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Phantom Mercenary.

Even now that name sounded a little weird to Danny. It sounded like they were trying to relate him to a ghost, a creature never seen before by the human eye. That wasn't how he operated though. In fact, Danny had been spotted several times while doing contract work. Of course, those that saw him usually didn't live much longer since he was supposed to operate under secrecy. There were a select few though that were able to escape the mercenary's wrath, either by his ill will towards taking an unnecessary life, or the assailant actually being skilled enough to run away without getting a knife in their back. The latter was once in a blue moon.

It came as a shock when Danny first heard his nickname muttered. It was one-no- two years ago when he was supposed to quell growing unrest in West Virginia. One of the dissidents noticed him hiding in the shadows during one of their rally's and probably recognized his all black uniform because he shouted, "The Phantom Mercenary! Look over there!"

Danny was extremely confused when he heard his new nickname, but didn't have time to dwell on it as men started pointing rifles in his direction and he had to leave. That also turned out to be one of the few contracts he wasn't able to complete. He still never heard what happened over there.

Looking back on it now, the man most likely recognized him from a story told by one of the few survivors. His all black outfit would be a definite give away if that were the case. After that, and with numerous townspeople confirming the sighting of him, his nickname spread like wildfire. It probably didn't help that he also took on harder and more infamous jobs to earn more money so he could further his dreams of moving out west. Now it seemed like everyone has heard at least something on the great Phantom Mercenary that helps the Union.

Still, he was hoping to retire that name by now. It looks like he would need his skills as a mercenary one more time though. Then he could finally return Sam and get his money.

Danny approached the east side of the camp and noticed Sam leaning on a pole and resting on her rifle. Johnny was to her right, laying down on the grass with his eyes closed. "Sam," he greeted while looking around for the missing person. "Where's the newbie?"

Scanning the nearby area, Sam couldn't pick up any activity, much less any other soldiers. They probably went to bed after the fight between her captain and the group of soldiers. Well, they didn't exactly fall asleep willingly. In actuality they were forced to go back to their tents or face punishment by carrying supplies on their next march.

"Do you know anything about this person, sir?" Sam asked, eyeing the area. She was still able to pick up the glare sent her way for calling her captain sir though.

"The commander only told me that he was specially picked for this mission. Nothing else."

Finally she caught activity in the form of a lone soldier heading in their direction and carrying a small backpack over his shoulders. "Sir!" she said, alerting her captain to the soldier.

This seemed to catch the attention of the rude soldier, what was his name? Wasn't it Johnny? He sat up off the ground and noticed something that Sam didn't. "The guy's black." he stated in surprise.

Her captain seemed to be taken aback by his claim too but tried not to let it show.

"Sir, what's going on here?" Johnny asked, sparing another look at the still approaching soldier.

"I...don't know."

It wasn't that Danny had anything against black folk. He really didn't care. But the Union didn't have a whole lot of black people in their army, and even when they did, they were always segregated in their own units and rarely seen in actual combat. Mostly they were just used as extra workers.

This wasn't necessarily a bad thing to Danny. he just wished they had a more active role in the war. Not because a black soldier was equal to a white soldier. Danny never really cared about that type of philosophy . It's just that no matter how you look at it this war was being used to free slaves in the Southern states. This being evident in Lincoln's Emancipation Proclamation ordered over a year ago and even their current mission. A good number of white soldiers died to free these people, so shouldn't they try and lessen the burden by committing more black soldiers? It only seems fair, right?

The man finally stopped before the three soldiers. "Reporting, sir." he said in a voice a little too high pitched to be normal. The man then pulled out a document from his backpack and handed it to Danny.

Johnny to his right peered up at him suspiciously but didn't say anything.

Reviewing the document over, Danny saw it fit to mention one important detail stated on the sheet. "So your name is Valor, correct?"

A nod came from the soldier.

"Interesting name." Danny attempted to give the letter back to Valor, but he just shook his head.

"Ain't no use to me since I can't read it."

"Stupid illiterate slave," came the grumbling of the soldier on the ground. Sam gave him a rough kick to shut him up and looked apologetically at the new soldier.

"Sorry 'bout him. He's a bit of an ass."

"It's okay. I'm used to being called that." There was a hint of sorrow that even the rude soldier could see.

"Um, this may be an odd question, but how do you spell your name?" Danny asked. Of course he knew how to spell the soldier's name, he just wanted to test the man's spelling skills to make sure..

"V-a-l-e-r, why?"

