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Summary: What if ancient creature blood coursed right through the Potter family? What if it only just awakened inside of Harry? A total difference in fate. Harry is born with a full-human twin brother, who got named the Boy-Who-Lived. Growing up with the Dursley's was never the best. Maybe that was what led him to joining Voldemort?

Warnings: BoyxBoy - SLASH - Yaoi. (Eventual)LV-TMR/HP

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Chapter Seven

"Harry, good news.", Draco smirked.

"What is it?", Harry asked, glancing towards his friend's way as he attempted to help Pansy Parkinson in her History of Magic homework - a 2,000 word essay on how tragic the Goblin Wars were. Harry wondered why they even studied that subject of History, other than for the simple knowledge. It isn't like anyone actually listens to the professor who just.. drones.. on.

"Mother and father have agreed to adopt you. We are so going to have to go shopping to replace all your muggle clothes.", Draco nodded to himself.

"He's a Malfoy now?!", Pansy gaped, listening in.

"If he wants, his full name can be changed to Harry Malfoy-Black, or Harry Malfoy-Potter, or Potter-Black...", Draco trailed off.

"I think you should go with Malfoy-Black, two very respectful families.", Pansy commented.

"Yeah, but then would I still be connected to my brother?", Harry frowned.

"Yeah, you will. Just different surname.", Draco shrugged.

"I guess I'll think about it, but I prefer it just being Harry Potter, more simple.", Harry shrugged.

"It can also be Harry Black or Harry Malfoy.", Draco added.

"You just want me to get rid of my Potter surname, don't you?", Harry snickered.

"... maybe.", Draco shrugged nonchalantly, "Think about it~", he cooed.

"One; don't coo at me. Two; I'll consider it.", Harry laughed.

"Oh my Gods, we should totally go Yule shopping together!", Pansy squealed, clapping her hands together in an obvious show of happiness.

"That would be great! Harry can help me pick out gifts for Draco and Blaise.", Daphne grinned.

"What about Theo?", Harry deadpanned.

"He isn't getting nothing. Payback for last year's present.", Daphne huffed.

Harry continued on to snicker.


"Harry! Is it true you're being adopted by Malfoy?", Alex jumped his brother as Harry was walking down the halls.

"Well, yes... I am being adopted by Narcissa Malfoy, Draco's mother.", Harry nodded slowly, wondering why Alex seemed so angry.. Forget it, he should know - and he does.

"Why?! What about me?", Alex huffed.

"I'm trying! I don't want you to return to the Dursley's, I'm thinking of getting a house for both of us to stay at. However, I can't do much as I need your Magical Guardian's permission to do anything.", Harry sighed.

"... why Malfoy?", Alex scowled.

"Draco is my friend, and I trust him.", Harry shrugged.

"How can you trust a slimy snake? He's dark!", Alex hissed.

"Alex, shut it. Don't be prejudiced.", Harry snapped, "I'm done with this discussion. I'm trying my best to get you with me, out of the Dursley's, and that's all that should matter. Goodbye Alex.", he said, walking past his brother who frowned.


Time passed, and Harry and Alex seemed to stop talking with each other all together. However, every now and then Harry would talk to Alex. Harry was angry at Alex for being prejudiced against Slytherin's, Alex was angry at Harry for being friends with Slytherin's. It was obvious they wouldn't be meeting an agreement soon. Then, one day when Harry was going through a book, he was confused - so he thought the best thing for him to do would be talk to a professor. Thus he chose Professor Quirrell, who he believed would be the best choice even if he was a stuttering mess. After all, it involved the defense arts so else would be better?

"Professor?", Harry asked, one day after call.

"Y-Yes? W-What is it, Mr. P-Potter?", Quirrell asked, blinking down at Harry.

"I was wondering if you could help me with a set of defensive spells - I don't quite understand them.", Harry stated, holding out a book.

Quirrell took it, and flipped it open to where a bookmark lay. He read through the page, before nodding slightly.

"These spells can be confusing... They are shields that allow the caster to set out a type of offensive spells. It's rare anyone can actually perform them, so don't expect to get them down too quickly...", Quirrell mumbled, "As well as of the fact you need very good magical control to perform them. I say you return to them some time you learn more spells, around your fourth or fifth year.", he smiled, handing Harry back the book.

"If I study ahead?", Harry asked.

"Third year.", Quirrell instantly replied.

"Hmm... Thank you, professor Quirrell. You know, if you were like this during class, kids wouldn't be confused.", Harry said, smiling. He knew, the moment Quirrell switched out of his stuttering mass, something was different. Yet, he didn't want to expose it either. He just wanted to make him aware. He didn't know why exactly.

