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MAY 5, 2013 6:17PM


We were all in the living room of an abandon house in a deserted neighborhood trying our hardest not to draw attention to ourselves, but still tend to the wounded. Leah, Seth and Marcus were inspecting the car crash victims. The others were making some food and making sure the house was secure. I was looking out the peep hole of the window for any trouble what so ever.

But I could not focus completely. My mind kept going over what just happened. I left my best friend and his little sister in a store full of zeds. It had been more than two hours ago and anything could have happened. They could be hurt, dead or worse, a flipping zed. They could be held up in a corner room with no way out but suicide. Bullshit. I replayed our last moments together over again; thinking of what I could have done differently.

Edward and I had just made it to the back doors of Wal-Mart with backseat kid over our shoulders. Liam was in front us covered in blood. "What the Hell!?" Edward exclaimed.

"Sam got scared and went back in the building and Alice went back for her."

"Liam, get this guy," Edward command passing him the guys arm to help pick up the slack. He looked at me conveying so much trust. I already knew he was going back for her. Hell if he hadn't dumped all this weight on me I would've beat him to the punch. "Get on the truck and go. Alice and I will catch up. If we're not back in three days go without us."

"Edward wait." I shuffled around to face him. Trying to figure out the best way to tell him that I love him and his sister even more; that it should be me going in after her, but my mind hadn't caught up to my body. I passed him my side arm and just said 'Bring her back'

I knew he would; there was no doubt in mind. Edward is tough; toughest one here. Hell! Even the military pricks we met a year and a half ago couldn't do what Edward did every day. I knew the best shot of me ever seeing Alice again was Edward. Sure I could take a few on, but he always had a plan. He always got the job done and never left a man behind. It still doesn't stop me from worrying though. It doesn't matter how tough you are anyone can be overrun.

"STOP! WHAT ARE YOU DOING! DON'T TOUCH ME." My head snapped out of my Trans over to Victoria, the red head we pulled out of the car.

"Be quiet are you trying to draw the walkers to us?" I scolder her like a child and she did look guilty for a second, before anger took over. She was about to pop. I quickly walked over to her and knelt before her. I talked in a calming whisper, but I let her know I was not to be fucked with. "Look, I understand that you don't know us and we have treated you…" I searched for the right words, "Less than an hospitable guest. But for you and your friends to stay here there are rules you have to follow."

Her brownish, almost red eyes became glassy; she was about to cry. But she locked her jaw up tight. I saw the fear in her eyes turn to anger. "I would rather die than sleep with you." She spat, then crossed her arms over her chest.

At first I was baffled at the idea, but then it occurred to me that she had probably had a similar situation and was taken by force. "It isn't like that. I swear. But I am going to give you two options. One you can leave and take your chances with the zeds outside. Your friends aren't up so they can't go with you. It may be less than friendly to let you leave with no weapons or food, but you didn't put your life on line to acquire it so I won't be giving you shit. Or option two; you can stay here and cooperate with us since we did save you from a burning car. I think the least you could do is let us make sure you're not infected.' Guilt came over her face for split second, but she remained silent.

"My friend Leah here is has been training with Marcus, a medic from the Navy. I am going to let you go upstairs with her and Liam. She will inspect you and he is there to make sure you don't try anything." She nodded her head in agreement. "Good." I looked at Leah and Liam and gave them the 'Go ahead.' Then turned to Marcus and Seth. "Inspect the other two from head to toe and report. Shane, watch them. The rest of you make sure this house is secure and get ready for the night." I went back to peering out my window near the kitchen and got lost in my thoughts again.

I passed him my side arm without a second thought. It was just an automatic response. Something friends did; something family did. 'Bring. her. back.' That's all I could say. I turned away from Edward in a blind fury.

We were connected, Alice and I. Over the years our friendship turned to love. She saw me at me lowest when the outbreak first occurred and I had lost my family. Somehow that pixie picked up the pieces of my heart, and broken psyche and made me laugh again. So if anything ever happened to her I already knew I would contemplate taking my own life. I couldn't face this crazy world filled with bloodshed without her. There would be no point.

