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"What's happening?" a terrified Charlie asked as Dean moved her to a corner of the room away from the door.

"That's the security breach alarm, Charlie! The department is being attacked!" Dean said trying his best to hide his fear and worry.

Officers that were at their desks working on paperwork and others that were getting coffee to finish their paperwork were all caught off guard when they suddenly heard the first few gun shots being fired. Officers tried to fire back but in the end, they were out numbered. The officers who were out on patrol had either been put on a call already, or were the officers that were selected by Dean himself to bring Azazel in. All in all, there was no way they could get help from their own.

About 30 or so demons rushed into the department, shooting at the officers. Thankfully, most were wearing their bulletproof vests and nobody had been fatally injured yet. What seemed like hours long was only a 10 minute shootout between officers and gang members. When the officers realized they were outnumbered, the demons began to take their guns and weapons. Everyone who was in the department was taken hostage and were put in the corner of the room with numerous demons surrounding them. Officers that were wounded were being helped by their fellow officers to best of their ability.

After the shootout, a couple of demons who seemed to be in charge of the rest took the rookie officer at gun point, who led them to the interrogation room where Azazel was being kept. The rookie unlocked the door then quickly unlocked the cuffs keeping Azazel restraint. The officer backed up and watched in horror as one of the demons handed Azazel a container.

All the demons had black eyes which scared the rookie enough, but when Azazel put in the contacts and turned towards the rookie with a dark smile, the now yellow eye'd man terrified the new officer to where he was visibly shaking. Before long, the new officer was looking down the barrel of the gun one of the demons was carrying. The demon began to pull the trigger when suddenly Azazel pulled the gun down.

"He gave me my phone call. Now you're going to make another call." Azazel said looking at the rookie.

Quickly the rookie nodded his head and went to one of the phones sitting in the main office area. While all the other officers sat and watched in terror, the rookie made a call to the news station about the take over on the police department. The other line picked up and the rookie began to speak, but before a work could leave his mouth, Azazel stole the phone and grimly spoke to the person on the other line.

"My name in Azazel. I am the leader of the infamous gang known as the Demons. Bring any police or law enforcement personnel here, and I will kill ever officer. You are going to bring one camera here and I will broadcast from the department. You have 10 minutes or I will destroy the news building."

The news station agrees to the story and camera. As instructed, a camera was quickly sent and there were no other police or law enforcement officers there. It was visibly seen in many officers that they were losing hope and expected to not see their homes, friends, or loved ones again.

Azazel hung up the phone as his followers, if you want to call them that, made preparations for the camera and broadcasting. Azazel walked over to the group of officers sitting on the floor. He looked at all of them with a grim smile until he reached Benny. He pointed to the officer with a curious look.

"You look familiar." Azazel said.

"You killed my brother." Benny said with clenched teeth.

"You'll have to be more specific, son. I've killed lots of people." Azazel said continuing to stare at Benny curiously.

"Jason Edwards you ass!" Benny yelled.

"Oh, yes! I remember now. You look just like him. Ashamed he had to go so quickly." Azazel said with a wink, which caused more pain and anger to grow inside Benny.

Azazel continued to look at the officers. Soon, he came across the chief. With a slight smirk, he pointed to the chief and a few demons picked him up and held him in front of their leader.

"Are you the one in charge here?" Azazel asked.

The chief didn't answer, he just kept his fierce gaze upon Azazel. Suddenly the Chief felt a strong hit to his face causing him to bend over in pain.

"Let's try this again, are you the one in charge?" Azazel asked again.

The chief let out a quiet "yes" as he stood back up and looked back at the yellow eye'd demon member. A nasty bruise started to form on his face where he was hit.

Azazel started to walk away from the group of officers.

"Good, now..." he started as he turned around. "... Where is Winchester?" he grimly spoke.

Dean and Charlie

"How safe is this room?" Dean asked. They heard shots for about 10 minutes and then it finally stopped.