"O-Of course.", Quirrell paled.

"If I find anything else confusing, can I come back here for help?", Harry asked.

"Of c-course.", Quirrell said.

Harry smiled, and left but right before he went out the door, he spoke, "You don't have to stutter, professor. I won't tell anyone.", he gave a faint smile, before leaving the classroom.

He barely heard the reply, "Of course, Mr. Potter."


Even more time seemed to pass rather smoothly, and Harry went to Quirrell more often than not for help. Quirrell helped Harry understand complicated spells, even if they weren't even defensive - he helped Harry down to the simplest charm or transfiguration. Harry knew if it wasn't for him, he wouldn't have managed to turn a random owl into a a shining silver plate. He was entering second year spells rather quickly, thanks to the help of his professor. Though, his potions he had to work on more than anything - he didn't really have the patience for them in the first place.

Draco complained that he wished he had a professor to help him, but then when Harry tried to help him he refused to do any extra work. Theo and Blaise said they were happy the way they were learning now, and they said they could both see the shining Ravenclaw inside of Harry - the Succubi-Lamia had in return smacked them both upside the head, and gave Draco a gentle pat on the head for not openly snickering. It seemed the Malfoy was learning to be quiet at certain parts - he still had a bruise on the back of his head from when he decided to tease Harry about him being a 'smarty-pants'. Harry had transfigured some poor owl into a silver plate to smack him upside the head with. Draco didn't like that one bit, so he decided to learn from his mistakes.

Halloween was quickly arriving, and Draco said that Harry would be invited back to Malfoy manor during Yule (Or Christmas, whatever you call it) to meet the family. Harry was excited about that fact, as he had only spoke to Narcissa through letters. She started to send both Harry and Draco baskets of sweets, and even send Harry parcels of Dragon meat and some chunky rats for Kira and Yuki. The two snakes were beyond happy, though as it got colder they were both getting ready for hibernation - Harry would have them both sleep in his Hogwarts room since they wouldn't wake up until some time during the end of Winter. They were both eating a lot more, and Yuki seemed to start growing a bit. Harry expected that they both will be a lot bigger by the end of their hibernation.

"Harry, can I talk to you?", Alex asked, catching Harry in the hall during the weekend as the older twin was going to the library to search for something professor Quirrell wouldn't know about - he wants to catch him on something, see something that the man doesn't know. For some reason, he hasn't found anything yet.

"What do you want?", Harry sighed, turning to face his brother.

"Listen.. I'm sorry.", Alex sighed.

"For what?", Harry asked, raising a brow -edging his brother on.

"I'm sorry for being prejudiced against Slytherins.", Alex winced, as if it hurt to say that, "I'm sorry for offending you... I just don't want them taking you away.", he muttered.

"Alex, you're always going to be my brother. I-I've realized that we are going to eventually grow apart, but we will always be brothers - always. We both have different friends, we both have different interests, and we both have different houses.", Harry sighed, "I just wanted you to see that.", he said.

"I-I realize that now... do you forgive me?", Alex mumbled.

"Of course I do.", Harry laughed, "Now, if you excuse me - I'm hunting for.. a good book.", he said, smiling at Alex.

"Studying? Really?", Alex groaned.

"Yes, really. You should try it some time.", Harry rolled his eyes, patting his brother on the head.

"Goodbye, Alex.", Harry smiled, before he turned off and continued his path to the library.

"My brother is so weird.", Alex sighed, but had a grin on his face. He and his brother had forgiven each other... now, he hoped it would last.


"Happy Halloween.", Draco declared, pulling Harry to the Slytherin table.

"Happy Halloween.", Harry returned, sitting among the first year Slytherin's.

Pansy Parkinson, Daphne Greengrass, Theo, Blaise, and Draco.

"I got you a treat!", Pansy grinned, handing him a box.

"Me too! We thought you deserved something..", Daphne said, "Since you helped us a lot with our history work.", she said, as Harry opened the box containing something the two girls both helped get - he was slightly worked.

Inside was a violet stone sitting in white silk. Harry ran his fingers over the chipped piece, and he couldn't help but smile.

"What is it?", Harry asked.

"It's a Violet Gem, of course. A gem only found within England, and it helps clear the mind and bring out a peaceful state.", Daphne declared, "We thought you would like it, and need it with all the studying you do.", she added.

"If you weren't a girl, I would hit you.", Harry rolled his eyes as his friend began to snicker, "But thank you.", he added with a smile.

"You are so welcome.", Pansy sighed happily.

