My take on the Warners childhood, I was inspired by the fanfiction family by the middlewarnerchild. Though for this story I took the Warners out of the 90's and based most of it in the present day, This first chapter starts in 2003, then moves to January 2005.

And I want to apologize ahead of time for any grammatical or spelling errors you may find.

Not all of his childhood was bad. Actually the early years were great. He loved his parents then and they loved him. Yakko has a great memory. He remembers when he was 3 going to the zoo with his parents the first saturday of every month, going to the beach once a week, and the park at least 3 times a week. They owned a small business in the busy part of a town in southern Washington state. Their flexible schedule allowed them to spend a lot of quality time together. The store sold antiques, His mother Darlene started it.

Darlene was sweet, caring, always there for him. She got up early every morning to prepare a healthy breakfast for her family, she would wake them up with a song that always put them in a great mood, the family would eat breakfast together then go to the family store for a few hours, then do what ever family activity they had planned for the day.

His father Sakko was a kind and quiet man. He was a geologist and loved nature. The fact Yakko was young and didn't understand everything he was saying didn't stop him from trying to teach Yakko everything he knew.

Yakko remembers going to the families store and looking at his fathers geology books, he was learning to read but he was really interested in the pictures. Especially the one on page 60. It was a large rock about the length of a bus with a height of 3 feet and the surface of it caved in to the shape of a bowl. It looked like your typical colored rock on the outside but the inside was a mix of all the colors of the rainbow. Yakko stared at that picture for hours.

"It's called Santez rock." Sakko startled Yakko but he calmed when he saw it was just his father. He climbed in his lap with the book still focused on the strange rock formation. "Legend has it that if you go there sacrifice something, and stand in the center of the bowl you can make a wish and it might come true"

"What is sac of rice" Yakko asked, obviously hearing it wrong.

"A sac of rice is a bag of rice, but I am guessing you probably meant what's a sacrifice, a sacrifice is something you give up to help someone else in need."

"Where is the bowl?" Yakko asked.

"Burbank, California"

"Can we go. can we dad? He said jumping up and down in his father's lap

" Ehhhhhhhh I don't know" Sakko rubbed his chin and thought about it.

"Come on dad!" He was now begging.

"Okay okay, We can go but not until you are a little older. You have to walk through a really long trail to get there, we will go when you turn 5."

"Yay!" Yakko hugged his father, he didn't really have a concept of time yet so he didn't know he was going to have to wait 2 years before they go, but he heard 'okay' and that was good enough for him. He was excited for the trip so he started packing that night. His parents told him it was going to be a while before the trip, he didn't care he told them he wanted to be ready.

Those two years passed quickly. Yakko had a space theme for his 5th birthday party. He ran around his party in an astronaut costume telling everybody about the families up coming trip to Santez rock. He didn't forget about it because he had a great memory.

"Yakko we're ganna do cake!" Yakko's mother yelled from the kitchen. It was early January so the party was being held inside, luckily the Warners had a large living room that could host all of Yakkos preschool class. Yakko brought all of his friends to the dining room where Darlene was lighting the candles. She lit the last one and began singing. "Happy birthday toooooooooooooo youuuuuuuuuuuu" Darlene was a great singer so no one joined her at first they were all mesmerized by her beautiful voice. "Come on everybody! Happy birthday tooooooooooo youuuuuuuuu!" They joined her and finished the song.

"Happy Birthday dear Yakko! Happy birthday to you!" They clapped and Darlene started to cut the cake.

"Owwwwwwww!" Darlene screamed and held her stomach.

"Darlene, what is it did you cut your self?" Sakko ran over to her side.

"No my stomach, it hurts." She whined

Sakko looked at it, it was bloated, it was much larger than normal.

"chhhhhhhhhhhhh Houston we have a problem chhhhhhhhhhh" Yakko pretended to speak into his helmet.

"Yakko not now, why don't you bring your friends back to the living room and play a game." Sakko said, not taking his eyes of Darlene.

"But dad, what about cake!" Yakko whined.

"Not now Yakko!" This was probably the first time Yakko ever heard his father yell. So he brought his classmates to the living room and they played pin-the-tail-on-the-Neil-Armstrong. A few minutes later the door bell rang, and Sakko awnsered it.

"Well hello is there a birthday boy here?" An older women asked. Yakko recognized it and ran to the door.

"Grandma!" Yakko hugged her and took her coat like the gentleman he is.

"Well happy birthday, sorry I am fashionably late" She said and posed

"That's okay grandma you look great!"

"Oh well thank you, now How bout we have that cake and open presents while your parents go to the doctors." Grandma started walking over to the dining room.

"Why do they have to go to the doctors during my party?" Yakko started almost crying.

"Mommy is not feeling to well so she is going to go get a check up, the doctor is going to tell her what's wrong and give her medicine, she is going to feel better so she will be ready to go on that trip to Santez rock with you and daddy." She got down to his level and gave him a hug.

"Okay as long as she can go on the trip I'll be happy." Yakko said

"That's my grandson! Always be optimistic Yakko, always." Grandma said to him.

"I don't know what that means, can we have cake now?" He's five and he was promised cake over 20 minutes ago, now he is getting impatient.

"Well of course! Come on everybody!"

All the kids went to the dining room to finally eat cake, and Sakko and Darlene left to go to the doctors to get Darlene's stomach checked out. Yakko was a little afraid that his mother wasn't going to be okay, but he didn't let it show through the party. It was his birthday and he was supposed to be having fun.