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Neji turned his wrist so that Inuzuka elder would have easier access to the knot that had tightened into a stone-like ball.

A week. They had spent a week together. Mostly it had been quite uneventful. They had spent their time resting, eating and training, which had been tricky as they had to adapt to each others movements.

Aside from the cuddling they'd done in their first day Neji had rejected most of Kiba's cautious attempts of affection. Though he didn't admit it, Neji was very thankful that Kiba never pressed the issue. The bond hadn't caused them problems, but it was most possibly because they had to spend 24 hours in a day together.

'Yeah, 24 hours per day'. Neji thought and almost shuddered. They sure had faced some awkward situations, some of them humiliating. Neji had to fight down his blush as he recalled his moment of awkwardness.

He had woken up in the middle of night. At first, he hadn't known what roused him, but then he had heard a moan from his side. He had been just about to look at Kiba to see what was wrong, when his mind had suddenly kicked in. He could feel Kiba's arousal trough their link! For a moment he had lied there, completely frozen. Then he had felt a panic to rise it's head. Kiba hadn't reacted to him at all, he hadn't even seemed to notice that Neji was awake, which really hadn't been too surprising, considering the... situation.

Neji had kept very still and quiet as Kiba stroked his throbbing member, untill finally, Kiba came, moaning Neji's name. Not long after that dog-nin had fallen asleep.

Neji on the other hand hadn't been able to sleep for the longest of whiles. At first he had felt panicky, but then finally his brain had decided to start to function again, and he had realized something. Kiba had clearly been... in need. So much so, that he had done it himself, right there, next to Neji. But dog-nin hadn't touched him, hadn't tried anything. Neji's eyes widened by the impact of this knowledge. He had turned his head to look at Kiba's sleeping face. His mind in turmoil, he had finally fallen into exhausted sleep.

Neji lowered his face a bit to hide his eyes from the Inuzuka's. His view of Kiba had changed a great bit because of that night. He didn't feel so threatened by the dog-nin anymore.

Kiba was happy. Neji didn't flinch from him anymore. And luckily he had quickly learned to recognize Neji's "limit" as he liked to call it. Depending on what kind of a mood Neji was in, he allowed different kinds of shows of affection. Or to put it more bluntly, it depended on Neji's mood how quickly he panicked. Even if Neji hadn't allowed anymore cuddling or similar activities, Kiba had learned to appreciate little things. Like, how close did Neji allow him to sleep, whether or not he was allowed to touch those long silky hairs et cetera.

Driven by desperation under Neji's silent and withdrawn demeanor, Kiba had on their third day together challenged Neji to play a variation of Truth or Dare. Neji, unable to ditch a challenge, had accepted. The rules were simple. They would ask questions, one at time, and if question was too awkward, one could request for dare. After given one, they were allowed to decide whether to do the dare, or to answer the question. The best part was, that thanks to bond, they couldn't lie.

Questions had started innocently enough. When is your birthday? What is your favorite/least favorite food? And so on. But soon, the questions had taken more personal turn, more intrusive in Neji's opinion. Kiba had been taken aback by sudden floods of panic or anguish he had felt coming from Neji every now and then, yet none of those feelings had been readable on Neji's face. Well, not untill he had hit the nerve...

Kiba sat comfortably on the couch, pondering Neji's latest question.

"I don't really know when or how we gained our doggish characterizes. There are no records of that, nor do we know about any Inuzukas who aren't or weren't dog-nins, well of course besides those who have been married into family, like my father", he said. Neji just nodded accepting this answer that answered nothing.

"My turn. Do you like any of your relatives?" Kiba asked. Neji's head snapped around and Kiba received suspicious look from his mate.

"Yes, I like Hinata-sama. How did your father die?" Neji said. Kiba lifted his brow at his mates quick and clipped tone. Bingo.

"He died on mission, he was jounin level ninja and it was an s-rank mission and something went wrong, you can imagine rest. Do you have any other relative that you like, besides Hinata?", Kiba had hardly said that, when he felt like he was being smothered. The pain he was feeling wasn't his but Neji's. Kiba had been horrified by the change he saw in Neji. His mate had seemed so small and fragile for a fragment of second. A face had flashed in Kiba's mind and with it had come dozens of emotions, clearest ones being pain, humiliation, helplessness, fear, anguish and hatred.

Kiba had actually recognized that face. He'd seen it during their wedding ceremony. The Hyuuga elder, the old lord of Hyuuga family, Neji's and Hinata's grandfather, Hien.

Kiba was highly disturbed by the incident. Why on earth did Neji feel like that about his grandfather? Kiba was positive that this was serious. He didn't ask though, knowing that Neji wouldn't tell, and unwilling to force the truth out of his mate he had allowed the matter to drop and accepted the cold and composed "No, I don't like any of them." Neji had given him.

Kiba didn't tell Neji that their empathetical bond had flickered to the side of telepathy for a second. Neji would just have freaked out. Telling would just lead to trouble, so Neji didn't need to know, right?

Kiba had to keep himself from sighing as his grandfather struggled with Neji's knot. Neji had been cold and withdrawn for the rest of that evening. And even when they had went to sleep, Neji had kept his distance.

Kiba had known for a long time that Hyuuga family was fucked up, but this was worse than he had ever thought.

Finally Neji's knot opened and pale eyed young man drew his arm back to massage his wrist. Kiba had already been released earlier.

Kiba looked at his mate.

'I will find out what you're hiding from me, just you wait...'

He'd have to have a little chat with Hinata to find out the truth.

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