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Clark Kent stands there in an ill fitting business suite, with a pair of amber colored reading glasses on and his signature curl hastily ruffled up in the rest of his hair, before pulling off the spectacles and saying, "Come on Bruce, a pair of glasses won't stop anyone from recognizing me."

"I'm not trying to set up a secret identity for you Kent. This is all about preventing casual reorganization via a simple and temporary disguise," Bruce tells him, putting on his fedora. He is also sporting a new look, complete with a very convincing fake mustache and long brown trenchcoat.

"Okay, so I'm going to the rally as working stiff, and what your going as hipster douche?" he asks.

"Exactly," his friend answers. "Though the hat and coat kind of make me feel like the Shadow."

"I always preferred Doc Samson myself," Clark says.

"You would," Bruce tells him.

Clark puts the glasses back on and the two go out to the main hall to find the others already sporting their looks for Lois's rally. Diana is wearing a flowing tie dye summer dress, with her long hair in dreadlocks, a pair of orange shades on, and some glittery makeup in the shape of flowers on her cheeks. John is keeping it simple with a blue nit cap on with combat boots, a white tanktop, and camo pants and matching jacket. Wally on the other hand went over board into an emo/punk look, with his hair styled into spikes, black eyeliner, a leather jacket, and even a leather kilt along with various jewelry.

"Subtle Wally," Bruce tells him.

"Come on man, we're in Gotham, I'll be practically invisible," he says.

"What's Halestorm?" Diana asks, pointing at the speedy ginger's shirt.

"You haven't heard them? You have to, you'll love em!" Wally excitedly answers.

"Has anyone seen Shay?" John asks, looking around.

"Just getting done making myself pretty," Shayera says, floating down from the second floor. While she looks nice, she is clearly not in any sort of disguise.

"Going natural?" Bruce asks.

"Yeah," she answers. "Its kind of hard to hide the wings, also I figured granjero's girlfriend deserves to have at least one mutant standing tall and proud in the open for her little party."

"Thanks Shayera," Clark says. She nods at him.

"You look great," John tells her.

"Flirter," she tells him, before they all go out the door.

The rally was taking place across the street from the very building where Clark had first met Lois, and the girl had gotten a lot of support. When the kids from Pennyworth's arrive, there are already a few hundred people with signs. While mutants are used to "normal" people waving signs about them, those signs usually don't say things like "X marks the spot!", "Mutants are people too!", or "Mutant Haters are just Jealous!". It lightened the heart of the teenagers, especially Shayera when she is greeted by an applause by everyone when she appears.

"Hey, I know I'm beautiful, but seriously people!" she shouts happily.

Lois stands up on a box while one of her buddies hands her a microphone. "Hey everyone listen up, I've got a bit to say," she tells the crowd, who quiet down. "The world is full of bad people. Criminals, terrorist, super villains. Bad people exist in every country, as part of every gender, and race. But GOOD people exist in this world too! And they are part of every country, gender, and race! People like General Lane and Senator Luthor just want you to see mutants like Magneto, the Brotherhood, and the Marauders on the news, and they want you to be afraid. Not of just those people, but of anyone who might be remotely like them. They don't want you to know about Ororo Monro! They don't want you to know about Dr. Hank McCoy, Jean Grey, Waren Worthington," she pauses a second and looks over at the winged girl in the crowd.

"Shayera!" John shouts in answer.

"People like Shayera!" Lois shouts as all the crowd shouts her name, much to the hawk mutant's embarrassment. "They want you to be afraid, so that you will let them pass this evil law! The Mutant Registration Act was beaten down for a reason, and that reason is because it is racist and wrong. Please, everyone, don't let these men make you afraid. Be brave, and say no to Registration!"

Eventually the applause dies down, but one set of hands keeps clapping, and this one with a metallic clank sound to it. The crowd turns to see Solomon Grundy, Cheetah, and Victor Freeze standing there from what seems like out of nowhere. The clank sound is because Freeze is in his protective armor, newly finished.

"That is some fine words, Ms. Lane," Freeze says in a oddly synthetic sounding voice. The three step forward and the crowd part for the pair. "Your words do have truth in them Ms. Lane, your father and the senator should not be afraid of us. In fact, we should all be afraid of what those men are capable of." They reach the front of the car and swiftly turn to face everyone again. "I was born a mutant. Just like my companions, just like every member of the Xmen that Ms. Lane mentioned, and just like Ms. Shayera. My...ability, was to freeze anything I wanted to with a touch. Outwardly I was normal, and had complete control over my powers. Then I was brought to Lex Luthor's company, so that they could 'help' me. Do you want to...feel, what their help did for me?" Without warning, Victor's chest plate opens, and the temperature of the immediate area drops to near freezing. He lets the people at the rally panic and huddle amongst themselves for a few moments, before the metal slides back into place and the temperature quickly returns to normal. "Their little experiments did grant me some useful abilities though," he says as a circular hole on his palm opens up. He then points his hand at the building across the street, causing a blue-white beam of energy to shoot out and making a wall of ice appear across the front of the building.

"And we plan to use that 'gift', and our own abilities to take down Luthor and Lane!" Cheetah shouts out. "To save everyone else from their 'help'!"

"Yeah, and anyone gets in our way, will be crushed!" Solomon roars.

As the crowd backs away in terror, the disguised Bruce Wayne steps forward. "So thats how you think this works? Someone wrongs you, so its okay to hurt and kill anyone you want?" he asks.

"Yeah, and I don't like being threatened by one of the walking dead!" Shayera says, stepping forward with some electricity licking between her fingertips.

"All that murdering them will do is let people like them put up new footage of 'Evil Mutants', on the news," Lois tells them as Clark tries to hold her back.

"You just want to scare us, just like Lane and Luther, your no different," Diana tells them.

"The difference between us and them, is that when the dust clears and all is done, they will be made an example of," Freeze tells them.

"Speaking of examples, it sounds like a few of them can be made right now," Cheetah says, popping out her claws.

At that point though sirens can be heard approaching fast. "Later Cheetah, time to go," Freeze tells her. "Shade," he says before a wave of darkness covers the rally. A moment later the unnatural shadow is gone, as in the Gang of mutants.

"Next time," Bruce whispers after they leave.

"I don't like cops," Shayera whispers to her friends.

"Go on," John tells her, giving her a quick peck on the cheek. "We'll be right behind you."

Shayera nods before taking off into the sky.

"Wally, do you think you can get the rest of us back home more discreetly?" Diana whispers as everyone in the crowd is looking at Shayera leave.

"Yeah...sure," he answers, a bit shaken.

"I'm staying," Clark tells them, holding Lois close.

"Alright, we'll meet you back at the Manor," Bruce tells him, before one by one the rest of them quickly disappear.

"You sure you want to stay?" Lois asks the boy who is holding her.

"Positive," Clark tells her, giving her a reassuring kiss on the head.

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