Victoria, Leah and Liam were coming down stairs now to join the rest of the group. "Jasper, she's clean, hasn't eaten in a couple days; but clean. I think she might be pregnant. But she is good."

"Alright," I sighed, not wanting to hear that of all things. "Maybe we'll get lucky and her group won't want to stay with us. I don't think we can make it with a baby crying every two hours. Marcus what's up with your two?"

He came over to face me. He looked like he was losing hope as he wiped his hands on a brown hand towel as he spoke. "The Mexican one-"

"Benjamin." Victoria cut him off. She realized she spoke out of turn, but she continued. "His name is Benjamin Pellot (pay- yacht) and the other is Laurant Fullor." . You could tell her bond to these two guys was inseparable. She was hurt just by looking at them passed out.

Marcus eyed her closely before continuing, "Well, Benjamin is good. But the dark skinned one, Laurant?" he questioned, looking back at Victoria, "has what looks like scratch marks on his right side near his ribs. They don't seem infected by the virus, but they do seem infected by something." He rubbed his eyes in defeat. "He does have a slight temperature." A few of the others cautiously grabbed their weapons; clearly about to strike. "We no longer have the technology to find out what he is infected by. It may be mal nutrition; it may be lead poisoning for all we know. I don't want to give him anything until he can speak with me. I might make him worse if I do."

I had my hand over my mouth rubbing my beard; concentrating on everything that Marcus just said. Glancing around the room I noticed that Victoria had moved into a protective position in front of her friends. The other in my group were already in a position to remove her, kill Laurant and if need be her too. But I gave them all a nod of disapproval and they relaxed a little. They were still ready to pounce, but just waiting for my word.

"Sweetheart." I looked over to Victoria. I wanted to say this to her and everybody to hear so there was no confusion. "I am going to be real clear about this. Your friend, laurant." I nodded my head in his direction. "May be infected, but we don't know for sure. Because we don't know what scratched him he is going to live, for now, but if he poses a threat to any of my crew he will die and anyone else that gets in the way." I gave her the look that said 'don't get in the way.' "Are we clear?" She nodded enthusiastically. I gritted my teeth. "Alright everybody, on the chance that he is infected I need around the clock watch. Every hour on the hour I want pulse checked. Eight hour shifts. Demetrius you'll go first, Cais second, Seth third. Everybody else, pick a window, get some water and food. Lay down."

I had my knees pulled up to my chest and my arms resting on top of them with my head dipped down. I could hear everything around me, because I was faking sleep. My digital watch was reading 2 am, and I wondered what Alice was doing right now. I hoped and prayed that she was okay. I knew that until she came back I wouldn't get a decent night's sleep, but for the sake of our comrades I had to appear logical.

I could hear Cais walking around the room from window, to window. He was about thirty minutes into his shift. And he was trying to get the blood flowing, wake up, so he could do his job. I must applaud him for that. Others would wake somebody else up and start talking to stay up. But he was responsible, he cared. He knew that going back to sleep meant life or death. If this laurant guy was infected he could die at any moment and comeback as a walker. And Cais could either wake up to one of his own being eaten. He knew that the younger ones need their rest and that first string people were tired as fuck.

"Wouldn't it be easier to talk to someone to stay up." I heard Victoria whisper.

"Yeah, but I do not like to disturb anyone. Plus it is a distraction from the outside." Cais replied.

"Isn't that a good thing." She chuckled

"I suppose." There was no hint of humor to his voice. He was still focused on his job at hand. "If we are quiet enough nothing can hear us outside, so we don't have to worry about being attacked."

"Come closer so we can talk." I heard Cais cross the floor. He socks sounding like soft pats on the floor. I didn't hear him squat down. It sounded like he was leaning against the wall. "Does he always sleep like that?

"Who jasper? Oh no! just when he is charge. He usually has half the night off to be with his with girl. "So what happened for that car to mess up?"

"I haven't got a clue. One moment where driving down the street. Next moment smoke is coming out from under the hood. Then boom! The car stops dead in the road. I guess the walkers hear us and start coming out. Since we are on a hill, Benjamin has a great idea, put the car in neutral and lets roll out of here." She giggled at the memory.

