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Chapter One

I really could not believe what I was about to do, and to think that just a few days ago my life was normal, or at least normal by my standards.

"I'm so glad your safe," said Norman Maple, my father, one of the wealthiest men in the world.

The whole Maple family, including staff was seated in the main dinning hall. The matter of discussion was my attempted kidnapping that took place earlier this morning.

"Dad, there's no need to call a meeting, I'm fine."

Allow me to introduce myself. My name is May Eleanor Maple, and not only am the sole daughter of one of the wealthiest men in the world but I'm also a world-renowned teenage supermodel.

"There is, you are my only daughter and are very important to me. Your safety comes first."

"I agree with father, I will not loose my only sister; no matter how annoying you are," said Simon.

Simon James Maple is my older brother and heir to the family fortune and business.

"So what are you going to do? Lock me up?"

"That's not a bad idea." Simon's honey brown eyes narrowed as he stared me down.

"Just you try it," I challenged.

We held up our glaring match until father interrupted us. "Enough you two. We will not lock your sister up, but we will send her some where safe while we look into this matter further and find out who is after you and why."

"Ok, so where do you suggest sending me?" I asked, slouching in my chair

"I have an idea," said Simon grinning

"I don't like that look."

"I know the perfect place to send her where no one would expect to find her?" suggested Simon

"Such as?" asked father

"My old school."

Hold the phone. Did he just say what I think he said?

"Hang on… correct me if I'm wrong, but wasn't your old school an all boy's boarding school?" I could feel the color drain away from my face. He had to be kidding.

"Yes, your point," smirked Simon

"Uh… If you hadn't noticed Simon, I'm a GIRL!" slamming my hands on the tables, making everyone jump.

"So, away from the camera you act so much like a guy no one would know the difference," said Simon

"Excuse me, but that's not the point. The point is that your old school is an ALL BOY'S SCHOOL!" raising my arms for emphasis

"So? With the right disguise no one will know the difference."

"But...but..." There is no way father would agree with this.

"Your brother's idea may actually work," said Norman. Father say what?!

"But father..."

"No buts, you will attend Redwood All Boys Boarding Academy and that is final."

At that very moment, my life flashed before my eyes.

"I still cannot believe father is making me do this," I said looking down at my new school uniform; a white school shirt, red tie, black pants, black shoes and a sleeveless maroon sweater with the Redwood crest over the left breast. And to complete the outfit I now wore a short messy brown wig, chocolate brown contacts to hide my distinguishable sapphire eyes, and huge, Black Square framed glasses; the stereotypical nerd look. (If you're wondering how we cover up my breasts, I thank my stylist who provided special chest binders.)

"Well to bad, you are," said Simon, who was sitting next to me in his silver Toyota wearing a white t-shirt and grey slacks, plus he now had amber brown hair and deep brown eyes; courtesy of a wig and contacts like me.

"So what's my new name?" I sighed picking at my uniform.

"You're now Max Maple."

"How original," heavy hints of sarcasm were evident in my voice, change one letter and that's supposed make a whole lot a difference.

"Just go with it, now here's your timetable," he handed me a manila folder, which contained my timetable and a school map. I had,

Period One: English

Period Two: Mathematics

Period Three: Music

Period Four: Health and Physical Education

Period Five: History

Period Six: Digital Media

"At least you managed picked some of my favorite classes."

"Oh, and here's the key to your dorm room," handing me a small silver key with the number 143 attached to it.

"Wait… you mean I'm sharing a room with a guy!"

"Yeah, so?"

"What do you mean so?"

What the heck! I mean come on I have never had a boyfriend before and my own brother, whom I might mention is very protective of me, is expecting me to stay in a place full of guys and share a room with one. I may be tomboyish in nature but that doesn't stop me from like boys like every other normal teenage girl.

"You're smart, I'm sure you'll figure out a way to get around it."


I slouch down in my seat as we approach the school and boy it was huge. It was made up of four redbrick buildings, each one 3 floors high and from the looks of it, two of those buildings were dorms. As the car drove up into the parking lot, I could see a wide oval and a stadium; and when I entered the main building I found that the inside of one of these buildings was bigger than it seemed. Simon, now Sam was leading me towards the school office.