Looking back at the sheet, Danny could see his name spelled with an 'o' instead of an 'e'. Hmph, so he can't spell his own name.

Things were quickly getting awkward for the soldiers so Danny decided to change the subject. "Do you have any idea why the commander picked you for this mission? I mean, no offense, but we could've handled this mission by ourselves."

"Well, I used to be a slave up in Kentucky a little before the war even broke out. My master was not a kind person and got a thrill out of torturing us. I don't mean like he would whip us. No, he would usually just force us to work nonstop without sleep and little food and water. His wife was a little bit nicer about everything. She mostly avoided us like a disease, saying how we would infect her with our "illness". When she used a slave though she was never mean to them, she just always looked down on us."

Everything was quiet for a half minute where not even Valor spoke.

"Wait a second!" Johnny shouted, finally getting up off the ground. "You didn't explain anything . We didn't ask for your dumb life story, but the reason you're here in the first place!"

Both Danny and Sam glared at the rude soldier, but neither said a word because Valor opened his mouth to speak instead. "One night, a little before the war started, I decided that I had to run away. Me and a group of men were going to leave that night, but a bad storm came and everyone got scared of what would happen if they were caught. They didn't tell me, so when I was preparing food for the family like I did every night, a took a knife and stabbed my master and mistress. I then went up into his room and took the pistol he kept in one of his drawers. Soon after, I was running in the wilderness, far away from the place. I heard rumors of this railroad located underground that would let me go up north, away from my master's friends, but I couldn't find the entrance. A couple days past and I could hear this constant barking from these dogs. I didn't know what was going on, but these three men with guns soon came one night when I slept. They tried to take me away and I struggled. Before I knew it, my pistol went off and killed one of them. The two others got very angry and pointed there rifles at me, but I was already charging at them with my knife and stabbed one. The remaining one soon met the same fate. I know it was wrong of me, yet I don't regret it. I was able to survive for weeks off of their supplies until I reached the big river north of us and escaped a free person."

Once again everyone was quiet. Even Johnny, the person usually the first person to say something insensitive, was too shocked to speak. Danny turned to Sam and noticed that she seemed to have picked up on something else in Valor's story. What it was, he had no idea. Maybe he should ask her about it later.

"So, uh, I guess we should head out. We need to reach the plantation while it's still dark and all."

All the members gave a silent nod to their captain's request and started their journey to their objective.

The plantation house definitely seemed huge and ornate. At least from the outside. It appeared to be two or three stories tall and pure white, making it easily distinguishable from anywhere in the vicinity. It's entrance was comprised of two smaller pillars holding up a stone roof above a pure golden door with an 'F' embedded in it.

"Who knew the cotton business could be so lucrative," Johnny muttered from his position behind a tree in the nearby woods. All the while not taking his eyes off of the plantation family's symbol. "What do you think the 'F' stands for anyway? Fancy? Fantastic? Filthy rich?"

"Will you shut up already?" Sam interrupted. "They are only rich because of the free labor they get from the workers. You know, one of the reasons we're here."

"Still, it gots' to be nice being rich."

Looking back at Sam, Danny could see her noticeably cringe at the statement. Apparently she would disagree. He had to admit that he thought the same way as Johnny on this. Didn't money improve life? Maybe not directly, but there was a correlation. Otherwise, what was the point of being rich in the first place? Why would the rich want to stay rich if it wasn't as good as people thought? Heck, Danny needed money to finally get the peaceful life he'd been craving, so their must be a correlation.

Valor came up and stood beside Danny, looking at the mansion. "So how's this going to work, Captain?"

Danny pointed at the town across from the plantation and spoke. "This won't be like the last mission. Last time it was just a line plantation far from any help, now it's within the limits of a town. That means we are going to need to be quick and quiet. The Colonel also said that their is most likely a militia guard there to protect the plantation family and their property."

"Slaves," Sam interrupted. "We know you mean slaves."

"Fine, slaves. Either way we need to evade or kill them without them being able to alert any reinforcements. If they're expecting company, most likely there's a regiment near to deploy more infantry for defense."

"So what do we do?" repeated Valor.

It took a good half minute for Danny to come up with an answer, and even then it wasn't a full proof plan. If something went wrong, they would be screwed. "I think we should split up into teams of two. Valor, you and me will infiltrate the plantation house, take the food, and free what slaves we can. Sam and Johnny, you two stay in the town near the plantation and just watch any of the guards in town. If they head toward the plantation, do your best to distract them. Make sure you aren't wearing your uniforms though."

