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Sterek: The Rejection

Chapter 1

Stiles followed Danny into the club. He actually followed Danny everywhere inside like a sick and lost puppy. He kept his head down low. He was underage with a fake ID. This was the second day in a row Danny and he went out. "Hey," Danny said as he turned back to him, stopping him. He moved his lips to Stiles' left ear. "Remember, you have to act like you're 21 as if you being here is normal." Stiles nodded his head.

Danny smiled and grabbed his hands. He lifted them up and crossed their fingers. Stiles stood awkwardly still as Danny swayed his hips side to side, moving closer to Stiles.

In the past two months, school had ended and Stiles had been hanging out with Danny. Scott and he had summer school, but Scott flat out ignored him and Stiles didn't know why. When Scott wasn't at work or school, he was with Isaac. Jackson and Lydia left to Florida for three weeks. That was two weeks ago; next week Tuesday they'd be returning. With the alphas gone and out of sight, everyone felt that it was safe to go back to their normal lives. Lydia did call everyday at 2pm to check on him.

Allison left town with her father. Lydia said she went to track down her grandfather Gerard. Stiles believed she was just trying to get away from Scott.

Scott had been keeping his distance from Stiles. The day after Stiles rejected Derek, Stiles told Scott that Derek and he were mates and that he has feeling for Derek. When he needed his best friend, Scott turned his back on him. Stiles felt more rejected than ever. He didn't know what to do.

Ruby was gone. With the help of his father, he got her home address. He knocked on her door. Her adoptive parents said she found her real parents and moved back with them. Stiles didn't buy it. He knew what really went down. Haven took off with Ruby as her prisoner. The question that keep getting under Stiles skin was did her adoptive parents knew what become of her or where they truly clueless?

Danny wrapped his right arm around Stiles' wrist, twisting his arm behind him, not in a painful way. It pulled Stiles away from his thoughts. He looked Danny in the eye and thought of Derek. He wrapped his arm around Danny's waist and pulled him even closer. He placed his chin on Danny's shoulder, so he wouldn't have to look Danny in the eye. He felt bad that he was thinking about Derek while they were out.

Danny stepped in as a friend when no one else did. Sure Lydia was his friend, but with Ruby and Scott M.I.A., the only two people he felt comfortable sharing his friends with, he leaned on Danny.

They became inseparable. Stiles wasn't sure if they were best friends or even close friends, but they were definitely friends and it was just what Stiles needed.

"Stop thinking about that guy," Danny said into his ear. He couldn't. He was still very upset and frustrated and angry with Derek.

Stiles stepped back. "I'm trying," he said, grinning.

Danny shook his head and smirked. He looked behind Stiles. Someone caught his eye. Danny turned Stiles around. He spoke into Stiles' ear, "that guy in the red tank." He extended his arm over Stiles' shoulder and pointed at a good looking guy. The guy was tall, tan skin, and toned. He seemed more like Danny's type than Stiles.

Stiles stood in silence, looking at the guy. He didn't want to approach the guy, but the purpose of all this nights out, clubbing, was to get over Derek. Danny pushed him forward a foot and he took it from there. He walked towards the guy and looked back at Danny. Danny waved for him to continue and he did, awkwardly as usual.

When he reached the guy in the red tank, the guy smiled at him. The guy was into pale, thin, hyperactive guys. Stiles wasn't sure about the hyperactive part, but he was just being a pessimist. After a moment of standing there with guys dancing around him, Stiles decided not to say a word.

Stiles turned around and started to walk back to a disappointing Danny, when he felt a pair of arms wrap around his waist. His heart accelerated a bit more than usual. He thought it was Derek, when he looked back, he was met with disappointment. The red-tank guy grabbed him.

He pulled Stiles in and said, "why are you going back?" Stiles didn't answer. He didn't know what to say. The guy spoke again, "you're new to this." That was true. All this was very new to Stiles.

Stiles nodded.

"I'm Sebastian. Don't worry; I'm not going to hurt you. Dance with me." He pulled Stiles to where he was dancing, in the center of the dance floor. Sebastian swayed side to side, moving his hips in perfect rhythm. At least to Stiles, it was perfect. He barely had any.

Stiles stepped side to side. He looked over his shoulder. Danny found a partner and was already deep into his own world. He turned his focus back to Sebastian. He checked him out. Yes, he was attractive and a good dancer, to his standards, but he wasn't what he wanted. Wasn't who he wanted.

When the song ended, Stiles told Sebastian he had to use to restroom; he wasn't lying he had to go. Sebastian wanted to join him, but Stiles told him it wasn't necessary. Stiles knew where that would go. He had no intention on letting it get that far.

