This is my way of doing a "high school" fic...

An elderly but still rather spry British man with a well balding head and thin mustache walks next to his completely bald friend who hails from upstate New York is travels via wheelchair. Both men are dressed in sharp custom suites and the one wheeling forward has a stack of folders on his lap. "You knew I had these ready for you almost before I did, your skill with your power has grown," the man in the wheelchair says.

"Ha, I'm not the one able to find mutants across the world with my mind," the older man answers.

"I do need a machine for that, meanwhile you just get flashes of the future. Your power still amazes me Alfred," the other man continues.

"Charles, you could easily will yourself to look through my mind and see every premonition I've randomly received. So stop trying to flatter your Brit friend and start handing me the files," Alfred tells him with a smirk on his face.

"Alright, lets start with Mr. Clark Kent," Alfred says, handing him the first file. "He is a good hearted young man from rural Kansas, and due to his heroic saving of a bus full of innocent children, he won't be able to go to public high school at home anymore," he explains.

"Near invulnerability to physical harm, strong enough to lift over a fifty tons, can fly at super sonic speeds, and can see through walls. Impressive," Alfred notes.

"We've been able to determine that his mutation is powered through exposure to solar radiation," Charles explains.

"Like your young Scott?" Alfred asks.

"Yes, but I believe his is building over time. He may eventually become the most powerful person on Earth, a fact that seems to terrify the young man," Charles tells him.

"He could do great things," Alfred says, looking over the file. "Next?" he asks.

Charles hands him the next in the pile. "Then we have a member of royalty, Diana the Princess of Themyscira," he says.

"Hippolyta's Daughter," Alfred notes with a smile, looking over the information.

"You know the queen?" Charles asks, surprised. "She didn't mention that."

"I'm not at all surprised," Alfred says. "The file doesn't list a father for Diana?"

"No," Charles answers. "None was offered and I didn't think it right to pry. Her mother explained that she wanted her daughter to be educated in America, and she thought the chance to learn how to use her natural gifts would help her prepare for her future. The girl's X gene gives her superhuman strength nearly on par with Mr. Kent, lightning fast reflexes, incredible stamina, a regenerative healing factor, superhuman hearing, and...well she knows when you lie to her."

"Well her mother didn't have an X gene, but that power I think came from her," Alfred explains with a smile. "Oh the boys will notice her."

"Yeah, well maybe you should explain that not only does her X gene make her formidable, but she's all trained in Themysciran martial arts since early childhood," Charles says with a laugh.

"Ha, next?" Alfred says, holding out his hand.

"John Stewart," the man of wheels answers, handing over the corresponding folder. "The son of a Marine, he wanted to follow in his father's footsteps, so he sought out a recruiter while still a sophomore in high school. Being honest and true, like a Marine should be, he demonstrated his ability to create solid light constructs to his physical examiners. Then he was unceremoniously told that his country will not need his services. He can generate force-fields in seemingly any shape he desires, and even emit force blasts from his fists. He is a straitlaced and orderly boy, but I believe at the moment he is still...heartbroken."

Alfred nods, reading over the contents. Then he closes the folder and reaches for the next one on the pile. "Ah, Wally West. I found him in Central City. This young man is a practical joker and all around goof ball," Charles tells him. Alfred sighs at that, but Charles simply chuckles and moves on. "He is very curious, rather cleaver, and very adept in getting into trouble. Oh and his mutant power is to move at superhuman speeds."

Alfred reads the file, stops, and looks over at his friend. "One tenth the speed of light?" he asks.

"Well that was his person best, he usually zips around just faster then the human eye," Charles answers. "Oh and you should keep your pantries full, because Wally's fast metabolism requires him to eat a lot more then a young man his age normally would."

Alfred groans before shutting the folder and asking, "Next?"

"Shayera Rodriguez/del Toro/Hol," Charles tells him while handing him the desired item. "She's used all three sir names at different times. I approximate her age at around 16, near the others, but all information on her family or origins in general are nonexistent. I found her fighting gangs in a town near the border."

The picture inside stuns Alfred for a second. "I'm guessing she can fly," he says.

"Yes, she can fly rather well. She also has superhuman strength (though not to the degree of either Clark or Diana), hawk like sight, and the ability to emit electrical charges. The later she usually compliments with a blunt metal object," Charles explains. "She grew up on the streets, so she is rather tough and used to people treating her like a freak. She's a survivor, but she hasn't lost her sense of morality, and I think she has earned the right to receive a good education, understanding, and friendship."

"Reminds me of someone else I used to know," Alfred says with a hint of sadness in his voice.

"Speaking of which, I think this last one will be rather special to you," Charles says with a knowing smile, while handing his friend the last file.

Alfred opens it, and stops dead in his tracks. "Bruce?" he says surprised.

"Yes, young Mr. Wayne," Charles says. "I understand that you know him?"

"Yes, I was a good friends of his family," he answers, combing through the folder. "I...I was even supposed to be the boys legal guardian...before he ran away. Suddenly one of the family's bank accounts was empty Bruce was gone, leaving a message that he had to do something on his own. I spent years scouring the Earth for this child, I even still have people on my payroll looking for him now, but you found him?"

"As I found the others," Charles answers.

"Is he alright?" Alfred asks.

"Yes he is quite well. Already has a doctorate in Engineering, Mathematics, Chemistry, and Criminology at the ripe old age of 16. Besides that he apparently also knows several forms of martial arts, and has somehow retaken control over his late parent's company," Charles explains.

The Englishman blinks at that. "Wow," is all he can say.

"Oh yes," Charles agrees.

"Is that from his X gene?" Alfred asks.

'I can't really tell," Charles admits. "If I didn't know better I would have guessed that the boy had taken the fabled super soldier formula. Physically he is stronger, faster, more agile, and has greater stamina then over 90 percent of non powered human males on Earth. He also has an IQ that nears Reed Richards, and can learn new skills and information at a rapid rate. Despite all of that though, I still can not figure out what of that is from his own training and common genetics, and what of that (if any) are from his X gene. I'm not even sure if his X gene has activated yet."

"Well, in any event it doesn't seem that Bruce needs to be in school anymore," Alfred says, looking through the folder. "Does he want to help me teach?"

"Actually he requests to be allowed into the class. And while that might mean that he's going to be doing his own independent studies for the majority of the time, I still think you should take him in," Charles advises.

"Of course I'm accepting Bruce," Alfred says, almost insulted that it would be thought otherwise.

"Thats good, because young Mr. Wayne has offered you a change of venue for school grounds," his friend tells him, pointing at the folder.

Alfred continues looking inside for a second before he smiles. "Wayne Manor? Yes that should do nicely," he says.

"There you go old friend. With your first batch of students and your grand home, you should have the second best batch of young mutant students in the country," Charles says with a challenging grin.

"Give us a year, old boy. Then we shall see," Alfred tells him, before walking off with his prizes.

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