"Hello I'm Sam Maple and I'm here with my younger brother Max, who's enrolling here," he was speaking to an elderly gentleman with a bald spot and grey hairs, a short beard and moustache wearing square rimmed glasses.

"Ah yes of course, just wait here, we'll call up his roommate and he'll take him to his room to unpack."


15 minutes later a tall boy, with gray eyes, and longish dark purple hair arrived, not a bad looking boy but not exactly my type; he is wearing the same uniform I was wearing except his shirt is un-tucked with a loose tie.

"Hi, I'm Max." I extended my hand, smiling. He just stared at my hand.

"Whatever. I'm Paul. Come on, let's get you set up." He grabs one of my bags and motions for me to follow. Unfriendly much.

"Bye Sam," waving good-bye to my brother as I followed Paul outside.

We arrived at an oak door with the numbers 143 on the front.

Inside were two single beds one with plain white bed sheets and the other which was obliviously his, had a gray bed cover; beside each bed was a desk and set of drawers. His desk already had a modern looking silver laptop and various items strewn across his dresser, including a portable DVD player. There was one door which I guess led to the bathroom and next to it was one shelf half full with his books and DVD's along with photos; the other half was probably meant for me, not that I'd put much there.

"Make yourself at home. That's your bed." Paul mumbles as he chucks my bag on the floor next to my bed.

"Ok, cool" I began un-packing and shelving.

"Well I got to go to Chemistry class, you can find you're way right?"

"Uh… Sure."

"Ok, bye," I wave bye as Paul steps out, shutting the door behind him. I went back to un-packing; when my cell went off. The caller ID identified it as my father.

"Hi Dad."

"Hello Dear, I'm calling in to see how your settling in?" his soft calming voice wavered over the line relaxed me.

"I'm fine, I'm still un-packing."

"And your roommate?"

"He's… ok, I guess. Not overly welcoming though," I sat down on my bed

"Well, as long as you're ok. I just want you to take care of yourself. Ok?"

"I will."

"Promise me."


"Good girl, now I have a meeting to get to. I'll call you again later, ok?"

"Sure, bye dad."

"Bye," I sighed and hung up before continuing to un-pack.

My English class only had 18 students in it when I entered, which suited me just fine. I chose a seat at the back nearest to the window and quietly opened my textbook. I made it half-way through the first page when a shadow passed over my desk and I look up to see a guy wearing the school uniform, just without the sweater plus his tie was hanging loose and his sleeves pushed up showing his mid-sized muscles. He had crew cut brown hair and pale brown eyes, a crooked grin on his face.

"Hey, are you the new kid?" I blinked, and just stared. Who was this guy?

"Hey, I asked you a question newbie."

"Gary leave him alone," came an unknown voice, we both turned to my left to see another guy. The mystery guy had deep brown eyes and messy raven hair. He too wore the uniform without the sweater, tie loose and sleeves folded up.

"Butt out Ashy-boy," spat Gary, facing the boy

"Why don't you make me Gary," said the boy standing up to him.

I just sat there and stared at them. What the heck is going on? I'm barely here a minute and I'm already the cause of trouble.

"Alright class settle down, we have a new student joining our class today," said the teacher who was a man in his mid 30's wearing a pair of slacks and a woolen sweater over a button up pale brown shirt. His entrance caused the two guys to leave and take their seats.

"Everyone, please make him feel welcome," as all attention was on me as the teacher beckoned me up. Yeah, I was totally feeling welcome.

"Everyone this is Max Maple," the whole class was silent as I stood there feeling very uneasy.

"Hello," God I sound lame'

"Good, now please take a seat where you were Mr. Maple," as I made my way back to my seat, I passed by the black haired guy from earlier, when he saw me he shoot me a wide, toothy grin.

After class the teacher came up to me and said I was to go back to my room for today, and that I was go to my third period class after recess. So on my way out I didn't expect to see the guy from earlier standing outside my class apparently waiting for someone when he spotted me.

"Hey. My names Ash, you're Max?"

"Uh… yeah."

"Just wanted to check and see if you were ok. Gary can be a bit of a bully."

"Gary? You mean the other guy?"