"I guess it sounded good, huh?

"Sure did." I could hear the smile in her voice. "I would do just about anything to stay away from those things." It got quiet for a moment. It sounded like Cais was in the center of the room, probably checking our coma patients. "You always do what you're told, I see."

"It's the difference between life and death in this group."

"Are they going to kick us out?"

"If you don't follow the rules, probably." Silence followed. "To be honest they don't ask much. Maybe you'll watch a door, or like me, a patient. Maybe they'll want to cross train you for medical, and start training you to shoot bow in arrows. Everybody earns their keep and everybody looks after one another. Nobody is left behind. Following orders is the least I can do for that security."

"What about your two amigos out there near Walmart? Aren't they left behind?" there was a bit of hysteria to her voice when she whispered that time.

He chuckled, "You don't know Alice and Edward. They got a better chance then anyone of us. Personally I would rather face the zed then those two. They can be diabolical when they need to be. Besides, Jasper said that Edward asked for three days. That means that he had a plan and they always kept to a plan. They'll make it home."

There was a scratching noise coming from the far left wall. My head shot up to see Cais already making his way over there. It sounded like finger nails on the window. he was peeping out the window discreetly. "What is it." I whispered.

"Far as I can tell, a tree branch." I let out a sigh. "So, how long you been up."

I looked across the room at Victoria, hoping she could see my eyes through the darkness. My voice a bit harsh "Long enough," I replied dryly, before dropping my head back in my arms again.

MAY 6, 2013

3 AM


Alice, Samantha and I had been in the damn van for at least past 10 hours. We were lying on backs and trying not to move. We were more afraid of moving and shaking than van and alarming the zeds to our location than anything. So we laid there in silence. Alice had her watch laying on her stomach. She had been glancing at it every so often for the last hour.

"What time you gotta be there?" I asked a bit bitterly. It was her fault we were trapped in a van that we couldn't move in. her fault that I wasn't in a comfortable bed right now. Her fault that she wasn't with Jasper and she had audacity to keep looking at her watch as if we were holding her back.

As if she could read my thoughts she replied, "No one left behind, Edward. You chased after me; just like I chased after Samantha. No one forced me; just like no one forced you."

It was never possible to stay mad at Alice, or even be frustrated with her. Every day she would have this funny outlook on life that just made you. . . care. She made you want to get up in the morning, and do the right thing. I let out a low sigh. I was over my little hissy fit.

"An hour ago."


"I was supposed to be there and hour ago." I chuckled, she is such a smart ass. "The first time me and jasper were separated after we declared our love for one another. I was in a room with a small window, waiting for my right moment to escape. At the time I didn't know jasper had come back for me. But at two am, something told me to look out the window. And there he was. I told him what happened. And he told me 'I came after you because I wanted to say goodnight too you before I went to bed.' Since then anytime we are not together at two am we say good night to one another and if need be, good bye."

It was in the dead of night so it was cool now, but I feared if the street hadn't cleared by mid day we would fry or suffocate. Samantha would do a light growl, and Alice would be right there to tell her to be quiet. I hated to think about killing Samantha. She was a part of the group, but on that same token she could easily give away our position with a simple bark, because she was trying to protect us. Her heart was in the right place but she didn't understand.

I was in a light sleep; the kind where your body rest, but your mind is still alert to everything that is going on around you. I wouldn't call it sleep. More like an out of body experience, because when your eyes open your still tired as fuck. Rays of sunshine were starting to beam in from the windshield. The back windows that surround us were tinted.

I reached over and tapped Alice on the hand. Her green eyes met mine. "It time, you ready?"

She bit her bottom lip, before complying. She eased up, slowly to look out of the window. When she checked all around; she made a move to the driver seat. I sat up and with my back to the driver seat. "Edward there is about a quarter tank of gas in here. I could hot wire it, but chances are the alarm might go off. There are about a half a dozen walkers in front of us. What do you want to do?"

"Is the street clear for us to make a break for it?"

"I can make it."

"Fuck it. Lets take our chances. Hot wire the fucker."

She got underneath dash board and pulled some wire down. She found a red and white one. "Edward I need your knife."

