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Babysitter for Hire

Chapter 10

Misaki sat silently at the dinner table; he was unknowingly being watched by his parents. The adults kept throwing each other questionable looks as their son just continued to look down at his dinner plate. Breaking the silence, Misaki's father was the first one to speak; "Misaki, have you been feeling alright?" Suddenly the brunets head jerked up from its current position; the boys emerald-green eyes were wide, indicating that he had been surprised by his father's sudden question.

"I'm sorry father I wasn't listening, could you repeat the question for me again," Misaki asked while fidgeting with the hem of his shirt; it was obvious that the boy was nervous about something. Misaki's father sighed and put his chopsticks down; the soon to be nine-year old knew what this meant; because when his father put his chopsticks down during dinner it meant he wanted to have a deep conversation.

"Darling, you've acted quite strangely since the beginning of the week, what's bothering you," the boy's mother asked in a sweet voice, as she reached over and wiped the chocolate-brown hair out of her son's eyes. Misaki looked down at the red place mat on the table; he was avoiding his mothers gaze. The boy's father raised an eyebrow at his son's strange behavior. Unlike Misaki's mother, his father was not one to equivocate, when he had a question or suspicion he would immediately address it.

"Misaki, answer you mother this instant, you're not even a teenager yet and you as difficult as ever," the man yelled as he shot his son a warning glare. The brunet almost giggled at the thought of his father having to deal with a real teenager, such as Akihiko. Oh how funny it would be to watch his father control someone as stubborn as Akihiko. Misaki could have sat there for hours, imagining Akihiko and his funny ways, but the boy knew that if he didn't answer his father soon, he would be in big trouble.

"It's just that, Usagi San hasn't called in a while, I'm starting to worry about him." Without noticing it, a light blush began to spread across Misaki's cheeks, this always happened when he or someone else mentioned the silver-haired teen. "He normally calls it least once a week….but he hasn't called since last Monday." Misaki's voice continued to get softer and softer as he spoke the words, it was almost as if the boy was talking to himself more that he was the people in front of him.

Misaki held his breath as he waited for his father's sigh of disappointment; it almost always came after he had admitted something. Just as Misaki had expected his father put his hand on his forehead and let out a frustrated sigh; then slowly ran through his black hair. "Misaki…'s not your job to worry about Akihiko, he is not a little kid he knows what he's doing. I don't understand how you two could have even grown so close considering your huge age difference." Somehow the words hit Misaki in a way he was not very fond of, he almost felt offended by his father's words. Soon the eight year old began to wonder if he didn't really understand Akihiko the way he thought he did; just like his father had said, they couldn't really speak or think on the same wavelengths due to the huge age gap and the level of life experience they each have had.

Misaki was just about to slip into dream land again, when the phone suddenly rung. The little boy jumped up from his spot at the dinner table and ran over to the phone, he was praying to Kanji that if was Akihiko calling. "Hello," The boy said hopefully into the phone receiver.

"Hello Misaki, this is Miyuki," Misaki heard Shinobu yelling his name in the background; "oh yeah and Shinobu. We wanted to know if you wanted to come with us to go see the première of The Kan movie that comes out tomorrow." At the mention of his favorite manga, a smile easily found its way on the young brunet's lips. "Sure I would love to go," Misaki said happily "Why don't we just walk to movie theater right after school since it's close to the school."

Miyuki could hear the delight in Misaki's voice; the girl had seen how depressed Misaki had looked the last couple of days so she decided to do something nice for him. "Sure that sounds great, Shinobu agrees with you plan too," She said with a happy smile on her face. "Oh, by the way, when you tell your parents where you going after school make sure they know adults will be with us," the blonde spoke into the phone trying to sound as truthful as possible.

"But there won't be parents there, why would you tell him there would be," Shinobu asked quietly as to not let Misaki hear through the phone. "We all know how goody-goody Misaki is, there is no way he would come with us if he found out we lied to our parents and told them we were going to the library," Miyuki said with a smirk; Shinobu just rolled his eyes,' she always has been a rebel' he thought.

After the phone call had ended Misaki hung up the phone and strode back to the dinner table. "Who was that, darling," Misaki's mother asked in a tender voice. She smiled happily when the boy explained to her that he and his friends were going to the movies, he didn't even have to mention the part about parents being there, and he guessed they just assumed there would be. You see, she knew how hard it was for Misaki to make friends, considering how socially awkward he was; so it made her happy to hear that her son was finally finding some good friends.

As good as it felt to be invited to do things Misaki still felt saddened by the fact that it wasn't Akihiko who was on the other end of the phone line. Suddenly Misaki felt anger boiling up inside him, he was angry at Akihiko for not calling him. The brunet believed that you should let your family and friends know how you're doing often so that they don't begin to worry. 'Whatever, if Usagi doesn't want to call and talk to me than I don't want to talk to him either, if he really cared her would have called by now,' Misaki thought to himself.

"W-Well I should head to bed don't you think, I mean it's pretty late and I have school tomorrow and all." As fast as Misaki could carry out, he cleaned up his mess from dinner and ran up to his room. The boy was afraid that if he sat and daydreamed about Akihiko in front of his parents for too much longer, they would begin to notice the angry faces he was making due to the frustration he felt for Akihiko.

"You know what, I'm not even going to think about Usagi any longer," Misaki said to himself as he plopped down on his twin sized bed with a purple comforter. "I'm just going to look forward to the trip to the movies tomorrow; I will not let Usagi enter my mind." And with that Misaki began getting ready for bed, along with trying to stop the urges to imagine Akihiko's glorious face shining like a diamond.