"Yeah, Gary's kinda like the school bully. Don't let him bother you too much."

"Thanks, but I can handle myself."

I smile and begin walking away, back towards the dorms. Ash falls in a step beside me.

"So where are you headed?"

"The teacher told me to go back to the dorm and finish settling in."

"Whose your dorm-mate?"

"Some guys named Paul, he hasn't mentioned a surname."

"His names Paul Shinji. He's a mate of mine." Ash shoots me a toothy grin.

"Is he normally that, uh… unfriendly?"

"He's not unfriendly, not really. Paul just isn't an overly sociable guy."

"I see." We arrive outside the dorm and I turn to face Ash, "Shouldn't you be getting to class?"

"Since we're a boarding school, we get 10 minutes between classes. So I've got time to kill. Anyway, I was just wondering if you wanted to hang out with me and some of my mates later, during lunch? Since you're new and all."

Ash seemed nice, really friendly. I guess it wouldn't hurt to accept his offer.

"Sure. Thanks."

"Cool. I'll see you later." Ash shoots me one more, toothy grin as he walks away.

After I'd finished un-packing I went ahead to my next class.

The students in music class were busy chatting away when I arrived; apparently the teacher was 7 minutes late. I sat in the corner again.

Five minutes later, Ash and Paul walked through the door, accompanied by another guy who was dressed the same way I was, with emerald eyes and matching green hair. I blushed slightly as I stared at him.

Ash spotted me and walked over, "Hey Max, I didn't know you did music."

"Hey Ash. I didn't know you'd be in my class," I smile as I close my book, "Hey Paul."

Paul nods and takes a seat at the two-person desk in front of me. Ash returns my smile with one of his own as he takes the seat next to Paul.

"Max, this our friend Drew, Drew this Max. He's Paul's new roommate." Ash introduces me to the third guy, who takes a seat next to me.

"Hi." Drew flicks his hair and extends his hand to me, which I shake. His hand is really warm and that sent tingles up my arm. I abruptly let go which earned me a questioning stare from Drew. Luckily, I was saved by the teacher,

"Sorry I'm late," said the teacher, and I was surprised at who it was.

"Brock!" I shot up from my seat and slammed my hands on my desk. He stopped and stared, taking in my attire.

"Ma…x?" The whole class stopped and stared at the two of us

"What are you doing here?" asked Brock

"Wait… you two know each other, Mr. Stone?" asked a random kid in class

"Yeah, I use to give tutor lessons before I became a teacher and I taught Max how play the piano and guitar."

"Is that true Max?" asked Ash


"Well when they told me I was getting a new student I didn't expect this," the class sat in silence, eyes focused on Brock and me.

"Ok, since class is gonna end in 15 minutes due to my tardiness you can back to what ever you were doing, and Max can you step outside with me for a minute there's something I want to discuss with you," as he headed for the door, I excused myself from Ash and Co.

Out in the hall, I leaned against the wall as Brock stood before me, scowling, "What are you doing here?"

"Where do you want me to start?"

"The beginning."

"Well I was almost kidnapped by some weirdos, so Simon and Dad sent me here. I'm now have to pretend to be a guy, and I have to stay here till they figure out who's after me," I said all cheery

Brock sighed. "Well that's nice, but how do you plan on pulling this off?"

"I was wondering if you could help me with that, you see so far you're the only teacher that knows besides the Principal, the Vice-principal, the doctor and the my sports coach."

"Well what ever I can do, don't hesitate to ask. But I have to ask, was all of this Simon's idea?"

"Yes, yes it was," I dead-panned.

"Figured as much. Well good luck and I pray you can keep this up."

"You're not the only one."

It was PE now and the sports uniform was a choice of track pants or shorts and either a long or sort sleeve maroon red sports shirt with the school emblem on the sleeve, and runners of your choice as long as they were proper runners.

"Ok, class huddle up, for this semester we will be playing basketball, but for today's lesson I thought we'd have some fun and play a game of dodge ball," the class cheered, I inwardly groaned. I've always disliked dodge ball, not because I'm bad at it, I simply just don't like it.

