Hello one and all! I got great news! This is my historical DP story I have been working on lately. Now, I spent hours checking and double checking facts to make this as historically accurate as I can. So far, I think this story is better than WWM. Anyways, I hope you all enjoy.

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A dark haired boy with pure blue eyes was watching as three Confederate sympathizers sat over a table. They were discussing a plan to overthrow the West Virginian government. They apparently wanted West Virginia to assimilate back into one unified Virginia; something Danny's employer was against. That is where Danny stepped in. He was supposed to silently kill them so their plan never came into fruition and no one could link his employer to it. Only problem was that he had until the end of the night to finish this mission. Tomorrow morning the sympathizers would be getting a shipment of 40 Springfield rifles. That was enough firepower to take down the barely established state government and hecould not let that happen.

Danny took his knife out of its sheath. He has had it ever since he joined the 12th Indiana Regimental Infantry a year and a half ago. Of course he was no longer in it. He left when his term was up; just couldn't take watching mounds of men dying in seconds.

One of the three sympathizers walked away from the table and out of the building. The man turned a corner into an empty street with Danny following closely behind. the man knew no more as Danny used his knife to cut the man's throat. Blood spilled onto Danny's hands and blade. This wasn't the first time he had blood on his hands and definitely not the last. He grabbed the warm corpse and quickly hid it in a nearby box. It should buy him some time to finish his job.

One down, two more to go.

Danny reentered the old building and noticed the 2 sympathizers still talking over a table.

"John, once those weapons get here the Yanks will be runnin for the hills."

"I know, I know, but I can't help but feel like we are being watched. You don't think someone is listening in on us, do you?" The man started frantically looking around the dim building. Danny was too far hidden to be able to be seen.

This won't be so bad. I have dealt with worse; just two men. If I catch them by surprise then they will be dead before they can do anything.

Danny grabbed a second knife from his belt and held it in his hand alongside his first. He has hated using guns. After seeing what they could do he vowed to use them only in emergencies. He still carried a fully loaded pistol on the back of his belt though.

The range is a little far for my tastes, but it is doable.

With extreme precision, Danny threw the knife right into the shoulder of the first sympathizer and, using the shock of the scene, he ran up and stabbed the second sympathizer in the heart while having his other hand hold the guy's back as he fell. Finding his job done, Danny was just about to walk out of the building when he heard a gasp come from the first sympathizer.

"Why did you do this?" he asked as he tried to cover up his wound with his hand.

Danny turned to face the dying man.

"I did this because my employer told me to."

The man could feel himself getting weaker from blood loss.

"You killed us for the money!" the man said in an accusing tone.

Danny nodded his head before taking his first knife and stabbing the man again. He wasn't merciless. If a dying man was suffering he would try to ease it. After giving a tilt of his black hat as a sign of respect, he turned around and walked out of the building.

By morning all three bodies would be found by the local police but Danny would be long gone. He was heading toward his employer to get paid.

"Mr. Pierpont", a servant said. "The man you hired is here."

A small smile grew on Pierpont's face as he looked away from his newspaper. He had been waiting for Danny all morning.

"Good, send him in please."

The servant left and a couple seconds later Danny came walking into the room.

"Mr. Pierpont," Danny greeted.

Pierpont set his newspaper on his desk to face Danny.

"I see why they call you the Phantom Mercenary. Two killed from stab wounds and one from a cut throat with no witnesses. Nothing tying you or me to the job. Excellent job Mr.?"

"Phantom. just call me Phantom."

"Okay Mr. Phantom." Pierpont reached under his desk and pulled out a train ticket, a deed to a house, and a sack full of cash. "Here is your payment. Safe passage to Kentucky, a good sized house and 2,000 U.S. Dollars. Might I ask why you want to go to Kentucky?"

Danny put the sack in his backpack and the ticket in his pocket.

"New beginnings of sorts. It is also a border state so there will be lots of business for my kind."

Piermont looked Phantom up and down before replying,

"Yes I suppose there is. Since you are such a good soldier for hire, why don't you work for the Pinkertons? I heard there is a lot of business to be made with them."

Danny frowned and balled his hands up into fists. This was obviously bringing up bad memories.

"The Pinkertons and me don't get along. I did a job for them a little bit ago and they didn't like how it was handled."

Pierpont could tell he was leading this man with several weapons into bad territory and he didn't want to get shot or worse. He had more important things to deal with; like this dammed war.

"Well I don't see what the problem could be. You did you job well. Just remember by the end of the war you will have to pick a side. I hope it is the right one."

Mr. Pierpont stared at Danny as if surveying his character. Danny gave his best smile and said.

"I served in the Union during the first part of this bloody war. I already made my allegiances."

Accepting this, Pierpont smiled back and offered his hand to shake which the mercenary took.

"Well it was nice doing business with you. Jones," Pierpont called to his servant.

"Yes sir?"

"Please escort Mr. Phantom out of the statehouse."

"yes sir."

Danny left the place to board a train heading to a place just outside of Perryville, Kentucky. Apparently a battle happened there two years ago and he wanted to pay his respects.

There. Mr. Pierpont is a real person during the war if you were wondering. That is the prologue of the story. I have great plans for this. I also have two more stories you should be seeing in the coming days. Want to say something? Leave a review.