The restroom was in the direction where Danny was. On his way, he stopped and told Danny where he was going. Danny nodded and quickly went back to dancing with the guy.

Stiles made his way through the crowd of shirtless and shirt-wearing guys. A few of them grabbed his hands, but he gently pulled his hand away and continued walking. Once inside, he saw only two guys standing next to the only two urinals, in a deep ritual of kissing. He became annoyed.

One of the stall doors opened and a tall, thick, blonde drag queen came out. She was Lady Widow. Stiles met her the night Scott and he followed Jackson/Kanima into the gay club Jungle. She said she choose the name Lady because it represented a woman of power and Widow because the black widow was a deadly spider that would sometimes kill her mate after sex.

"Hey Stiles," she said happy to see him.

"Hey Lady Widow," he said as he snapped his fingers and put the other hand on his hip. Lady Widow burst into laughter. That was his goal.

Stiles turned to the two guys-still-making out. He cleared his throat to get their attention. He had to pee and they were in his way.

"You know hotel rooms were invented for horny dicks like you," Lady Widow said to the two guys. They looked at her for a second and then ignored her and went back to kissing. She closed her pocket mirror and walked to them.

Stiles stopped her. "I'll just use a stall." She went back to freshening up. Stiles went into the last stall and did his business. As he leaned down to flush the toilet, a red spot on the floor caught his attention. He looked at it.

It was a red stream, slowly moving further into the stall he was in. It looked like blood. Stiles rushed out of his stall and tried opening the stall door next to the one he was in. It was locked. "Hey is everything okay in there?" He said, knocking on the door. Lady Widow asked what happened.

Stiles didn't answer her. He peeked through the crack and saw a guy passed out. He had blood dripping down his arm. Stiles followed the blood up his arm and saw a bite mark on his neck. A werewolf bite mark. He gasped.

"Get help. Call the ambulance." He shouted. The two guys finally stopped kissing and ran out of the restroom. Lady Widow left to get help. Stiles need to get inside. He grabbed the top of stall door and pulled back and forth until, somehow, the lock came undone.

He opened the door and rushed to the guy. The guy wasn't breathing. He placed his index and middle fingers to his neck, trying to feel for a pulse. Nothing. He was dead. He received the bite and his body rejected it.

Did Derek do this? He asked himself. Was Derek building a pack, again? He wouldn't know. He hasn't spoken to Derek in weeks. Not since Derek told him they couldn't continue whatever it was that was going on between them.

Lady Widow came back. "Stiles, I called the police and told the owner." She pulled him out of the stall. "You need to leave." He couldn't leave. He knew the protocol. He had to give a statement. "You're underage. You could get into trouble if they found that out."

Stiles left. He found Danny and pulled him away from the guy he was dancing. "We have to go." Danny didn't hesitate, but he wasn't moving in a hasty fashion as Stiles. "Now." Stiles said.

They pushed their way out of the club and got into Danny's car. Stiles insisted Danny moved quickly. Danny drove off. Once they were far away from the club, Danny asked, "why the urgency?"

"You don't want to know," Stiles responded. Clearly, Danny wanted to know. Stiles just didn't know how to tell him. How could he tell him that he found a guy dead whose body rejected the bite? This was the same reason he kept lying to his father about all the events that had happened since the night Scott was bitten by Peter. He didn't know how to say what was meant to stay hidden.

"So, there's an answer to my question?" Danny mused as he focused on the road in front of them.

"I don't want to talk about it." Stiles sunk into the passenger's seat. "You'll hear about it tomorrow." He was sure of it. The social medias, nowadays, spread like wildfire.

Danny asked him what happened a few more times during the rest of the drive to Stiles' house. Stiles just stuck to the I'm-too-terrified-to-talk-about-it bit. There was a part of him that was actually scared. If Derek didn't give the bite to that guy in the stall, another alpha had to. And if so, that would mean more trouble was coming to Beacon Hills.

Danny pulled up to Stiles' house. Stiles unbuckled his seatbelt and got out of the car. "Good luck tomorrow." Danny reminded him of the reason he had to sneak back into his house. He had summer school tomorrow.

Thanks to all the problems the werewolves brought, he failed geology. So did Scott, along with other classes. They didn't want to be behind in school. So they took on summer courses.

Stiles said bye and Danny drove off. He managed to get inside without waking up his dad. He took a quick shower and went to bed. He pushed out as much thoughts as he could before finally falling asleep. His body was exhausted; it helped.