"Now for this to work we need two people to volunteer as captains, anyone want a go?" asked Coach Reign

I looked around and no one raised their arm, they cheered earlier, so why was no one volunteering.

"Alright, Maple and Oak come forward."

I sighed as I stepped forward and so did Gary, I had opted for the long sleeve and track pants while he went with trackies and short sleeve polo; Gary had an unsavory grin on his face as he stepped up. What is with this guy?

"Now I wan to each pick 13 members for your team, got it?" we both agreed and soon the game was on.

The teams we had chosen were myself, Ash, Drew, and 11 other guys while on Gary's team he had chosen two of his friends from earlier - John and Thomas, along with 11 other guys.

"Ok, the rules are that if you get hit then you're out and you can only hit an opponent below the shoulder or above the waist; if you catch the ball you get a player back and the person who threw the ball is out; and finally you can only win if you knock the entire opposing team, got it?" he looked around at all of us, "Ok, begin," he blew his whistle and the entire room came to life as we all rushed for the balls and the frenzy of red rubber balls began.

My entire team managed to grab all the balls and fired first, knocking out 6 of their players. In retaliation they picked up the balls and hit 4 of our guys. Gary got a ball and aimed for Ash, but Drew threw a ball, which deflected it.

"Thanks man."

"No prob, now watch out."

The game went on until there were only four players left on my team - Ash, Drew, a guy named Manuel, and I. While Gary still had 8 teammates.

"Ok, time" said Coach Reign, "Take 5 minutes and then we'll restart."

"What do we do, I mean they have 8 and we have 4," asked Manuel, "Not to mention one of our players barely does anything," looking over at me.

"He's right man, you've barely done a thing except maybe, take out one player," said Ash

"Sorry, I just don't like dodge ball."

"Well like it or not we need you to play," said Ash. I stared around at all of them and then looked at the floor before grinning wide,

"Fine, give me the ball and a good reason to win, and I'll win the entire game without you, any of you."

"Your on, I'll bet 5 bucks you can't do it on your own," said Manuel

"Deal, Ash? Drew?"

"10 bucks," said Ash

"You sure you can do this?" asked Drew, concern in his eyes.

My breath hitched in my throat as I stared at him and began to get lost in his eyes, but shook my head and snapped out of it. I cannot be crushing on guys right now or they'll think I'm gay.

"Yes, trust me."

"If you're sure, cause' you don't seem like the sportive type." Drew grins and flicks his hair.

"Well you just don't know me well enough Drew, you haven't seen what I can do."

"Oh really now." All I could do was smile.

Time was up and we had start the game, and once again my team grabbed all the balls before there team and laid them on the floor; Drew, Ash and Manuel then stood back as I took the floor. I grabbed one ball and readied my self.

"Your kidding me right, your gonna send the newbie to do your work, how lame," sneered Gary

"Boys?" questioned Coach Reign, "Max are you sure about what you're doing?"

I nod and knew he was concerned, but wait till he sees me in action

"Oh, this is gonna be an easy win," said Gary

"I'm gonna make you eat those words."

"Bring it."

"Ok, but remembered you asked for it."

I launched the ball hitting one of the boys square in the chest, knocking him out. Thomas quickly picked up the ball and launched back at me, but I easily sidestepped it. Then I picked up the same ball and aimed for Thomas.

"Ha you missed," laughed Thomas

"No I didn't."

"Wha..." he was cut off as the ball hit him in the back after bouncing off one of the other guys. Two with one shot! Yes!

This time Gary picked up the ball a threw towards Manuel, I quickly grab another ball and rush over to Manuel blocking the ball

"Thanks man." I smile at him before throwing the ball, hitting one guy and then bouncing off him and hitting another guy. When they threw it back I easily dodged it before picking it up and throwing it at another guy hitting his arm. Now only 3 boys left, Gary, Kenny and Nathaniel each one spread out randomly on the court, I grinned planning out all the angles and threw the ball at Kenny, it bounced off his back hitting Nathaniel, and then bounced off Nathaniel straight towards Gary. But he dodged.

"Heh, not bad for a newbie," he breathed, "Where'd you learn to throw?"

"Brother," I said as I picked up another ball as he picked up the one I threw. We stood before each other. He threw first, but I dodge it and throw my ball at him hitting him square in the chest.

