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Also, none of the characters are mine other than Alexandra "Landra" Maria Conner.

Alexandra Maria Conner was the spitting image of her mother, who died giving birth to the little girl. Maybe that's why her father didn't love her. She had the same black hair and emerald eyes, where her father had dusty brown hair and blue eyes. He never hugged her, helped her when she cried, just ignored her. She was a small girl, thin and wiry, and always carried a small teddy bear around with her.

Her father always cleaned up his act though, when the nice lady was around. She was really pretty, with long blond hair and blue eyes. Soon after the pretty lady and her father started to date, she met her son. James Tiberius Kirk. He looked sort of like his mother, the same blond hair and blue eyes, with tanned skin.

Not long after meeting her son, the woman and boy moved in with her and her father, and his mother went off planet. She was a member of Starfleet, and Landra was in awe of the woman. Whenever she was around, Landra tried to spend as much time with her as she could.

At first, James (who insisted on being called Jim), hated the little girl that followed him around like a puppy whenever his mother wasn't around. She complained all the time, cried, and wanted his attention.

His attitude towards the girl changed though when he heard her screaming and crying one night, due to her father beating her for no reason.

"Hey!" Jim ran down the stairs and shoved Landra's father, stepping in front of the crying girl. "Leave her alone! She's just a kid!"

Her father stumbled back and blinked, trying to clear his vision. Looking between the two kids, he grumbled and walked away. "Little brat's not worth my time anyway…"

Huffing, Jim turned around to look at the cowering girl. "You ok?" He asked, trying to sound annoyed. Instead of answering, Landra launched herself into Jim's arms and continued to cry. "Thank you, Jimmy!" He hesitated, and gently pat the little girl's back before pushing her off him. "Yeah well, don't mention it." She winced when she was pushed back, tears welling up in her eyes again.

"Oh come on, Landra. Stop crying." She sniffled, shuffling her feet. "I'm sorry Jimmy. My arm hurts though." Rolling his eyes, Jim carefully took Landra's hand and lead her into his room where he sat her on the bed and got some ice for her arm. Silence passed between them, and before long Jim noticed the girl was shaking.

"Jimmy? Why doesn't my dad like me?" He frowned, sitting next to her and putting his arm around her to hold her close. "I don't know, Landra. No one will ever hurt you again. You're like a little sister to me, and I'm going to look out for you."

Landra looked up at Jim and wiped her eyes, a hopeful look in their depths. "You promise, Jimmy?" He smiled at her and nodded. "Of course kiddo. You're stuck with me now."

From that day forward, Jim Kirk and Landra Conner were inseparable. The first time his mother returned home from a mission off planet, Jim told her about what happened while she was gone. In shock, she divorced Landra's father, taking Landra with her.

Winoah hired sitters to look out for Jim and Landra whenever she was away on missions, but it was mostly Jim that took care of Landra.

When they both entered high school, Jim turned into quite the womanizer. He was also a rebel, always getting into trouble, but Landra was always there to get him out of trouble. Landra grew to be a beautiful young woman with wavy ebony locks and shining emerald eyes that had all the men's heads turning when she walked.

Like Jim, Landra was also highly intelligent. Her grades put her at the top of the glass, and even a grade higher, which put her in the same grade as Jim. Her intelligence was noticed by Starfleet, and one afternoon Captain Pike showed up at the Kirk household.

As much as she wanted to join Starfleet right away, Winoah asked her to at least wait until she was finished with medical school to make sure it was something she really wanted to do. Landra smiled, agreeing to wait. Jim was nowhere to be found that day.

The years passed and Landra completed medical school at the top of her class. Jim, on the other hand, continued to party and get in trouble, which put a strain on their once close relationship.

And that, it where this story begins.

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