Hermione got up quietly, Ginny snoring in the bed next to hers. Hermione left the room and began climbing down the stairs to the 2nd floor landing at the burrow. She wasn't so sure this would be a good idea... No, she needed to speak to Harry. She wasn't even sure what he needed to speak to him about, she just needed to talk. She opened the door quietly, and tiptoed in shutting the door behind her. Harry was there, asleep breathing quietly. Hermione slowly went over to his bed and gently tapped his shoulder waiting for him to respond. After about ten minute she was shivering so she tapped a bit harder but not too hard.

Harry woke up and saw his brushy hair friend next to him. He smile and sat up in his bed. "Hermione do you even know the time,"

"I know I just needed to talk" she whispered and rubbed her arms gently trying to make them warm up

Harry notice Hermione shivering and grab his hoddie on the floor and handed it to her. "Talk about what,"

She pulled it on and sat next to him in the bed shrugging "well...I." she let the word carry out and closed her eyes still whispering trying not to wake Ron. "Harry...I think...I like you" she said softly "more than a friend"

Harry smile at his friend and blushed after he heard what she said. "I think I like you more than a friend as well, I think I like you since fourth year but I didn't want to say anything, because I didn't think you felt the same way,"

Hermione turned to him and smiled hugging him gently her eyes closing then she pulled away and pulled off the hoodie "can...I lay in here harry..With you?" she asked softly

Harry hugs her back and pushes the hoodie back. "Keep it just in case if you get cold again and sure if you want to stay then you can stay,"

Hermione smiled more and pulled it back on but fiddled with the top of the blanket "can I...Come under?" she asked softly wondering if he was dressed under the warm sheets

Harry nodded and pulls the covers over him, He was thankful that he had pants on instead of his boxers he didn't know if he could handle that.

She smiled and got under slowly cuddling into the potter boy as they lay down and she closed her eyes "thank you" she whispered happily

The dark hair boy wraps his arm around his bushy hair friend and rests his face into her hair and. "Your welcome Mione,"

Hermione slowly looked up at him "Harry...Would you...be my boyfriend?" she asked blushing lightly

Harry looked down at her and smile. "Of course I will Mione,"

Hermione smiled more and moved a bit so their lips brushed when she spoke "May I?" she asked softly. She had been waiting so long to feel Harry's lips on hers

Harry shift a little and felt a little spark when he felt Hermione lips brush against his. "S-Sure," He said stuttering a little.

Hermione moved in a bit her lips gently pressing to his and she closed her eyes all the way holding his hand gently

Harry held on her hand as they kissed. He deepens the kiss a little but not rushing anything because he wants to take things slowly. Because he didn't want to ruin the relationship he has with Hermione.

She kept kissing him back her lips slowly following his then she slowly pulled away and smiled more looking into his beautiful eyes "are you..Tired harry?" she asked softly. He nodded and Hermione went back to lay her head on his chest and the two friends fell asleep in each other arms.