"What happens if something goes wrong?" Johnny asked. "How will we be able to communicate?"

"We can't. That's why we're in pairs to back each other up."

Valor began to rub the back of his neck as he spoke. "Uh, captain. I may know how to use a knife, but I don't have on on me."

Before anyone could react, Danny grabbed Johnny's gun and unhooked the bayonet attached it, handing it to Valor. "This will work. It might hurt your hands if you use it too much though."

"What about me?! I may need that!" shouted Johnny.

"You won't need that if you do what I told you. Also," Danny took Valor's rifle and handed it, along with his, to Sam. "We won' be needing these so stash these away someplace safe."

"Okay, sir."

Both teams quickly scattered so they could do their assigned task. Danny and Valor headed towards the mansion that was the plantation house, and Sam and Johnny headed into town.

"Why aren't the other two soldiers coming with us?" Valor asked as he spotted an open window to the house, giving them a second entrance into it. "I mean, they could help, right?"

Her captain seemed to spot it too because he looked around for any nearby guards and put all his power in to his legs so he could jump and grab onto a small ledge a few feet under the window. With a little more effort, he grabbed the windowsill and was pushing himself up, Valor soon following.

"You heard what I said." He finally answered in a hushed tone. "The other two don't have any experience doing this, so they would probably cause more trouble than they're worth." Danny reached into his bag to grab a couple sacks and handed them to Valor. "Here. Go downstairs and grab whatever food you can. Don't get noticed. I'll find the plantation owner."

"And what will you do when you find them?"

There was a short pause where even the conversation from a couple rebel guards downstairs could be heard through the floor.

"I'm not sure. Just stay safe."

With those final words of caution, Danny left Valor to do what the soldier hopefully did best as he searched the upper floor for this mysterious owner. In hindsight, this was a terrible idea. It was just bad in every sense of the word. Not only was he basically blindly walking through an area he didn't know, but he also didn't even know if the owner was on the second floor, much less what they looked like. For all he knew the owner was one of the soldiers downstairs. Then again, the man was rich. He'd be able to buy out of the Union draft, so the same could probably be said here in the South. Looking for a rich man in a house full of soldiers shouldn't be too hard, right?

Searching the upper floor undetected was pretty easy, bar a few close calls. Most of the guards didn't act like they were guarding anything and were more interested in talking to each other, so none really bothered looking for an intruder. This made Danny's job so much easier.

Soon he poked his head in one of the few rooms he hadn't searched yet and saw the same 'F' engraved on the door opposite of the room. If he had to guess, the owner was in there. Looking around, Danny noticed two guards talking to each other from two different sides of the room.

It did make sense to have men there to specifically guard the most important man to the plantation, so of course he should have expected this. That thought eluded Danny though as he had more important things to worry about.

He grabbed the two knives from his belt and held them in either hand. One swift strike. That's what he needed. If he was off, then these men would scream and everyone in the vicinity would be alerted. Most likely both he and Valor would then be killed.

His hands tightened around the cold wooden handles of the knives. They felt a little heavier than he remembered them, but he was sure he could hit his mark. There were just some things you could never forget no matter how hard you tried.

One of the guards seemed to sense what was going on as he quickly glanced in Danny's direction and started walking over. "Did you hear something?" he asked his partner.

Aim for the throat. With an intake of breath, Danny threw both knives at the men. The first guard's eyes didn't seem to fully comprehend what was going on because they grew wide before his entire body fell to the floor without a sound. The knife was dead on. The second didn't fare any better. The knife landed in his lower throat and his weapon clattered to the floor. Danny could tell the man was panicking. The soldier fell to the ground, grasping onto the last of his life just slightly. Using what little oxygen he still had left, he reached for his rifle only to see a foot on it, preventing it from being lifted up.

The man looked at the owner of the foot with pure terror in his eyes before they slowly took on the appearance of death and his head fell to the floor. Sadly, the owner knew that man's expression would forever be ingrained into his mind. Apparently, he still wasn't used to the idea of killing people.

Danny went over and grabbed the two knives that were embedded in the dead and gave their bloody coating a look of contempt before wiping what he could away with his hand and sheathing the weapons. No, he still wasn't used to it.

Without any warning, Danny walked over to the door win an 'F' and shoved the door open. It may have been a bit on the louder side, but Danny wanted to get this over with, and it shouldn't attract too much attention anyway.

