Hello! Here is my new story. It's a Destiel AU fiction. It will also have Sam/Jess (Did they get a special name?) Anyways! It's just the first chapter! If I get enough people who want me to continue it, I obviously will. If not, then I'll probably just do a couple of chapters and end it. All up to you guys.

I'll admit, this first chapter might be a bit slow, it's basically an intro to the characters. But the chapters after that should be more fun! Also, each chapter will be in someones POV. I'll have that at the beginning of the chapter. ENJOY!

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Castiel's POV

It was any other Monday morning in Lawrence, Kansas. The only difference was today, Castiel Novak didn't have to be at work till 10 AM. Castiel is a high school math teacher at Lawrence Community High School. He had moved from Illinois for the job offer a year ago.

Working at the high school isn't so bad. His first day there was a little rough. His students were obnoxious and rude. Thankfully, his neighboring teach heard the commotion and helped him out. Sam Winchester, the English teacher, barged in and scolded the students. After that, everything was peaceful, the students learned to love him as a teacher and he slowly became friends with more of the staff. Sam, of course, Balthazar - the science teacher, Jessica - the school nurse who he later found out was dating Sam, and Crowley - the band and choir director. Outside of the school, Castiel only spent time with one teacher, Balthazar, who he could safely say was his best friend.

It was 9 AM. The bank finally opened and Castiel was able to finally deposit his check. There was a bit of a line, but thankfully the school was in easy walking distance. He would easily be able to make it. He hoped anyways. There was one person in front from him and he would be next to be helped.

"Man, why must everyone want to cash their check at the same time as me." a man behind Castiel joked.

Castiel started to turn around to see who it was that made the silly comment. Spun around and had to remind himself not to stare and to breathe. The man behind him was well built, wearing an army green shirt and a light weight leather jacket over his. His jeans fell on him just perfect to show off his slight bow legs, and he wore simple boots. He had short dirty blond hair, was slightly taller than him, and had the most amazing green eyes he had ever seen before. Of course, Castiel's first thought was "Please, God, please let this one be gay!".

Castiel discovered his orientation when he was about 14 years old. He had a friend of his from Illinois stay the night to help with a school project and before long, the two were making out on the bed. Of course coming from a religious family, he expected the worst to happen, however his brothers and sisters were completely supportive and didn't shun him because of the side he batted for.

"Yeah... I was thinking the same thing." He finally responded in his low voice.

"Well, at least we're not at the back of the line." the man said with a small smile.

"I believe I would just give up if I were in the back." Castiel said with a small chuckle.

"You must be in a hurry."

"I have work in an hour."

"That's no fun. I work later this afternoon. Where do you work?" the man asked.

"At the high school. You?" he asked trying to hide his thrill that the guy was possibly flirting with him.

"I.. Oh, you're up!" he said pointing to the girl behind the counter who looked like she was annoyed.

Slightly sad, Castiel turned around and walked to the counter. He handed over the check and the girl started typing silently at the computer. He turned around to the man who made a face towards the girl who obviously didn't see. Castiel turned around back towards the girl but was stopped by a man standing next to him.

It startled Castiel for a second. The gruff looking man work a dark jacket, jeans, a black baseball cap and sunglasses. Before Castiel could even think, he was struck hard in the side of the head by something solid. Instantly he was knocked back to the floor and could feel blood trickle down the side of his face from his eye brow. The green-eyed man was instantly by his side checking to see if he was okay.

"Everybody put your hands up! This is a robbery!" the robber said as he pointed his gun to the cashier and threw the bag at her.

A few people in the bank were crying and instantly the robber demanded everyone to be quiet. He made his way down to each window demanding the money to be put in the bag. Castiel's vision was doubled but finally returned to normal. He looked at the man who knelt over him looking at him with concerned eyes.

"Are you okay?" the man whispered. Castiel nodded until he saw something on him that caught his eye. On the side of the man, a holster poked out the bottom of his shirt. Castiel could easily see it was a gun holster. He frowned slightly and looked back to the man.

"Are you a cop?" he whispered back.

The man just gave a very small nod as he continued to look up at the robber. Unfortunately, the robber could hear Castiel whispering and instantly charged back to him.

"I said no talking!" he yelled

He pushed the other man out of the way and lifted Castiel up by his shirt. A hard punch landed on Castiel's face and instantly he was bleeding from his nose. The man pushed Castiel up against the counter and pointed his gun at Castiel's forehead. Castiel shut his eyes tight. He thought for sure, this was it, that this would be the day he would be going up to Heaven.

Right when Castiel thought he was going to be killed, he felt the pressure around his shirt loosen and opened his eyes to see what happened. He looked to his left and saw the robber being tackled to the ground by the off duty cop. The robbers gun flew out of his hand and with in seconds, the robber was on his stomach and being handcuffed by the off duty cop.

"Somebody call the cops and get this guy an ambulance!" the man ordered.

Soon, the cops and EMTs were arriving at the bank. The robber was arrested and put in the back of a squad car. Castiel was put in the back of an ambulance with gauze taped around his head. From where the cut was, they were able to glue it shut which made Castiel very happy. He had stitches before and hated it. His nose was thankfully not broken, just slightly sore. The EMT had left for a moment to get some paperwork to release Castiel from the scene. In that few moments of alone time, he decided that since he was late, he would just skip the rest of the work day. He could definitely use a lazy day after everything.

His thoughts were soon interrupted when he felt a hand on his shoulder. He turned and saw the green-eyed cop standing next to him looking, what Castiel would classify as, worried.

"Hey, you feeling alright?" he asked.

"Yes. Thank you, for saving me. For saving all of us. That was really brave." Castiel said as he stood up and faced the man.

"You don't have to thank me." he said with a small smile.

"No, I do. Is there anyway I can repay you? I'd really like to show my appreciation." Castiel insisted.

"I couldn't do that. Really though, it's alright." he insisted again.

"Please. Let me at least buy you lunch sometime." Castiel pushed. As much as he hated getting his face hit twice, once with a gun, he used this opportunity to score a "date" with the adorable man.

"I can see I'm not going to win this debate." the man chuckled out with a smile that could light up the whole world.

"No." Castiel replied with a smile.

"Okay, lunch sounds fine. Let me give you my number and you can call or text me whenever you want."

The two men exchanged their numbers and instantly put them in their contacts. Castiel was proud and shocked at the same time. Usually he is very shy around people when he first meets them. He definitely made sure to call Balthazar that night to explain to him what happened. Before the two separated, the man quickly turned around.

"Hey, I didn't get your name."

"Castiel Novak. And yours?"

"Dean. Dean Winchester. See you around Cas." he said with a wink and turned around and joined the group of officers at the scene.

He thought about the nickname that was suddenly given to him. He liked it. He would definitely enjoy the lunch date with this, Dean Winchester. Finally the EMT arrived and released Castiel to leave the scene. As he made his way back to his house, it then hit him that Dean winked at him. He literally had to cover his mouth to keep him from cheering in the middle of the street like a maniac. He thought to himself that maybe, just maybe, he met someone he could be more than friends with.

There we go. Just a little short chapter. I really hope you guys like this story. I'll have it be rated M for later chapters if I get enough people who want me to continue the story. If I do continue it, I don't plan on having any super sad depressing break ups at all, but I promise I'll keep it exciting. First chapters are kinda hard to do that with.

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