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Summary: What if ancient creature blood coursed right through the Potter family? What if it only just awakened inside of Harry? A total difference in fate. Harry is born with a full-human twin brother, who got named the Boy-Who-Lived. Growing up with the Dursley's was never the best. Maybe that was what led him to becoming darker?

Warnings: BoyxBoy - SLASH - Yaoi. (Eventual)LV-TMR/HP. Dark!Powerful!Harry.

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Chapter Fourteen

Harry looked at the calm pool of water, his legs dipping into the clear liquid. It was warm and soothing, and he couldn't help but smile.

It was a painful smile, now that he knew that the one he had grown so close too was dark. What if the one he had grown close to wasn't Quirrell, but Voldemort? It must have been, why else would have the professor known such knowledge of Dark Arts? To know so much of all fields of magic? Wouldn't a Dark Lord be knowledgeable, intelligent and beyond powerful? Why else would a professor grow so close to him?

To eventually kill Alex.

But why would Voldemort, one of the evilest Dark Lord's of all time, actually be nice and kind to him, able to teach him so well.

If Marvolo is close to death, yet unable to die, he is most likely using dark magic. Shouldn't that mean Marvolo is a follower of Voldemort? Wouldn't that mean Harry would have to follow Voldemort eventually?

To go against his brother, who would no doubt end up on the Light.

Tears welled up in his eyes, and threatened to fall over.

If Marvolo was Dark... since so would Harry.

Even if it meant going against his brother, he couldn't let his mate down. Ever.


Harry hummed to himself, pushing his trunk above the compartment. Draco, Theo, and Blaise were already sitting, waiting for Harry to join them.

"So Harry, what happened with your brother?", Theo hummed.

"Nice try. Even though you're trying to be manipulative, I won't question it as you're a Slytherin. Do it again, however, I will chop off your balls and feed them to Yuki and Kira.", Harry smiled happily, his two familiars both giving hisses as an affirmative.

"What's up with you?", Blaise blinked, while Theo became paler than a piece of parchment.

Harry ignored the question, "Professor Quirrell attempted to steal something from the school, but my brother stopped him. Somehow accidentally killing him.", he said, looking at Theo.

The three became eerily silent.

"Forget my question.", Blaise muttered.

"Are you okay?", Draco frowned.

"I'm fine.", Harry responded tightly, sitting down.

"Right.", Blaise returned.

Harry rolled his eyes. He decided to ignore the three for the rest of the train ride.


Alex looked around for his brother, exiting the train with a small frown. His two friends, Hermione and Ron, following behind him.

"I'm worried.", Alex mumbled.

"Well, think about it. Harry just learned that one of his favorite professors turned out to be dark, anyone would be a bit shaken from it. Especially when said professor taught him a lot of extra things out of lessons. Harry is most likely re-considering his beliefs, worried that they're dark.", Hermione said.

"I-I guess you're right.", Alex mumbled back.

"Yeah! I agree with 'Mione, Alex.", Ron nodded.

"Anyways, wanna help with summer homework?", Alex grinned.

"Alex!", Hermione groaned, getting ready to lecture her friend.


Three days after the start of summer break, Harry missed his brother already.

He occupied a lot of his him studying and shopping, and in the next two days the trial of Sirius Black will come in. Not only that he would send out multiple letters to the press about Dumbledore, so he planned for some public backlash for the headmaster. Not only that, he had a plan to control the press from keeping them from insulting his brother, who was after all very famous and could get some serious backlash himself. So can Harry. To avoid that, Harry plans to use his connections with Gringotts and being care of Lucius and Narcissa Malfoy who are both good friends with many important people in England, and many other places as well. Harry also plans to start buying more dark artifacts, to study them heavily.

Harry decided he would enter the study of the Dark Arts - as many fields as he can get into, as well as for the Neutral Arts and the Light Arts. He doesn't care what type of magic it is, as long as he knows it. He knows if he learns this, he can be a good asset to the Dark Lord, and maybe even help Marvolo move up in ranks. Though, Harry decided already that Marvolo is most likely in Voldemort's Inner Circle, and in anything Harry wishes to be in the same circle as his mate. He has to be at least sixteen to join, and he doesn't know how Voldemort will come back, and when. He considered finding a way to use the stone, maybe that was why Marvolo gave it to him.

It still made no sense that Voldemort possessed Quirrell, but Marvolo was somewhere in this mess. Meaning Marvolo could be possessing someone as well, but Harry doesn't know who. If he was, then Marvolo would have been able to keep the stone and help the Dark Lord. Harry thought that just maybe, Marvolo and Voldemort could be the same person - but he doubted it. There was no way he could be mates with the person who not only killed his parents, but will do doubt try to kill his brother as well. Again, despite the last sentence, Harry will join the Dark Lord and become a Death Eater if his mate so wishes it. Even then, it will be willing. Harry can't stand how the government is now. Sometimes, dictatorship is the only way to solve things even if it seems dim.