An older looking man with a growing bald spot on his head gave the mercenary a quick look before immediately jumping to the floor in a panic. "Wha-What are you doing here?! What happened to the guards?!" the man looked past Danny and saw a body sprawled in the floor with blood covering the dead man's neck. "You killed him?!"

Ignoring the man's questions, Danny put his hand to the back of his belt and drew his pistol from its holster. It was a loud weapon definitely, and could easily attract a lot of attention if fired, but Danny had no plans on actually using it. He figured intimidation could be a powerful tool.

"What do you think you're doing?!" The man screamed.

Danny still didn't acknowledge him and just closed the door to try to muffle the sound.

"If you don't leave immediately, I'll call the guards!"

"What makes you think I haven't killed them alreadu? I know about the guards in the town and here on the plantation, so don't pull that on me."

"There's no way you killed all the soldiers! It's impossible."

The pistol Danny wielded was leveled at the man's face as he tried to keep his face emotionless. "If you call for guards, you'll be dead for sure. There's no denying that. The guards may come if I haven't already killed them, but you'll be dead so doing that won't help anyone." It was reckless to bluff like this, yet Danny didn't really have any other option that wouldn't result in someone dying.

"Why are you here?" the man finally asked. "You aren't here to kill me or I'd already be dead. And would you put that weapon away?!" he exclaimed, waving his hand at the pistol leveled at him.

"Fine." Danny lowered his weapon and took his finger off the trigger. He wasn't about to put it back in his holster though as it still had a purpose to serve. "I'm here for your slaves we both know you have here."

"You think I'll just give them to you?!"

"Actually, yes."

The man rubbed his temples with his hands, trying to come to terms with what was going on. "Look. I can't just give them away. They're my entire business. If you take them, I won't have any money to live off of."

"It's not my problem. I can and will take these slaves from you under the authority of the Emancipation Proclamation. I'm sure you know what that is."

Danny's threat was fully understood by the man and the man wasn't through with him yet. "This is the Confederate States of America. Your laws have no authority here."

"This is actually the only place it does have authority. Ironically if you would've lived in the border states during the secession, you wouldn't have to give up your slaves."

A low growl emitted from the man as he scowled at the soldier before him. "So you're going to take my entire livelihood, is it? Give it your best shot. The Confederate Army will know something's up before you can save them all. You'll be shot or captured before the sun even begins to rise."

The pistol slowly made its way up and pointed back at its target once more. "Just give me the keys to their quarters out in the field and don't worry about me."

Minutes passed as the two stared each other down, neither wanting to give any ground. Eventually though, the owner knew there was nothing he could do and begrudgingly walked over to the nightstand next to his bed and drew a key from one of its drawers. "Here," he said, handing it to Danny. "You have what you came for. Now get out."

Danny took the cold, metal key into his hands, but still didn't leave right away. Instead he hung around for one final warning. "If you dare trying and alert any guards, I will find you, and you won't survive the night. Don't forget how I got in here once; it can easily be repeated."

A grunt was his only response .

A thought came to Danny that he should get Valor since he was probably done gathering supplies, but he decided to give the guy some more time just in case. Besides, it wasn't the best idea for him to go downstairs when there were guards down there. It was just too dangerous for two people.

Finally coming to a decision, Danny tightened his grip on the key as he left the mansion the same way he came and started walking the plantation fields. If these fields were good for anything, it was providing some good cover so Danny wouldn't be seen. The owner apparently didn't just grow cotton on his plantation, but a taller type of plant too. Of what kind, he had no clue.

Still Danny stayed crouched as he moved along the fields. Every once in a while he'd here the faint conversation of a group of Confederate soldiers patrolling the field, or even catch a flicker of a fire before immediately avoiding them as best he could.

Eventually he was able to make it to the first quarters belonging to the slaves. There was a tree right next to it, giving it the perfect environment for moss to start growing on it's wall and on parts of its roof. The moss wasn't covering the walls though, so it gave Danny the impression that the shed wasn't that old, or it wasn't as horribly kept as he would expect. The wooden structure of the shed did have cracks running through it, so the material wasn't new. Was it possibly old material used to be a new shed to hold more workers.

Danny didn't have the answer, but he did have the key to save these people from their imprisonment.

Unlocking the door was a task in itself. Even with the key, the lock still barely budged. On inspection, Danny could tell it was because of the rust on the lock and he could've sworn something was jammed into the key hole, almost as if someone tried to pick the lock some time ago. Still, with some pressure the lock opened and fell to the ground.

