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Maybe Julia did it on purpose, trying to scare people off before she even answered to their nervous knocks. The front door was bold, big and brash, reminding Santana of a London one in the eighteenth century version of Scrooge, maybe Julia was Scrooge, after all each clue added up and it would make much more sense. The big black front door stood out ridiculously in twenty-first century New York, a far cry away from the road she lived on.

The detached house, with five steep stone steps leading up to it, every house on the road could be imagined to hold a family, a happy one of which who enjoy the constantly pink blossom trees outside their doorsteps, however this one stood out like a sore thumb. Half way down the row, sort of spoiling the atmosphere,
a metaphorical hell on Jamerson Street.

"I really, really don't want to do this..." it was the first time she spoke since they cautiously got out of the car, Brittany pretty much gated her in front hoping she wouldn't make a run for it. Only five days ago on the last Sunday, Caroline passed on the witch herself's new proposition. Julia wanted to approve of the married women in person, though they knew she had no right, they had no choice.

Caroline explained all's they had to do was go to her house, meet her small created family, eat her most likely poisonous food (an apple of some sort?) then pray to God she liked them, though they secretly couldn't have cared less for her opinion.

But for Kurtley's sake, they stayed "I know sweetheart, but all's we need to do, is pretend we like each other for a couple of hours then we can run as far away as possible" Brittany assured calmly, dipping down to brush her lips against Kurtley's right temple, though anxious, the teenager quite liked it.

Santana dared finally tap the knocker, with care of course, she stepped backwards and quickly glanced to her right, double checking the nail-biting others beside her.
After a nerve-wracking thirty seconds which felt more like thirty minutes foot steps could be heard, but more than one set.

Lock after lock, leaving Santana to contemplate more than she should and an un-expectantly petite woman answered. She looked to be in her early forties with a straight black bob which grazed her shoulders, her face moulded into a permanent frown and her pert lips as red as blood, naturally, very boney cheeks as if all the fat had purposely been sucked from her face to make a statement, and scarily daggering eyes.

So this was the woman who caused so much trouble, Santana's first thought was as stupid as 'that's it? I could have easily kicked her ass a long time ago', but she knew she had to bite her cheek.

The woman shared no resemblance to Kurtley, it was actually deemed offensive to compare the two considering how pretty the teenager was.

Within that millisecond of opening the door, Julia managed to scan all three of them; first Brittany, glancing over at how bubbly almost grimacing in confusion,
her look towards her half-niece was more of a prude, snobbish pout and Santana- well Santana she allowed a trace of fear to show in her eyes, Santana looked ready to kill but something changed all.

Abruptly a little boy no older than four appeared through the crack in her legs, peeping out playfully to his mothers dislike, "hello, I'm Julia" she finally greeted,
her voice forceful and falsely posh.

Julia stood back allowing the door to swing open and hit the wall behind it, the little boy didn't move though, he just looked from face to face clueless and tense.
"Hi, I'm Santana and this is Brittany" she was going with a different approach, kill her with kindness. She gracefully held her manicured hand out to be shook stunning Julia slightly also the other women.

"Uhh g-good to meet you, this is my son Lewis-" she gestured to the child, looking up Julia noticed just how old her niece had become, Kurtley was no longer that innocent little girl with two braids and pink ribbon tied in her hair, she wasn't four-foot tall or anywhere near resembling the curvy woman she was now, though she was beautiful, just like her deceased mother once was.

"Hi Julia" her voice croaked.

"Kurtley... how are you?" she replied as they piled into the hallway. For dramatic effect the teenager stopped, her eyes now meeting with her half-aunts "as good as an abandoned person could be I suppose..."


"Let's go into the main room shall we?" Julia strode off through another huge door frame with her son bouncing around behind her, "just please try, ok?" Brittany began to beg almost flashing guilt upon the younger ones face.

"I'm sorry, it's just hard- she doesn't even care now"

"I know, but it doesn't matter, hopefully she'll say yes and I promise as soon as we get out of here you never have to see her ever again if you don't want to"

Kurtley smiled gratefully, she was right. This was it, the day she got rid of her forever and all's she had to do was behave sickening sweet for a couple of hours and she could finally be happy... at least she hoped that's how it would work.

"I'm afraid my husband's running a bit late, however would you like a drink while waiting?"