"Game! Max's team wins," I smile before turning to face the others, Ash stood there with his mouth open and eyes wide, a similar expression was on Manuel's face and Drew was silent but his eyes were still wide in astonishment.

"And you couldn't have done that before at the start of the game," said Ash snapping out of and giving me a high five.

"Looks like you guys owe me 15 bucks."

"Ha-ha," laughed Manuel lightly as he pat me on the back

"Not bad Maple, if we had a dodge ball team, we'd always win with you on board," said Coach Reign, "You good at any other sports?"

"Maybe," I said walking away towards the changing rooms as the bell rang, signaling the start of Lunch.

"Man you rocked back there, did you really learn all that from your bro?" asked Ash

We were all gathered on the roof of our dorm; Paul was on his laptop while Drew and Ash were mucking around with a basketball. I on the other hand was lying on my back staring at the sky.

"Half and half."

"So you got any other hidden talents we are unaware of?" asked Drew. My heart tugs in my chest, but I ignore it.


"Come on what else are you hiding?" asked Ash. I grin to myself and just relax.

"You play basketball and soccer, you're also a song-writer, and you play the piano. You know several types of Martial Arts. Plus you speak 3 different languages - Japanese, Spanish and Italian."

I get up and stare at Paul, "How do you know that?"

"I hacked the system."

"You can do that?"

"Paul can find out anything about anybody," said Ash sitting down next to Paul as Drew sat next to me, my cheeks flushed, but I kept my head low so they didn't notice.

"Really? Anything?"

"For the right price." Paul smirks.

"You charge?"

"Information isn't free."

"I thought it was."

"Well the information I know isn't'."

"Speaking of information, what's the latest on May Maple?" asked Ash. My ears pricked up at the sound of my real name

"You like May Maple?"

"And you don't?" asked Ash, then smiled as if he'd jut noticed something, "You two even have the same surname."

"Not my type, and having the same surname has nothing to do with anything."

"True but come one, she's like totally, smoking hot." I inwardly grin at his comments, but at the same time also very annoyed with it. What is it with boys and looks? Are they really that important to them?

"Not much is new, except that she's taking an un-scheduled amount of vacation time to relax from all her photo shoots and shows," said Paul, rapidly typing away.

"What?" Ash cried with cartoon like despair, "I can't see her hot body anymore."

"Oh, get over it, it's not like she's leaving forever." I was a tad bit annoyed by his words.

"Max's right, dude, get over it."

I think my heart just did a summersault. God what was wrong with me, I haven't felt this way around a guy since… since ever. You see I really don't have a pleasing history with boys, cause most of them are in love with my looks and the other lot are to shy to even talk to me or are extremely rude they act like real jerks under the illusion they're ladies men.

Luckily for me the bell rang and we had to go to class once again.

As the school day ended I decided to kick it back and spend the rest of the day in my room. Ash and Drew were at Basketball practice and Paul was in a meeting with the IT club, so I was all on my own. I lay there in my bed and stared at the ceiling going over my entire day. I found out that Paul was in my History and Media class, Drew was in my Media and Math class, and Ash was not only in my English and Sport class but my Math's class as well. Luckily the ass Gary wasn't in any of my other classes, which was a relief. Not to mention the coach had asked me to join the basketball team, but I refused, trying to keep a low profile. My ringtone interrupted my thoughts.


"Hey squirt, how's your first day?" It was Simon.

"Hi Slime. My days been pretty good and guess who I ran into?"


"Brock, my old music tutor."

"He works there now?"

"Yep and he's willing to help me."

"Well your gonna need it."

"Yeah, yeah, so how's the investigation going?"

"Not so good, I mean we have lots of leads but we can't narrow it down."

"Well keep trying, you'll find something."

"Don't worry we will, you just take care of your self."

"I promise, oh and Simon..."


"I miss you."

"Miss you too squirt." I hang up and plop back down on my bed; this was going too be one heck of an adventure.

This is my attempt a Contestshipping story and I hope you like it. Hopefully you'll stay tuned for the rest.

Also, Gary Oak is not the same Gary Oak from the anime, they just happen to have the same name.