Next came alerting all the occupants. He walked inside the dark shed and could see around seven or eight beds all packed into one room, each one with a slave sleeping on it. How they managed to do anything but sleep in here astounded him. He couldn't tell if it was a worse fate to be stuck in the fields working for hours on end, or be forced to stay in here with eight other people.

To wake everyone up, Danny began to pound on the wall of the shed. He knew it wasn't the most quietest of ways, but he figured that was better than yelling for all of them to wake up. One by one the slaves began to rise from their bed and noticed that it was still night out. Looking around, most of them appeared to be men with only two women in the entire group.

"What's going on?" one asked as he stretched his arms and got out of bed. A few others followed suit while the remaining have continued sitting upright on their bed.

"I'm part of the Union advance force. We're here to get you all out of here."

Looks of terror came from almost all of the slaves in the shed. "Why would we want to do that? If we're caught, we would be whipped...or worse."

There was a feeling inside of Danny that only grew stronger the more he loomed at their faces. No, he had to get these people out of here. If not for the mission, then for the people themselves. "This time you will have the support of the Union Army. Now I can't force any of you to come with me, but if you do, I can promise you freedom."

The slaves all turned to look at each other as if trying to find out what the other person was going to do until one got off his bed and walked in Danny's direction. Soon more followed and all but one stood next to the captain.

"Sorry," the remaining soldier said, "but I can't just leave my master. I already tried that once and," the man lifted up his shirt, showing his bare back. Huge, fresh scars seemed to glow in the dark shed making them clearly visible. "I just don't have it in me."

"Fine. Before I go though, how many slave quarters are there?"

"Twenty somthin' I guess. I haven't actually gone much further than the area I work."

There was no way Danny would be able to open every shed before the sun came up. Danny too a peek outside and looked up towards the night sky. Great, it was cloudy out. He couldn't find the moon in this weather. How was he supposed to know what time it was. For all he knew he might have a few hours or half the night. He needed to round everyone up and leave. Taking a few slaves was better than nothing.

"I'm going to have to ask you to leave this shed and go take up some different quarters for now. I'm going to need this to set your friends free."

The man gave Danny a weird look but still complied. "Okay, but I can't get inside with the lock still on."

Key still in hand, Danny tossed it at the man, saying, "Take this. You should be able to go now."

"Th-Thank you sir!" the man said giving a short bow. "I wish you luck. Try to keep them all safe."

With that the man walked off to the nearest shelter.

"Pardon me saying, sir," one of the slaves spoke up, "but I don't see any Union army. Where's our protection?"

"Relax. I have a team waiting on standby. We just have to get passed the guards to get to them. The easiest way to do that is give them a distraction."

Danny looked between the shelter and a nearby trail of smoke coming from a campfire on the plantation. "And I have the perfect idea. You all stay here and don't move. I'll be back soon."

The slaves never even got a word in before Danny was lost in the produce of the field.

"I don't think he's coming back." exclaimed one slave. "He's just going to leave us here to get caught by the owner. Heck, he's probably working for the owner."

"Yeah," said another slave. "He said he was with the Union army, but he's the only one here. Let's go back to sleep and hope the guards don't noticed the lock is off the door. Maybe we can escape a whippin'."

Many of the slaves seemed to agree, and yet one stood firm. He was the oldest in the group with graying hair and a scar along his neck. He also held the most gravitas within the group. "No, just give the man some time. Do you really want to pass up our only chance of freedom so easily?"

They continued to talk amongst themselves until they noticed something odd. The light coming from a torch of all things could be seen shining through the vegetation near them.

"Who's there?" cried a slave. The others seemed to have taken a different approach and ran for cover to hide themselves from the unknown person.

The torch came out of the vegetation followed being held in the one of the hands of Danny. "Sorry, I needed a fire to light this thing. Luckily the nearest campfire only had one guard. The others are probably on patrol."

"What do you plan and doing with that?"

The torch was pointed at the shed. "I plan on burning that down. I figure that it will give us a good enough distraction. The only problem is that the guards will be alerted to our presence. They still won't know where we are though, so it should still work."

Even the darkness couldn't hide the uneasiness shown on all the slaves' faces.

"Look," Danny continued, "This is your last chance to call it quits. I know that this plan is risky and you could possibly lose a lot, so if you want to leave, please do so now."

A tense moment passed before one of the slaves began to walk away, saying, "I'm sorry, but my family's still here, and I can't just leave the to suffer."

A nod of understanding was his only response. After the man was out of sight, Danny looked at those who remained. "Once I light this shed, stay close to the ground and follow me."