It was odd, the interior was very formal, well decorated and designed, however there was no clue to it being the holder of a little boy, everything was so mechanically clean and not a child's toy in sight.

They denied her offer and watched as she left the room, in the direction of the kitchen. Lewis just stood there, bewildered to why three strangers where sitting in his living room, he seemed quite happy about it though "...my friends called Kurtley" he grinned rocking back-and-forth on his red converse.

"Really?" the teenager surprised them by speaking up, they'd dubbed Kurtley to sit there fiddling with her hands while chewing her tongue for the next few hours, and so sense of pride washed over them both realising she was trying to make the effort, which is all they wanted.

"Yep, but he's a boy though..."

"I don't think I'll ever meet another girl named Kurtley, my names weird" she thought out loud, turning her head towards Brittany, the voice of reason.

"I love your name- it's pretty and unique... like you"

Thirty minutes of watching the youngest in the room build a small city with his Lego they blinked away the boredom hearing the front door open once more, Lewis instantly rocketed out of the room nearly knocking over an expensive looking vase on the way, which certainly didn't go un-noticed by his mother who scowled more than angrily.

"Daddy!" he squealed.

They finally figured it out when the man walked in, Lewis was definitely different, he wasn't his mothers colour, but much darker, so when a black, bulky yet smiling man entered the room they realised what it was. He looked like an office worker; in a formal business suit which consisted of a: navy blue tie, white shirt and grey dress pants. He easily looked over the three nervous women toying with their hands on the couch, placing down his son, he refused to let the smile fall from his lips.

"Well, you must be Kurtley?" he stepped forward, unexpectedly, he held out his hand to the teenager. Kurtley placed hers in his and felt as he pulled her upwards,
before giving her a friendly hug- nothing like her aunts greeting, maybe this guy wasn't that bad after all. "I'm Allen" he informed stepping back.

"Uh- yah that's me-" she nervously giggled, "this is Santana and Brittany" she told gesturing to the other two who quickly stood to shake his hand.

The man carried on being rather loving towards the strangers, his wife once again disappeared and so he sat in a chair opposite the couch with Lewis clambering all over him, making the little boy squeal now and then with tickles. Of course the conversation consisted of only safe topics, nothing that could flare up either tempers, most was about Kurtley's social life and likes, and the other two women's jobs.

It was only a matter of time before Julia called them into the dining room, not that they wanted to be there, in fact it was the last place on earth they wanted to go. The dinner table was set to perfection, too perfect if you asked Santana; each piece of cutlery was practically lined up with every other piece- completely exact,
nothing was un-touched.

Santana made sure she sat beside Kurtley, just because she promised while begging Kurtley to come with them earlier in the week. Opposite the Latina was Julia, it took a lot not to take all her anger out her shins, but she knew it probably wasn't a good idea. Beside her, opposite the teen, Lewis, which she was rather happy about since the little boy kept innocently smirking in her direction every now and then, he was definitely his father's son.

Either end of the table was the other two, Allen to Santana's left and Brittany to Kurtley's right, so she had one on either side- making her feel more comfortable in her surroundings. Which seemed quite the task in the current moment.

"Mom I don't like this!" they wanted to laugh at how stubborn he was being, though they couldn't blame him. Everything tasted like basil, not in a nice way at all. They could just about pronounce the name of the food let alone eat it.

"Lewis, son, your Mom put a lot of effort into making you this meal, I'd really appreciate if you tried to eat it" he asked, tenderly.

Lewis being the child he was, pushed the plate into the centre of the large table and folded his arms across his chest, "no dad, it doesn't taste good"

"Who's your favourite superhero Lewis?"

The child looked rather astounded when the only blonde in the room directed a question at him "...S-Spiderman" he stuttered nervously.

Santana curiously watched on as it unravelled, "well you know Spiderman's super strong, right?" he nodded under her grasp "well I know for a fact Spiderman eats plenty of vegetables to make him strong, do you want to be like Spiderman?"

'I love her more than anyone could ever imagine' was all Santana could think.

Lewis smiled, finally relaxing "well maybe I'll just have one" he carefully pulled the plate back in front of him and began nibbling on a piece of broccoli, feeling Allen's eyes on her, she looked up, 'thank you' he mouthed gratefully.

Five half-hearted bites of grossness later, Julia dared speak "so Kurtley, what have you been up to lately?"

