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Chapter 2

Stiles went outside when he heard a car pull into his driveway. Danny said he would be coming over and Danny was who he saw when he exited his house. "Was that your cousin Miguel?" Danny asked as he walked to him from his car.

Stiles scratched the back of his head, not sure if he wanted to tell Danny the truth or just ignore the question all together. "Yes, that was him." He decided to do neither. He knew if he ignored the question Danny wouldn't let it go. He experienced that last night when they left the club. If he told Danny the truth, he feared he'd have to relive that night Derek rescued him from Haven, James, and their packs. He was always thinking about it, reliving it in his head. The last thing he wanted to do was to voice his agony.

"Cool," Danny said as he walked into Stiles' house.

Stiles wondered if Danny still had a crush on Derek. He shook his head, thinking what a foolish thought that was. Derek was hot and built. Of course, Danny was still attracted to him.

Stiles grinned, bitter-sweetly to myself and followed Danny inside. They sat in his kitchen. When Danny placed two blue ray movies on the table top, Stiles knew what the afternoon was going to consist of. They were horror flicks. Though, Stiles would have preferred to go out as a distraction, horror flicks were a good idea. There was nothing like forgetting a rejection by watching young love get torn apart.

Stiles and Danny entered the living room. Stiles picked out Texas Chainsaw, the original. As he turned on the blue ray player, Danny spoke, "so a guy was found dead at the club last night." Stiles froze for a second before he continued moving, ignoring the question.

Stiles turned on the TV. He ignored the question because it reminded him of Derek, who was just here moments ago, asking about the guy. Danny didn't give up. "Did you find him?"

Stiles thought about lying, but what for? It happened sometimes. People have found dead bodies before. What made this any different from the others? Nothing. "Yes, I did." He put the disc into this blue ray player and grabbed the remotes from the entertainment center. "But Lady Widow said she found the body."

Stiles went to the couch and sat next to Danny. "So you can't tell anyone." He leaned his head towards Danny, physically implying he had to keep his lips sealed.

Danny nodded his head. "His name was Evan." Danny moved in closer to Stiles that their shoulders touched. Stiles started the movie.

The movie was great as usual to Stiles and Danny. Stiles was able to get his mind off of things (off of Derek). Danny made it easier. He jumped at every scream and surprise. By the end of the movie, Danny had his arms wrapped tightly around Stiles' right arm.

Stiles liked it. Danny made him feel needed and not rejected.

Stiles' phone rang. When he saw that it was Lydia calling him, he knew what time it was. 2:00p.m. He paused the movie to answer. Though after he did it, he didn't understand why; the credits were rolling. "Hello Lydia," he said in a sweet and excited tone.

"What are you up to?" She asked. Stiles was excited to hear from her as he always was, but he didn't like how she filled their phone calls with pointless questions when he knew the real question she wanted to ask him. How are you doing since you were kidnapped and nearly killed?

He answered her question. "I'm here hanging out with Danny."

He heard another voice and then, it sounded like the phone was moving around in someone's pocket. "Stilinski, put Danny on the phone," Jackson said. Lydia complained in the background, telling him to call Danny from his own phone. Stiles thought the same thing. "Did you not hear me?"

Stiles rolled his eyes and held out his phone to Danny. Danny raised his eyebrows, confused. "Jackson wants to talk to you."

Danny grabbed the phone and said hello. He got quiet, listening to what Jackson was saying. Danny explained why he didn't answer his phone. "Yeah, sure," he said before handing the phone back to Stiles.

Stiles thought, again, why didn't Jackson just text message Danny. Especially since it was a short conversation. He probably asked him a simple question. "Lydia," Stiles said into the phone.

"Stiles, we're coming home tomorrow," Lydia said. He was going to ask why, but his mind jumped to the reason. Derek must have called Jackson home. His mind moved back to the dead guy in the club. There was more to it and Derek knew what it was. Had James and Haven returned?

Then another thought pushed its' way to the front of everything else. Derek. Lydia said hello loudly, getting his attention. "Okay," he said, coldly. Not because she would be. He was happy for it, but it meant he would see Derek more, now. He wasn't up for that.

"Please, Stiles contain your excitement."

"I'm trying," he said with a smile, even thought she couldn't see it. He was sure she could imagine it.

"Before I let you go, can you do me a huge favor." The tone in her voice told him she wasn't asking. She didn't give him a chance to answer. "Go to Allison's house and pick up my house key. My mother is still out of town." She quickly said thanks and hung up.

Stiles just stared at his phone. Did she just pull that over him? She knew Allison and him weren't on speaking terms, not since the hospital visit.

It looked like he didn't have a choice in the matter. He put his phone back in his pocket and turned to Danny. "I have to pick up Lydia's key from Allison." Danny smiled. He was okay with doing that errand. Stiles turned off the TV and blue ray player. He locked the door and they took off to Allison's in Danny's car.

After they arrived, Stiles knocked on twice on the front door. Danny waited in the car. Stiles told him it would be quick. When there was no answer, he rang the doorbell. Still, there was no answer. Stiles walked back toward the car.

Danny turned off the engine and got out of the car. "No answer."

Stiles shook his head. He turned his head and looked at the garage door. He got the idea to maybe knock on the door. Why it would make a difference from the front house door, he didn't know.

