This is for PurpleNinjas7, who admired my 2 Les Miserables fic so much, that they requested this fic.

This is kind of a three way Les Miserables. Book/Musical/Focus on the Family audio story.

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Chapter one

The night before life changes

Twenty year old, Maureen Keywood shoved the covers from her bed as she set her feet on the ground. She grabbed her white silk robe and slid into it. She couldn't sleep; tomorrow was going to be a big day for her. Sir Aldrin Gadd was arriving in France tomorrow and she was worried sick! It was going to be a huge matrimonial arrangement for both of them. She'd be restored to her rightful place on the throne after being kicked out of England due to her cursed father, King Henry XVIII.

Her mother, being Anne Boleyn, didn't help matters much anyway. In England, she was regarded as a bastard and once her father died, she was immediately kicked to France. She had a small fortune, which was keeping her nurse alive. She had an uncle, her nearest relative, and he was the one arranging this marriage arrangement.

Her uncle, wasn't very close with her, they didn't speak much. They held each other with a distant eye and she didn't even try to get close to him. The only person, who she was close to, was Enjolras Legrand. They'd grown up together since the age of ten and they knew each other with a strong, friendly relationship. He'd recently come back four years ago from university and he'd been hired on as her tutor. In addition, Enjolras taught her almost everything she knew. Fencing, horseback riding, reading and writing Latin. He was somehow able to make history, science and politics fun for her.

She tiptoed down the stairs and ran down the hall towards the room that she'd dubbed the 'sweat room,' because that was where she did most of her unladylike sweating. Once there, she pulled her sleeves out of the robe and tossed it on the floor.

"I suggest," she spun around to see Enjolras pulling himself up from the floor. "that you leave that on."

She flushed and pulled her silk robe back on. "I agree." Maureen, typically wouldn't have cared less if she were in just her nightdress. But Enjolras, now a grown man and no longer the boy she'd grown up with, she now had to act sedately around him. She did wish that they could go back to the easy relationship that they'd had before, but they couldn't. She'd grown up and as he.

And Enjolras had made quite the impression. He was talented, passionate, funny, rude, and so handsome. Many of the ladies of the upper class admired and envied her of having such a handsome bodyguard and tutor. But then, they always sniffed that it was a pity that he would only be a tutor and bodyguard.

"What are you doing here?" She asked. "It's late."

"Waiting for you." She noted that he all ready had his fencing gear on. "I guessed you'd be here and I was right."

"Why am I not surprised?" She pulled her blonde curls out of the way before tying her robe on. She grabbed her fencing sword and got into position. "I'm ready."

Enjolras shook his head. "I'm not budging until you put your gear on."

"I hate it."

"I don't care." He said before taking a seat on the floor. "Now, put it on or else you'll fence alone."

She exhaled and plopped down beside him. "I don't really want to fence anyway. I'm nervous."

"I know."

She frowned at him. "Since you're so clever, why don't you tell me why I'm nervous?"

He laughed. "It's so obvious! Sir Adrian Gadd's arrival tomorrow and you're wondering about what he'll be like."

"Funny." She looked down and toyed with her robe.

"Will he," her head jerked up at the high pitched voice Enjolras was using in a humorous attempt to imitate her. "like me? Will I make a fool of myself? Will uncle speak to me again if I refuse him? Dare I refuse him because who knows what uncle has picked next?"

She shoved him. "All right, I didn't mean you had to get that into it."

"Well," he grinned. "I was just trying to make you laugh and I failed."

"I'm not going to give you the satisfaction, so I am laughing inwardly."

"I'm hurt."

"And you make a terrible me."

Enjolras yawned. "Sorry."

"I'll go. I won't be back down again."

"Pardon me, but I don't believe you."

"You'd better, because I am going to stay in bed." She got up and picked up her fencing sword. "I promise that you'll be able to get your full rest."

Enjolras bobbed his head and reached for her sword. "You go, I'll put this away."

"I am not useless, I can put this away."

"Indulge me. Now, go to sleep."

"Enjolras," she said. "I've said I desire to be treated like an equal and not a princess! Now, I want to put the sword away!" he opened his mouth to object but she interrupted him. "And not another word or else I shall cut you to ribbons!"

Enjolras exhaled before commenting. "You're putting the sword away upside down."

She looked towards the rack and sure enough, the blade was in the air! She glanced at Enjolras who was smirking at her. "Don't you dare laugh at me!"

"Sure Spitfire." He said as he took the sword from her and put it away properly.

She turned away. "Do you absolutely have to call me Spitfire?"

"I've always called you Spitfire," he began stripping out of the gear he'd put on. "why shouldn't I?"

"Because…it's rather," she paused and shrugged. "never mind."

"Rather what?"

"Nothing Enjolras!"

"You're a terrible liar. Don't you like it when I call you that?"

"I-I just think," she bit her lip before responding carefully. "I'm too old for that name."

"You're not so grown up."

"I'm very grown up!"

"That's debatable."

"I could say the same about you!"

Enjolras laughed before draping his arm over her shoulder. "You're so funny when you're upset." She elbowed him and he groaned. "But…you tend to be rough."

She pouted. "That's what I mean!" She stopped short. "I mean, I want someone to love me for who I am. That includes my temper, my crazy hobbies and desires."

"Now, who doesn't fall in love with you the moment they see you?"

"You." She blurted out and she immediately averted her gaze.

"Yeah." Enjolras said slowly and she looked up at him as he moved forward. "You need to go rest, you've a big day tomorrow."