"Oh you know..." the teenager began still toying with her food, and her eyes glued on the plate "-learning Annie repertoires, working in clothing factories going against child labour laws-"


Santana gently scolded giving her a look, Kurtley dropped the fork with a gentle clang as it hit the plate. "No, in actual fact I've been doing a lot of school work"

"Do you go to public school?"

"No... I'm home schooled, I have bad anxiety"

"Do you like the home you're currently living at Kurtley?" Allen asked in a humble manner.

Kurtley thought for a moment, "yes actually, it's better than the last five"

"Five!" both the two adult strangers choked dropped their cutlery onto the table, Brittany smiled, not because the fact her teenager had been to five different homes,
but because her sassy attitude reminded her of her wife's. And she liked it.

"Yep five whole places. I got transferred from the first one because I pretty much hated everything and everyone and could never control myself, the second and third I got beat up by the older kids as well as abused by some of the staff, and the third just sucked"

"What about the fourth and fifth?"

"Same sort of reasons, different people. However where I am now is great, I'm treated like an actual human being for once..."

"How long have you been there?" Allen asked genuinely interested.

"Since I was nine, so nearly seven years"

"I'm so sorry to hear that Kurtley, it must have been hard at such a young age"

"It's ok... I'm past that now, I'm looking to the future"

"That's very mature of you" Allen smiled, speaking again, he seemed to be the only one strong enough to carry conversation. Kurtley nodded engulfing her lips as awkwardness quickly filled the atmosphere, not that she cared anymore, she was sort of used to it by now. Some however, weren't "any one want water? I'm gonna go get some water" Julia didn't ever wait for anyone to reply, instead she dodged her way around the table and out into the hallway.

But no one cared for her emotions, they couldn't. Surprisingly her husband apologised for her odd behaviour, explaining it was paining her to re-live the memories, which sort of made them hate her even more... "What about me?" Kurtley finally piped up, you could cut the tension with a knife but the blonde was desperately urging her to speak, wanting her to stick up for herself and say stuff she could get away with.

"What about how I feel? they where my parents... the only two people I ever had, they left and I had no one" her voice misting over the more she spoke, "I was all alone, and just a kid! tossed from home to home where I knew nobody, breaking a different rib every week because I was just a little girl and couldn't defend myself.
I had no one looking after me..."

He really didn't want to cry in front of his innocent little boy, but his glossy eyes where saying otherwise "I-I-"

"So you know when I finally had the chance to have a family and Julia said no, how do you think I feel?"

He was stumped, obviously stumped. "Uhh I-"

"No. So what happens now? is she just gonna stick me back in that home and forget all about my existence again?... imagine if it was Lewis"

His heart broke. Like physically snapped into two. She was so right that he was almost mortified, and they had hardly any relation, he was thoroughly embarressed for his wife, and scared for just thinking of what if was his own son. Both Brittany and Santana were obviously concerned for the girl, but in a way they were proud that she finally stood up for herself and put her own feelings first. Kurtley definitely found her back bone.

Allen finally reacted by shaking his head unable to spit out words, "So yeah, that's how I feel... but nobody knows that, because I have no one to tell"

Brittany was the only one smiling, she grinned at the little boy beside her re-assuring him his big cousin would be okay as well as his Daddy. After no reappearance from Julia Santana took matters into her own hands and fell into motherly mode, she threw down her napkin on the table and pushed herself back "I think it's best we get going"

At hearing those words, Julia's breath halted in her throat. She wavered behind the room door despairing for her niece to stop, every word like a needle in her skin...
but she deserved it. There was no excuse for the pain she put Kurtley through, and certainly not for what she was currently playing at. She ditched that little girl,
her own blood relative, because she was selfish- and now she needed to put things right.

"Stop! I mean please- please let me explain" she begged.

They'd now all removed themselves from their seats except the littlest boy, Kurtley had somehow managed to worm her way back into Brittany's side for comfort,
"I-I don't think that's a good idea- not right now anyway" Santana assured trying to push past her.

However Julia ignored her, "I'm so sorry Kurtley"

The teenagers head popped up, with an expression of disgust "-and that makes it all better?"

"Of course not!" she snaps, "I know I did wrong, and there's not a day when I don't regret it-"

"Well fix it then!" she tries not to raise her voice for the sake of her biological cousin, but it's hard when she's so frustrated.

