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Summary: What if ancient creature blood coursed right through the Potter family? What if it only awakened inside of Harry? A total difference in fate. Harry is born with a full-human twin brother, who got named the Boy-Who-Lived. Growing up with the Dursley's was never the best. Maybe that was what led him to becoming darker.

Warnings: BoyxBoy - SLASH - Yaoi. (Eventual)LV-TMR/HP. Dark!Powerful!Harry

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Chapter Twenty-Three

Harry was sleeping peacefully, dreaming of a dark forest and cooing whispers of promises he couldn't make up, when he was suddenly woken up by a loud thump.

"Ugh...", he groaned, sitting up. He squinted over to a blur that lay in the middle of his dorm room floor. Moving, he grabbed his glasses and slipping them on.

It was Yuki.

::.. Nialla killed the man but had petrified a sstudent, misstresss. Sshe wanted me to alert you. ..:: Yuki hissed.

Harry groaned ::.. Okay. I'll deal with it in the morning. Tell them I got the messsage...I'm going back to ssleep. ..:: he hissed back.

Yuki nodded before vanishing through a vent.

Harry practically threw off his glasses and went back to sleep.


Harry woke back up in the morning, stretching his arms out peacefully. With a hum he left his bed and moved into the bathroom connected to his dorm room. He took a warm bath, got out and dried off, brushed his hair, got dressed, put on his classes, gathered everything he needed for the day of school. Right before he would head out for breakfast, he place the stone necklace on the diary and locket.

"Harry?", Tom blinked, dazed for a second.

"Your hair is still damp.", Voldemort commented, running his fingers through Harry's hair.

"Wonderful words to wake up from. Sorry I forget to let you sleep with me.", Harry said, smacking Voldemort's hand away.

"Of course. Any progress?", Tom asked.

"Nialla killed Lockhart permanently, I'm guessing she ate him so I'll retrieve the ring once she processes it, and she had accidentally petrified a student...why wasn't he or she killed?", Harry asked, confused even as he finished his sentence.

"The student must have seen merely the reflection of her eyes.", Voldemort explained.

"Indeed. We'll find out who it was soon, no problem. Gossip travels quickly in Hogwarts.", Tom stated.

"Wonderful. I'm off to class - want me to take you guys with?", Harry asked.

"Yes.", they both responded.

Harry rolled his eyes and took the stone necklace and attached it around his neck causing the two to vanish. Smoothly he put on the locket and placed the diary in his bookbag. With a nod, he left his room.


"Harry, you wouldn't guess what happened! Lockhart vanished!", Draco immediately stated as soon as Harry sat at the Slytherin table.

Harry's eyes got wide, "Your joking, right?", he asked.

"You...didn't know?", Theo blinked.

Harry looked at his friend in the eye, and didn't even bother putting anything into it, "Nope.", he said popping the 'p'.

"What happened?", Blaise whispered.

"A snake got to him in his sleep.", Harry returned, taking a piece of toast.

His friends gaped at him.

"What? I like telling you guys, makes me feel better.", Harry shrugged.

"You are so weird.", Draco shook his head.

Harry laughed when he noticed Snape coming over to him. His friends became silent.

"Mister Potter, I've been asked to ask you to go to the hospital wing.", Snape droned.

Harry froze. No...it couldn't have been his brother.


Harry burst into the hospital wing and let out a relieved sigh at seeing his brother pouting at his two friends.

"Alex! I thought you were seriously hurt!", Harry huffed.

"I'm fine! I just fell down the stairs.", Alex laughed.

Harry sighed, "Only you. What did you trip over?", he asked, placing his hands on his hips.

"His own feet.", Hermione Granger cut in.

"How did you manage that? Scratch that, don't answer.", Harry sighed, "You worried me."

"I'm fine.", Alex rolled his eyes.

"Harry! Come on, we're going to be late!", Draco's voice called.

Hermione and Ron both glared.

Harry rolled his eyes, turning to his three friends, "Really? What time is it?", he asked.

"Seven thirty.", Blaise stated.

