Scarlet was spinning around in the desk chair wearing a pair of glasses.

"What is she doing?" Kennedy asked looking at the barely adult.

"Spinning is cool." Scarlet answered smiling at Dawn and Andrew as they watched her.

"And the glasses?"

"Glasses are cool." She stopped the spinning.

"Is this another stupid Doctor thing?" Kennedy was sick of all the references and nerd jokes.

"It's not stupid, The Doctor isn't stupid and glasses are cool." Dawn refused to let anyone doubt the coolness of The Doctor.

"How can someone who shares a name with one of the hottest actresses out there be so fucking nerdy and geeky?"

"Blame my mom. She lost a bet and had to name me after said actress."


"No. They thought if they named me after her I might get an ass like hers…I think mine's better." Scarlet laughed. It was true, she was told that story her whole life. One night while Tara was pregnant with her Willow and Xander got drunk and a bunch of her movies were on. They both agreed on her many fine assets and decided that if they name a baby after her the baby will somehow look like her. Tara liked the name anyways so she didn't care. It was just unfortunate that she had Willow's hair color. Nothing like being a ginger with the name Scarlet.

"Turn around." Andrew even turned his around to show her how he wanted her to turn. She did as she was asked and he and Dawn whispered to each other.

"We've decided that your ass is one hundred percent nicer than Scarlet Johansson. However until such time as you are in the S.H.I.E.L.D. uniform of tight leather it will always be undecided."

"I have that outfit at home…" Scarlet admitted. "We went to comic con and Uncle Xan-Xavier wanted us to go as the Avengers. So I got to be Black Widow."

"So you have a cosplay version?"

"Nope, I have a exact replica of it. Down to the 'widow bite' bracelets but the watts they emit is nothing like the real things….sadly."

"Too bad you don't have it now, that would look pretty cool to wear while patrolling." Dawn had to admit she was a bit jealous.

"Next time I fuck up at magic and send myself to a whole new dimension I promise to be wearing the suit and not some flannel shirt and yoga pants." Scarlet would've packed a change on clothes if she knew what would've happened when she tried that spell. She should've listened.

Willow entered the room and wondered how in the six hours that Scarlet had been there has she managed to find a pair of glasses and piss Kennedy off even more.

"Hey Willow." Dawn was the first one to see the witch watching them.

"Dawnie, mind taking Andrew with you somewhere? I need to talk to Scarlet alone." Willow waited until they were alone before she started. "What are you doing? I thought you said you were going to do some research."

"I was. But the only texts I have seen to this kind of thing are Doctor Who novels." Scarlet stopped spinning in the chair. "If you have any idea of where to look please go ahead."

"Spinning on a chair with glasses on…where did you even get those glasses?"

"They're fake don't worry. Did you tell Kennedy yet about me?"

"She knows that you knew me where you're from but nothing else."

"Think you should tell her I'm the daughter you were supposed to have you know with Tara?"

"That will only cause problems. If there becomes a time when she needs to know I'll tell her." Willow did feel slightly robbed. Scarlet seemed like a great kid and it did hurt to know that she will never get to be her mother.

"Alright I'm just thinking of ways to get her to stop threating me."

"I'll talk to her. But in the meantime we need to start working on getting you home. I can only imagine how worried your parents must be."

"When Mo- when Tara was alive did you two know that orb spell? The one that would guide you to each other?"


"What if we found a way to amplify that so that way it can go to the different worlds. That might be easier to do than just researching on alternate dimensions. That way while we're looking for the solution they can look two…since the spell is probably still on my laptop screen."

"You found a spell on the internet and did it? Do you know what it would do?"

"It wasn't supposed to do this! I think I did it wrong."

"Do anyone know you were doing a spell you found online?"

"I'm not actually allowed to do magic…prophesy and all."

"So no one knows you messed up a spell since they don't know you actually did a spell." Willow sighed. "At least tell me this wasn't your first spell. Tell me you tried easier stuff first."