Julia stops jumping from foot to foot and sighs, "I can't just have you for myself and pretend nothing ever hap-"

"No. The only way you can make this better is if you let me go with them" she gestures to the awkwardly stalling married couple in the room, but they can't help but smile. Santana feeling rather teary eyed bites her cheek, it's probably not a good idea to cry in front of 'this' woman, she needs her to know she could still kick her ass

Brittany however looks directly into Julia's eyes, practically begging her for the obvious. "This is what would make you happy?" she grumbles through the silence.

Kurtley nods with tears slowly dribbling down her blushed cheeks, wisps of damp hair now stick to the sides of her face, but standing up for herself; she never looked more gorgeous- she was their gorgeous girl.

"Okay" Julia begins, nodding along as if assuring herself she was doing the right thing, "if this is what you want then you have my blessing"

The world changed so abruptly no one even felt it... well, except two of them. Santana finally allowed that long-awaited sob to escape her lips, just one strong sob startling the little boy behind her. Though the whole time she was gleaming as was her wife, "thank you" Brittany got out.

Julia still being awkward just shrugged, "I can tell she'll be happy with you guys, you'll be good for her" though she didn't have any right to say any of those words, they still meant a lot. "I'll call the social workers office first thing... drop all queries"

Whatever happened next was a blur, Kurtley didn't dare get close to her, no hugs where exchanged or warm smiles- something Julia would never get off of her. Julia didn't even have to ask what was going to happen next, in a way she wanted to ask her to stay in touch, but how dare she. She had no right, and even herself knew so. They managed to shuffle to the front doorway, "Mommy, I dropped it on the floor!" Lewis sang teasingly making them chuckle a little.

Julia gave one last look over before simply smiling and walking away, and that would be the last time she'd see her... for a very long time.

The teenager finally relaxed, "it was really good meeting you Allen... you seem nice" he smiled before hugging her once more and whispering down into her ear "you're a beautiful girl Kurtley, and never let anybody make you think different... I'm always here"

"Thanks you so much for-"

"Now, now, I guess you guys have some celebratin' to do? don't let me stop you" he halted holding his hand up to Santana.

"...We'll be celebrating for a very long time"

"Did that really just happen?"

They refused to move from the car for the past thirty minutes, luckily it was parked out of sight of Julia's house, but still, other people passing by were beginning to wonder. Brittany sat with her chin resting on her arms which leant upon the steering wheel, while Santana gripped the sides of her chair for dear life as she lay back. Behind them Kurtley was just as stunned, staring completely into space unsure of her next step.

"...I think so" the teenager sighed.

Santana quirked around, pulling her left leg underneath her "she seemed... nice" she winced. Why on Earth would she say that? Kurtley had no clue, but if she really thought about it, Santana just felt obliged to compliment the woman who handed a life over to her.

"No Santana. Just no" she reprimands shaking her head.

"The kid was cute..."

The atmosphere was becoming weird, shouldn't they be hugging and kissing? or screaming? or something a bit more joyful than this.

"Hmm that woman was cree-py!" Santana said.

"You know who she reminded me of?" the Latina watched as her wife relaxed back and turned towards them, "Sue Sylvester!"

"Oh my God! that is so true-"

"Who's Sue Sylvester?"

"Our old cheerleading coach in high school"

"She was a complete wacko!"

"She once threatened to shoot Brittany from a human sized cannon"


They laughed. One because whatever they were saying was funny and two because they just realised that this was it. They were a family now, they were sharing a moment all three of them had imagined for so long. And honestly... it was perfect.

"I have an idea?" Santana exclaimed bursting the silent bubble once more, the two other heads gave their attention "we should go to Pucks place"

Puck surprisingly fulfilled more than anyone could have ever imagined, after a small break period when finished with high school, he kicked himself up the ass and took a two-year long gourmet cookery course as well as the mandatory health and safety (which he could honestly say, he was shit at). Puck turned out to be quite the chef and within a few years, opened his own place, cooking only New York street food but classy.

"I don't know- maybe Puck isn't the best person to first introduce her to?"

"She's met Quinn?" Santana argued.

"Mmhmm I met Quinn" suddenly Kurtley's head popped up between the gap of the two front seats, smiling away beautifully.