"What?! Oh my god! I have to go Alex, but get well soon! If you want, I'll help you with everything you missed in your classes!", Harry said, kissing his brother's cheek, "I'll even help you finish your essay for History of Magic when you get better.", he said.

"He'll be out by tomorrow thanks to the help of potions.", Madam Pompfrey said kindly to him.

"Thank you.", Harry smiled at her, "I really appreciate it, my brother can really hurt himself and it worries me, you know?", he said.

"Hey!", Alex pouted.

"See you tomorrow, Alex.", Harry told him, before rushing out of the Hospital Wing beside his friends.

"How did time pass so quickly?", he asked.

"It's only seven.", Draco smirked.

"We wanted you back.", Blaise shrugged, Theo nodding along.

Harry shook his head, "Only you three!"


Later on through the day, his friends told him that a Ravenclaw girl named Cho Chang was sent into the Hospital Wing due to being petrified. He didn't really care other than the fact it would cause some trouble, but otherwise he didn't mind. He got rid of Lockhart for sure, and now he needed to make sure that no one else was petrified. On other news - the girl would be unpetrified by the end of the year thanks to Mandrakes being grown in the greenhouses. He guessed that was good news. Again, he didn't really care about her.

What he did care about was the fact Nialla was currently in front of him apologizing but she hadn't known that the girl was there. All she heard was happy humming before she saw the reflection of a girl from the wet floor.

::.. Its fine. Just stay in the chamber for me, okay? I'll get you as much as I can before we leave for the year too. We got just over a month before I leave. ..:: Harry explained.

Which reminded him of his agenda; Get Marvolo a body and make sure Tom is taken back. He couldn't remember anything else on the spot, his mind was occupied with more important things. He couldn't be caught and not only that - he wanted to practice Dark magic more. He decided to re-write his plans.

First - Start to learn the Dark Arts.

Second - Get Marvolo his body back along with Tom.

Third - Prepare his new home as a safe house.

Fourth - Make sure his brother is completely safe with Marvolo and that there would be no attempted murders.

Harry briefly thought if that was all, but shook his head. He was occupied! He really needed to stop thinking on the spot, it really didn't help matters at points.

"Oh right! The ring!", Harry gasped.

::.. Nialla, the ring! Did you eat it? ..:: he hissed.

::.. It'ss sstuck between my teeth. ..:: Nialla hissed, obviously annoyed at that fact.

::.. Here...er...open your mouth, and I'll get it out for you. ..:: Harry hissed.

Nialla nodded her head and opened up wide. Harry moved into her teeth with a shudder, but easily spotted the shine. He moved deeper into her mouth, and picked the ring out between her gums and a fang. Moving out quickly, he wiped the ring off on his shirt. He reminded himself to wash it off later, and slipped it into his pocket.

::.. Good! Now...wait, I have to add getting meat for you on my plan list! Man, I need to write this all down somewhere. ..:: Harry sighed, rubbing his temples.

Nialla looked confused.

::.. Ignore that. Where'ss Yuki and Kira? ..:: Harry hissed.

::.. Bathing in the ssun under one of the holess into the foresst. ..:: Nialla hissed.

::.. Oh...okay. Tell them I ssaid hi. I musst be going now. ..:: Harry hissed back, turning around and making his way out of the chambers.


Harry woke up with a groan. He hadn't gotten to bed until really late, even though he knew would have to get up early for classes. He let loose another tired groan, before moving out of his bed. He took a cold shower, before getting ready for the day. He totally forgot about Tom and Voldemort sleeping in his bed until he felt two arms wrap around his middle.

"You need to sleep.", Voldemort declared.

"I'm fine.", Harry insisted. Of course, that just had to be followed by a yawn.

"You've been getting less and less sleep lately because you're either studying or practicing the Dark Arts in the chamber. You need to even out your schedule, rather than doing this to yourself. You look ready to pass out.", Tom stated.

"Nonsense! I'm-", Harry yawned, "-fine!", he said.

Voldemort sighed before letting Harry go, "Fine. Take us with you just in case, okay?", he stated.

Harry rolled his eyes but complied either way.


