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Summary: What if ancient creature blood coursed right through the Potter family? What if it oly awakened inside of Harry? A total difference in fate. Harry is born with a full-human twin brother, who got named the Boy-Who-Lived. Growing up with the Dursley's was never the best. Maybe that was what led him to becoming darker.

Warnings: BoyxBoy - SLASH - Yaoi. (Eventual)LV-TMR/HP. Dark!Powerful!Harry

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Pre-Authors Note: I've decided to write this special chapter just for you guys! It's basically starts out with Marvolo's point of view, then back to Harry's.

Chapter Twenty-Two

Marvolo, better known as the Dark Lord Voldemort or maybe even Tom Marvolo Riddle Jr., entered the Potter home on Halloween. He was filled with happiness and glee. Today he was going to kill the only threat to his place as he Dark Lord of Great Britain, then of course he would add Ireland and Northern Ireland to that. He would make sure he had everything in his hands, simple as that. Once he took Great Britain and the United Kingdom (There were two separate yet combined ministries, thus making it harder for him to take everything officially) he would move onto Europe, from Europe he would move to Asia and from Asia to Africa. The rest of the world he didn't have much care for. Africa and Asia held some of the most magically historic and powerful sites, and Europe held the richest and most powerful men in the world. The American Ministry of Magic wouldn't get involved seeing as it has all magic, and as long as he keeps away from muggles he'll be able to take over the magical world. Oh, he couldn't wait for that die. Until then, however, he had a child to deal with.

He easily killed James Potter, the father, with a flick of his wrist and a silent casting of the Killing Curse (He had long since mastered wandless and wordless casting). In a flash of green, the man fell to the ground dead. Marvolo continued forward up the stairs, and easily found his target from hearing the whimpering and loud cries. He blew open the door, and found Lily Potter there.

"Please! Don't kill my babies!", Lily Potter, the mother, cried out. Tears were flowing down her cheeks. How lovely. He would ahve loved to torture her, but he made a promise to one of his followers. If she doesn't move, however, that promise goes out the window.

"Back down, Lily Potter. If you let me kill them, you'll live.", he snarled.

"No! Please, please! Take me instead-", Lily cried out.

"Tch. Looks like that favor went down the drain. Avada Kedevra!", Voldemort sneered, flicking his wand at her. He watched in interest as only one of the twins cried. He paid it no heed, and went instead to the brighter eyed baby boy.

"Harry Potter.", he hummed, it all clicking, "The submissive Sucubus-Lamia I've heard so much about. I'll keep you alive, yes...You'll grow very pretty when you're older. Perhaps you can be mine until you find your mate.", he cackled.

Harry frowned a bit, looking up at him. He felt a pang of guilt in his chest. He was going to leave the child familyless, even he knew he wouldn't be a father figure, leaving the child to have a loveless childhood-NO! He would not think about that. Why would he?

Voldemort paused just for a second, before he raised his wand and pointed it at Alex.

"However, this boy is destined to kill me. Sorry, Harry.", Voldemort sneered, though he knew his apology was real though he would never actually admit it, "Avada Kedevra!", he called.

The green bolt raced from the tip of his wand, and hit Alex square on the head. His green faltered as he watched the spell cackle around Alex like green lightning before it shot right back out - towards Voldemort. He had no time to dodge when the spell hit him sqaure in the chest and blew him back. He felt himself being ripped apart piece by piece, and even felt his own soul tearing a piece off. He could only scream.

Right before his bodyless soul escaped the room, he saw Harry burst out in tears. He had barely seen a black piece of his soul latch onto Harry.


The years passed.

Voldemort, or Marvolo as he decided seeing as he wanted Harry to call him something other than his Dark Lord name, thought over that night much heavily that he should have. He knew that, that black piece of his soul latched onto Harry because he must have been his mate. What other reason could there be for latching onto a human? Not only that, he noticed the boy start crying before the piece latched onto him. He knew that creatures had the ability to feel their mate's in pain no matter what age. After all, mates were connected by magic and soul. He was able to send dream after dream to his little Harry, all the while picking up pieces of his daily life which included chores that shouldn't belong to him, to the fact that his Harry was left with muggles of all things. He would prefer vampires. At least they cared for their young.

