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Summary: What if ancient creature blood coursed right through the Potter family? What if it only just awakened inside of Harry? A total difference in fate. Harry is born with a full-human twin brother, who got named the Boy-Who-Lived. Growing up with the Dursley's was never the best. Maybe that was what led him to becoming darker?

Warnings: BoyxBoy - SLASH - Yaoi. (Eventual)LV-TMR/HP. Dark!Powerful!Harry.

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Chapter Fifteen

Harry hummed to himself, as he continued to organize his new room. Sirius and Remus were out getting Alex from the Dursley's, and Harry stayed behind to unpack everything.

He filled the bookshelves already with his school books, along with all the books Quirrell had given him during their lessons (plus the ones he's been ordering from Knockturn and Diagon Alley). His closet was packed up with all of his clothes, and his bathroom stocked with all the new items he decided to buy. It was sets of jewelry designed in the Potter and Black crest's. He also bought a lot of different soaps, though he got called girly in a teasing fashion by Sirius. What? Jewelry, soaps, and make-up can be worn by guys too! As well a sparkles... okay, Harry can admit they may be a bit girlish, but they're pretty! Why should only girls be allowing to wear them? Besides, he looks nice in them. And if anyone dares to say that he's a bit too girly, or looks like a girl, he'll happily curse them.

Plus, he would only dress himself up for special occasions such as balls, though would allow himself to dress up when he bloody wants too.

"HARRRY!", screamed a voice, and Harry barely had any time to turn around before he was tackled into a hug.

"A-Alex?!", Harry gaped.

"Harry! I missed you!", Alex grinned at his brother, eyes sparkling.

"I missed you too.", Harry sighed.

"Are you still mad at me for the you-know-what?", Alex whispered.

"I was never mad at you, I was just... confused.", Harry gave a small smile.

"That's good.", Alex grinned.

"So, did you do any of your summer homework?", Harry asked.

"Er... no.", Alex coughed.

"Well, you should.", Harry shook his head.

"Okay boys! I have an awesome plan.", Sirius grinned, entering the room with Remus trailing behind him.

Harry remembered when he met the man, while he was tense around the both of them at first, he learned they were pure Gryffindors. Loyal and brave straight to the bone, and they would never harm him or Alex. After all, they did one babysit them for his parents, and they were very close to his parents as well. Though, that didn't stop Peter... the damn rat. Harry grit his teeth, but hid his anger easily.

"What would that be?", Alex asked, sitting on Harry.

"Could you get off of me?", Harry hissed, out of breath. His brother ignored him.

"We're gonna go out to eat, shop, eat once more, then come back.", Sirius said.

"Cool!", Alex grinned.


Harry woke up in the morning, took a shower then got dressed, he brushed his hair. That's when he noticed his hair was growing out even more, reaching two inches past his shoulder. When did he miss this? Most likely through all the constant quick showers in the morning for school, brushing his hair as easily as possible before moving out to the day usually leave his hair a bit more waved. With it carefully brushed, the waves were calmer and silky-looking. Thus, he could see it's growth.

He would have to have it cut soon, then. He'll have to ask Sirius to take him to Diagon Alley.

Leaving his room, he was greeted by the sweet aroma of breakfast. He happily made his way to breakfast, taking his seat.

"HELLLOOOO HAARRRRY!", Sirius and Alex chimed out together.

Harry nor Remus looked amused.

"How did you and my parents deal with him throughout your school year?", Harry asked Remus.

"James was the same.", Remus responded with a sigh, "I usually found my escape by studying with your mother.", he explained.

"The two were meant to be in Ravenclaw, I tell ya.", Sirius nodded, Alex looking up at Sirius confused.

"Harry's a Ravenclaw, but I rarely see him in the library.", Alex said.

"I went to tutoring sessions with professor Quirrell, and I went to the library at least an hour a day with my other accounts of reading during History of Magic.", Harry returned, "In total, each day I've studied around three to five hours.", he stated.

"Nerd.", Alex deadpanned.

"Says the too-brave-for-his-own-good Gryffindor.", Harry returned with a snort.