Either way, Harry doubted that he's strong enough to be a mate with the Dark Lord Voldemort - the most powerful Dark Lord since Salazar Slytherin himself, and more 'evil' as well.

Back onto the first topic, Harry had written his brother many times. He didn't understand why he wasn't responding, but then he guessed the Dursley's wouldn't let him use Hedwig. At least his brother knew he hadn't forgotten him.

Harry let out a sigh, hopefully he will soon be able to see Alex again.


June 20th was a very popular day for any witch and wizard into politics and watching trials

Sirius Orion Black was put down on trial, with a set of Goblin lawyers on his side. Not only that, Harry James Potter the Boy-Who-Lived's brother was defending Black. If you walked into the courtroom where the trial was being held, you would see everything packed. The Wizengamot, the Ministry of Magic, the press, the Aurors, and the rest of the public who wanted to see the trial.

Harry found himself sitting with the Goblin lawyers, with Black next to him.

"Er... Harry, thank you.", Sirius coughed, as the Ministry called everything into order.

"It's nothing.", Harry promised.

"H-How's Alex?", Sirius asked.

"Good. I know he'll do even better once you're free.", Harry stated.

Sirius laughed dryly, "So sure, eh?", he grinned.

"Sirius Orion Black you're called to the stand.", the Minister of Magic, Cornelius Fudge, stated.

Harry watched as Sirius was taken up by Aurors, and dragged onto the chair that stood for the stand.

Harry marveled on how alike yet different trial was to muggle trials.

Sirius was fed Veritaserum, before being sat down.

"Sirius Black, were you or were you not the secret keeper for the Potters?", a man asked, coming to Sirius.

"I wasn't.", Sirius returned.

Gasps and whispers exploded from those two words.

Harry inwardly sighed, how dramatic and stupid can the wizarding public be? And he's only eleven (Almost twelve), and he sees this stupidity. Something is seriously wrong here.

"Who was the secret keeper?", the man asked.

"Peter Pettigrew.", Sirius returned.

"Why did you kill him?"

"I wanted to avenge James' and Lily's death. I was blinded by anger.", he stated.

Whispers continued on.

"Silence! Silence!", Fudge cried.

"I believe that's enough.", one the Goblins said, "It's clear he is innocent, I demand that the final vote is tallied.", he stated.

"Those who claim Sirius Black is guilty."

Barely three hands were raised.

"Those who claim Sirius Black is innocent."

Everyone else's hands shot into the air.

"Sirius Orion Black is here on out, free of all charges."

Harry smirked.

The Goblins weren't even needed, were they?


Harry watched as Narcissa and Lucius signed over guardianship from them over to Sirius, it was just two weeks Sirius was sitting in Azkaban.

Dumbledore had to sign guardianship over to Sirius, or continue to get public backlash after Harry gained some favor of the press. It was just too easy, really. Not only that, Harry was given more access to the Black Vaults with Sirius as his guardian. Harry was quite happy with his new guardian, and he knew that Sirius would be great for Alex, and Harry himself as well. He was a bit sad to say goodbye to Narcissa though.

"We'll still shop together.", she promised.

Alex had been taken from the Dursley's, where he was locked into his room with barred windows. That pushed on Dumbledore even more.

However, those truly loyal to the Light called everything the Daily Prophet said a lie. It didn't have much of a affect as Harry hoped, but there was still tons more of time to get Dumbledore. The bastard will pay for nearly pushing Harry and his brother apart.

For now, however, Harry will just enjoy his summer vacation with his newly formed family.

Authors Note:

I feel like I rushed through this part.

I haven't been able to respond to as many reviews as I want too, but I've read them all and thank you to you all! I'm very happy to say this may end up being the longest story I've ever written. I know it's on it's way, and I'm hoping to reach 60,000 words by chapter 23. Wish me luck on that one!

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What if Harry grew up in a orphanage, but with Alex by his side? Man, I have so many ideas with Harry and a twin brother that I can't wait to explore them all. I want to spread the fad of Harry and his twin brother NOT having a hateful relationship. It makes no sense that Lily and James would forget Harry and abuse him, it makes no sense that two brothers would hate each other. So... yeah.

I've also been thinking over the plot for the second year, and I've fully decided on something that I can't wait to write. Man, now I just can't wait to get onto his fourth year. Also, it seems that his third year will be somewhat uneventful so that year alone will take up at most only 6,000 words since I don't like to waste time on anything unimportant. In all honesty, sometimes I forget thinks that I've written earlier so I have to re-read a lot...



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