Standing in the clearing within the red alien forest, you almost couldn't discern Uhura from the plants. Uniform and leafy frons becoming one in human eyes, her form flitted about almost eerie in her beauty…

Blinking himself back to awareness, Scotty realized his stare and quickly brought his eyes back to the tricorder in his hands. Somewhere in his mind a confession had been building, taking down his protective mantra that the Enterprise was the only lady for him. He had to wonder if his captain felt similarly, that he was somehow betraying the Lady when his feelings for another started eclipsing the ones for her. As captain and as engineer, both had a certain duty only to Her… Or maybe that was just what they told themselves, like McCoy was always scoffing.

His attention was again drawn to his crewmate as she started to hum as she went about her exploring. She probably didn't even know he was so close, his uniform equally blending in. Her voice was something indescribable, and the gentle thrum of a tune she carried thoughtlessly now was lovely in its simplicity.

But what happen next was surprising, though maybe it shouldn't be for deep space explorers. The plants around Uhura started to shift, and before long she found herself in a clearing of gently waltzing trees.

Scotty found himself hurrying forward without a second thought, worried that it was the beginning of an attack. Uhura caught his eye with a smile, not surprised by his sudden presence. She continued to hum, lifting a finger to her lips to stop him from acting, for with her multiple degrees in language she saw this display for what it was, not hostile but playful.

Seeing that he wasn't going to do anything rash on the assumption she had read upon his face, she stopped humming. Instead, her full out singing filled the air, still gentle but with a slightly faster beat to the tune. The swaying of the plants increased in turn, but never did they touch the two humans in their midst.

A grin couldn't help but grow upon Scotty's face as all sense of danger faded and wonder grew in its stead. Meeting Uhura's eyes, his expression turned a bit goofy as he tried to copy the plants movements.

Her withheld laughter leaked into her song, and soon she was swaying with him. Feeling emboldened with that intoxication that comes when discovering a new and friendly world, he bowed to her like a gentleman, tipping his face up to mouth, "My I 'ave this dance?"

Nodding, her smile growing as wide as it could, she curtsied back. Then they were sweeping elegantly around the clearing, her voice in his ear, and the plants bowing back as them passed.

Maybe, just maybe, it was the beginnings of a cosmic love…