Dean didn't receive and answer. He turned around to see an extremely scared Charlie hiding in her office shaking vigorously in fear.

"Charlie, calm down. I need your help..." Dean said trying to calm her down.

"Help with what?" She managed to asked between her clenched teeth.

"Getting control of the department back." Dean said with a determined look.

"Are you crazy! I'm not going out there!" Charlie yelled.

"You're not, I am... I need eyes." Dean said as he covered Charlie's mouth to stop her from yelling more.

"What?" She calmly asked.

"I need you to do what you do best." Dean said with a small wink.

Charlie instantly knew what Dean was talking about. With a smirk, she cracked her knuckles and hacked into the departments security cameras to see every room in the department. She studied the routine of what the gang was doing while Dean mentally and physically prepared himself for what he was sure was a suicide mission.

Back at the High School

It was nearing the end of the school day. Castiel released his students had to their last class as he prepared himself the his last class. He couldn't wait to get back home to see Dean and ask him many questions about Mark and his arrest. That he been the talk all day. Every student and teacher couldn't help but talk about how the janitor of the school had been arrested, for murder. It was news and every person in the school wanted to know the whole story.

Castiel started to write on the board when there was an announcement on the intercom for all students and teachers to report to the gym. Confused, Castiel grabbed his phone and started to leave his room. Sam at the exact time was locking his door and left to follow the students to the gym.

"What do you think is going on?" Castiel asked.

"Not sure, usually the gym is only used for assemblies, or tornados. Its the safest room in the school. Not windows and the doors can only lock from the inside." Sam stated.

The two began to pass the office when Jessica suddenly poked her head out from the office.

"Castiel, Sam! Come quick!" She whispered loudly.

The three of them snuck from the office and quickly went to the teachers lounge. They got in there, locked the door and pulled a blind down infront of all the windows.

"Babe, what's going on?" Sam asked as he rubbed soothing circles on her shoulder and sat her down.

"Where in lock down." She said worriedly as she grabbed the remote control from the table to turn on the TV.

"Why?" Castiel asked. Soon his question was answered by the news channel that happened to be on ever station. What the 3 of them heard scared they.

"News 67 received a call saying the Lawrence Police Department has been taken over by the gang that been terrorizing the city known as, the Demons. It is unsure if it is a hoax or..." the news reporter was suddenly gone. The screen suddenly showed the Police Department with all the officers inside the department on the floor, many with blood on them.

That's when Castiel, Jessica, and Sam saw the most terrifying thing they had ever seen. There in front of the officers was who Castiel thought was just creepy Mark the whole time, stood who was now known as the yellow eye'd demon, Azazel. Even through the TV, the three of them could feel the burn of the yellow eyes staring a hole right through their soul. Jess curled up to Sam in terror and the three of them just sat and listened.

"This, I assure you, is no hoax. My demons and I have taken this department over. As you can see, many officers behind me are wounded... why am I doing this, you ask? Because I can..." Azazel darkly said.

The transmission suddenly ended and went back to the news reporter who stood there completely terrified and speechless. Jessica started to cry and held onto Sam tighter. Castiel envied her for it. She was able to cry and hold only to man of her life. And Castiel's true love, was possibly hurt along with the other officers, or worse. Castiel and Sam shared a look or worry. Worry for each other, and worry for Dean's safety.

Dean and Charlie

Charlie had been observing Azazel and what he was doing for half an hour. Since she hacked into the security cameras, she was able to view each camera in the entire department. She caught onto a routine that Azazel was following and called Dean over to her to show what she had observed.

"Okay, I can see everything, and I see a space where you can catch one of the demons, but shouldn't you stay? There's like, 50 of them and only 1 of you." Charlie stated still feeling scared of the idea of Dean leaving her.

"I have to get control of this. Now what did you find out?" Dean asked in what Charlie calls his "serious face".

With a heavy sigh, Charlie realized she wasn't going to win this argument and turned towards the computer to point out the demons path.