Finally, he found Quirrell. He sent one last dream to his Harry before going with the man to get the stone.


Quirrell was a disaster. He was killed in the end and Marvolo wasn't revived. At least he had hidden the stone with Harry. He even got to see his little serpent laid out across a bed - even if technically it was a dream. He couldn't wait for the day he could push him into a mattress and make him forget his own name for the night (Or morning...or afternoon for that matter). He had ultimately decided that he would dress his Harry in silk as much as possible. He knew Harry wouldn't want to sit back and watch, he would want to fight. There was no other way for his mate to be.

He continued to watch over Harry the best he could - staying the Forbidden Forest until he could figure out a plan. He didn't want to involve his Harry in anything, so he had to think. He couldn't go to his Death Eaters out of jail seeing as they wouldn't exactly help and try to get him in his weakened state. However, as the months bore on, he decided he was going to have to ask for help from his serpent. He would until Harry's third to fourth year, however. Make it easier on himself waiting for Harry's creature maturity. He had at first decided not to touch Harry until he was at least seventeen, but then decided that it was either him or some other man in order so that Harry could feed.

Marvolo took the time to think about the bond.

He knew his possesieve feelings over his Harry was from the mate bond, that wasn't what worried him - what worried him was the tearing pain that went through him every time he started to actually think about gus serpent. That wasn't the bond, and he knew it. It was the fact that he had cut off the piece of himself that let him love. He guessed that he actually loved his Harry not just as his mate, and his soul couldn't love without the diary piece back. Instead of ignoring it, he had to confront it. He would have to take the diary and take the piece back. He resented that, as he would in the end only have five Horcruxes. Then again, the more he thought about it the more he decided on it.

The Horcrux in the Slytherin Locket and in Ravenclaw's diadem. Sloth and Fear. He briefly reminded himself of Nagini who was usually out hunting. She carried gluttony. He knew that Harry carried tenderness. He decided he would all of the Horcruxes back except for the ones in the locket and diadem, the ones in Nagini and Harry would stay as well. He would then take back in Hufflepuff's Cup - even if it was for hate - , the ring for mercy, and his old diary for love. Mercy and love would be combined and only directed towards his Harry, he knew. He never had any mercy in the first place, not really.

One day Marvolo was moving across the Forbidden Forest, when he spotted his Harry cleaning up a ritual space in a clearing. He was disappointed he had missed the ritual and wondered what it was for - that was when he saw a black diary. He knew automatically it was his own. Then, of course, he got mad. He told Lucius Malfoy to watch the diary, and to NOT give it away or sell it. What did the man do? He was going to kill that man the moment he had a body again. At least his Harry had the diary and was no doubt protecting it. He knew his Harry already knew that that diary contained a piece of him and was protecting it, or it ws at leeast related to him.

His curiousity rose, wondering what the ritual did. He wasn't able to see the circle so there was a large range of what Harry could have done. He guessed he would have to determine that later.


"Harry, what are you doing?", Draco asked his friend, watching as Harry tied a letter to an owl.

"Sending a letter to Gringotts.", Harry returned, "Buying a house.", he added.

"Which reminds me, my mother was wondering if you would want to come over with my family over to France in the Summer, just for about a week or two.", Draco said.

Harry blinked before smiling, "I would love too.", he said happily, "I'll have to letter Sirius and Remus first, and when will it be?", he asked

"From the time we leave Hogwarts to July 1st.", Draco stated.

"Wonderful! I'll use July to check out my new house, to study, and guys birthday gifts. In August I'll get everything needed for school and books, as well as some last minute money planning.", Harry nodded.

"Do you always talk to yourself?", Draco asked.

"You're here, aren't you?", Harry grinned, packing his black journal into his bookpack.

"Off to my dorm. Yuki and Kira should be waking up today.", Harry said.