"Aren't you modest.", Blaise muttered.

"Shush!", Pansy huffed.

Harry closed the box, he placed it next to his plate.

Half-way through the Halloween dinner, the doors suddenly burst open and in ran professor Quirrell.

"A troll - in the dungeons - thought you should know.", he said, before he fainted on the floor.

"Prefects! Take the students to their dormitories right away!", Dumbledore ordered.

"Eh?! The Slytherin dormitories are in the dungeons!", Pansy hissed.

"We're most likely going to stay up here.", Draco groaned, "Or our prefect shall be forced to play Gryffindor and get us to our dormitory.", he added.

Harry rolled his eyes and took the book next to his plate, "Good luck.", he said, running over to join the Ravenclaw's.

He paused, glancing over towards the fainted form of professor Quirrell. He narrowed his eyes, as he saw movement right behind his eyes. Harry frowned - he's playing 'passed out'. But.. why? Harry let himself be pushed off with the rest of the Ravenclaw's, ever so curious as of why Quirrell passed out - maybe he had let the troll in?


Harry wanted to smash his brother's face into the wall, scream at him, then hold him closely and sob his heart out. Why? His brother was stupid enough to go after a troll. A damn troll. And Alex wondered why Harry worried so much about him! Alex was a walking disaster! Harry briefly wondered if he should tie Alex up to a poll, and keep him and feed him for the rest of his life - but then that would something akin to mental torture, apparently. He kept that in mind.

"Professor Quirrell, I have a question.", Harry asked, a day after Halloween.

"What is it?", Quirrell turned to Harry.

"Did you let the troll in?", he blurted.

Quirrell froze.

"I won't tell anyone, I'm just curious.", Harry said -and it was true. Even if his brother's life was endangered, it was Alex's own fault for going after a damn troll. He was curious about this, and he wanted an answer. And he would find one.

"No, I did not.", Quirrell said, looking straight into Harry's eyes.

Harry smiled, knowing his answer.

"Of course, professor.", Harry nodded, he smiled up at Quirrell.

'Don't you dare ever do that again.', Harry thought, knowing the professor got his words as the elder chuckled.

"Of course.", Quirrell returned.

"And professor?", Harry hummed.

"Yes?", Quirrell folded his arms slightly, looking down at his student.

"What's a good spell to take down a troll?", Harry asked.

"That would be Incido Cutisdensa.", Quirrell said, "When translated roughly into English is means 'Cut thick skin' as a troll's skin is rather thick and most spells don't work on them. This spell is quite strong, and if turned to a human it would cut the human in half perfectly.", he stated.

"Hmm... You wouldn't find that in the library, now would you?", Harry asked, eyeing sparking with curiosity.

"If you looked in the right place, you would be able too.", Quirrell returned, patting Harry's head softly.

Harry couldn't help but grin - knowing exactly where the professor meant.

Authors Note:

If you haven't picked it up already - Voldemort/Tommy boy is Harry's mate. Harry finds himself unable to really go against him, or betray him. Since technically Tommy is Quirrell (he is possessing Quirrell after all) Harry can't find himself to betray him. He finds himself wanting to grow close to him, not even knowing why. Harry hasn't really studied much about Succubi or Lamia, but he will eventually, so he can't see it.

The ending of this chapter is to mainly express the growing bond between the two. Even though it's currently more like a friendly bond, it is forming between Tommy-boy and Harry. Also to express how strong the natural mate bond between Harry and Tommy-boy is, as it is that strong. Only thing that could set it off, if is Tommy-boy attempts to harm someone who Harry considers a hatchling. Then, things could get a bit bloody despite Harry's logical side.

Harry doesn't blame Quirrell for being the 'reason' for Alex getting involved with a troll. Why? It isn't Quirrell's fault. It's like saying the gunsmith who made the gun is the reason why someone was shot and killed. Harry is clear-minded, he sees logic in everything he can, and can be rather forgiving and kind. He also has a rather dark side to him that hasn't been much seen, but he has it. This is the side that, if he has his way, his brother nor anyone close to him will ever see.

Harry's 'Violet Gem' stone will come into play later on. You will also learn the full affects of the stone later on, as well..

I feel as if the start of the story is really starting to come together. I'm dealing with the plot for the first book right now, and it's the hardest (to me at least). I'm explaining everything I can so that suspense will be displayed, as well as hoping for no confusion early on. It's much harder than it seems, it really is g.g

ALSO: For certain mistakes, I try to fix them, but for some reason they don't be fixed. For any mistakes you find, please tell me about them so I may fix them. Thank you~

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