"They make a round through the PD with an officer at gun point. I was able to listen into the audio in one camera, they're looking for you. It sounds like Azazel has something personal against you." Charlie mentioned with a raised eyebrow.

"Story of my life. What's the best time for me to attack?" Dean asked.

Charlie pointed to an area. It was a single hallway. Away from any doors and far enough away from where anyone else could hear them.

"Good, now we wait." Dean said as he sat down next to Charlie and continued to watch the screens.

"For what?" Charlie asked Dean.


Nothing was said the rest of the time. The two sat quietly waiting for the demons to grab Benny to make their rounds. The two didn't worry about being found. Charlie had informed Dean that when they building was created, that the lab was placed in sort of a hidden hallway. It was really only found if you were really looking for it. Most officers actually passed by the hallway without even realizing it. More time passed and Dean was starting to get worried that waiting would cause more harm than help. Just when he was about to give up and take the next officer that came around with demons, Charlie saw a couple of demons grab Benny and start to make their rounds.

"Dean! They have Benny! You have about 3 minutes to get out there." Charlie informed.

Dean quickly removed most of the items on his duty belt and unbuttoned he shirt a bit. He figured if he's going to go down, he's going to go down more comfortable than what he is. He put on an ear piece so he could hear Charlie speak and made sure he had plenty of ammo to take on the demons. With a quick good-bye, he left the lab and made his way to cut off the demons track and get his partner back.

Dean quietly creeped through halls with his gun ready to be fired. He found his chosen hiding spot and took cover behind a corner. Dean waited quietly and before long, he could hear footsteps walking to the area. The demons and Benny walked past the corner Dean hid in and that's when Dean stood out and got the demons attention. The demon that was the farthest away was shot instantly and passed out from the pain. The other demon that had a gun started to take aim when Benny tackled the demon and was able to knock him out. Dean and Benny quickly handcuffed the two demons to a pipe down the hall and put tape over their mouths, just in case.

"'Bout time brotha." Benny said as he was getting reequipped with his gun and ammo.

"You alright?" Dean asked looking at the bruise and cuts on his face and arms forming.

"I'll manage. You gotta plan?" Benny asked loading his gun and ready to hear Dean's battle plan.

"We need to get control of the department. I'm not going to let some demon scumbag run this town anymore."

"How do you plan to do that. There's a lot of them Dean." Benny said looking at Dean like he was losing it.

"Charlie is our eyes. They'll come to us." Dean said pointing to his earpiece.

Benny gave Dean a nod and the two of them walked through the department slowly taking out more demons as they went through. Charlie was able to give them a heads up when a group of demons were on their way which gave them the advantage over the others. For the first time since the attack, Dean could almost see the light at the end of the tunnel. However, he didn't know if the light at the end was a bright, heavenly light, or hell fire.

Castiel, Sam, and Jessica

Castiel, Sam, and Jessica were all scared for Dean's safety. The news was still on in the lounge were the three were more or less, trapped. The three read the news announcement that flashed across the screen over and over again.

"Please stay indoors. Do Not open the door for anyone."

The three were getting more scared as the time passed. They didn't know how long they would be in lock down. Last time Castiel had been in a lock down was for a school shooting that happened at the old school he used to teach at. The lock down lasted 4 hours. Granted this lock down was different. Since all police officers in the town was basically hostage, it meant that crime was easier to commit. The thing that bothered Castiel, Sam and Jess, was that they all had head of hostage situations lasting days.

Sam was pacing in the room. He knew how his brother was, and he just wished that he could reach his brother, but each time he called, it just went straight to voicemail. Castiel stat in a chair across from Jess. His knees were constantly bouncing and he was constantly looking at his phone hoping for a text or call from Dean saying he was okay or alive. Jess sat there taking deep calming breaths.

"Dean's phone is off..." Sam said finally pocketing his phone.

"I'm sure he's okay... I hope." Castiel said with a slight pout.

"It's going to be okay guys." Jess said with an unsure tone.

