, " but then again, I guess maybe did mature while on my journey, I've learned new things, and I have a new found respect for life, as well as death."

The both smiled this time, I'm not sure why though, but seeing them smile finally made this place feel like home again.

"So," I said, "now that I've been back for a few hours, this place has really changed, not that I'm complaining, but why such a drastic one?' I asked.

"Hmm Lady Tsunade, decided it was high time Konoha be remodeled, she living in the past won't help us achieve anything, so she incorporated designs from other villages, Konoha is now a central hub for each village, where by Shinobi on missions can come here to rest, we've even built diplomatic embassy for the other villages," said Kakashi.

"well I guess that makes sense, after all we don't want our peace among the villages to end, now do we." I responded which earned me a chuckle from Sakura.

"What's so funny, Sakura Chan?"

"Ow nothing, it just that, I barely recognize you now is all," she said giggling.

Man ow man hearing here laugh again sent shivers down my spine.

"Well Naruto, I heard everything you told Sakura, but now I think it's time you visited lady Tsunade, and I must also must warn you, the other Kages are present in the village, well except Garaa, but Kankuro is filling in, so be warned you may feel their wrath for disappearing like you did,"

I laughed, "I might as well get it over with right, lead the way Kakashi sensei."

Upon arrival to the new and improved Hokage tower/ alliance council room, I felt cold, as if someone was talking about me in, the most vile and cruel way. As we arrived at the council door, Kakashi sensei decided to knock, to which Tsunade baa chan yelled enter.

Now I didn't enter the room yet, cause, well the chakra that was pulsing in the room, told me the Kages were having a very heated discussion.

"What is that you want Kakashi, Sakura, where in the middle of an important topic here," said whom I believe to be Onoki, the Tsuchikage.

"Well your lords and Ladies, if I may be so bold to say, but I believe you were having a discussion about our missing hero," they nodded to his words, "well I believe said hero has some explaining to do, doesn't," he finished, part him self from the middle of the door, almost as if he was ushering me inside.

I sighed, ow well might as well face the music, so I step inside, only to here gasps from each and every Kage present.

"Hello your Lordships, and ladyships," I said bowing my head in respect to them.

"Naruto," they yelled in unison, again this was most likely the third time I was gonna explain what happened, in the last 2-3 hours.

"Where have you been brat?" yelled Tsunade.

"Well Lady Tsunade, allow me to explain," as I raised my head to answer he r question, I saw what must have only been confusion, probably due to me calling her lady instead of baachan. I chuckled, and then began to explain everything to them. In the end, I was yelled at by both the Raikage and the Tsuchikage, Tsunade baachan just sat contemplating my story, while the other Kankuro and Mei the other kage, just looked relieved that I was alive.

"Naruto, well still have some stuff to discuss but, I want you in my office bright and early tomorrow morning, got that." Said Tsunade sternly, I only responded by nodding my head and smiling at her, which again made her confused. Ow I was going to enjoy doing that.

I ended spending the rest of the day catching with both Sakura Chan and Kakashi sensei, to which we then joined by sai and Sasuke, who looked rather, I dear say it, happy to see me. Though I hadn't gotten tired of explaining why I left for so long.

I did enjoy being back home and all, but I don't know why, as soon as night fell, a foreboding feeling took it's stance upon my nerves, something was happening and I was going to find out.

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