"W-What do you mean you lied to your parents, you even told me to make sure my parents knew there were going to be other adults there?" The brunet's voice carried through the movie theater, he had no idea he would be dragged into this mess. "So what did you guys tell your parents then," Misaki asked, his voice cracking a little due to his anger and frustration for his friends.

"Well I told my parents that I was going to the library with Shinobu and you, and that both of your guys parents would be there, and they totally bought it," Miyuki said happily, her beautiful blue eyes sparkled as she said the words. Misaki looked over to Shinobu, as if waiting for him to explain his little fib. Shinobu just shrugged and answered blankly; "my parents don't know where I am half the time, why would it be any different this time. I didn't even tell my parents I was going anywhere."

Misaki did a face palm and scowled at his friends, he had never been involved with such people before. The brunet would have given the other children a lecture if he hadn't of looked at the clock and seen the time. "Oh no, the movies about to start" Misaki exclaimed as he bolted towards the room showing their movie, two other kids followed behind him and did a high five. "Even if he's angry he still can't resist the Kan," Miyuki said while giggling.

A scowl quickly covered Miyuki's face when she saw Shinobu take the only seat next to Misaki. She cleared her throat and threw Shinobu a glare; "Shinobu why don't you sit on the other side of me, so that I can sit by Misaki," Miyuki asked in the sweetest tone she could muster. Shinobu just looked at her like she was stupid; "Oh yeah, and what do I get out of it," the boy asked in a smug voice. The blonde girl just sighed and held her head down in shame; she normally didn't do this; "I will give you five hundred yen," she said. In an instant the spot was empty and Shinobu was in the other seat, happily waiting for his pay.

"Um, is it okay if I sit here," Miyuki asked as a blush found its way on her tan cheeks. "Yeah, you don't have to ask me you know," Misaki answered with a smile and a chuckle; he obviously didn't get that Miyuki was trying to flirt with him. The blonde girl seemed to notice Misaki's ignorance on the subject and sighed in frustration, she would have to find a way to make her feelings for the brunet a little more obvious.

"I bet it's a really good view from that seat, isn't it Miyuki?" Shinobu scoffed and shook his head in an annoyed way. He was always really picky about what seat he got at the movie theater so it made him quite angry when he ended up giving his seat away to Miyuki; and all just because she wanted to flirt with a boy who Shinobu knew was gay.

Somehow without even trying to figure himself out Shinobu knew he was gay, it was almost like he was born with the knowledge of his sexuality. The blonde somehow understood people so well, he could almost look at random people walking on the sidewalk and know their story; that's why it was so easy for him to understand Misaki. Shinobu was teased a lot because he was gay, but only by the kids who knew what gay meant; so when Misaki didn't make fun of Shinobu for thinking Miyagi Sensei was hot, he automatically knew Misaki was gay himself. And that was one of the reasons why Shinobu decided to make Misaki one of his best friends.

Miyuki's reason for befriending Misaki was far different from Shinobu's. The blue-eyed girl had gone to the same school as Misaki for years, yet the brunet had never talked to her before. Miyuki found Misaki to be interesting, yet weird, almost esoteric. So Miyuki made a resolution, she promised this year that she would get to know Takahashi Misaki and somehow become his best friend and maybe someday…his girlfriend.

The movie that all three children were suppose to be watching had suddenly slipped from their minds, they now found themselves waist deep in their own thoughts. While Shinobu and Miyuki thought about the path that led to Misaki, the brunet himself was actually busy day dreaming about Akihiko's fantastic charisma. Though the green eyes boy had promised himself he wouldn't think of Akihiko, his mind had started to betray him.

'I wonder what Usagi San is doing right now? Maybe he's thinking about me too! I hope he's not too busy, maybe I should call him when I get home, no then I would seem like I thought about him all the time.' Misaki tried to deal with his internal conflict, but no matter how hard he tried it was always a futile effort.

"I thought this movie would be better, but in all honesty it freaking sucks!" Miyuki's screeching voice could be heard all the theater. Many people had turned around, or tapped her on the back just so they could go "Shhh," to her face. The blonde girl found this to be very rude, so in the end it was her fault when the children were unwillingly dragged out of the movies.

"Nice job Miyuki and I spent thirty five dollars on those tickets!" Shinobu whined and threw his hand in the air and before Miyuki or Misaki could say anything Shinobu was stomping down the street alone. The other two children watch in shock as Shinobu left them standing in front of the movie theater; Misaki threw Miyuki a glace that meant 'should we go after him?' Miyuki just shrugged and started walking the opposite direction of Shinobu.

"Um, I guess I'll just walk with you, my house is this way anyways," Misaki said quietly. The first few minutes of the children's walk together was silent and painful, the only interaction between them was sudden glances. Finally Misaki broke the silence; "It's sad, soon all the cherry blossoms will be gone thanks to winter." Miyuki nodded her head in agreement and looked away so Misaki wouldn't catch a glimpse of her blush.

W-Well this is my house right here," Miyuki said while laughing nervously. Misaki just smiled at her and waved goodbye. However, the blonde girl in front of him stood there holding her breath, it almost looked like she had something to say. Finally after what seemed like five minutes of awkwardness Misaki continued walking, he just told himself that she was going to stay outside all night.

When Misaki found himself in front of his own home he sighed sadly. In all honesty he did find it to be just a tiny bit of fun to be a rebel and lie; but at the same time he still felt guilty for it. The first thing the brunet heard when he walked through the door was the sound of the phone ringer. Suddenly Misaki bolted towards the phone and looked at the caller I.D. Misaki had been waiting for this call for almost two weeks and now it was finally here, now he was finally here. Usagi San, his Usagi san.

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