The three continued to listen to the news anchor repeat the flashing message telling everyone to stay inside and to be safe. The screen turned suddenly to Azazel staring into the screen with his burning yellow eyes.

"You, Ms. News Anchor, are not the one in control, I am. Because of your stupidity, I have killed one of your city's police officers. Another will die within the hour." Azazel said with an intense glare that showed he was being serious.

The screen switched back to the news anchor tearing up. She let out a soft "I'm sorry" the the screen and then was out of shot. Castiel remembered Dean saying one of the officers was married to the news anchor, and he hoped for her sake that Azazel was bluffing.

Castiel and Sam within seconds were both standing up and pacing the room trying to calm their nerves. The two were talking out loud and to each other. Jess continued to breathe heavy and sat in the chair.

"Guys..." Jess tried but the men talked over her.

"Guy... GUYS!" Jess yelled finally getting Sam and Castiel's attention.

"What is it?" Sam asked slighty worried.

"It's... it's time..." She said taking deep breaths.

"Time? For wh..." Sam started. That's when Castiel and Sam noticed the she was holding onto her stomach and breathing heavier. Instantly, both mens eyes opened wide. Sam instantly was helping her up and going for the door.

"We have to go!" He yelled trying to unlock the door.

"We can't! We have no way out." Castiel said trying to talk sense into him.

"She's going into labor!" Sam yelled again starting to freak out more.

"We can't even open the main doors, Sam! It's called a lock down for a reason!" Castiel said in a deep, threatening voice which started both Sam and himself.

"I need to lay down. I need to get back to my office." Jess finally managed out with a calm head but wincing between words.

Feeling like the three rebellious kids of the school, they quietly snuck out of the lounge and crept to the nurses office. They managed to sneak in and lock the door to the office and lay Jess down on the bed.

"What do I do? Babe, what do I need to do?" Sam asked slightly panicking.

"I need Tylenol, for the pain... it's over there next to..." Jessica started to tell Sam where the medicine was, but was instantly cut off by Sam quickly leaving and going through the cabinets trying to find the medicine for his fiance.

Castiel and Jessica rolled their eyes watching Sam go through the cabinets. Jessica, who was starting to get a little frustrated, tried to get Sams attention.

"Sam.. Samuel Winchester!" Jessica yelled followed by a wince of pain.

Sam turned his head and looked at the two sitting there with a raised eyebrow. Castiel pointed to the sink where the bottle was sitting. With a blush of embarrassment redding his face, Sam walked over and took out some pills for Jessica who took them easily. Castiel walked over to the computer sitting on Jessica's desk and turned it on to get a broadcast of the local news so the three of them could listen to it, hoping to hear good news.

The three of them sat quietly listening to the news which was interrupted every so often by Jess having compressions. Sam sat next to Jess trying his best to make her as comfortable as possible. Castiel helped Sam from time to time and would sit off to the side to give them privacy. While he sat at her desk, he watched the news hoping to hear something good. Every so often, the screen would switch to Azazel talking, threatening the public. Castiel feared the moment when it would show Azazel and behind him, all the officers that were still on the floor at gunpoint would all be dead, and then the town truly would belong to Azazel and his demons. Castiel was quickly snapped out of his thought with Jess screaming in pain more periodically. Her compressions were closer together and they all three knew what was going to happen next.

"Sam! Cas! It's coming!" She screamed in pain.

"Oh god! Breath, honey, try to breathe." Sam tried to keep her breathing, which Castiel was impressed by how well he was staying calm. Castiel walked over next to Sam and Jess with a few towels.

"I know how to deliver a baby... if you guys want..." Castiel started to offer his assistance.

"YES!" Sam and Jess instantly said and Castiel was pushed to the end of the bed where the baby would be coming out.

With a big gulp and a worried look, he lifted Jessica's skirt and looked at Jess. With a scream of pain from Jess, Castiel saw the head of the baby starting to push his way out. He quickly washed his hands and put one latex gloves ready to assist Jess with delivering the baby.