"I did a bunch of stuff first. But if everyone kept saying that I had so much power in me I could destroy the world if I wanted too. I wanted to see if I could do something more than like floating pencils."

"You floated pencils?" Willow wanted to pull her into a hug, she was so proud that her daughter also could float pencils and was getting sick of floating them and wanted something bigger, she didn't do this however since no matter what Scarlet was not her actual daughter she belonged to a different Willow who was still with a very not dead Tara.

"Yeah that how I started out. I think I should've stayed floating pencils. None of this would've happened."

"We'll get you back Scar. I promise. We'll get you back." Willow was looking at Scarlet, analyzing her really. She noticed that Scarlet had Tara's nose and her eyes. She had Willow's coloring, but she was tall. That didn't come from her.

Scarlet was about to say something when the front door banged open. She knew both of the women, one only from stories and photos the other she remember actually spending time with. Not a lot. She died when she was twelve and it was different to see her now, younger, alive…no fangs. "Faith…" Willow glanced over at Scarlet before looking back at the two slayers walking in.

"Oh hey. New girl." Buffy stopped in her tracks causing Faith to bump into her a bit.

"Hey." Faith smirked at the girl. "You over 18?" The answer came as Buffy's elbow to her rib cage. "I'm joking. Come on B don't be mad."

"Buffy, Faith this is Scarlet." Willow gestured to the teen.

"New slayer?"

"She messed up a spell and crossed dimensions."

"Cool. Welcome to this fucked up place. We have hundreds of slayers. This one decided to be a pussy and spread the cool aid." Faith pointed to Buffy.

"Ignore Faith. Especially in the next few days, she's always cranky when she has to sleep on the couch." Buffy smiled before heading upstairs to get a shower and wash the vampire dust off her. Faith just looked at Willow as if the witch could get Buffy to change her mind.

"I'm just going to go…" Faith raced after Buffy.

"It's weird seeing them." Scarlet said chewing her bottom lip slightly.

"You know them in your world?"

"Only Faith, Buffy died before I was born. It's why you and mom moved out of Sunnydale with Dawn. Faith use to baby sit me since she was the only one who would really fight off the demons and the watcher's mob squad. But she was turned when I was twelve. Vi is the new slayer. She hasn't been able to kill Faith yet."

"How did Buffy die?"

"Jumped into a portal that was opened by an insane God and save all the universes."

"That already happened….oh that's why Tara is alive in your world. Buffy never came back. Warren never tried to kill her by shooting her and a stray bullet never hit Tara…"

"That's tough. Picking between your soulmate and your best friend." Scarlet didn't know if she would've been able to pick.

"But with Tara came you. I don't think any other kid can even compare to you."

"I have siblings…"


… Seven Years Ago …

Willow had just checked on her other two children and was glad that they were still both asleep. Scarlet however was wide awake but since she had just finished high school she couldn't really tell her to go to bed it's a school night. Her and Tara were going to a dinner to celebrate the fifth award she won writing the book series about Sunnydale. Buffy The Vampire Slayer was a hit. So someone had to babysit and Faith volunteered.

"We shouldn't be too late." Tara was going over the numbers just encase with Faith who was sat on the couch with Scarlet when Willow walked in.

"Scar, why are you wearing a bow tie and glasses? Faith the fez really?"

"Bow ties and glasses are cool." Scarlet answered doing a perfect impersonation of Matt Smith.

"Fezzes are cool." Faith answered.

"We need to discuss the limiting of the Doctor Who marathons when we get back." Willow decided. She loved the Doctor as much as the next person but this was getting a bit nuts.

After finished season seven Faith decided it was a good time to end it. "We'll do the anniversary episode tomorrow because we both know that is so awesome we won't be able to sleep with all that." There was a long moment of silence before Faith could think of anything to ask a twelve year old. "So you know about masturbation yet?"

Scarlet just gave the slayer an odd look.