A deep intake of breath came from the mercenary as he took in the last bit of calmness before throwing the torch into the shed and watching as one of the walls caught on fire.

"Okay, now follow me."

The trip back back to the plantation house wasn't so bad. It was tough in the beginning because Danny had to coordinate all the slaves so all of them would remain out of sight, but the guards made enough noise and light from their shouting and with their torches for him to know what paths not to take. Even getting into the plantation house was easy because he told the slaves to wait outside and nearly all the guards were gone to check what was then an inferno erupting from the shed.

"Valor," Danny quietly called as he approached the barren kitchen. "You here?"

"Yeah," said the man as he came out of a closet behind Danny. "I heard everyone start yelling at eachother and found a hiding place. They seemed mad about something."

"It's probably the present I left them outside."

Valor raised an eyebrow at Danny's statement but didn't bother asking. "So should we get going?"


With Danny's affirmation, Valor reached back into the closet and grabbed two huge sacks full of food. He then handed one to his captain. "Here you go, sir. Just as you asked."

Once he grabbed the sack Danny couldn't believe how heavy it actually was. It may have looked only a little heavy at most, but now holding it, he wouldn't be surprised if Valor filled them with bricks of gold. "Jeez, what did you fill these with!"

Valor never gave an answer.

She didn't actually fill this with gold did she? Danny was tempted to open the sack and look inside, but decided to trust the man enough to believe he did his part.

It was a short trip from the mansion to the edge of the wood where Danny's squad first split up. Staying on the outskirts of the town and going ahead of the slaves made sure that they wouldn't be spotted by any guards still roaming around the area, though he was probably just airing the side of caution. There may still be guards at the mansion that stayed when everyone else went to the burning shed, a distraction that worked even better than planned, but there was no reason for a soldier to remain inside the town when the sabotage was expected to hit the mansion.

Once Danny was close enough to the woods, he was able to spot Sam wearing a civilian dress as she spoke to someone whose back was too Danny. If he had any guesses though, the man was Johnny. Sam must've noticed Danny approaching because she stopped focusing on the man she was talking to and instead stared at Danny and his group.

"You made it." she stated to Danny with only a little hint of doubt in her voice. "Did you get the supplies?"

Finally the original man Sam was talking to turned around to face Danny. "Captain." the man greeted.

"Are you sure you can carry that, sir?" Sam asked, noticing how the bag full of food he was carrying seemed to give him a slight tilt to his composure.

"Uh, yeah, I'm fine. Don't worry."

"Captain, we should get a move on. I don't think it will remain dark for much longer." Valor spoke as he came up behind Danny.

"You're probably right."

Danny grabbed his rifle from Sam's hand and set the butt of it on the ground as if it was a walking stick. "Let's get going."
As soon as he took his first step he had a gut feeling telling him something was wrong, though he couldn't place it. A couple steps later and the feeling still wouldn't leave him alone. It wasn't until his next step that his feeling was answered. The mercenary slipped on a patch of dirt and started tumbling to the ground, only being saved by Sam's reflexes as she grabbed him with her hand and was able to steady him.


"Shit!" shouted Johnny as he looked down at his weapon and could see the smoke rising off the muzzle. There was no way the people inside the town didn't here that. Turning around to face the town, he could already see light coming from multiple houses and shouts as men started heading in his direction. He couldn't react though. All he could do was look back at his in pure shock, finally realizing that the weapon was cocked and ready to fire when he grabbed it. How did he not notice his weapon was cocked. In all his years using a gun he had never made such a stupid and careless move as that.

"Everyone, run back to camp as fast as you can and don't look back! Quick!" He shouted as the consequences of his mistake soon took his words seemed to spur everyone into action. First the slaves went, being lightly supplied they easily ran ahead of the soldiers. Danny and his squad did the best to follow them but the gap quickly widened. "Sam," Danny called out in between huffs as he ran as fast as he could. "Give me your equipment and try to get ahead of the group. Those slaves up there don't know where they're going."

A sideways glance and the girl, no soldier, was already unhooking her pack from her back and handing it to Danny along with her rifle. "Be careful, captain," she said. "I don't want you dying on me."

"Will you call me by my name for once?! Besides, if we're fast enough, we should be able to lose any pursuers before they even find our trail."

Sam nodded before running up to catch up to the slaves.

And that's when the first shot was fired. Then another and another, until entire volley's of fire could be heard coming from the town. Oh, they were in for Hell.

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