He walked to the door and as he stepped in front of it, the door began to open, revealing a tall, thin, and pale guy. His wavy black hair was spiked up. "Hello," he said as he wiped his oil-filled hands with a cloth before he extended out his hand.

"Hi," Stiles said, awkwardly, grabbing the guy's hand and shaking it.

"I'm Dante," he said. "Are you looking for Allison?"

Stiles nodded. Dante grinned at him, which of course, gave Stiles the curious thought. Was Dante into him? Stiles felt a painful thought moving to the front. He shook his head, pushing the thought out.

"Hey Dee, I got you a bottle wa-" Allison stopped talking when she saw Stiles in her driveway. "Stiles." She said it like she didn't want him here. He didn't blame for feeling that way.

"Hello, Allison," Danny said walking into the garage. She lifted her hand and waved at him awkwardly. Stiles knew it wasn't Danny that made her feel uncomfortable. It was him.

Dante cleared his throat in the thickening tension that grew in the silence. Danny filled it with an introduction. He introduced Stiles and himself to Dante. The introduction didn't do much on filling the time.

Stiles just wanted to get this over with. "Lydia sent me to pick up her house key," he said.

Stiles wasn't sure if it was an act of kindness or just a way to not make this moment any more awkward for Dante, than it was, but Allison spoke and this time, soft and casual, "she mentioned before she left that she would have you come for it." Her eyes glanced in Dante's direction. Stiles moved his eyes at Dante and saw a smile on his face. She did it for him.

"She isn't supposed to return 'til next week," she said. She sounded more comfortable. Dante had some sort of power over her. They were close, really close.

"Come inside," Allison said, waving Stiles over. She turned around and entered her house.

Stiles followed her inside. He kept a two step distance. He tried thinking of something to talk about or say, but his mind drew a blank. So he asked the first question he could think of. "Who did you exactly know?" She glanced at him from over his shoulder as they walked up the stairs, raising her eyebrow. She didn't know what he was talking about, exactly. "About my feelings." She gave him the same look. He thought she's really going to make me say it.

"My…feelings for"-he whispered-"Derek." His heart jumped and stung when he said Derek's name. He was thankful there weren't any wolves here to hear his heart accelerate. He could actually successfully hide what he was feeling, expect this moment.

She walked into her room. Stiles stood outside, in front of the door. She wasn't going to speak with him. So he gave up.

He watched her walk up to her dresser and grabbed Lydia's house key from the top. She returned to Stiles and extended her arm out to him. He reached forward and grabbed the key.

As soon as Allison let go of the key, she grabbed Stiles' hand. He looked her, wondering why she grabbed his hand. They stared at each other for minute, wondering who would speak first. They both had so much to say, so much let out, but neither knew where to begin.

Stiles knew she was still feeling so much pain from her breakup with Scott and he knew she knew he was hurt from Derek. The two humans left heartbroken over werewolves.

"The night of the rave when you were attacked, I was there." Stiles nodded. He knew this because he bumped into her dancing with a guy. "I helped Scott fight off." She paused for a second. "Arez." Stiles was taken back a little. She actually helped them.

Stiles mumbled a "thank you."

She didn't react to his thank you and continued, "When Scott and Derek found you and Derek carrying you away, I saw the why he looked at him." She swallowed the lump in her throat. "It is the same way Scott looks at me."

Stiles took his eyes off of her and looked down at the floor. He knew the way Scott looked at Allison. He'd seen it so many times; he had become so jealous of what they had. He wanted it. He needed it.

The knot in his chest tightened. Derek looked at him the way Scott looked Allison and yet, Derek rejected him. Stiles shook his head. No, he rejected Derek. I rejected him, he said, coaching himself through the hurt.

"We should get back," Allison said, cutting the conversation off. Stiles thought maybe she didn't want to talk about it. Since they talked about his problem; all that was left was hers and she didn't want to talk about it.

They made their way back into the garage. Danny stood quietly with his arms folded around his chest and Dante was leaned over a motorcycle-Stiles just barely saw. Both of them were listening to the news report on the TV.

Stiles and Allison caught the ending of it. "What's breaking the news now?" Allison asked as she approached Dante, standing super close to her.

Danny answered, "a girl from the town over was found dead." Stiles' body stiffened, wondering if there was a connection with this girl and the guy.

Dante added, "yeah. They said it was probably an animal attack. She had a bite-like wound on her leg."

Stiles glanced at Allison and saw that she, too, had glanced at him. He wasn't sure if it was like Evan's death, but it was a high possibility and Allison shared the same thought as him.

Though, Stiles didn't want to; he needed to speak with Derek. Everyone needed to come together to stop what was happening. Stiles told Danny it was time to go. They said bye to Dante and Allison.

As Stiles took a step out of the garage, he pulled out his phone to check the time and it vibrated in his hand. He received a voicemail. He called his voicemail to hear the message, wondering why the phone didn't ring. It had service in Allison's house.

He pushed "1" to hear the message. The machine gave the number of the caller. It was of a different area code. The message began. "Stiles." The voice was of a female and she sounded terrified and out of breath. "I need your help. It's Erica." He gasped, lifting his hand and covering his mouth. "Find us. We're."

"Oh shit!" a manly voice yelled before the line went dead. Boyd was with her.