The next morning, four hours after he fell asleep, Stiles woke up and got ready for the day. He was running a little late. His father was already gone. With no breakfast made, he knew his father was called in to work. Now that he thought about it, he didn't see his father's car in the driveway when he arrived last night. His father was called to duty before he returned home. So sneaking in last night didn't count. He was home alone.

He swallowed down a bowl of cereal. The cereal was still hard; that it scratched his throat as it went down, causing him to cough a few times. After a second of gathering himself, he grabbed his book bag and rushed to his jeep, throwing his bag on the passenger seat. He drove off.

He reached the high school with only a couple minutes to spare. He jetted out of his jeep and into the school. He veered left, sliding a little, but continued going. He ran down the hall to the classroom. He took a sharp turn into the classroom and lost his balance, falling back. Something told him to let go of his book bag and put his hands flat, behind him.

His hands planted on the floor perfectly without hurt his wrist. He saved himself from hit the floor. The class of fifteen students, that included him, turned to him. The female brunette teacher came to his aid. "Are you alright?" She said as she grabbed his arm and helped him.

Stiles nodded. He felt too embarrassed to respond. He grabbed his book bag and sat down on the nearest empty desk to him. The teacher walked back to the front of the classroom. Stiles took a deep breath. That was a close call for him. He looked around him and instantly noticed Scott was sitting in the desk, diagonally left of him.

Stiles noticed Scott's eyes peer at him from the corner. Stiles wanted to say something, but he didn't. There was a reason Scott and he hadn't talk much since the night of the ritual. Now that he thought about it; he didn't know what the reason was. Scott, out of nowhere, put a wall between them.

The teacher introduced herself. Mrs. Lawrence. She went straight into the syllabus. For the next four weeks, Stiles had to do three projects, one per week and on the final week; he'd have to do a written final. Written finals he could do; he wasn't so sure with doing actual projects.

The summer school day went by quickly. Stiles only had one class to attend for three days out of the week. Scott had three. After the class ended, Stiles headed home. He text messaged Danny that he was out of jail. Danny said he would be heading over to his house.

Stiles got to his house and went straight up to his room. When he walked over to his bed, he felt a breeze brush against his arm. He looked over to the window. It was opened. His heart rate accelerated. "Derek?"

He heard a footstep behind him. He jumped a foot off the ground. The hairs on his body rose with goose bumps. Derek scared him half to death.

Derek went right to the point on why he was in Stiles' room. "What happened last night?" After his heart race slowed down, Stiles focused on his question so he wouldn't be rushed with all the feelings he had been harboring.

Stiles didn't know what he was talking. Well he did know what Derek was talking about, but his mind was more focused on the fact that Derek was here. What a failed attempt that was.

They hadn't spoken in two months. He occasionally would see Derek around Beacon Hills. Before Jackson and Lydia left to Florida, Lydia told Stiles, Derek and the rest were still looking for Erica and Boyd.

"Stiles, what happened at the club?" Derek said, growling after his question. He got Stiles' attention.

"A guy…" Stiles paused. How did he know I was out at a club? Stiles thought. "Wait. How did you know where I was last night?" Derek didn't answer. "Were you following me?"

"No," Derek answered coldheartedly. Stiles felt like he was punched in his stomach. "I heard that a guy was found dead and he had a bite wound on his shoulder."

"Yes, I found him." Derek's face hardened. Stiles wanted to know why, but he didn't ask. He rejected Derek and he had to show it, even if it wasn't what he wanted. He had gotten tired of being pushed around. He wanted control. "He did have the bite. It killed him." Without noticing, he took a step closer. "Did you give him the bite? Haven't you learned your lesson with Erica and Boyd?" The last question came out in an angry tone. He wasn't mad about the disappearance of Erica and Boyd; his hurt from Derek was what surfaced.

Stiles did let Derek think he was anger with him for what happened to Erica and Boyd. It was his fault, though. He wrinkled his eyebrows, forcing himself to appear annoyed by his presents.

"I didn't give him the bite." Derek walked over to the window.

"Then who did?" Stiles asked.

"Don't worry about it." Derek said then leaped out of the window.

Stiles growled, like actually growled. He hated when he would leave abruptly. The punched he felt by his hurt feelings pushed deeper into his gut. The rejection feeling returned. It wasn't really got, but Stiles managed to keep it at bay and Derek, in a matter of minutes, brought that feeling back.

Stiles dropped his book bag and fell on the bed. Derek's last words echoed in his head and he couldn't help but worry. Derek and the rest had no idea what Haven did to him while they were unconscious. Stiles still didn't know what she did. It was another thing he didn't know or understand. He did know whatever it was; she set something in motion and he imagined that she'd be returning.