Brittany paused, "...ok then. But seriously, if he freaks her out then I don't get the blame"

Kurtley grinned in success, secretly her stomach was bubbling with nerves but she knew she needed to be more confident, these people were her family now, effort was the key. "One more thing-" she rushed stopping them instantly, they knew it was important, she nervously shuffled around before breaking her pause "-I-I really appreciate you guys going through all the effort... f-for me, and... I'm really, really so happy that- things are gonna be ok now"

Santana, trying not to cry again turned back around to face her two girls, "things are going to better, so much better"

"Me and San have never been mothers before-" she had to grin at how Kurtley's eyes subconsciously lit up, "-so you'll have to be patient, let us learn in time what's right from wrong, but we promise we'll do everything we can to make sure you're happy"

"Okay?" Santana asked, slightly choked.

"Okay... but one more thing?"

"Of course"

"I-I really meant what I said about the home, a-and I really don't want to lose touch with them... they're my family and have been for the past seven years-"

"Kurtley, sweet heart, you don't even have to ask" Brittany assured quickly leaning over to place a peck on her cheek, "of course we'll stay in touch with them, we love them all too"

"I second that... they're awesome tikes" Santana added, "so can we go get our eat on now, cos I'm starving?"

"Definitely, if there's one thing Julia's even worse at than being human, then it's cooking" Kurtley joked sitting back in her chair.

"Hey guys! how are you? it's been a while..." squealed the ridiculously perky head waitress. Her name's Rayne, Puck only really hired her due to her reasonably hot looks, however three months into opening she announced her engagement, and when he considered firing her he realised it would be mean since all's she went on about was saving for her wedding... and secretly she was rather fun to be around.

Since they were classed as family, pretty much the whole restraunt crew knew who they were "we're amazing actually" Santana practically sang in an uncharacteristic manner.

Rayne suddenly noticed the teenage girl nearly standing on her tip toes to peek through the glass wall and look around "and who must you be?" she asked.

Kurtley blinked a little, quite startled to how friendly she was nearly beating Brittany to the title of 'happiest-alive-for-no-apparent-reason' "oh uh- I'm Kurtley" she smiled standing her two feet flat back on the ground.

Santana wrapped her purse free arm around her neck proudly, "family member to-be" she nodded, wanting to brag much more but not wanting to freak the girl out at the same time. Rayne thought for a moment looking between the two, "cool" all's she said confused to why the blonde began to laugh.

"Okay so I'm guessing you want a table?" she asked immediately going off topic.

"Yup, is Puck in tonight"

"Uhh yeah actually, I'll let him know you girls are here" Rayne led them to a small half booth towards the back near the open kitchen area, both Santana and Brittany sat on the chairs, opposite Kurtley on the bench. The restraunt was busy as usual, it was all very modern and there was a mixed scene of people: some couples having dinner, families celebrating, and elder people heatedly debating over God knows what.

She handed them menus before happily traipsing away, "she's... perky" Kurtley said.

"I like her-"


"Oh God..." Santana muttered. To their left, Puck magically appeared, his scruffy whites underneath a dark blue apron. Kurtley quickly scrolled over the man with a million different things running through her mind, first trying to imagine him and Quinn as a couple- and being completely honest, it wasn't that hard, she's good-looking, he's good-looking, potayto, potato. And second, what was she meant to do now?

"Hey Puck!" Brittany exclaimed pulling one leg up underneath her and turning slightly towards their end of the table, playfully he turned to where the girl sat, she was currently just watching on with her arms resting on the table before her and her brown curls falling down her shoulders.

"Oh wow..." was all he said. He then turned back to the other two women, leaving Kurtley worried, "she's even prettier than Quinn explained"

Both the other two women laughed at how Kurtley's face immediately went as red as a tomato, Puck turned back towards her "I'm guessing you're Miss Kurtley Grace?"

"Yup... that's me" she was going with the playful approach to the others relief, he gestured for her to slide out and stand up, instead of shaking her hand he abruptly pulled her close wrapping her in a huge bear hug and pulling her off the ground, "I only do hugs for family... sorry" he shrugged into her shoulder.

"It's ok... I don't mind"

"Who would have known, Noah Puckerman you big ol' softy!"

He scowled at the Latina sitting beside him before brotherly shoving her in the arm, "ha ha ha very funny... so, what's you're full name; age; likes and dislikes?" he asked now casually sliding beside Kurtley on her side of the bench, opposite Brittany.

