A/N: For MeAndYouForeverBaby. I like Duncney too, XD. Takes place during TDI.

"Get lost punk." Courtney said, annoyed.

"You know you want me Princess." Duncan smirked. Courtney shoved him out the door of the girl's cabin. Everyone was down at Geoff's party, but Courtney decided to try and catch up on some reading. Apparently someone else had come to keep her unwanted company.

"No Duncan, I really don't want you." Courtney replied.

"Stop denying Princess. I like you, and you like me too." Duncan held that cocky tone of voice that Courtney secretly loved.

"Wherever did you get that idea?" Courtney asked.

"I'm referring to when you cuddled with me on that challenge." Duncan said.

"Please, you were just the closest person by me, I had to get body warmth somehow!" Courtney claimed.

"Suuuuurrrreeee Princess." Duncan told her. Courtney started to get frustrated.

"Ugh, LEAVE ME ALONE!" Courtney shouted at him.

"We both know that isn't going to happen." Duncan said.

"You're so annoying!" Courtney told him.

"Yup." Duncan replied. Courtney slammed the door in his face and tried to focus on reading again. Honestly, that boy was such a little punk! Soon, there was another knock on her door.

"Princess? I know you're in there." came an annoyingly familiar voice from outside. Courtney sighed and opened the door, to find Duncan leaning on the front wall.

"Didn't I tell you to get lost?" Courtney asked.

"I don't seem to recall that." Duncan played like he didn't remember.

"You should re-" Courtney was interrupted by Duncan pressing his lips on hers. Courtney knew she should turn away, but she surprised herself and melted into the kiss. They stood there, until Duncan broke away.

"I knew you would like that." He said in an annoying tone of voice.

Courtney knew she should be coming up with some kind of an insult, but she found herself stupidly gazing into his teal eyes, a lovestruck smile on her face. Tomorrow, she would go back to her ways, like insulting him, but for tonight, she would hang out with this delinquent.

Just tonight.