"Where the hell is yours"

"Don't start." I passed her my switch blade. And she started skin the outer rubber that protected the wires. Once she had both of them showing she started flicking them together until the van roared to life. She hoped up into driver seat and hit the gas. This black van hadn't been moved in quite some time, because it took it a minute or two to get the juice flowing. The Walkers that were in front us were at our windows now banging on them. "Come on you can work, you can work!" Alice purred, trying to talk the speed into this vehicle.

"Come on Alice! More or coming."

Take the wheel. She bent over and grabbed the wires again this time twisting them even tighter together. The car roared even loader and took off down the street. About twenty five minutes later we were out of gas on the highway overpass.

"Just fucking great. You know I don't like bridges. We could easily be over run!"

"Would you rather be here or back near Wal-mart frying in a van?" I opened my mouth to respond, but I couldn't come up with a response. "Besides we're already three quarters over this bridge. And there looks like there is a station up ahead. We might get lucky again." It was mid day now, another scorcher. The heat was cooking the bodies that didn't make it out of their cars. And the smell was turning my stomach. We made it past the bridge and decide to stay close to the edge of the road, hidden by trees if walkers came by. The station was our destination for the day. Tomorrow we could try another car and gas.

The station was abandon. No surprise there. There were five cars there all of which had drivers, missing in action. It was getting dark now and we needed to lay low for a bit. Sure we could probably siphon some gas and Alice could hotwire another car, but chances were that at night the road would have nothing but zeds on the street. And our lights would just attract them.

Come on Al, lets go see if we can stay here for the night. It looks quiet." We entered the station with our weapons drawn, stepping on some shattered glass. The crunching glass under feet wasn't enough to alert anything to our presence. So we went straight in checking each isle as we walked by. After the forth isle there was just the bathroom, back room where they kept supplies, and behind the register.

The restroom, and register was quick, but the back room had boxes we had to check behind and racks too. The all clear was given and we started to raid. A few drinks left, liters, chips, and jerky. It would hold us over for the night. We took refuge in the bath room locking the door behind us. It was a much better nights sleep. No windows for anything to see us.

My watch beeped twice before I cut it off. It was 8 am, and time for us to move. We drank some more water and got our weapons ready. Swinging the door open I jumped out slashing left and right, before holstering the machete and beckoning Alice to come on. Alice grabbed a box of cereal on the way out. She sat on the hood of the car keeping a lookout with Sam.

Just like a woman to not give a hand.

I started to siphon all the gas I could and put it in SUV. When I was done Alice came over and hotwired the thing and we headed off toward home. We actually might make it back today.

We pulled into Ashford Lake housing development. It was a gated community when we first arrived which either meant, that there were a lot zeds in the neighborhood that didn't get out no zeds made it in. Chances were there were probably half a dozen or so roaming the streets maybe more. Other than that we didn't see any. As long as we stayed pretty quiet we could make it.

All of us exited the SUV there was no way we could open that gate by ourselves. There was a hole in the wall a little ways up that we could make it though. Once on the other side we boarded it up We were about three streets over to where everyone was supposed to be. We parked the car and started to walk over.

We arrived at the faded yellow house with the blue shutters that were falling off and tapped on the door. Someone had to be in here. Getting a bit nervous now I placed my ear to the door and heard some shuffling around. "J, it's Edward." I called as quietly as I could." The door swung open. Jasper was there with blood shot eyes like he hadn't slept in days or had been crying. He looked between us both before dragging us in and hugging the shit out of us. I could hear the others whispering to us. A lot of 'we were worried' and 'what the hell happened' and 'good to have you back.'

I looked around the room to see with my own eyes that everyone was okay. Jasper had Alice in a death grip. Tyler and Demetrius were by the windows, smiling proudly at as, but not leaving their watch. Seth, Leah, and Mike had joined Liam and I in hug. Cais was kneeling down to pet Samantha and Marcus was watching the car wreck victims. Looks like one woke up. Shane was in the kitchen watching from the door. Our eyes met for a moment. Although he would never admit it, he was lost without us.

But Alice and I had made it back to our family. We were finally home.

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