Time passed smoothly but as Harry studied more and more into the Dark Arts, the less sleep he got. He practiced as much as he could during the day and studied as much as possible at night leaving few hours for sleep. Voldemort and Tom kept on telling him that he needed to sleep but Harry wouldn't listen to them and simply ignored the growing bags under his eyes (Even though his Succubi side wanted nothing more than to catch a bit of beauty sleep to fix that 'problem'). It came to the point Harry was falling asleep in History of Magic class so that he could get a bit of rest in. More time passed and his friends got more and more worried but he ignored them. He promised that it was fine, and that he was sleeping enough even though he subconsciously knew that needed more rest.


"Okay, so what? I don't get why the ingredient is so important.", Draco scowled.

"The fang powder even's out the mixture causing it not to explode.", Blaise explained.

"Why does it to do that?", Theo asked.

"It has magical properties that are used in many weaker potions as to even it out.", Draco told him.

"You knew that but didn't know why it was so important?", Blaise deadpanned.

"I just think that the potion would be fine without it-", Draco started before he cut off with a thump.

"Harry?", Theo gaped.

Harry was laying on the floor, asleep.


Three days later Harry was allowed out of the Hospital Wing. Apparently, he had been working too much and using too much magic without getting enough sleep and energy. He needed to sleep as much as possible to replenish his magic as well as to catch up on any sleep he had missed. During that whole time he had gotten a lot of visits from his friends and brother. He was just happy to leave the place. He still can't believe he had gotten into the Hospital Wing due to lack of sleep. Tom and Voldemort still scolded him in the moment he was secured in his dorm room.

"Yes, yes I know!", Harry groaned, falling back onto his bed.

"Harry you can't work yourself out like this, you know that right?", Tom sighed.

"He's right. Harry, you can't stress yourself out. You're still only twelve.", Voldemort said.

"I just want to learn beyond the school spells. I want to learn the Dark Arts and everything else I can!", Harry pouted.

"Why not try to master the Unforgivables? Three powerful spells that will earn you some bonus points with Voldemort, and once you master them you can move onto learning more spells from there. Once you get them done, the basics will seem a lot easier and you'll breeze through it all and move quickly onto the stronger spells.", Tom stated, "It's what I started out with."

"Point to that.", Voldemort agreed.

"Fine, I'll do that.", Harry pouted.

"Good.", the two nodded.


It seemed that the rest of the school year passed without any problem. Harry helped Alex with schoolwork, while studying and practicing the Dark Arts, and he made sure he was getting enough rest as well. He was having a bit of a hard time getting the Imperius Curse down, but by the end of the school year he had been able to master it. He knew he wouldn't have until next year when he returned to school that he would be able to continue his studies. On the bright side, he looked forward to his vacation his Draco and his family. He couldn't wait for it. He couldn't wait for the shopping to be a bit more exact. He loved having someone who could shop just as much as himself and not complain.

Cho Chang was unpetrified and everything returned to normal as if nothing ever happened. The Defense Against Dark Arts teacher was replaced by Dumbledore for the moments notice until they could get a new professor for the class. Harry hoped they could get more of a stable professor next year, or at least one that knew what he or she was doing. Lockhart was terrible and he didn't regret being the reason why the bastard died. He didn't want to have to deal with him for another year. He was fool, he was. Anyways, enough ranting on that subject.

Harry was packing up his dorm on the night before he to head out. Tom and Voldemort were having a 'debate' (Argument) about which Unforgivable Harry should learn next. He had long since agreed on the Killing Curse, but Voldemort argued with the Cruciates Curse while Tom wanted Harry to learn to the Killing Curse. He wondered when he should tell them he already decided. Taking a glance at them, he decided to tell them later. He liked them not bothering him for a change. It was nice, even if there wasn't complete silence.

"The Killing Curse would be much more helpful that the Cruciates!", Tom insisted.

"He wouldn't need it just yet, and the Cruciates would be best to master!", Voldemort returned.

Harry sighed. He wondered if he would ever have silence with those two. He doubted it.


