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The Warners sat in the Emergency room waiting for the doctor to finish examining Dot. On the short drive to the ER her cough got worse and she started turning blue. As soon as they entered the hospital she was taken from Sakko's arms and raced into the doctors office, they had been waiting for half an hour for results.

Sakko and Yakko were of course nervous but Wakko was really loosing it. We all know by now his fear of hospitals so it was no surprise when the Doctor was carrying Dot away he began to yell, kick and scream. Sakko and Yakko tried to calm him down but did not succeed. Wakko ended up running out of the room and running into the operation ward.

"NOOOOO! oooof." He ran into a women and fell over.

"Oh my are you okay?" The women reached out her hand to help him up.

"Hello nurse." Wakko said (Not dragging it out like on the show.) When he looked up to her he took her hand and stood up.

"Oh I remember you, you're Wakko, your baby sister was born here last year." The Warners were easy to recognize, they were the only family of their species in state.

"Yeah, my sister Dot."

"How are you two getting along?"

"Good, she's not bad for a baby."

"See, what did I tell ya little sisters and brothers are a blessing. Now what are you doing here today?"

"Dots sick, she couldn't breathe."

"Oh my."

"Is she ganna die?"

"Well I am not sure of her condition..." The nurse started but was cut off when Wakko started to tear up. "I am sure she'll be fine! Now lets go tell your family that you're okay and get a snack." She only met Wakko one other time but knew how to make him happy.

"Okay!" He jumped up and led her to met his family.

Once he and the nurse finished their snack, the doctor returned with a happy Dot in his arms.

"So Doc how is she?" Sakko took Dot from the Doctors arms.

"She has asthma, but she will be fine as long as she recieves her medicine on a regular basis."

"Asthma? Poor thing." Yakko looked at Dot with sad eyes.

"Did her mother smoke around her?" The doctor asked Sakko.

"Darlene was never really near Dot... After she was born Darlene didn't have much contact with the kids."

"Well after reviewing Darlene's health record, I believe that she smoked while pregnant with Dot, which caused her to get asthma."

"Really?" Sakko was surprised at first but he wouldn't put it past Darlene to be so careless.

Yakko was shocked though. His mother put one of his little siblings in danger, they are lucky that all it was was asthma, Dot could of had far worse lung problems.

"Because this was the fault of a parent it is required that a social worker visit with you at least once a week to see that the children are in a healthy and safe environment."

"But Doc, Darlene has passed away, the kids are fine!"

"Sorry it is our policy, here is Dot's medication, if you have any problems give us a call and the social worker will be by friday afternoon. Good day." The doctor left with out letting Sakko argue his case.

"Dad what are you going to do? You have class in the afternoon." Yakko asked his father.

"Yes, I do have class friday..." He passed Dot to Yakko and sat down and put his head in his hands and let out a deep breath.