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"Wow, you look stunning." Emily looked at her best friend, who was moments away from walking down the aisle, and smiled. She had just finished her first year of college in California and the wedding had saved her from having to go home right away. She and her parents were still adjusting to the fact that she was going to school so far away. Things had been rocky for a while but Emily had Jason, Liz, her grandparents, and Zander to support her. Hopefully in time her parents would be on that list too. "Designing your own gown was clearly the way to go. I'm so hoping that when I get married you'll come out of retirement to design my dress."

"I have to agree Elizabetta you look amazing. Almost as amazing as I did." All the ladies laughed. "Going with ivory instead of white was the right choice. I cannot wait to see your picture on the cover of Crimson. I am predicting the issue will sell out." Claudia said giving her seal of approval. The magazine had launched a month after she and Max returned from their honeymoon. It had been an instant success not only in Italy but across Europe. Over a year later it was still going strong. The first issue was dedicated to her wedding and house renovations. Next month would be all about Elizabetta and Jason's nuptials. Crimson had the exclusive rights.

"It is true you are stunning." Georgie agreed. "Did I mention how much I love my dress too?" The bridesmaids were all in cerulean blue. The entire groom's party was wearing sapphire blue ties. "John loved it." So much in fact that they had almost been late. He was acting as an usher for the ceremony along with Zander. Things between the two families had settled and Rudy and Maximus were still working on their friendship.

"While yes you look stunning and we look stunning, I have to thank you for bringing me to Italy." Kelly had never been and she was absolutely loving it. So far they'd been here for four days and Cody had taken her out, just the two of them, the first day to show her Palermo. Having such a sexy tour guide was definitely a bonus. Last night the ladies had gone out with some guards and had a late supper in lieu of a bachelorette party, while the guys gathered at Max's. This morning Elizabeth had made Milo swear on a bible that their older brother and Jason didn't have black eyes. She hadn't seen either one yet. Things had been tense between them when Max flew over after she gave birth. It finally took her assuring her brother that fact that they still weren't married was her choice to get him to relax.

Elizabeth looked at herself in the mirror once more. It might be egotistical but she had to agree she looked beautiful. Her body had changed and she was curvier now something Jason loved. She was also bigger in the bust since she was breastfeeding. So she had designed an old world Hollywood style gown to play that up. Her hair, make up, and jewelry complimented the look.

"You would never know that you gave birth to twins less than four months ago." Claudia remarked.

"I worked my ass off to get back in shape for the wedding." Elizabeth had trained with all the guys. Running with Milo and Cody, hand to hand training with Johnny and strength and core training with Shawn.

"Not completely off." Emily said laughing. She'd caught her brother staring at Elizabeth's ass on multiple occasions.

"Brat." Elizabeth said laughing. Jason certainly had no complaints about her body. In fact he showed his appreciation as often as possible. Moving away from the mirror she walked over to the bassinet where the babies were sleeping. She'd been nervous flying with them but it helped that both Georgie and Kelly were on the plane. Georgie had come over to visit her family and flew back with the crew.

Jacob Massimo Morgan and Maria Audrey Morgan were the center of their parent's universe. They had not known until the visit at twelve weeks that they were having twins and not until she delivered that they had a boy and a girl. Jake had cooperated they knew he was a boy at five months but their daughter had not. Elizabeth swore she got her stubbornness from her daddy. Everyone cried and the kids were already insanely spoiled. The guys never came over without a gift and Johnny was already talking about buying them cars.

Mercedes, their nanny, transferred the babies to the stroller and pushed them out. Elizabeth had not wanted to get help insisting on doing everything herself including running her newly established philanthropic artists foundation. The Maria Giambetti Foundation awarded scholarships to students studying the arts. Not just painting, but music, dance and culinary pursuits as well. When she found herself back in the hospital two months after giving birth suffering from exhaustion she finally gave in. The babies and Mercedes now came to work with her, something Jason liked because her offices were on the floor above his. Having the babies close made her feel better.

There was a knock on the door. The guard opened it and announced Maximus. "Look a room full of beautiful women. Is there a man in Palermo luckier than me?"

"Poppa if you keep flirting you will have a lot of angry men to contend with." Elizabeth said grinning.

"And one angry woman." Claudia said grinning. She had been keeping Elizabetta up to date on the Maximus/Diane relationship. The mob don was happier than he'd been in a long time. Diane had not expected him to suddenly stop loving Maria. She told Maximus that she would lose respect for him if he gave up the mother of his children to be with her. He had learned that his heart was big enough to love them both.

