"Dammit, Sirius, get back here and put on your clothes!"

Harry glanced up just in time to see his six-year-old son dash past him, completely devoid of any clothing. Aaro raced after the speeding toddler, who cast a look of delight over his shoulder, amusement obvious in his bright silver eyes.

With a grin, Harry returned his attention to the four-month old baby girl in his arms. She suckled the bottle happily, staring up at her father through wide, green eyes. Her silver hair stuck up in all directions, regardless of her grandmother's attempts to flatten it.

Draco dropped onto the grass beside his mate, offering a smile to their daughter as he did so. "He's most definitely a Malfoy," Harry said absently, nodding in the direction of the six year old Aaro had playfully tackled to the ground in order to dress.

Draco snorted, eyes darting to the scene as Aran arrived to rescue his play mate, which ivolved smacking Aaro with a wooden stick. "Oh yes," Draco said, "because we Malfoy's are known for running around completely starkers."

"An interesting trait, Draco, remind me to lock away my daughter once your son matures." Draco chuckled as Clúdthe lowered his mate to the grass. Cray grinned at Harry, one hand resting on his swollen stomach.

"Not long now, Cray," Harry grinned back, shifting his daughter to one arm to burp.

Draco cringed as he wiped the spit up from the baby's chin, "and then you'll have to go through the joys of all this again." he said sarcastically, laughing when the baby stuck her small tongue out in a mindless gesture.

Clúdthe smiled warmly. "Stability is a beautiful thing. It is about time we had another baby." He huffed breathlessly as Shell tackled him from behind, her brown hair tumbling forward around her tall frame.

Harry looked up happily, smiling as he caught sight of Mayca planting a kiss on her youngest son's head. Zane grimaced in response and batted her away, turning to join Dara and the others as they made their way out of the village. "It'll be different without that lot." the green-eyed faeling said quietly.

Draco nodded, "they'll be back, Harry," he whispered, "they won't find their mates here."

Harry sighed at the logic and lifted a hand to wave at the group. He smirked as Aaro became a toy to the toddlers of the village, Sirius was sitting on his father's shoulders and clapping his hands in delight. "Look, papa!" he cried out, waving at Harry, who waved back absently, "look, sire! Look! Sire, LOOK!"

"Yes, alright, I see you, you bloody torment," Draco growled out playfully, rising to grab his son as Sirius threw himself backwards. Harry sighed happily and dropped his eyes to look at his daughter. "Hopefully, Bec, you'll have more sense when you grow up." he whispered softly, smiling as the baby yawned widely and stuffed her fist into her mouth.

"Or maybe not."