Dean, Benny, and Charlie

One by one, demons were being dropped at the hands of Dean and Benny. What felt like hours passed and Dean and Benny were getting tired. As Dean and Benny went through the department, they would encounter demons and take them down. Charlie managed to stay one step ahead of the Azazel and his demons. She also noticed when Dean and Benny started getting tired.

"You two doing okay?" She asked after the men took down a group of 3 demons.

"Yeah... how many are left?" Dean asked between heavy breaths.

"A... few." Charlie said.

"Numbers, Charlie!" Dean said with frustration in his voice.

"About 20 more." Charlie said with a sigh.

"Sonovabitch!" Dean huffed out as he and Benny leaned against a wall.

"Dean, Azazel knows something is wrong. He's getting frustrated... I have an idea, come back to the lab!" Charlie explained.

Instantly the two men made their way quietly back to the lab to put Charlie's plan into action. They spent just a few moments in the lab, and the plan was ready to go. It was, to Dean, the most genius plan anyone could ever come up with. Packed with an arsenal, Dean and Benny put the plan in actions to finally take down Azazel and the rest of his demons.


The yellow eye'd demon started to pace around the room, but still managed to show that he had no fear. His frustration however did show when he got mad after his demons started to go down in numbers and never returned from the search. Azazel's demons continued to stand their post and look as scary as ever. After a few more laps of pacing, Azazel stopped in front of the chief and gave him a dark glare. With the snap of his fingers, a couple of demons picked up the chief and held him up to Azazel.

"What is going on?" Azazel asked grimly

The chief refused to answer. Azazel finally grew angry and threw the chief to the wall causing him to fall down coughing in pain. Azazel turned to his demons to devise a plan to figure out why his demons were falling in numbers.

"We'll go look for the problem." one of the demons said.

"No... lock these guys up first, then we'll search." Azazel ordered.

Instantly, the demons locked all the officers in the jail cells along with the other inmates who were scared themselves. Azazel and his demons went back to the main room. They cleared a table off and Azazel rolled out a map layout of the building. After a few minutes Azazel put his finger on a section of the map.

"Did anybody bother looking here?" Azazel asked as he pointed to where the lab was.

The group of demons didn't answer. They all instantly loaded their guns and got ready to leave towards the lab. Before any of them knew it, gas bombs were thrown at them and suddenly 6 demons were paralyzed and unconscious. Dean and Benny, both wearing small gas masks, ran into the room throwing another bomb and taking cover. For 5 minutes they had a shoot out and one by one the demons were going down. Soon, it was just Dean, Benny, and Azazel.

Benny and Dean were across from each other and Azazel was across the room from them. He managed to get a gun from a nearby body. Dean knew he was low on ammo and so was Benny. The two looked at each other and waited for Azazel to make his mistake.

"You know, Benny, you're brother died slowly. he begged for his life to end..." Azazel started.

Benny got furious. Dean could see it in his eyes and tried to stop him. Benny stood up to fire at Azazel who was already ready to fire at the officer. Benny was shot and fell down to the floor. Dean instantly ran to his aid and drug him to safety. Once Benny was in a safe area Dean took cover more furious than ever.

"Can't hide all day, Dean. I'll make more demons, you can't win." Azazel said with an evil chuckle.

"I'll kill you, you sonovabitch!" Dean yelled.

"You know, Lisa begged me not to kill her. She whined and cried. She's very pretty too... I couldn't help myself..." Azazel said knowing he was getting inside Dean's head.

Dean was more angry and pissed than he had ever been. Instantly both Dean and Azazel stood up and began to fire at each other. Shots were fired and missed and the two went back to cover.

"Maybe I can turn Castiel to a demon. He'll be my person pet. He'll spread those legs whenever I want him to." Azazel laughed out.