"Plus, he hangs out around a bunch of Slytherins.", Alex said, ignoring Harry's little insult with a small pout traced on his lips, but it soon formed into a big grin waiting the reaction to the word(s) of Harry's friends.

"Slytherins? Who are they?", Remus asked kindly, while Sirius mimicked a heart attack.

"Draco Malfoy, Theodore Nott, Blaise Zabini, and sometimes Pansy Parkinson and Daphne Greengrass.", Harry returned easily.

"We already knew about Malfoy, seeing as you were with them for your first year.", Sirius said, "But Nott and Zabini? Nott's father I believe barely got out of being thrown into Azkaban for being a Death Eater, and Zabini? Isn't his mother the one that marries morons for their money, and currently one of the richest women in magical Europe?", he asked, stuffing a pancake into his mouth.

"Theo isn't like his father, and Blaise... well... I honestly think he may end up with his mother, he's already eyeing some of the richer females and males of our year.", Harry deadpanned, remembering when Blaise helped out some random second year that was shorter than him, but was from an extremely wealthy and important family.

"Besides, it isn't like they're bad people to be friends with. Draco is no doubt going to be popular in the Slytherin house due to his father, as well as Theo and Blaise for their own wealth and family importance.", he shrugged, adding strawberries to his own waffles.

"Why would they be popular just for their family's importance?", Alex asked, confused.

"Slytherins are young politicians, of course they have rankings.", Harry returned.

"Oh... weird.", Alex mumbled.

"All Slytherins are weird.", Sirius snickered.

"Harry, would you like me to take you the English International Library?", Remus suddenly asked, "It's in the Ministry of Magic, and you have to pay for a normal pass but I think it would be worth it.", he smiled.

"That would be wonderful.", Harry grinned, already seeing all the books in the only library in the United Kingdom that's bigger than Hogwarts.


Later that day, Remus took Harry to the library and they stayed there until it closed down.

Harry managed to create himself a library card, and check out multiple books that were due in a week. He knew he would be able to read them all, thus he didn't mind the short period of time given. Plus, they were going to come back every other day or whenever Sirius didn't have anything planned. Harry knew he was going to love the rest of his summer. He knew Alex would enjoy having a figure to look after, as well. Unlike Harry who had gained someone to idol - Quirrell -, even if he was technically most likely idolizing someone else - Voldemort - Alex has yet to find someone he wishes to be like.

Harry found a book that wrote on and on about how the Philosophers Stone could be used for more than just the Elixir of Life. Rituals were one the big things, and it even told Harry how to go through them all. Rituals could also be enhanced when you place the stone in the middle of any ritual circle, striving Harry forward into wanting to perform a ritual by his third year. First, however, he needed to prepare for one and find one good for him to do, and would want to do. Thus, he checked out many more books on different rituals that he planned on copying with a spell before returning them. He was searching for a ritual that could maybe help him find out who his mate was. So far.. nothing. Hopefully, he still had a lot more to go through and so he may just be able to find one.

"Haarrryyy!", Alex whined, "Come on, Sirius and I really want to go to a muggle fast food restaurant. McDonald's, I think it's called.", he begged.

"Fine.", Harry gave him.

That's how Sirius rented a muggle car, crashed into many other cars when trying to park before just going through the drive through, then screaming in it for everything on the menu times six, and how they let with a car full of food and many milkshakes.


As the end of July came near, Harry's letters to his friends became more and more frequent as they tried to figure out what to get him. Sirius decided to hold the twins birthday party at a small Black family owned home that would be great for the party. Harry invited over Draco, Theo, Blaise, and the invitation went over to their parents. Alex invited the whole Weasley family, and Hermione. Sirius and Remus invited most of their old friends and kids from Gryffindor. Harry hoped for more books for his birthday, while Alex wanted a new broom - aka, the Nimbus 2001.

Harry found a ritual he could perform with the stone that would not only show him who his mate was, but with the stone's help, even know his name and where he is. He had to buy a lot of things needed yet, as well as wait for Halloween to perform it. Thus, he has already ordered as many things as possible to the house that he claimed was for potions he was trying out. The darker and more illegal things needed had to be picked up in secret from Knockturn every time they went to visit Diagon, which was at least once a week shifting between the twins in attempts to buy the other presents. Harry had to say it was a nice system.