Alex packed his stuff with a sigh. Harry always made sure he had everything packed in the morning so he didn't bother not doing it just to get yelled at. If it wasn't organized, Harry got on him as well. Ron was already near asleep along with everyone else in the dorm. He wondered how Harry was doing with sharing a dorm room with three other people but merely shrugged. He was obviously doing fine least he would be complaining. Packing the final piece of clothes into it, he locked it shut. He had a pair of clothes out for tomorrow morning to wear, and he knew he would have to simply shove his dirty clothes into the trunk when he woke up.

Getting into bed, he wondered what Harry's vacation was going to be like with the Malfoy's. He still didn't get why Harry bothered to be friends with those kids. They were all Slytherins and destined to learn the Dark Arts! And the Dark Arts were bad. He wished his brother could like his friends better but he knew what Harry's response would be, 'I'll be nice to your friends when you're nice to mine.'. He couldn't be nice to Malfoy of all people, but at least they didn't argue for a while now thanks to Harry. Only time they get into fights is when Harry isn't around and he has his two bodyguards - Crabb and Goyle - around.

With a quiet yawn, he fell asleep.


Alex woke up with loud ruckus of the Gryffindor Dorm. He rubbed his eyes open, watching with blurry eyes as giant blurs moving around in a frantic pace. He shoved his glasses on and gained a much more clear sight of what was happening. It seemed that everyone was having a panic attack as they all packed and looked for anything they could leave behind. He shook his head. It was times like these he was happy he had such a strict mother hen-like brother to make sure he had everything ready before he needed it to be done.

He got out of bed and made his way to the bathroom where he took a quick shower and changed, coming out he was met with less frantic but still frantic movements of his roommates.

"Alex, aren't you gonna pack?", Ron asked.

"Already did.", Alex shrugged, "Had to, least my brother get on my case. It needs to be organized or else he gets mad at me.", he explained.

Ron blinked before shrugging, "Weird, but whatever.", he said before moving to continue packing.

Alex decided to head down for breakfast, giving a wave to Neville and Dean who were fighting over who owned the chocolate frog.


Harry woke up with a total of four arms wrapped around him.

"Voldemort, your hands are way to low. Tom, you too.", Harry ordered.

"Yes, of course.", Tom pouted (Though he would never admit to pouting).

Voldemort didn't bother moving his arms but rather just groped Harry.

"Move. Now.", Harry snarled.

Voldemort snickered and moved off to the side as Harry got out of the bed. He gathered needed clothes - nearly walking into the wall as he wasn't paying much attention - and moved over to the bathroom. After a quick shower he got ready for the day, and after all that he kissed Tom's and Voldemort's cheeks as a goodbye before moving the stone necklace. Immediately, the two bodies vanished into thin air as vapor. He put on the locket and packed the diary into his pocket knowing Tom wished to be close to him. After all that, he decided to head down for breakfast before he needed to head out.


"Alex, have you already packed? It better be organized.", Harry came up to his brother who was eating.

"Yes.", Alex returned, mouth full of food.

"Don't talk with food in your mouth. It's rude.", Harry ordered.

"No need to be so strict with him. You're his brother, not his mother.", Hermione Granger snapped as she took a seat.

Harry glared at her, "Someone needs to make sure he does things correctly, especially if he's a first generation pureblood. I need to make sure he gets on well enough.", he huffed.

"Ugh, stop it with all that first generation crap.", Alex groaned.

"No.", Harry smiled at him, "I must be going now. I need to make sure my friends are packed and ready. See you on the train.", he kissed his brother's forehead before moving over to the Slytherin table.

"Bossy, isn't he?", Hermione frowned.

"He can be a bit, but it's all out of worry.", Alex shrugged.


Eventually the morning ended and in the afternoon Harry boarded the train. After a few hours of moving they reached the station. Harry briefly said hi to Sirius and Remus, before moving over to the Malfoy family to head on out. It was easy for him to say he was happy to say hi to Narcissa once again. They easily started to talk about where they would be shopping while the other two Malfoy looked as if they were going to die with all the shopping they started to talk about.

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