"That's right, today's Saturday right?", Draco hummed.

"Yup. I'm off.", Harry nodded, "Tell Blaise and Theo I'll meet you three at the library tonight.", he added before leaving in a rush.

"I wonder what he's off too.", Draco murmured to himself.


::.. Misstresss! ..:: two happy voices.

Harry spotted Yuki and Kira who were both coiled on his bed. Yuki had doubled in size, while Kira had tripled in size.

::.. You two sure grew. ..:: he smiled, sitting on the bed as the two coiled around him.

::.. I can't carry you guys around under my clothes anymore. ..:: Harry smiled sadly.

Yuki and Kira both decided to slither up and coil loosely around his neck.

::.. Heavy. Maybe I can carry Yuki in my bookbag, and Kira on my shoulders. ..:: Harry thought out loud in a hiss.

::.. I like it. ..:: Kira hissed, Yuki agreeing.

::.. No eating any books or anything in my bag. ..:: Harry hissed to Kira.

::.. Why would I? ..:: Kira hissed back.

::.. Does misstresss wissh to ssee the Basslissk? ..:: Yuki hissed.

Harry nodded ::.. Of coursse. ..::: he hissed to them.

::.. Then let uss go! ..:: Kira hissed, slipping into Harry's bookbag which was still strapped around Harry. Yuki hissed happily, and coiled a bit tighter around Harry's shoulders.

::.. Tell me where to go then. ..:: Harry chuckled, standing up.


After following their directions, Harry found himself entering a empty closet.

::.. Hiss at the wall, sshe told uss to tell you. ..:: Yuki hissed.

Kira poked his head out of the bookbag, hissing in agreement.

Harry nodded ::.. Open. ..:: he hissed out. The cement back wall of the empty slide down, and Harry quickly closed the door behind him and looked through it.

Pulling out his wand, he pointed it into the dark space, "Lumos!", he called out. Bright light spread out from the tip of his wand, revealing a set of stairs. He then went forward, and walked down the steps. The darkness constantly followed behind him, but eventually he was finding more and more light flooding into the stairway. Eventually torches came up and Harry was able to stop his spell, but kept his wand at his side. He walked down the the stairs until eventually he came to a large opening. He continued forward, and entered a black tiled hall that had torches and paintings up on the walls.

::.. Sshe ssaid that thiss wass the besst entrance. ..:: Kira hissed.

Harry nodded and continued forward. Eventually doors started to appear throughout the hall but decided to check them out later. He came to a deadend where a final door was. He paused but then pushed it open. He walked into a large tube.

"Plumping.", he mumbled, and turned left. He took him only a minute or two until he came out of the plumping to a large area.

::.. You musst their misstresss. ..:: hissed a loud voice.

Harry twisted around and gaped in shock.

A large with red eyes stared at him straight in the eyes with a pleased hiss coming from it ::.. You are indeedly a Lamia. Only Lamia and my masster's heirss can look at me in the eye. ..:: the beast hissed.

::.. What iss your name? ..:: Harry hissed.

::.. Massster called me Nialla. ..:: the Baslisk hissed.

::.. Where I came from, wass that the only entrance? ..:: Harry hissed.

::.. No. There are many entrancess and exitss of the chamber. Masster ssaid he wanted every floor to have an exit and entrance for me and him. ..:: Nialla hissed ::.. Hiss lasst heir ussed the entrance through the bathroom often but after he sstopped me from roaming Hogwartss he came from the one you came from or the otherss. ..:: Nialla hissed.

::.. That's interessting. ..:: Harry hissed with a hum ::.. What were all the doors for on the way here? ..:: he asked.

::.. Appariation areass and roomss where my masster and hiss mate went too. ..:: Nialla stated.

Harry nodded, briefly wondering who Salazar Slytherin's mate was, before he spoke again ::.. Any libraries? ..:: he asked.

::.. Many. They are built under here. Masster told me everything of the chamber to passs onto hiss heirss. ..:: Nialla said.