"Puck! you've just met the girl, don't grill her" Brittany scolded nudging him under the table.

Kurtley chuckled before assuring them it was fine, "well my full name is Kurtley Grace Lawler-"

"I know someone who's gonna love that" Puck joked referring to his other gay friend.

"Mmm so I've been told-" he laughed at how casual and jokey she was being, Brittany and Santana had previously warned the group of the problems she has with anxiety and other people, however she was slowly proving them wrong "- I'm sixteen in April"

"We'll have to throw you a super awesome super sweet sixteen bash" Puck grinned winking at Santana, "-that doesn't include alcohol" the Latina added.

"Like you never got drunk before sixteen?"


"Ouch!" he screeched turning a few heads near by, considering the well-known boss of this hugely successful restraunt was being beat up by a table full of girls,
"taking it back" he whimpered towards the smirking teen, though she'd only just met him she could tell he wasn't half as bad as Quinn made him out to be, specifically remembering her calling him a 'belligerent-annoyingly-psychotic-if-he-ever-think s-he'll-get-her-pig'.

"Rolling off topic; what are some of your likes then?"

Kurtley thought for a moment, "uhh... I'm not sure"

"Do you sing? I mean if you're an official glee offspring you need to be able to sing"

"Puck!" both Santana and Brittany simultaneously exclaimed. He suddenly jolted at the feeling of two legs kicking his own, "...isn't it a good thing I kinda do then?"
she smiled teasingly.

"Hallelujah! what d'you sing?"

"All different stuff really, a lot of musical songs, it's been a while though"

"We'll have to have a glee get-together and dig up your inner rock star" he chuckled high-fiving the teen beside him.

Secretly the other two women's inside were melting in awe, they were worried about the obvious; Kurtley freaking out and not getting along with anyone, though they were now realising that would be impossible. They were stupid to think bad things and panic about her, and surprisingly, Puck was helping.

"What's your favourite type of food? I'll cook it up"

"Oh God, I take my food seriously-" she joked making them laugh, feigning all seriousness.

"You like Mexican don't you sweetheart?" Brittany interfered.

Santana humphed, "well if she doesn't, then the other day she did a pretty good job of hiding it" she said thinking of their mid-week introduction to the grandparents,
as well as Maribel insisting the teen call them Abuela and Abuelo, she also made her a ridiculous amount of authentic Mexican food and tapas which they all devoured with Santanas father Jorge.

Kurtley joined in laughing at the memory, "yep, I love Mexican food"

"Enchiladas it is" Puck winked, "-that's unless you want something different?" he rushed, panicking slightly.

"No, enchiladas are fine, they're sort of my favourites though so do them justice"

"You're just like her" Puck blurted out peacefully, pointing to the Latina opposite Kurtley, "-you're snarky and sassy but genuinely innocent and up to now your sense of humour is rather impressive"

"Why thank you" she giggled, "Santana's awesome, so being compared to her is-is... awesome"

"I told you he secretly loves me!"

"It's never been a secret Satan, you're my little sis'" Santana playfully placed her hands upon her heart and smiled before pretending to wipe away a tear, "dislikes?"

"How long have you got?" she instantly shot, joking obviously.

"She really doesn't like when she comes to a restraunt, an expensive one may I add, and the service is that bad the big boss doesn't stop stalking to us to get drinks-" Brittany said before looking to her watch "and we've been here a whole fifteen minutes"

Santana pulled a proud face and subtly clapped her wife before patting her on the back, "okay so first, how's it expensive when you guys get fed for free? and second I thought Rayne was doing it" Puck quickly pulled over another waitress, male and tall, once drinks orders where underway he decided to ditch the dislikes column since he didn't want to make her feel awkward.

"So is it enchiladas all around or are you guys gonna make things awkward?" he asked ready to leave.

Both women shrugged before giving in and going with the Mexican food, Puck finally got up off the edge of the bench and turned to the teenager "Miss Kurtley, it was very good meeting you and I hope we re-aqainte in the near future" he played in a serious tone holding out his hand.

"I thought you didn't do hand shakes?" Santana teased watching them.

"I don't... but now I'm work Puck, if the whole restraunt sees me hugging this beautiful girl then A) they'll all want to and I'd have to kick their asses meaning they'd all leave, and B) they might all want a piece of this" he said gesturing to himself.