Dean was overloaded with anger. He stood up and ran to where Azazel was shooting. Both men were suddenly out of bullets. Dean tackled Azazel and started throwing punches left and right. Azazel ended up throwing a hard punch to Dean's jaw causing Dean to fall off to the side which was enough to Azazel to get away and grab a gun. The yellow eye'd demon turned around, ready to shoot at Dean. One final shot was fired.

Azazel's burning, yellow eyes suddenly went wide, and he looked down at Dean, who held a gun pointed right at Azazel. They both looked down at Azazel's stomach, where blood started to leave the body. Azazel coughed up blood, and then fell to his knees. Dean continued to hold the gun at Azazel with a fierce gaze, knowing he just won the battle between Demons and humans, so to speak.

"Not possible..." Azazel coughed out as he fell to the floor.

Dean watched the light leave his eyes. He lowered the gun and looked around at all the dead and paralyzed demons. He holstered his gun, called paramedics to the department and let all the officers out of the jail cells. Everything started to settle down. The people who were dead were taken away and the ones who needed to get medical attention were taken care of. Dean started to gather his things and left, knowing he was going to have 3 people who were worried sick about him.

Castiel, Sam, and Jessica

Castiel wrapped up the baby he just delivered in a towel after wiping it down. Sam cleaned the area as best as possible. Jessica was laying on the bed, finally not in pain. Castiel handed her the bundled up, healthy baby boy. She happily held both of her babies in her arms with tears of joy falling down her face. Jessica gave birth to healthy twins. A boy named Samuel, and a girl named Mary. For the rest of the quiet time, Sam and Jessica held their babies completely forgetting about all the bad in the world.

Castiel smiled at the two and left the area to give them privacy. He looked at his phone hoping to see a text or a phone call from Dean, but was devastated to see nothing on his phone. He walked back to the computer to see no signal and he started to get more worried. Sam's phone rang soon and he was thrilled to hear good news.

"The lock down is over. Lets get you to a hospital." Sam said to Jessica.

The three of them instantly drove to the hospital and got Jessica into good hands at the hospital. Sam and Castiel sat in the chairs watching Jessica sleep peacefully in the hospital bed. The two men didn't speak. Both just thought quietly about the whole day and about everything that happened.

Suddenly, the two men heard a small knock at the door. The two of them turned to see Dean standing at the door looking so reliefed to see his family. The two men instantly ran to the door causing Jess to wake up. Sam and Dean shared a brotherly, tight hug. After a few pats on the back, Dean turned towards Castiel who started to tear slightly in the eyes.

"I'm so sorry, Cas. I'm okay, I promise." Dean said wiping a tear that started to fall on his cheek.

Without another word, the two men shared a deep kiss, both just happier than ever to be alive with each other. Dean then looked over to a tired, but awake Jessica sitting on the bed. Dean smiled and walked over to the bed to give her a gentle hug and gave her an excited "congratulation" on the birth of her twins.

"Dean, is the gang..?" Jessica started looking worried.

"It's all over. They're done now." Dean said with a smile to all three of them.

"Where is Benny?" Castiel asked hoping he was alright too.

"He's on the floor below us. He'll be okay, just a minor injury to the shoulder." Dean said.

"What about Azazel?" Castiel asked looking worriedly at Dean.

"He's dead. I took care of him." Dean said looking at the floor holding onto Castiel's hand tightly.

"... And your paperwork, Dean?" Sam asked being half serious but also trying to slightly lighten the mood.

"Not now, Sammy." Dean said with a roll of his eye.

The four of them gave a slight chuckle. All of them was happy that they were all alive and well. Soon the nurses brought in baby Sammy and baby Mary into the room. Dean was finally able to hold his newborn niece and nephew. They all sat there, peacefully happy the entire nightmare was finally over, and they could go around the town, not worried whether they would encounter black eye'd demons. Jessica and Sam were happy that because of Dean, they could now raise their twins in a safer town. Castiel was thrilled they he and Dean could raise Ben in a better town, and thrilled that Dean was alive and unharmed.

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