::.. I am not an heir. ..:: Harry stated.

::.. You are a Lamia, you are higher than me in the snake kingdom. My masster would have wanted me to tell you everything. ..:: Nialla hissed.

Harry paused before nodding ::.. I want you to go up to the Hospital Wing where Lockhart currently is before being shipped off to St. Mungo's. I want you to go and kill gim. ..::

::.. I will. Can I eat him? ..:: Nialla asked.

::.. Go right ahead. Try not to kill anyone else. ..:: Harry added.

::.. Of coursse. ..:: Nialla nodded.

::.. I have to go. I'll vissit ass much ass I can. ..:: Harry stated, before placing Yuki and Kira on the ground.

::.. Kira, Yuki - stay here with Nialla. Stay in the chamber unless I ask you to come with me. ..:: Harry stated.

::.. When will we leave? ..:: Yuki hissed.

::.. When I leave Hogwartss for the ssummer. ..:: Harry said.

::.. Okay. Ssee you then, misstresss. ..:: Kira hissed softly.

Harry paused before giving them both a smile ::.. I love you two. Behave for Nialla. ..:: he hissed softly.

::.. We love you too, missstresss. ..:: the two hissed together.

Harry gave a final smile before standing. He waved to them before tracing back his steps.


"Hey Harry. Where's your snakes?", Blaise asked.

Harry rolled his eyes, taking his seat at the library table.

"They're back in my dorm room.", Harry lied smoothly. He hated having to lie to his friends, but he knew he had too. He briefly remembered that Tom and Voldemort were both sitting on his bookshelf in his dorm and decided to talk to them later. They could wait.

"I can't believe Lockhart is in the hospital.", Theo said.

"I may have hated him, but I wonder what happened.", Draco nodded in agreement.

"Some unknown disease from what I heard.", Harry shrugged.

"Unknown? I'm guessing somewhere it already exists but they just can't figure out which one.", Blaise stated.

"Most likely.", Harry agreed.

"My dad went to pick up something in the alley, but someone had already bought it. From what I've picked up it was a ring that could kill the wearer.", Draco whispered low under his breath, as if making sure no one was listening in.

"I did see him suddenly wearing a ring. I wonder who would give it to him.", Theo said.

"Not a Slytherin or a Gryffindor for sure. A Slytherin wouldn't do it as there is the case as they could be caught. A Gryffindor wouldn't do it because they won't use that type of artifact.", Harry hummed.

"Not a Hufflepuff for obvious reasons, what about a Ravenclaw?", Blaise said.

Harry froze for a second before quickly relaxing before he spoke, "I'm not friends with any Ravenclaw's so I can't say much.", he shrugged.

"We know that.", Draco snorted.

"What if it's you?", Theo joked.


"Harry..?", Blaise gaped.

"Heheheh...yes?", Harry gave a small, nervous smile.

"You?", Draco hissed.

"I would have never guessed.", Theo muttered.

"Oh, shut up both of you!", Harry hissed in a loud whisper as to not attract attention from the librarian.

"How did you do it?", Draco asked.

"I got the ring for a cheap price while scaring the crap out of the seller. Sent it to Lockhart as a fan letter...", Harry trailed off.

"I can't believe it was you.", Blaise muttered, "I should have expected though, I mean really.", he sighed.

"What do you mean?", Harry pouted.

"You're a Succubi-Lamia. I should have expected you to kill someone eventually, but never this early.", Blaise explained.

"Well, we'll question him later.", Draco stated.

"How about we study for once?", Theo offered.

"Lets.", Harry sighed.

Authors Note:

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If you're wondering why Harry's friends aren't that shocked or scared is simply because they all know Harry wouldn't hurt them, and that because they were all secretly expecting one way or another as he is a Succubi-Lamia. His friends will love him no matter what, so they don't care if he's killing Lockhart too much because they will ALWAYS be by his side. Just as the Lamia side of Harry has adopted the as his hatchlings, they have adopted Harry as part of their family consisting of the four of them.

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