A/N: Alright before things really get underway with this story there have been some negative comments about not continuing it because it has been done so many times before. I just wanted to try and give it a chance, but if after a few chapters people still don't like it I will delete it. If you do not like it then it is alright to say so, but please do not be rude about it. That's all I ask. Happy reading! :)

I caress my wife's pregnant belly and smile down at her. She is the most beautiful woman on the face of this earth and I thank God every day for the family that he has blessed me with.

"Daddy up!" I look down at my son, Teddy. He just turned two a few weeks ago and he is so smart. He uses his big blue puppy dog eyes on me and I laugh and swing him up into my arms. He giggles and it sounds so much like his mother's. When they giggle together it sounds like angels are singing for me.

"Will you be home in time for dinner?" Ana is looking at me with hope in her eyes. I didn't get to make dinner last night because one of my teleconferences ran a bit long so they came to the office and surprised me with lunch.

"I promise you that I will be home for dinner baby. What are we having?"

"Baked salmon, roasted potatoes, green beans, and mac and cheese. I had her make that as an extra incentive for you to hurry home to us." She smiles a wide grin up at me and I laugh. My angel knows me so well.

"Well in that case I will be home early. Now go home and rest. You look tired." I kiss her forehead and I walk them to the revolving doors.

"Come on Teddy, daddy has to go back to work now."

"But mama I wanna stay with daddy," he whines to Ana.

"You can't. Daddy is busy right now." Our son begins to sniffle and tear up and I can see that Ana is about to offer him some kind of sweet to get him to go with her.

"Listen buddy. If you go home with mama right now I'll take you for a ride in Charlie Tango this weekend. How does that sound?"

"Can mama come too?" I laugh. He is just like me. He is always concerned about his mother.

"Of course she can."

He thinks for a moment and then he wiggles out of my arms and jumps into Ana's. She stumbles back with the extra weight in her arms and she smiles and shakes her head at me. She covers his ears and whispers, "You do know that I can't fly right?"

"Well he doesn't have to know that right now."

She shakes her head once more and then kisses me and says, "We'll see you at home. Enjoy the rest of your day baby. I love you."

"I love you too daddy!"

"And I love you two as well. I'll see you later."

I watch as Sawyer helps them into the car and wave as they slowly drive away, probably at Teddy's request. I catch movement to my left and I look across the street. Elena is standing outside of her white Mercedes and she is glaring daggers at my wife's car. I don't think she even sees me. What the hell is she doing here? She takes a long drink from a bottle of liquor and she gets in the car. I call Taylor. "Yes Mr. Grey?"

"Where are you?"

"I am coming back from lunch. I'm driving down the street. I see you standing outside. Is something wrong sir?"

Before I can answer Elena screeches down the street in the opposite direction as Ana and Teddy. I am about to relax, but she turns the corner. Taylor stops in front of me. "Get out of the car."

"Yes sir." He gets out and gets in the passenger side. I want to tell him to go in the building, but I don't have time to argue with him so I just roll my eyes as I get in the driver's seat. I catch up to Ana and Teddy and we follow closely behind them. We drive for a moment before we come up on a four way intersection. That's when I see her. She is waiting for them to pull out. Sawyer drives forward oblivious to the danger that is to the left of the car.

"Please don't do this Elena," I murmur. I hear her tires screech and she speeds forward. I drive forward and hit the bumper of my wife's car and send them lurching up the street just in time for Elena's car to slam into the side of mine. There is a deafening roar in my ears as the car spins out of control. I cannot move. I wish Taylor had not gotten in with me. He would be safe back at the office. I need to know if my wife and son are alright, but there is splitting pain down the left side of my body from my head to my toes. I am losing consciousness. All I can see in my mind is Ana's face and then I see nothing at all.