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Babysitter for hire

Chapter 1

The sixteen year old boy sat and looked at his father with disgust and hatred plastered all over his pretty face. Akihiko could feel himself growing angrier with each word that came out of his father's mouth. All these years and his father suddenly decided to start parenting.

"Akihiko we are no longer going to be giving you allowance, Haruhiko told us what you're doing with the money" Fuyuhiko Usami said to his very angry looking son.

"And what exactly did Haruhiko tell you father?" Akihiko asked as he shot his brother who was in the corner of the room a glare. It would be just like his brother to rat him out. He wondered how Haruhiko even found out about the things he was doing with the money his parents were giving him for allowance.

"Haruhiko told me you were spending you money on alcohol, cigarettes, and condoms" The dark haired man said with a disappointed face. Akihiko didn't care if his father was disappointed in him or not, he was 16 for god sake he could do whatever he felt like doing with his money."Is this true Akihiko?"

"Yes father, everything you said is true. I have been spending my allowance money on those things, is there a problem?" The silver haired teenager asked while staring at the ground

"Akihiko we will not allow you to spend our money on things you do not need at your age!" Fuyuhiko yelled, suddenly getting very angry at his son. Fuyuhiko wondered where he had gone wrong while raising Akihiko. Haruhiko turned out fine; he wondered why Akihiko was different and so rebellious.

"Oh really father, so you want me to stop wasting our families money on Alcohol and cigarettes; well why don't you try telling mother that!" The teen yelled as he stood up from his chair.

"Your mother is an adult, Akihiko. She can do what she feels like, you on the other hand are still a child in need of my assistance if you want a strong future" Fuyuhiko said while giving his son an angry look. The older man hated when his son didn't listen to him and acted out.

"You're calling mother an adult. What the fuck has gotten into you, mother is barely an adult; she is out partying and getting drunk every single night. When you're on business trip she's fucking any one she can get into bed with!" Fuyuhiko flinched when his son mentioned the many one night stands his wife thought she was hiding. It was obvious to anyone that his wife was cheating on him, but that didn't mean that his son had to bring it up.

"Akihiko this is not about your mother, this is about you" The older man said as he put a hand on his forehead, it was a sign that he was losing his patience. "The point of this whole conversation is to let you know that we will no longer be giving you allowance"

"Then how am I supposed to buy things I actually need!" Akihiko whined while slamming his foot down on the ground like a little kid. Fuyuhiko rolled his eyes at his son's childish ways.

"The answer is simple, get job" The older man said before leaving his son alone in the living room. The words puzzled Akihiko to no end. Never in his life had Akihiko thought of getting a job while he still lived with his parents. The silver haired teen wondered what kind of job he would possibly get. There was no way he would work fast food, retail didn't sound too good either. In an attempt to clear his mind Akihiko decided to go out to eat and spend some of the money he had left.

"Do you know of any jobs around here?" Akihiko asked the bartender as he drank the last of his scotch. The bar Akihiko was in was a regular for him, he knew how to pull a few string so they would let a minor like him in. Akihiko waited for an answer as his purple eyes got droopy with sleep.

"Well the only one I kind think of is the one Takahashi is offering" The bartender said as he pointed to a man and his wife sitting at a table in the corner of the bar. "He's looking for a babysitter because his eldest son is moving out and they need someone to watch their youngest son after school and on the weekends."

The thought of watching a child and getting paid for it seemed easy. All he had to do was sit at someone's house, eat their food, and make sure there child didn't fall into a flaming pile of death; how hard could that be? Akihiko looked back at the couple; they seemed like the kind of people that would pay good money. Now all he had to do was ask them to give him the job. He decided he should probably wait for them outside the bar, a 16 year old in a bar asking for a job as a babysitter wasn't a great impression.

The silver haired teen waited for the couple for what seemed like forever. He was just about to go home when he saw the couple walk out of the bar. He started to walk towards them; he was walking behind them so he almost looked like a stalker. He decided to just jump in and ask for the job, he was very desperate; and he was almost out of money and dying for a smoke.