The library at the Ministry (The English International Library) had more than a lot of books for Harry to read, and went through a lot. He was unable to practice any spells, but he got each theory down quickly and easily. He soon also found his way into the Black Library that rested inside Twelve Grimmauld Place, the main Black home and where they stayed. Harry spent two hours there each night when everyone went to bed, usually waking up at nine (Sirius and Alex didn't get up until around ten to eleven, while Remus got up at around seven). It meant he had no need to cover up lack of sleep, or make up lies for what he was doing at night.

He had discovered a lot more rituals and spells from the Black Library as well, marking each one down into his mind to use them later on, and to master them once he gets back to Hogwarts. Even though in the library it said the Black home had wards that would let anyone underage perform magic, he didn't want to take any chances. Thus, his patience came into play.

"Harry, what's your favorite three colors?", Sirius casually asked, coughing a bit.

Harry rolled his eyes, "Prussian blue, emerald green, and black.", he stated.

"Awesome to know.", Sirius nodded, before standing up and running off from the drawing room.

Harry rolled his eyes, and continued to read his book.


July 31st came quickly, and Harry found himself hugging his friends tightly before greeting their parents.

"I apologize for you having to deal with the Weasley bunch, and well... everyone else.", Harry said to them, knowing they were glaring over at all the Gryffindors.

"It's fine, Harry. You do share a birthday with your brother, after all.", Narcissa laughed.

Harry smiled, and the day went on smoothly.

Harry got more than enough books and clothes from everyone, those from Sirius and Remus all his in three favorite colors in many different shades as well. Alex didn't get the broom he wanted, as Sirius said he was planning on getting Alex a different broom that would be coming in when he was in his third year and he wanted to make it seem even 'awesomer'. He did, however, get Alex tons of Qudditch-related items, and Harry tons of books, robes, and jewelry (The Jewelry being Black family heirlooms, as well as heirlooms from many other families which the Black family earned over the years as they devoured many other pureblood families into their lineage).

That night, when everyone was gone and they returned to Grimmauld, Harry went to Alex's room to give him his birthday present. Knocking on the door gently, it took a moment or two before it opened to reveal a tired Alex Potter.

"Here.", Harry handed his brother a long wrapped box, "It's your present.", he said.

"Really? Thanks Harry.", Alex grinned, dragging his brother into his messy room.

Harry sat on the bed, watching as Alex tore open the box to reveal a new broom.

"I-Is this what I think it is?", Alex gaped.

"The Nimbus 2001.", Harry grinned, "Easy to buy, actually.", he shrugged, "Only just a bit better than the Nimbus 2000, so I can understand why Sirius wanted to wait to get you a new broom-", he started, before he tackled in a hug by his brother.

"Thankyouthankyouthankyou!", Alex gushed, holding the broom in a close hug.

Harry laughed, "No problem. Now, if you excuse me, I got some late night reading to do.", he said.

"Goodnight.", Alex grinned, as Harry left.

Harry smiled a bit, 'Hopefully it makes up for his suckish Christmas present.', he thought, going to his room rather than the Black Library. Tonight, he'll just go straight to bed for once.

Authors Note:

Harry wanted to make up for the small present he got his brother on Yule, and thus got him a broom. How nice of him XD

How was Sirius and Remus? I'm trying to keep them as much in character as possible, I don't know how I'm doing though.

Yes, I'm going to have Harry use the stone to do many different things that will in the long run not only help him and his mate. Saying that isn't much of a spoiler, since you only know one thing that he's planning to do, eh? Also, Harry IS powerful in more ways than one. Having Voldemort as his mate not only means he has a powerful mate, but the fact that Voldemort/Marvolo is the only one equal (if not more powerful) to Harry's own raw magical power.

From a request in a review, I'm going to do my best to lengthen the chapters as much as possible. As seen here, I've reached at least 2.5k words. I shall try to write longer and more detailed chapters, as I like doing so but I don't want to fill it with nonsense that won't really add onto the plot.

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