"Are you ready?" Maximus was grateful for the chance to walk his daughter down the aisle. One he never dreamed he would have.

"I am." Elizabeth linked her arm through her father's. On her ears sparkled the diamonds he'd given her mother as a wedding gift all those years ago.

The bridesmaids had left the room giving the father and daughter some privacy. "You have chosen a good man Piccola. I know he will care for you."

"I love him Poppa." She said tearing up. That was all that mattered.

"Your mother would have as well." Maximus lowered his daughter's veil. "Let's not keep him waiting."

"You remember your vows?" Francis asked his friend. He'd won the toss and was acting as best man. It seemed only right since Jason had stood up for him when he married Katherine.

"I can barely remember my name." Jason admitted grinning. "But I know that I'm the luckiest son of a bitch on the planet because today my girl is marrying me for the second time."

"Then you'll be just fine." Francis assured him.

The guys were on the other side of Maximus's compound. The wedding was going to be held in the garden before the moved indoors for a seven course dinner and dancing. Both he and Bella would have been happy with the trip to the courthouse yesterday, for the required civil ceremony, but Maximus insisted that this occasion be celebrated and Bella didn't have it in her to disappoint her father.

So they had started planning just before the babies were born. Lots of phone calls between Claudia and Elizabeth. Lots of packages containing photographs of everything from plates to the cake. The gown had been hand sewn in Port Charles and they'd brought it with them. Elizabeth told Jason that it felt right to have their union blessed and he had agreed.

"So are you and Max going to get into a fight at the reception? Because I've got a thousand bucks riding on the fact that you will clean his clock." Milo asked just to be difficult.

"If we get into a fight at the reception Piccola will kill us both." Max said laughing His sister was getting married so he was fine. "The better question is will you get out of Italy without asking your girl to marry you?"

"We are not getting engaged. We've been dating for six weeks." Milo had taken one look at Piccola's assistant and he had fallen hard. Sabrina did not get along with Katherine Bell and Elizabeth had hired her on. It was an arrangement that was working out well.

"When it's right, it's right." Johnny said grinning. He and Dara had eloped one day after work. Two days later they went on 'vacation' to Hawaii and while there they called their friends to let the cat out of the bag. Neither one of them wanted a fuss made. "You could ask Shawn if you don't believe me."

"If you can pry his lips off of Alexis then I'm sure you could." Jason said laughing. His enforcer and his lawyer had been having an affair and no one knew until Alexis came to work one day with a baby bump she could no longer hide. Shawn was now patiently waiting for his high strung girlfriend to calm down enough to accept his proposal. He kept a stock of paper bags handy.

There was a knock on the door and Cody stuck his head in the room. "The planner went to go get the ladies so you guys should get out there."

"The Monsignor is here?" Jason asked his friend.

"Waiting under the pergola." Cody said smiling. He was happy for his boss and for Liz.

"And my grandparents?" Jason had been thrilled that they made the trip. Neither he nor Elizabeth expected them too, but Edward and Lila would not have missed this for anything.

"They are good. I checked on them myself. I have Logan sitting with them in case they need anything but he told me he is not sitting next to your grandmother at dinner. I think he's afraid she has a cake in her purse." Cody said laughing and the guys did too. It helped to break up some of the nervous tension.

"Good. Then let's go." Jason said feeling really calm. True they were already married but this was the one that counted. This was the one being blessed by God and both he and Bella wanted that.

Later that night after all the guests had either departed or gone to bed Jason and Elizabeth found themselves alone. It had been two nights since they were together. The night before the civil ceremony she had stayed at the main house and last night she had stayed at Max's going over last minute details with Claudia. "I missed having you next to me." Jason said kissing her soft lips. "I missed not having Jake and Mari right down the hall. Promise me I won't ever feel like that again." He asked making puppy dog eyes.

"Aw you poor baby." Elizabeth said placing kisses on his lips. "How about if I make it all better?"

Jason held her tight to him just happy to have her near. "Are you mocking me?"

"No, I would never do that." Elizabeth said laughing. "I missed you too." She told him softly. "But seeing you waiting for me under the archway was so worth it."

"Elizabeth Morgan, I will love you for the rest of my life." Jason swore to her.

"Jason Morgan I will love you for the rest of my life." She swore as well.

He swung her up into his arms and carried her upstairs to their bedroom. The same one they shared when they came to Palermo last year. The two bedroom cottage would remain their home until the children needed more space and then Jason would buy them something close. Laying her across the bed, in their room that was filled with moonlight, they proceeded to make good on that promise.

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