"Um excuse me, Mr. Takahashi" Akihiko said and was relieved when the man looked behind and asked "Yes."

"Well you see, I'm here to take you up on you job offer to babysit your son "The silver haired teen said as he rubbed the back of his neck. He was a little bit embarrassed asking for a job so girly.

"Oh thank goodness we thought no one would apply for the job" Mrs. Takahashi said glee fully as she clapped her hands together. "Why don't you come over to our house so we can discuss this in a warm house?"

"Sweetie, are you sure this is a good idea. We just met this kid, what if he tries to kill us." Mr. Takahashi whispered to his wife. He was a little skeptical about bringing a kid he just met into his home.

"Honey, don't be so paranoid. Besides he is the only one who has asked about the job, what do we have to lose?" Mrs. Takahashi said as she looked at her husband. just sighed and decided to go along with his wife's plan.

After the three returned to the Takahashi home they all sat down and talked about the job. Akihiko was very nervous; he had never been to an interview before so he really didn't know what to do.

"So what is your name? What's you age, and what school do you go too? Mr. Takahashi asked as he sipped his coffee.

"I'm Akihiko Usami, I'm sixteen years old and I go to Mituhashi High school. I want this job because I'm trying very hard to make money." The purple eyed teenager said as quickly as he could.

"Wait your part of the Usami family? If your part of that family what in the world would you need money for?" Mr. Takahashi said as he smirked a little. He knew something didn't seem right about Akihiko. This all was probably just a prank.

"Well my father told me he will no longer be supplying me with money. He says I need to learn responsibility and make money on my own for while." Akihiko said while he looked at the ground, knowing that was not the true reason he was here.

"And out of all the jobs out there you want to become a babysitter?" asked as he raised his eyebrow and chuckled a little.

"Well I don't really want to work in food business, and retail doesn't sound so great either. I thought about working in people's yards but I'm horrible at yard work. So when I heard you wanted a babysitter I immediately knew it was what I wanted to do, for now it least" Akihiko said as he tried to come up with the best answer.

"Well Akihiko it is very convenient that you go to Mituhashi high school, you could pick Misaki up since his school is right across from yours. And you seem to have good reasons for wanting this job. There is just one thing I need to ask you about." Mr. Takahashi said as he stood up from his couch and walked over to sit by Akihiko.

"And what is that Mr. Takahashi" Akihiko asked with a smile.

"Well as you can imagine I was expecting a girl to babysit Misaki but I guess a boy will do. The only problem is girls are more responsible and reliable, I can trust girls more not to use my home as their own personal sex house. "Mr. Takahashi said as his voiced suddenly had a slight hissing sound to it."But you won't bring girls to my home and have sex with them while you babysit Misaki, will you Akihiko?"

"N-No sir, I would never do that. I would never disrespect my elders or their property like that" Akihiko said nervously as he shook his head no.

"That's great to know, you're hired! Starting tomorrow you will pick Misaki up from school and bring him over to our house so you can watch him. You will watch him all day on the weekend too, is this clear?" Mr. Takahashi asked and Akihiko nodded. "Great I will email you times and everything" The older man said with a smile.

"Um Mr. Takahashi I wondering if I could meet the child I'm going to be babysitting?" Akihiko asked. He was actually really curious about what the child was like. Would he be shy or would he be loud and annoying?

"Sure you can meet him, follow me he's helping his brother pack his stuff." Akihiko followed the older man down the hallway and into a large bedroom. He looked over to see a small messy haired brunette help pack things into boxes. The child looked about six or so and seemed very happy and lovable.

"Son, could you come here and meet your new babysitter" Mr. Takahashi called out and the small brunette immediately complied.

"This is my babysitter; I thought you said my babysitter was going to be a nice girl. Is my babysitter going to be a nice boy instead?" The young boy asked. This made the silver haired teen giggle and he sat on his knees so he was the child's height.

"What your name?" Akihiko asked the child in a sing song voice.

"Misaki, Misaki Takahashi" The young boy said proudly. Akihiko just sat there wondering what he had gotten himself into.

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