Once he finally left to go back into his kitchen, Kurtley couldn't keep the smile off of her face. Santana finding it totally adorable began to giggle just looking her in the eyes, "you like him? he's quite cray-cray but you'll get used to it"

"He's really nice, not half as scary as you made him out to be..."

"None of them are that scary, well, Rachel you could probably make the exception. However you like musicals, so she'll probably best-friend you" Santana said.

While Brittany and her wife laughed, Kurtley thought. If they are all like Puck then things would be perfect "...I'd like that" she mumbled un-heard to their ears.

"I don't think I've ever ate so much in all my life... and I've had Christmas at your mothers" Brittany had to hold herself up leaning upon the table but carefully dodging the mounds of empty plates in front of her. Like every other time they've been to Puck's restraunt, he took full advantage and brought them more food than they would ever eat... though they easily got through it all.

Three large enchiladas later and neither of them could move, "ugh I don't think I'll ever eat again" Santana whined rubbing her bloated abdomen.

"It tasted good though... I don't regret it" Kurtley shrugged still smiling away, they'd come to figure she was secretly very optimistic, which is always a great thing, she was a little bit of Santana and now a little bit of Brittany.

"Anyway, I'm gonna go to the bathroom... then for a small walk- see if I can make my digestive system work a little since it's suffering from some form of over-eating shock"

They laughed watching the blonde dopily remove herself from the table and go in the direction of the bathrooms, "come here" Santana smirked tapping the now empty chair.

Kurtley slid off her bench and sat in the still warm seat, only to feel Santana's right hand gently tap her right cheek from under her chin, she did as told and leant her head onto Santana's right shoulder which being honest felt rather amazing.

"How you doin' Chica?" she asked in the most warm motherly tones.

Kurtley allowed her eyes to tiredly sway a little, "I'm good"

"That all? you can tell me anything you know..."

"No, I really am good- tired, still excited though"

Rushing out the last part, Santana couldn't help but giggle, at fifteen she was still the cutest thing ever. "I'm glad, a-and you're still ok with the adoption going ahead?" as much as it hurt to ask, she had to.

Kurtley stopped for a moment, in a way negatively "of course, you don't think I changed my mind did you? because if you guys have then-"

"No, no, no!" just as well the restraunt had half emptied since they'd arrived, and most of them where from around their area. Santana sat up gently shaking the girl off of her, instead she took Kurtley's left hand with her right and turned to face her slightly, "Kurtley, me and Brittany want you more than anything, you need to remember that" she assured, slightly heart-broken.

"A-are you sure? I've had people say that to me before..."

"You have a bedroom!"

Completely stumped, Kurtley mouthed 'what?', "you have a bedroom! in our home- our meaning ours!" Kurtley burst out laughing at how pathetic she looked when gesturing between the two of them, her hands flaying back and forth.

"You're ours now K, and you always will be... I promise" she un-characteristically reached over to plant a gentle kiss on the top of her right cheek, underneath her eye, "okay?"


She stopped, allowing her to think for a moment, digest the words she just said. Santana was right, but there would always be something in the back of her mind telling her it wasn't and it shouldn't be like this, she wasn't that girl; the one who got what she wished for, a happy family and a happy life. And that's something she'd struggle with for a long time.

"Now I don't know about you but I'm suddenly craving ice cream, want some?"

Santana watched on wary, Kurtley was staring into space, having one of those moments she was warned of. "Kurtley?" she gently placed her hand flat on her upper back and soothingly rubbed with the pad of her thumb, "y'ok sweetheart?" she asked, her voice soft and melodic.

After a few seconds, though they felt like hours, the teenagers bubble burst "uhh yah, yes I'm fine- ice cream, I-ice cream sounds good" she nodded a bit too much for it to be right.

Without thinking Santana leant in and pressed a reassuring kiss to her temple, and loved how Kurtley noticeably fluttered her eyes closed and breathed in, inhaling her sweet scent. Santana was slowly becoming that source of comfort, the one she wanted to be.

"I love you, okay" she whispered, more of a statement than a question.

"I love you too"

"Hey, so taking my walk I realised I now want ice cream, you guys in?!"

"You read my mind!" Santana exclaimed swivelling back around, Brittany was just the distraction they needed.

"Yup" Kurtley added, not forgetting to send a shy smile to the Latina when back to her bench.

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